Raccoon becomes social media star - Sloane Martin WCCO


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A runaway ran cone has quite a story to tell this wreck cone scaled a 25 Storey skyscraper. In Saint Paul, Minnesota. And joining us live this morning is Sloan Marten who you may remember as a former WBN news staffer now with WC CO radio in Minneapolis. Sloan tell us about disgruntled. It's been quite as stock over the last two Lou let's say to what we outward herself the first noted by a Minnesota public radio reporter get. Hang out in the second the only didn't really know what it's situation was and then just started. Dealing then you get angry and hit copy and an odd thousand people between. About I'm sure you've seen that it is the number one trending topic on Twitter for multiple hours yesterday. Hundreds of thousands of tweets that cropping entire nation people really have to bite captivated by it. Rep who and what it's doing and how can be saved Nellie do you have kind of aid. Happy ending here we've just learned that now within the last. And I think minute edit a blue and can't do have a lot did put a lot trap on the roof bit. Big building it didn't content had and cat food against which in tight fit into that line trap and it it picked up. I wildlife management that we've got. The entire story wouldn't it started yesterday and now with that has been safely capture a couple of top. Captured just within the last ten minutes and this whole ordeal started yesterday. How tough is it to capture a raccoon no one could stick a net out a window or something like that. There are plenty of suggestions from all overt. Social media first look I think all official said. They don't want to write needed to buy it getting to quell the bike and prodding and are trying to get something close to it because it. How wild life expert said that you know you do that it's gonna get frightened and you know you know wanted to follow offer something more happening so they just want to kind of lead the wallet. What the windows on the building and don't open they didn't want to risk any other you can do well possibly goat saved it. For the actually get exactly what officials wanted which could pick continued to as and the building to come to continue to go up. Get to a group that like trapped everything worked actually according to play and it never would face. While I mean I did know that have raccoon could scale a building vertically like that without falling off the people had to be like holding their breath watching a single up 25 flights. We are out there yesterday afternoon and they want actual group of people were leaving from their commute every once checking social media throughout the day in their work faith that. It was really it step by step whereby our uphill now he's gone up to the twelve fluorescent. It wouldn't really it just outplayed by a place of what it's raccoon was giving that people got really. In spite of their people actually outside kind of watching it and and the pictures are really remarkable thing that tiny tiny Rapp who likes undermanned scaling up the building it was a strange thing. All right so now the happy ending he was captured on the roof bio wildlife experts and did their going to return to Iraq through and I understand too it's. Natural habitat in a dumpster somewhere. All well they mean. That is a natural spot for Iraq who first I don't know exactly what going to be the speed of the rat who right now if it will be. Going back out to exit natural habitat which apparently downtown Saint Paul. Like management in Pittsburgh are kind of taking arrange right now the people should feel really good about that. While all glad to hear that there's a happy ending for the sky it can pay slump to great hearing from you again thanks so much. Think Sloane Martan with WC CO radio. In Minneapolis watch her Twitter feed to see some of the video from yesterday is the wreck cone is scaling this price for ever and captivated. By the raccoon in Minneapolis.