R. Lee Ermey Dies; Box Office Recap - Matt Wolfe


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We're joined this morning by correspondent Matt wolf talking about. The death of character actor are really hurt me and if you can Matt I think full metal jacket had to be maybe his biggest film. I'll guess that that was the career of fighter for him and a lot of quotable lines some of which I can't say on radio book by favorites. What is your major malfunction drive it. That's that's that the DL he died of complications from pneumonia 74 years old you don't realize military guy this guy was in the Marines. He was a staff sergeant drill instructor fourteen months in Vietnam to tourists. And Okinawa and after he was discharge you know he was looking for what to do next would have liked basically took some acting classes. He actually made dispersed on screen appearance. And Apocalypse Now he played a pilot and then. He started working on the little movie called full metal jacket as a consultant. To the actor who was going to play the sergeants world but. Stanley Kubrick took a look at you know after a couple days on the sentence that went about it what what what we just put you in the role. And it was a master stroke and again career defining role for yes. Got right sergeant Hartman your think your own doctor I'm not we will speak only when spoken to and a first the last. DeBoer felt they serve will be served you maggots understand that. Now listen cynnex slip right there's no. Actor that could've done a better job at bat and the man himself. Happy birthday to you this. But a that's them unfortunately. Sorry yeah we're remembering our leave early today hey once also gave era thoughts on this weekend at the box office. There's another rocket movie that crushed it. Yeah Rampage you know I mean all is right in the world when you make a movie about a giant gorilla and put the rock in the air candidates scored number one. 34 million dollars and plus a 114 million dollars overseas and it just goes to show you the rock. As a closer up the box office and at number two was quiet place that's the John Kaczynski movie which is getting a lot of great write ups but. You know a couple of weeks one avengers infinity war opens up that's pretty much as I'm gonna blow everything else and the water for the time being it's sort of the unofficial start of the summer movie season and no we're not thinking of summer with the weather outside but. You know that's what's on the radar. And that's for sure around here well speaking of the Iraq how about the rock and roll hall of fame was a huge weekend in Cleveland. Yeah and I am just about six hours off the plane coming back from Cleveland where I was fortunate enough to be backstage during the event itself and are dying Bon Jovi. Dire straits with pars Nina Simone sister Rosetta dark and Moody Blues. All inducted and it started off you know usually. To meet Bon Jovi was sort of the unofficial headliner for the whole thing and we weren't expecting them to be inducted until maybe a couple of them but. They started right out of the gate with Howard Stern conducting them and a lot of the things Howard said as you can imagine I can't say here on terrestrial radio. But it was a very funny speech he'll have to check it out for yourself on HBO Saturday may fifth but. The big take away from me was. You know dire straits there that there's always some kind of a controversy with a rock and roll hall of fame right. Dire straits the founding members mark and David poplar. Did not show up for a variety of reasons marked off were said it was for personal reasons stated our first set while the rock calls not gonna put my bill I'm gonna pass so. The remaining three members. Showed up John oaxley Alan Clark got Fletcher who's really awkward because in the first time. In the history. Of the rock and roll hall of fame there was nobody there to win duct. You know one of the acts they basically adapted themselves. That was it was so we here. Yet but they've got a standing ovation I mean good for them that they showed up but you know this is a band that had. It's huge it's in the eighties they were the first band dire straits to sell a million copies. In the CD format and therefore because they're they're performance said life they'd you know so many great memories I I just thought they deserved better. Well. Apparently. You might be the only one in Cleveland because what else cared enough to let go up onstage and given a helping hand. He had met we appreciate the time it's Matt wolf joining us on a whole number of topics the entertainment reporter.