Questioning BPD Accounting of Events In Last Week's Fatal Shooting - Attorney Steve Cohen


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The attorney representing the victim in last week's fatal officer involved shooting says surveillance video he's obtained. Tells a different story from the one buffalo police have laid out we're joined on the line now by attorney Steve Cohen Steve. But where exactly did this in video come from and how is it brought to your attention. The building former 77 coupled with revenue in city folk will. Has the security system with our definition hammers. Okay you're represented the family of the victim. The Rivera family is a mom and smolder and support. Season what do you know about how this unfolded what was Rivera doing out at 3 AM. I don't know what I do know that two of his relatives live right on that street. So are Rivera was ounce around that time two to 3 AM is when the shooting took place interest seeing to learn. This video. Is this something that was obtained by you would do police also have this video and are you expecting to release it to the public. It's what happened. Was. Shortly after the shooting. The yacht. What we saw actually achieve Chinese cameras and you saw the armor political in the know they were working or not. The commissioner Amalia. Made a statement concerning what happened not knowing that that video came out with a narrative that this officer at the same so light that the grounding point to them. And none of that he's shown by the video or contrary. Once we you know video. I was. Released too much. The organization will push that rent that building. And pat to retain counsel with the police. Britain and the they had internal hard drive and all copies. Of the video to the police. They retained counsel and counsel or you don't this is your security and give copies to wherever around subpoenas that. You'll you'll you'll be required to. Wear you home video. And police obtained. A grand jury war within hours of the shooting which is. Bizarre almost unprecedented in in my lifetime. That said. You know you work to do us hard drive and and copies of the video well they did that but they're also retain copies from salt than you know and retained copy. OK so now you've seen this video I'm sure more than once. Take a serial. What do you see happening. At this time when the officers are are after Rivera. Yeah and and humid and they're legal threatening to show it who. You know anybody we deem appropriate but but not haven't played it would be. Unseemly at the heart and hold the fort haste to to broadcast. On the side a lot of real life I'm a dramatization. On on television so. No one has been the view we know other than that we use in the police. So many people scene. What it shows Berger. Is a man running from plummet there and you. Into the school parking lot performers in 77. Parking lot. He trips and tumble all the ground. Would oval and been hit by the by a bowl yeah. He's followed by a police officer. When I come to go get up. These are crawling away from the officer. Stand up to start running away from the officer. Annual report who ground in the back to muzzle flashes cheap people walk down that. The police claim that there was a firearm in a stronger. Well let's not clearly visible. From the video we freeze framed it and we've tried blowing it up we don't see it they claim that if we had better. You look at what they have. Q fire. And no sign that note I'm do you see anyone having. Edgar bag any evidence like via what firearm. The video that we have goals for 35 minutes following. Mr. rigorous. Yes. And I had no time during that time to see any evidence critical evidence at fire. There may be. An object on the ground we can we can speculate what things are assault on firearm and I don't know what the police are trying to establish that he had a fire but one thing crystal clear at no time did mr. Rivera. During the course the video. Ever level that firearm another human being is there was indeed fire police the officer shot at this Rivera. When the officer was no imminent danger of that. Steve did Rivera. Own a gun and was illegally registered. I do I don't have that information. The family is not aware that. You've described this video you see you don't want to release it to the public because of the nature of what is inside but what do you expect to happen. With this I guess you could call a new found evidence going forward or what are your next steps. Well. I'd turning over a copy two won't. To the Justice Department to an FBI agent. Who I trust is going to follow the other in court takes up take them. And is going to go to some partially nobody. Likes to. Go after a police officer nobody likes to accuse police officer of murder. And especially over law enforcement officers but there are some officers that that take the position that. You know do the evidence is what it is and local was not sure she'll worry we'll marketing copy and permission to do that. To the FBI. The Erie county district attorney can't win a copy and know that he's looking into it. And you know the buffalo police or meet statements you move for. They knew we had a video. That it was or Wright issue was debated they were under investigation. They're putting their way into the circle. How many shots were fired in all do you know Steve from Washington. We conceit to mobile flash. According to whom the police they claim that mr. Rivera was it was the third. Would surge shot. And that one grace is headed. We didn't see evidence of that but that could be could be before your around the corner perhaps. Have you been told of any timeline of when do you expect to hear back from weathered is the FBI award the DA. No not a role on the vetoes the ya gotta panic going to. And the the DA's office sorry I assume going through a careful and meticulous job in starting evidence. Does the video show first aid being given to repair. Not at all. They've ratio. Mr. Rivera. Weighing on the pavement the show mr. Rivera being handcuffed. And the about five or six minutes later in the annual common then. At that point paramedics. You know pronounced him dead. But no parties anybody electric group also are trying to stop leading our. Happy you know administering oxygen poor economy and our first I don't know who worked on any better. Air conditioned course. Immediately upon being shot. It autopsy was completed by the you're kind of medical examiner not permitted to view the body to to determine whether the shots. We're the the entrance wounds were in the back or not. And doctor part is completed a full autopsy within a day within 24 hours shooting. He completed a full autopsy that is reported to stretch that on the dot. Aren't Steve we appreciate all the in that fatal officer involved shooting. Last week the victim 32 year old Raphael Rivera you can read too much more on this story at WB yen doc.