Quarterback Competition 930in716 August 10, 2018

Friday, August 10th

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It's 930. In 716. It's not a quarterback controversy. It's a quarterback. Competition you know all three quarterbacks I think had a touchdown pass. Which is good to see some and to learn on Sunday to grow from an economic and forward to this whole process he loved in the front of the fans here. I'm Tim Wenger and 930 and 716. Bills receiver Kelvin Benjamin feud with former teammate Panthers quarterback Cam Newton continued before and during Carolina's pre season opening 2823. Win against buffalo on Thursday night. First the two exchanged words on the field about ninety minutes before kick off. Then they each played key roles and touchdown drives in the first quarter. Benjamin caught four passes for 59 yards including a 28 yard touchdown reception from Nathan Peter men on Buffalo's first possession. But the real drama for the bills was observing the three way competition for quarterback that's happening anfield at one bills drive. Could sustain men I guess couple days ago I ate two or three days ago. I'm just told us that the obvious starter this game in you know we'll go now. Ethan Peter may and got the start and fans on social media were impressed with how he played just trying to go do they tell me in. On turn the office on the field and trying to go excusing. When you. Think it's in there. I after such a here's there but you know always always things to learn from. Never gonna play a perfect game. I'm always strive for the and strive for perfection. Should be better every game I play it. Preserve you know and he loved in the front of the fans here. I'm back in our state in good throw the ball and you know they got a great front seven as well. On the we knew it was going to be tough against Iran so one did not turn a little bit not a play makers remain in place. You can. To build we couldn't help and it was instant it. Only got under his belt separated. I think. It's not only get star com well nobody. Yes years you know and obviously every time you're out there human player besting repeat every ball and like I said it wasn't perfect there's definitely things you better it's just the ones that you know there's going to be. That's a lot more steps on gonna get a lot better I mean this is as the first pre season games so. You know there's a lot lot more days to come. But for him. And yeah I mean he's just a great playmaker I mean. On third down play obviously is just kind of backyard you get open with a scramble and for him to tapped his toes and again like that was that was unbelievable play. And it's a Sami can CA beats him DV rough line in. I was just trying to lay it he's he's a lot of overseer basically at that point so I'm great friend of first inning in the end zone and electoral Campbell did and then in the stands to and I'm not through for him Wear it but. Can you try to come up to roam about ninety minutes before game time incumbent kind of walked away and it's true that some of that room. And certainly. No I don't know about that you kind of focuses on the game and you know I played a great game we all this guy's got more strives to take more steps to take to get better. I yeah of all based on you know what we're giving young we re definitely game planned these this set plays and run it. Did you know I think on the first play was gone scripted where sometimes get a little bit longer script so. Imus you're just the out them play you know look different track decisive needed that play out the whole game have a good drive and try to finish things off. A lot you know I think I'm grown every every time I take the field. In every game I've played so I'm just trying to continue to do that. You know definitely got a long way to go. Freeagent addition AJ McCarron went seven of ten for 116. Yards and two drives to close the first half. The Caron is not a man of many words however. Is just. Good for the no offense as a whole. Overcome home in negative play and knew we had some big third down conversions on that whole series and I was just for our guys. There. That alone in not the country off. I don't care. Just whenever I'm asked to go play and just go play them. First pre season game that's that we can expect from this office this year. I don't know have that's a question you're asked as stable alone. I guess just. Execute what's called and you know play with the guys that are in their home and it was fun. To make it through the first place to throw it deep. You put up here and. One of the biggest cheers went up when Buffalo's first round draft pick Josh Allen took over the offense to open the second half. And his first snap. Alan faked a handoff and then showed off his strong arm by sailing a fifty yard pass intended for Robert Foster that just went out of bounds at the left sideline. Industry excited by Allen finished nine of nineteen for 116. Yards and hit ray ray McLeod for a fourteen yard touchdown with 110 left. You know I got the whole second half so. Went out there industry and have fun and learn and improve you find out to be throwing a ball 65 yards in the first place. You know coach tables talking a little bit he said Bulger right hand up for stabs. Most left and it for goes in my left them no it up pretty fast. That was that was put an hour and it is almost like why did you take this job now not the heat is just wanna do with the defense is in unison. And I felt comfortable with we got outside he denied there were little outside and then allow arts are guiding. You know a chance to make the play for the Levys to get information. You know your hand if you immigration remove him for a long through. I was really cool. Pills not picking mountain in full force and I for pre season games so that to see that. I'm excited Stewart you know in ones and look like what's the biggest takeaways. That I love this game even more you know to get out here and growth our guys. Trust my linemen Steve the plays and listens and what Dave was talking about modeling is something I've. Always wanted to do my allies that are out there and hear his voice in my three snaps on an advocate was just to do. Imus is something really cool where I guess learning experience behind his personal life. What did you learn things in this case and why it. I mean just trying to go through. Every play the right way. Taking what they give us an I know sometimes the best ball is this a Smart play which is ticked down. Through a couple of us tonight that our guys to make some plays on their down. Ultimately. You know we are the best men and our guys had a ball when the bomb their hand they can place. It. You know this is covered soon. To slow down and go route and to be honest that probably should from the bar should came back to on some pro come across the middle wide open. But I felt the corner squeeze a little bit on the out route and felt that I could squeeze the ball and you know ray ray made album play. There's a lot going on thinking this review thing where you hear what you're. At a great time to go out there and my guess that. Play with the guys that we've been playing with since rookie minicamp and come out here and not trust one another and just get back to playing real football in somebody else aside their team. Hit a couple of times and that'll. Of the ball right back in TS it's who's is enjoyable for sure what we're. You. Roman emperors and if you've evolved is it's going through this for us. I'd just trying to say was that just trying to make a play let our guys said let's get the ball on to their hands. You know I didn't do it as much as all the lights tonight there's a few dozen it was said back in this Robert a couple times. Deep over the middle and this couple throws I was had back but summoned to learn on Sunday to grow from an economic and four to this whole process. Yeah I mean I thought just now looking at the tape obviously yes I did some good things coach Sean McDermott like what he saw lion sees a lot to build on first commenting on Peter man's performance. And brought out to see you could feel the energy in the crowd a first pass those are great call by Brian. You know they throw it catches out of bounds you know so. Other advertisers and continue to work on but overall I thought I moved the ball times. Good to see him in that two minute drive as well that's that's the idol experience forum. You know all three quarterbacks that can get a touchdown pass. Which is good to see. That'll. You know putting himself at risk of getting hit hit a couple of times a minute or foul play it'll work you know. When all over the place what. We you know it's. Quarterback gonna take some but hopefully. You humiliate. With him with here's a flight this isn't he was able extensive plays which which is good to see is well. And he's got to be Smart and knowing that you're riveted in. These guys are big fast and physical. In particular from the. Me here. Starter is located there just had a better rotating what makes you go Peterson's. Yeah you know first of all those guys have been great Nathan AJ came in and out in terms of communication. And the understanding expecting that the situation here and and I felt it was the right thing to do for us right now you'll go back look at the film evaluate and and for. Yeah we'll see how I understand all of that you know we'll we'll see. One look in my house for Muslim film and take it. I look at. Quarterbacks tonight. That position when you can do. Wrong. It. That much time to move at all. Yeah which was. In terms of what what that does for you as asking you are at fault it's okay net and I thought quarterbacks. Yeah that was good to see. Quarterbacks have to keep position to play I thought all three guys it certainly had things to work on but tears to your point. All three it's really good things and like image elf Austrian. Threw for a touchdown which is good from from a confidence standpoint nothing else altering move the ball at times. Like the energy around all three. And so yeah that that's. That's one of the pluses commend the game. What is it we always say here. Time will tell. Then Monday. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.