#PutYourSticksOut 930in716 April 10, 2018

Tuesday, April 10th

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It's 930. In 716. A way of mourning and paying tribute from the hockey community. Now more than ever I think it makes me proud those are key player. He says salute is a way to honor the voice is something that you that you never cinco ever happening and in. It's Pataki critically hurt. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Officials are still investigating that bus crash in Canada the killed fifteen people on board. ABC's senior transportation correspondent David currently with more. The Canadian prime minister and his son just two of the thousands. Who came to remember the fifteen hockey players and staff killed in that bus crash nearly every person in this small town a 6000. Touched in some way by the tragedy that head coach among the dead the bus was heading to a hockey tournament Friday when it was hit in the side by a tractor trailer. Fourteen were injured three critically the cause of the crash is still being determined. Among the players killed Jason Joseph the twenty year old son of former Pittsburgh pirate Chris Joseph. Logan shots with the team captain and was just awarded player of the month. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip sending a note saying quote our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost so much with their families and with all Canadians who grieve. With them at this difficult time ago fun meet Paige to help the families in the team has surpassed its four million dollar goal the truck driver survived and has been questioned by police over the weekend. The NHL paying tribute several teams wearing the jerseys of the Broncos. And while family teammates and a hockey community across North America more in a moving way to pay tribute to the fallen players. TS and broadcaster Brian Younes who spent time playing with the Broncos in his youth. Posted to Twitter photo of a hockey stick on his front door stoop saying leave it out on the porch tonight. The boys might need it. Wherever they are here I was I guess as the power of social media. Loose. I know Leo Brody an idea I think. Susan rose reached out to Craig Muni former buffalo sabre and coach of the buffalo be utes. Awake at the hockey community. Home from professionals to move could be a little boy Interscope client holy book. Could contribute to a little boys who personally. Perfect but sucked in again. And apparently the the families are really taken by this can't believe it but it was Winnipeg jets broadcaster Ryan Newman's. Who went to school in humbled and I guess he started this. Because if he was out of Broncos junior hockey player for years but he began this movement yesterday. To honor the fifteen who lost their lives in its bus crash. He you put a picture of hockey sticks out his front door with the hash takes. Put your sticks out to honor and humbled Broncos humble strong so many as it's another hash tag that's trending to. To stick to keep that memory alive. So there is a way to honor the boys it's. It's something that you can never Sankoh ever happened and then. It's Pataki can you couldn't hurt a kind of a pocket so. It's a way. It is simply the NHL order to get some call a trend some cardinals buses or four years. I did that we all have done that in effect of this happening at this is sort of relaxed. It's just it's incredible I mean for. For a parent it's is so horrible and but for anyone who's who's dumbest like you you know how many buses have you written and for so many games like these boys. What. Would hand went through your mind when you heard about this terrible crash. You lose home. The really I got punched in the stomach and opinion matter an empty feeling. It's I played three years in junior right in the buses warriors in the American League right in the boxes and even. And say what quote from the pews when we fight the bus for our transportation picked two games as well also. It really hits home. And I found though. Crist also quote platelets and not in Edmonton this almost one move forward. Toms Ernie on. He had and now you know crank. If you remember those youth hockey days of the junior hockey days when you're traveling in when you're part of a team like this this is like a second family right. Have you pianist and a lot more time potentially achieve the Seahawks soundly. He played soccer games on the road and it's always. Well at that age it's always by bus or eaten them American League but those guys who are young and I'm troubled by solar assignment. You do spend a lot of time together has become just second Stanley. The the American leaders who are married it it is your trauma now. Here's what teams probably you know more than you know anyone now. Are you putting sticks out. Absolutely. I'm part of that movement. It is a community hockey youth hockey is a way of life. It's been a tough few days. It's it's consume me over the can't you know I mean there. Information that wanted to try to get him. Andrew Peters former buffalo savor coach the dad and the hockey guy who hosts youth players under his own roof. Think about the emotions of the Stanley and then you know the community and you know I was looking at a lot of different perspective right and apparent how much under terms fired obviously not. Not close enough and need to be traveling on buses by. Maybe one day I did as you mentioned. You know her I mean. Don't I don't know how many years seven years maybe by. Now on the bill Q I have two teenagers living with me travel on buses and an assist just. There's the pillar mothers that had three of those kids. Living arts who heard her husband. There are scrambling. All passed away. There's just did this story in that that are broader picture of the three guys. In the hospital holding hands. You know that's just slaps on dvd you know last broken I mean this whole thing just continues just. You know I don't know anybody saw. It's one of those fathers. When the kid who was killed in the crash. Jack and Joseph does ought to play in the NHL in Christian assessing the front CSN. They're incredible video just varied. Open honest emotional. Just talking about a sign and polity and put the pieces back together and and this just you know so. You know obviously and talk to a stepped in and last night you know I have like that to release to let them meet one of them are two home. But the other one has still still living with Meehan and you want to do it and I was told an important. Yes so you're like a Foster dad and today's kids while they're playing. Yeah so what their source put. This here this germ a Merkel and so they you know they live in me anyway and like that is. You know returning my Siri gets back Aoki. And because the same thing you probably did you did you live with some until. Yeah you know when I was fifteen I I left. You know to the hole so that saying never elect a ticket fourteen and it it it's becoming more and more common. But you know so he can cute that's when you know when I initially started to do it words then I'm an advocate come into play for my team. Knowing I'd rather live with someone that has been through. You know the whole emotion got to get a quote don't put it in any critically environment dispute emotions I mean. No no question young kids know they're moving away from home and home sick and you know I've been through that have been to go home sickness and altered so so this problem. You know I just it is all right but don't. So you're the one for the last night you know I estimate that you put 67 yen puts itself so. It's it's really anything so for those who don't know. It was a Winnipeg broadcaster Al Winnipeg jets broadcaster Brian months who came up but the idea. To put your sticks out that outside the front door and that's a hash tag that's trending it's cash take put your sticks out but you actually put your hockey sticks out the front door. Come Olivo a porch light on and take a screen shot at it and putted up on FaceBook but his message was just so poignant he says. The boys might need them wherever they are. No longer here. Just very touching very you know I don't clearly it didn't look a lot of people on to look around you see how many people look. Have gone other waiters don't take autistic or fifteen. One street sure they don't. Persons still Russian. Even monitor on their front front step and you know what can Golar soapbox or whatever it is it's just it's it's cool it if it continues to speak to the level in the or improper. Talk community in the is the support that goes on. You know went something like this happened and and that it's not just talk you rightly see it with everything so. You know that's just you know very lightly you know we cuckoo social media a lot for a lot of an existing that it does but it's. This is one of those things where you can actually you know bond together and and use it as a as a as a tool you know maybe also the. You're right. And that of the families I'm understanding from humbled her just so touched by Allen best and last night was the first night and it was there were tens of thousands of posts. With their hands take. It Al people putting their pictures of their own hockey sticks outside the door. It can imagine tonight in the next few nights assisting really takes off. Yeah yeah I know I think that they backers. I was wondering and like you know. You know one magnitude you know ordered you do it another nine Eden. I've torn up war spurred other night that's sure what. Yea your right the interesting appearances the only people. Opted to do it. For another night has more people wanna do it actually missed out on the first. I think you're absolutely right for share. Andrew where we're glad you could join us this morning and and thanks for sharing what you've been going through the last few days just because. Unity here it's like a family that a hockey. And when who's playing hockey or in any age level right I mean it's it's a family. Yeah knowledge it definitely is and I think job. Now more than ever I think you make these practices don't argue whether. So put your sticks out and we're back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.