Public Schools and Private Schools Which Is Better ? 8/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, August 16th

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News radio 930 WBA. And its com hourly in David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be unused radio and 930 WP. But I'm looking for a war of 18:12. Canon why am I looking for a war of 1812 K and it. Because last night I was hanging with the mayor and his friends which is actually part of a Steely Dan song here at the western world. But I was hanging with that mayor delay know and supervisor culpa of Amherst and as you know the village Williams bill you might not notice was the valley for each of the American army during the war of 1812. There are some very difficult times here in the Niagara frontier after the brits. Burned down the city of buffalo. So the American army did a strategic route withdrawal and a two Williams bill in order to get away from the brits and a lot of citizens went with the army for protection. And the village is trying to pay homage to an honor to those who fought died and serve our country in the war of a team twelve. In William build new York and indeed a war of 1812 can't. The last time I priced a war of 1812 can and it was like thirty to 35000. Box. I have written to the US army history people in Carlisle Pennsylvania I've also written to old fort Niagara but here's the problem any Canon owned by old fort Niagara is technically owned by the federal government so it would pretty much take an act of congress for them even if they want it to to give the village of Williams feel a cannon for display. Sell if you know where we can track down preferably pro Bono preferably rightist. A war of 1812 Canon. Would you please send me an email Tom at WB Ian dot com Tom at WB EN dot com and also don't laugh but. In keeping with the historical achievement. I'm trying desperately again to track down a company that would be willing to let us use. Ground penetrating radar now you may ask why is Tom looking for ground penetrating radar and the answer is there's. There are two sites that need to be uncovered in the village of Williams bill. And once we have ground penetrating radar we're gonna take a peek at old maps would focus in on a search area we're gonna try to find the site of the US army the real site. The US army during the win or 1814 and as well as the US army the hospital which many people believe is located. Underneath what is now garrison park. So the long and the short of it is that we really need a war of eighteen to annum which hopefully somebody will donate it and we really would like ground penetrating rate are an accrual for today so we can see if we can't track down the war 1812 hospital in barracks and William Earl and a lot of Elvis but hundreds if not thousands of American soldiers died in Williams will direct the winner of 1814 typically have diseases like this in theory which is not a lot of funding in the middle of winter. So. Or in the middle supper for that matter or any time whatsoever so if you can help could you please send me an email Thomas WB Ian dot com that's taught at WB EN dot com the war of 1812 folks it doesn't get a lot of publicity it doesn't get a lot of press but our area was one of three hot beds of war of 1812 history in the United States and the village of Williams go. I've played a hugely significantly. Historic role in the war of 1812 in particular in 1814 so. Hopefully I haven't been bored to tears by the soliloquy on what we need but if you can help please send an email to Tom at WB Ian dot com op which in touch with the right people. Do you think anyone. Who wouldn't who would have anything I'll tell you the last guy I spoke with that heavy war of 1812 cannon was a scuba diver I believe he was diving off of lake that it was actually died in Lake Ontario. It could've died river but for some reason Lake Ontario comes the and was actually able to pull up a war of 1812 Canon. And he was willing to sell it to me for like thirty or 35000 bucks. I'd like my old war of 1812 cannon but let's put it this way back to the point wanna spend that kind of money I'm an old rusty relic. But the village Williams bill would put it on public display on main street in the village. And I love what they're doing in the village of Williams bill and frankly so do a lot of other people because houses are listed in the village and they're selling literally within hours at top dollar. And in about doing this for that reason I mean it's just I would like to do something because we have some great villages. We have some absolutely great though which is in this area we've got the bewitching Hamburg the village of East Aurora you've got downtown Nortel one you've got the village of Williams bill. And many other villages in Western New York that really make Western New York living in village living I think a very very special thing in this era of big box stores a Amazon there's something to be said for a B. I think the hospitality and the camaraderie of living in a village. We do a lot of cool things in the village. Yeah I think you know that the that I would probably look at divers do people go through Lake Ontario and all the wrecks that are out there are pretty. Pretty impressive yup I mean it as long as it's a war of 1812 Canon. You know I I'm pretty sure we can get transported properly and I'm pretty sure we have somebody build the proper would carriage for it so while we just we just need the Canon and again it's not for me and there's no money involved it would just be a donation which share. I'm not sure that would be tax deductible for you'd have to asked with very you have to ask your accountant a lot of tax lawyer acting like that so. Maybe maybe we'll hit pay dirt but it it kind of fits and because David were talking about private vs public schools and WB the end of the first hour of the show we spent talking about the 27 district of new York and congress if you wanna listen to that on line it's on demand. Audio at WB EN dot com and a reminder if you're still try to get our radio station on the old site the only site where you can get WB Ian radio bottom line is radioed dot com that's radio dot com. Radio dot com and you can listen to his anywhere anyplace anytime and radio dot com. You can also go to WB EN dot com and listen to work on demand audio which I'm sure staffers at the. You know we're talking about a public vs private schools would want to have your opinion it as to what year you had a better experience. Public or private. Interesting to me when you talk about public schools and this is where you know when when you talk about the row illusion of you know the culture that we live in this I'd generation compared to the you know generation acts in the the Wii or couch potatoes then 9/11 happened Nolan gave my generation any respect not eleven happens. All the sudden an entire generation answers the call. Then you have. You know the generation that follows feasible meals and beat bush in the same thing about colonials that they said about the Generation X. that things about baby boomers. You know every generation is going to sort of look to generations down and say you guys are worthless. And then something happens a challenge happens in America responds like every other generation. But the pre kindergarten. And public kindergarten kids. This is where I think we're in trouble because if you look at the fall of 2017. Yet about one point four million kids that are attending three. Basically public pre K school and about three point eight million kids are in kindergartens across. That the country these statistics come from the National Center for Education Statistics. These kids are learning things. In pre K and in kindergarten. There are. I would say most parents would look and say you know what. Do we really need to introduce pre K kids to the transgender. Identity. Issue do we need do. I entered a not that we want to you know kids in public schools to have an opinion against. Transgender people or for transgender people. But does a pre kindergarten child. Have the capacity to even understand. Anything I mean if there's anything to teach your pre K kid it would probably be. You know what manners. You know how to play nice with the others and the privacy of their own body you know maybe if it would be Smart to tell them that. Know when should touch that amber face he had gotten you go to an adult or maybe teach you not to play with matches. Whatever the basics are for pre K but you go it's sort of like skill level. You know four. Blocks of instruction. On. Choices that adults may. Dealing with their own sexuality or their own gender in the willingness to wanna switch or whatever. This this is this is where we've we've lost ourselves in it I think is where we've lost our mind in the deep sense. And we are gonna get into that by the way your phone calls 8030930. Private schools or public schools where our schools failing our kids is it matters it's science is that American history now look I happen to be history leverage that to me I focus in history also if you're in the middle of the nasty weather feel free to call a star 930. That's our 930. We've we realized that a lot of education is indoctrination and that's one of the aspects of this we start talking about is well. Are are you afraid as your kids are going back to school after being indoctrinated. And not educated and I don't. David that you can really buy for Kate. The last act of what to educate kids about American history for an indoctrination. Because all how could you possibly. Seriously what you know about American history and are there flaws in this country's past of course there are there's flaws and every country's passport opera but you don't ever been part of. But you don't treat it like the middle schools in Germany view. Were they just absolutely block out you know German history starts in 1927. And ended it begins again in 1946. People competition and exactly there's and there's no mention of of these I should say there's no mention of it but it's it's not something that. America it to its credit. Addresses. All of this seems Americans made better than any other country in the world and I'm saying that there is a way that you can teach pre K and K kids. To be accepting of other people's anything. You know to not be judgmental. To befriend people that are different than you. But you don't have to break down oh did the thought process of someone who was born one way. And chooses for whatever reason to be another way. I mean there again we're talking about 43 and four girls you know were horrible for the most part were then you get to kindergarten and then your injury you know. Dead he's got a roommate well. Yeah ice cream. Bush and there's a way that you couldn't knock out all of those. You know social and human dynamics skills that kids need to have so that they can accept things that are different. Not judge them not show hate harboring these things that we don't walk without walking them through how condom works. You know. Out of banana or there's actually it's ridiculous. Or. Way it is except I 24 news radio 930 WBE and we have much more coming up and David we screwed up you know we forgot his we'll talk a private school we're talking about the public school you know how badly I feel right now. We screwed up we didn't even mention home schooling to a stop you know ups do but I feel so durable and school or started about that you can call and tell us what you do about American history and is it the American history that is lacking in both the private and the public school bulls. And I. Look if if you want to inculcate. Ideas that America sucks in two young minds is Rush Limbaugh which they fiddled with much. You don't teach American history and you just pretend that the world is the way it is an America has no redeeming qualities whatsoever never adds. Hey. Resting finished oh queen of soul Aretha Franklin. Who I had been gravely ill for the past several days has succumbed today at the age of 76 and for those who don't know a wreath this spent some of her childhood here in Buffalo, New York from about the age of Tutu about the age of five years. And all he's had a soft spot in our art for Buffalo, New York Aretha Franklin. No longer with us what do I've worked career and what a performer and again you know in the air before James Gandolfini made. Sex appeal redefined. The frankly that the same thing for women and gently not nearly enough but. She certainly was. She was not your stereotypical. Or a singer of the era. You know you think about mama Cass in the abuse she took I don't remember our Gerber anybody ever poking fun at Aretha Franklin's weight because they're voice Wii's overpowered everything else and she was just a beautiful beautiful soul and a tremendous tremendous singer. And the idea that she won the room at a certain temperature is saying stop Cooper Donna that's happening at the it's tough to use your voice for an extended period of time in cold dry conditions. It's very easy to. Overdue with the voice for whatever reason. It is. I've 38 somebody is at texting us a few people texted us that we are off the year. All that looks like it's about to be hampered by the storm. If you're driving around and you wanna tell us where the weather is bad we would like to know we'd like here blow by blow accounts it is sixth. You can call us at star 930. That is star 930. Otherwise we're talking about education and who drops the ball or the private schools the public schools the home schoolers who's better the private schools the public schools the whole school there's. And we got into this topic as to bet. My daughter went to private school. And I was very happy with the results of the private school or mice and went public school and thank god to public school because he wasn't and so well all in high school and they put him in the alternative instructional model. Where he absolutely blossomed and he's flourished and he graduated and now he's kicking butt in college and will most likely earn a Ph.D. before too long so pretty pretty happy about that and a my daughter ended up from law school. So you've got private school and public school and I can say good things about both of them the one thing I must say it was a commonality though is apparent. My profound disappointment at the horrible. Education in American history my kids received. But I was in a position of having to. Basically educate my kids about American history and teach them what I knew about American history without the benefit of being augmented by the school you might find yourself in the same. In the same position 8030930. Is the phone number were back on the three own I'd thirty start 930 on the telephone 180616. WB and by the way to see you know the week has long is is whether it's around we're gonna get knocked off the here so you you don't need to keep texting as one offer here on here often we do appreciate it. But remember when off the air were always on the Internet. You go to radio dot com and you can listen to us that way believe me I know it's a pain in the Botox but you know given a choice between not hearing what you wanna hear. And a hearing what you wanna hear but we look we appreciate your input we really we really really do but no need to drive yourself crazy telling us your appear here on the year you're on the year. It it's all good men and we appreciate you listening yet another. And rich are Rich Franklin earlier we'll get back education here but did you know that she and her first child which was twelve years old. That I did not know she had her second child when she was fourteen. Now think about that. I mean that's to X extreme. Amount of responsibility twelve years old. Than her sister and her grandmother took turns raising the children as she was trying to you know start her career in Detroit. But that's. That's. Knots and the twelve years old that's I can't even begin to imagine. But again they have that kind of responsibility at the flourished in the entertainment business with two kids but tiger fourteen talent is talent. Lamb he can't hide out of the basket let's go to love. Lori in Clarence I've WB ET and the Lorie talking about private vs public schools. Well I'm I think that. Public private homes lol you know the common factor that in attribute that I can expect that the engagement of their hair. So I think it here are Matt who's dropping the ball is you know can be placed squarely on all night. Parent involvement and having breathing kids that are accountable for the work that do it well but what I wanna app about what I must have meant so rapper and and that sort. She what you're talking about about pre Wheeler think they're partners being caught about. Alternative like I'll. Because my kids are currently public fall on 31. Grade next month ethnic and talk about anything like that at wondering. Cause there's like so much data out there did you hear your school might not participate is our federal national numbers are all over the country. And there's districts that are you know introducing these sorts of things at a young age and one of saint is that I think you can still get the same I think. The goal here is that you're you're raising children. That are not looking at people that are different. And you know judging them more facilitating hate. That we could look at a kid that's a little heavier kid that you know I'm maybe has actually here has glasses and there's not that rush to bully your. You know that there are there are certain life skills you can give kids at a very early age that it. To allow them to get along better rather than to walk them through the entire steps of why. Laura just just so you know this is a very if it if you would do a Google search you'd find articles like this from the Los Angeles Times even going back to September 2 of last year should kindergarten include books about being transgender this is a discussion that isn't that happening all over the country. So actually we have seen examples that happening anywhere around here. Or did you. We're talking about the national statistics were these statistics are are coming from from the national what is it the institute of National Center for Education Statistics. And what it. What does it funded through a guitar and who who pays them. They did. The Department of Education the they have their stats that are. I guess what I'm saying is nowhere in the National Center for Education Statistics does it talk about what the kids are learning we just have raw data. You wanna tune in early into the show you could've heard the whole setup but what we're talking about a that there are one point four million kids in pre today. And their three point eight million kids entering kindergarten as a follow through 2017. And the point is it we're talking about the difference between public schools and private schools so in a private school you wouldn't have to follow No Child Left Behind. And have been a public school whatever that state basically mandates that is what you're teaching all those kids is not a lot of flexibility with curriculum. And more on the National Center for Education Statistics is the primary. Federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education you have a question about the national center for education stats and that that's what it is. I. You realize that the situation locally that need to happen meter. He lets it yeah. Our program did. I mean give me a break we're talking about things and I talk show the folks wanna talk about these this is what are we teaching pre K kids what are we teaching kindergarten kids you happen to be a school system that doesn't do that that's fantastic. There are other people out there. That are saying you know what maybe I'm not comfortable with pre K kids learning anything about sex or alternative lifestyles. Maybe just maybe we don't wanna teach sixth graders about alternative lifestyles what is the proper age to do that these are this is the discussion we're having but. But to imply that we're putting. Was. It's not about pre K regarding your buffalo questioning are based out some just. Your all Lori Lori Lori right out of this act of detecting somehow still old Lori Lori didn't have breakfast today she. We're not gonna make a model joke. I'm not just in your cranky Europe set about I don't know what I don't know why did you know upset about her the whole propaganda here what we're saying is is that. Would you art dairy is a way to teach a pre K kid how to accept folks that are different weather beat religion or skin color or ethnicity sexuality. There are as a way to teach kindergarten kids and we ask what are we just asked people in our audience. Telus had your kids then talked to about trends and years at let's say the elementary school level let's just ask our audience. And let let us know. At what age was your kid in Western New York talked to about transgender. Ism etc. And again. You can do your own Google search and I doubt it's not like David reached into his Botox and pulled some I mean out of its other regions he didn't. It's all it's all over these but I guess my point is. I don't care if it's happened in western new Yorker it's happening and share the Cisco might poignant. Don't you think. The public schools run by the states can still give a block of instruction to pre K kids and kindergarten kids. That will show that they you know to help them be more accepting of a difference. And in a way that does not get into the minutia of why. People are different. And at the end result is that we all treat people the same and we all respect each other does that really matter. Why the individual is different. It's because I was raised to celebrate difference I always thought that was the thing that that was supposed to be eight. I was born a boy someone's a girl there are many things that girls can do that boys can't do it doesn't make them better or worse it just makes us different. I don't understand why we have to get into the minutia. Of why someone you know and all terms of lifestyle. I just my kid to be able to treat that person you know with respect. It doesn't mean that we have to understand where you're coming from it just means that we have to respect it. Is that is that not the way we're raising our kids today here I don't worry I raised my kids I mean maybe the title of my kids are right now. Provincetown. That's right kids are right now in province town my point is that. I at the end result was just mutual respect. So that we didn't you know have kids say hey who will what do you mean you've got to post of you know that band or what do you mean your month loan that's not right that no one's Muslim we want people to look at difference in safe. I did I respect that just because it's not like me doesn't mean it's wrong and doesn't mean it should be set aside and an abuse I. Also don't think that I mean let's put it this way in kindergarten you ought to just know how to tie your shoes in kindergarten you begin to it's way too much and kept him. Well I mean frankly as an honest to god I think that. Of any population that has received a disproportionate. Amount of media coverage it is trans genders I mean it is not anti transgender. It's just you're talking about well under 1% of the American public which would identify as being transgender. And I think part too much time has been spent talking about far too few people that doesn't mean because there are so few people that we should raise our kids to a transgender people but I gotta tell you David I've said this before there are a lot of people in the gay and lesbian and bi community who are real comfortable with being lumped in with the trans sitters. I'm sure there's more people peanut allergies and their art transgender people bowl Wii don't breakdown at the pre K level and explain. And the phones go wild objects and that he had allergy stuff. I understand there there are things you know if we're gonna use statistics bumpers to say yeah. Why do you app to put in in a block of instruction at the state level something that affects 110 of 1%. You wouldn't you wouldn't think that we get funding. But David the world has come a long ways since I was on the radio. You know over twenty years ago I was talking about the fact that one of my children's babysitters was again a guy. In his name David and they used to call and David. And the crap that I took as a parent for allowing a homosexual. To babysit my kids I don't think that those calls would come in today because. David is one of the most charming outstanding excellent decent human beings I've ever met. And interestingly enough mrs. haggard on becomes to meet her own connection with the same guy I. At around the same time. But the I'd like I would like to think that today people understand that. That's what a guy can babysit your son that cannot be a pan up I'll those are two different situations. Most gay people aren't up and a files that most I'll use it to get. At least here it's something that you were inviting into your house that appear to all intents and purposes to be quote on quote. Normal to think that I take crap that I like I did over twenty years ago when I said you know my son's got this gay guy baby sitter all people. Lots there's so stupid are these 21 states. Including the District of Columbia that requires schools to notify parents of sex education curriculum for 35 other states in DC. And I should say DC require schools to law parents opt out of sex education for children. And we have to receive your seven states that now have odd transition that transitions are remote in the transition course for pre K kids. Most recently Californians. Are California's Rocklin academy. Gateway is a private school ball. That has gotten a ton of attention because of their celebration of gender do us what does that gender just for this news sports business this for. Yes that you'd gem purchased for. And basically these parents want the income of California passed a law. Forces this. On the kids and end up being pushed back but the push back from Republicans and look at the just simply allow other there are parents to say we don't want. Our children involved and because of this California law or five other states now. I'll allow parents to opt out of anything that they think they they don't want their kids involved. But the you'll understand what I'm saying that they have the like we always hear. The GB LT community there is no GB LT community because pulled at all. Well ultimately let these people who are gay and lesbian and by I'll say this again. They are a little bit upset me in many cases especially our conservative gay and by and lesbian listeners. They don't quite understand the transgender stuff either and they kind of believe that they're being lumped into a struggle that isn't theirs. But again there are are more that Americans that are suffering from you know mental illness and depression. Would never take a pre K kick it. And break down what bipolar is compared to schizophrenia as compared to. You know what Dick did this is a free kindergarten child out it's they don't understand what the tax going on they they think that in other stuffed animal is. A friend they think big bird is real Ebert so I mean it's it's just it's an inappropriate aid group. All you have to do is is hit them with the principles of acceptance and everyone should be happy about Lee and television news radio 930 WBE.