Public comments on Buffalo Schools nurses contract

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Wednesday, May 16th

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Good evening I'm Alexis asked leading one parent. And they happen to be EPO I delivered over 2500. Signatures on the petition right how nurses and about the well. And and speaking tonight. Army husband Larry's out of couldn't be any coaching her and these are in. And he says. I believe about hope published book in the sport and in this superintendent. I believe and act Idaho nurses. I do not believe in what has unfolded over the past couple of weeks and Napoli and losing Robert earned nurses. Losing their experience in here and losing their relationships they have with staff parents especially your student. Would the average displace other important staff for example over seven need specialized teachers or counselors but this ever happened and our suburban and back. After the BB TO has done to let this mr. partner and work together on the education our end. Unresolved dispute it got there is completely erroneous lead parents in the Muni have been American lives. Any book when he or at the BB TO administer the and I nurses to the board and mr. There's only wherever press conference last month data on that a from the back not listen and understand their perspective. But to tell us that we can't have a pass this was they inspect security monitoring that are being asked to host the press conference on the I blocked. At a time when no students brand and by the desperate times as I am not in the in contradiction with past and about their past ten. On Friday man Latin or being packed it was posted on this website as is customary. Absent from this packet as their act amended and act or owner's. Request I asked to make it public have been more. Org members by the shout as ESP. By the desperate times the island why is up on our Democrat and look in your public representation in a heap. We didn't act create a procedural conundrum that your eighth that our nurses here did not create. Trying to explain away testing past links are there is some branches. Disenfranchises. And it Norris winners in need and is there. If this is about money why are we spending relentless Ayman energy and an FDA. More expensive contract where you want and need change we are still dissatisfied with transportation. We are inactive status died with banners or there are. This past I spoke about the education American being a two way street and I emphasize the importance of parents on their under the partner eleven a one way street. The last couple weeks bracken has not only ban the one we eat it up like that and lack spamming or expanding the runway and in greater. It's activist or exaggerate the direction and restore particularly street reset this practice and allow us to be more involved in citing health service is urged it. Board members you're rob us superintendent or experience. Followed by Jennifer Sullivan. Good evening I'm Rachel Deming as parent and secretary of the buffalo parent teacher in me. I am here tonight on behalf of over 2500. Members of the buffalo community and I'm grateful for the opportunity to address the board on behalf of with parents caregivers and other alarmed citizens. We have stood up to voiced concern about the continuity of high quality local health care for our children. There's something strange going on with this process of selecting a provider this will nursing contact. And win strange things are going on people knowing that they can sense excuses they can sense dot G answers they can sense that hatcheries are being present it. That is the perception of parents and other community members now. There's a fundamental disbelief that the district would mark and a contract at provided her children with high quality care for many years. Over a sixteen minute hard copy deadline discrepancy. And there's also a sense of disbelief that the district is worried about being sued for how they did out as parakeets and the tax break on me are happy and I quote. The district reserves the right to cancel and or amend in part or entirety ER he at any time prior to a written contract. So basically board members I'm here tonight on behalf of 2500. Community members and these highly qualified nurses from right here in buffalo. Are integral to our schools and well being. To calling you to re fat this process. It is within our legal right to cancel or amend the RFP. And I say our ears because this is not something that the district of its to decide. I just found out about the process for evaluating these are happy at 2:30 PM today when the recommendation from the district with pork posted to the court documents online. There was not a parent representative who reviewed the proposal. We determined that the polite a proposal with you he dismissed with the polite a proposal reviewed and then dismissed what went on behind closed doors. As a BP TO executive board member I have been involved in informed about many such opportunities in this instance cricket. There was no parent representation on the selection committee why not these are our children. The community outcry over this issue could have been avoided the district has involved the people whose children are most affected by the system. Look I understand that you're trying to balance the budget and yet that there are financial constraints due to burgeoning personnel costs increase in charter schools and our district. The portable support from the city of buffalo the fact that we're paying well placed there as the NF DA including parts and service. I understand that these are the hard reality. If the real reason the district is while I collided because of the desire to paint masks for nursing staff he would companies located in Utah and the sun belt and not be present archaic part copy deadlines. And the district needs to be up front and transparent about that. If the district went to balance the budget on the backs of our kids health and well being say it. Or remembers your constituents can sense that something is a myth it is incumbent upon you to listen to us and reset this process. Do you talk of the sun belt or in the rough spell and support our local nurses. Please start in the southern electric and parents. Good evening where Butler public or remembered that in each and in Britain it's my name's Jennifer Sullivan and I am the director public education the American Lung Association. Here in buffalo and must mean our region. In this organization almost five years ago to run the asthma polished their theory pounding. During my ten year I had the opportunity and pleasure of working very closely with yours owners then. An interesting many of your students are suffering from their very kind of illness. I'll be asthma. 20%. Of your students beat them. During this time is think critically important to have the same pediatric. Nurses and say. They're saying thanks for educating and treating your mathematics student. By offering continuity of care as well as working with their families I'm consistent education good asthma self management. You know the space there is. If not please ask one of your ethnic students they do. And it's because of your diligent. Critically important nurses who have worked tirelessly. To educate these youngsters on the importance of using them when taking their asthmatic patient. So that they're medicine goes where it's supposed to and they get the most benefit from their medication. You know an asthma action plan is. You know whatever rescue medication vs a controller medication and your admitted students know the answers to these questions because your collection nurses. Have taught them individually. As closing in partnership with their families. Any regular consistent basis when you're students are suffering. I'm an asthma exacerbation. And need their nurses well. Love support and comfort to reduce their flare up and allowed them to relax and Marie. The partnership that George school nurses in your local American Lung Association staff have created. Has been nothing but amazing. Inspiring. And a huge asset to all involved. The resource is the F a coalition has been able to give each school nurse in the district. Including those pacers we discussed a few moments ago. Not only save the district thousands of dollars in cost to purchase these little. Critical tombs of plastic that have a lot of the school nurse as a resource in a tool. To help your students learn great self management skills to help them breathe. Own merit elements. Indian power. To be independent caretakers of themselves. Your current school nurses are critical to the daily success of your students living healthy staying healthy and be catalysts for good health that your district building wealth. These ladies and gentlemen care so deeply about the welfare or students in other reason your students are thriving with their host during the school day. Please take these three maximum consideration if you make your decision on voting for the Shia Children's Hospital nurses contract. And vote yes for reconsidering Barack. Losing here that these individuals have provided your district's student body would devastate your district students' health and well being. One of the family community in each building I think you for your time any consideration and. It's. Against her and so many of them later passed and the president of us I Children's Hospital. I am here today advocating on behalf of our children. And our dedicated pediatric nurses who for thirteen years it cared for our community's most precious asset. Today we're asking the school board to join with the booklet teachers parents and our students. And we urge you to consider it and to allow the only qualified group of school nurses to care for the health and safety of our children. You know high school nurses act are trained professional culturally sensitive nurses. Who kicked and care providers in our community who have been proven. To ensure excellent chance and or care to our buffalo schools children and family. The benefit of having pediatric trained providers. Our outweighs any administrative. Or fiscal considerations that may explain the board. Taking an out of town staffing agency which it looks like it may happen today. May be of less expensive. Nonunion alternative. But at what cost to our children. The value proposition around our proposal is much more than staff. These specially nurses with their training expertise are backed by collaboration and knowledge. Of the insights Children's Hospital physicians. Program and staff. This robust amount of expertise simply cannot be replaced. Because Collette is not a staffing agency about the public school district has benefited these last thirteen years. By having a dedicated school based nursing professionals. Who have the expertise. And patient centered care that is in man who. Very few schools inspects around the country to have this kind of benefit their children. Again if you consider this RP is merely a financial decision. Had the dollar is my. But if the service is that this is seen as being critical for the safety in besting last word needed care her community's most precious assets. In her future. And financial consideration should be secondary that there are children. Idaho takes responsibility for an administrative clerical error that was involved in this image in assets. But we didn't get the bid in time and electronically. And in today's game needs the reliable delivery if it's kind that electronic signature. We are not the only partner to me to stay. The buffalo public school also made a similar mistake by opening an excepting you're an and not returning it unopened immediately. Again EPS of not following their own current key role. We did not get. The region of the bed for over four months and courier General Counsel who sat the district while I have only been in the event other bids submitted to Nat me requirements. Does that sound like here it was not at that. Why that process using a union issue in that goes past them. Understand this repressive balancing act out that you can use your discretion in this matter I urge you use it to decide what is asked her what a man. Today we all have an opportunity to effect positive change the lives of children my decision and allowed dedicated expert pediatric nurses. Unparalleled in our community retain their role upload children's ball near that teenagers I have to admit to erase them.