Prof. Kyonghi Baek- Kim Jong Un to Meet Pres. Trump

Sunday, March 11th

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Gates hardline on news radio 9:30 WP and good morning this they've Tivo. Coming up at twelve noon Meet the Press comes your way of course they're going to be delving into two of the big stories of we've been touching on this morning as well. Not only president trump and tariffs and trade but also the situation that just suddenly emerged this week basically. Where she it was announced that he will meet it now turns out probably in May face to face with Kim Jong Woon. The leader of North Korea let's talk a little bit more about this right now John cheap box is what she's a professor of political science. At SUNY buffalo state he probably heard her on the program before. She was with us around the time of the Olympics talk about some of the South Korea North Korea border issues than. Of course now there is even more to talk about where this moving forward she someone who has family by the way in Seoul South Korea. Actually I ended up. Growing up there herself Intel eleven years old and then came over here and ultimately became the professor she is above state. Dungy about thanks for joining us this morning thank you thinking tell me what your thoughts were when you first heard that these two sides would meet. Well first of all I do wise. Scary surprise. You know this is the first talks between. Maybe it's precedent in which Korean leader. So it. It was a surprise. Do you think that there is a game for each side here. I guess what I'm really asking is why would they be doing it approximately and then consumed. Between. Really Smart game on both sides I think so the first civil new career. I want to be China about wanting to talk to. You are actually wit I oppressive confident together. Because it gave that scenery justification. That into the community that would create in seeking. He will be caught in a rare skill of approval on the road are we seeing. So I think between the equally important I couldn't. And of course it seems fair price but also could be a peek wouldn't toward our person whom I'm. The White House to a. I wanna take each one and turn let's start with North Korea. If they were more of a democracy I could see him needing to appear legitimate for the sake of of the public of the people would vote for him. But obviously that's not the case doesn't increase stature matters for him what does he really get out of the legitimacy spoke. Glamour of defeat. You know he says that very leader ignored creations. It could rain on all of them founding father of stagnation and YRC east for alternate leader in the country. Which created has had many political difficulties. Many changes in or who. Economy and politically and publicity more and so did and you former leaders. As a young leaders who just aren't starting out and got. A critical leaders the ultimate leader of the country I think he means that. It's teaching. Internally but also thanks to them. To say can he keep core miracle what I have accomplished. Yes sitting down when preference trump to talk about. In our political contained. I think it's equally important internally but those who get paid a wage. Scoring North Korea and also. Leader came to remain. Relevant. International and twelve. So internally and externally he gave up being a Mormon for. Do you think as a result of that people will then view him differently on the world stage. Well. I don't think it is seen so. He means that he has. Fat harm that he you. Oscar or a dictator and he will make came down once again very relevant to move the local teams in global politics. Now in addition to being someone who who obviously knows the region because of your background you still have family over there. Talk to me about put on your political science professor hadn't talked to me about what it means for president trump. And he said. Drinking each in Pennsylvania. Gave. This could be a game changer for him. So far it. Well he had from poppy queen domestically. Incumbent with a from the seat incumbent. You know national relationship. He's had to come off mormons. Clean sample. I'm prepared caught. In retaliation that the European. Union has problems or think things are. You know secure way he's a practice and seeing who if he could succeed. He could get something out of this call. I seem to have a preying on poppy queen for a keep practicing. To what degree do you think his tough talk is even mocking of Kim Jung on up to this point. Brought Kim Jong on to the table as a war. And I think it's High Court is no way that maybe hasn't had anticipated. We Koreans are. Really it has. Cup again you know this is what they do. Arms so range trump present trump moxie and to keep seeing. The leader came with crohn's internally. To some degree externally. To clone who say I wonder what preference companies to see you. She keeps serving at peace seeking to war mongering. Flu I think you can summon the conference board I'm. These behaviors he won't quit you like Asian. Talk a little bit about that the the back and forth in the news lately were reading about how okay now that they have agreed to meet. There's also conditions being tacked on or or the way this thing will be set up. Might say that so and so has to thus and such it this is really just the beginning I guess is net. You see me. Only so far right Eric has been marks concrete details. He engineered to raise for public. So we know that. North Korea and support from the making a concrete steps toward peace. We don't assume it's supposed. You could hear right patient but I think their backs will be there has been penalty kill conch and so. And I know you grew up in Seoul you have family still over there. What's the reaction ban in the south. They are and obviously asking how are elected even people trapped in who Cummings. They're being gay and tweak the group and so I think they're. Warren and there has been much change you in South Korea are assisting power and he has been to war making power. A parent won't miss Korea has made to two. And remain relevant things to pre. Scary justification to get your. Country. So I think people. Are optimistic. Very cautiously. Obviously the United States is an ally of the south does does increased legitimacy for the north. In any way scare them bother them or possibly even jeopardized. The current US relationship. And bring these I can make and so. This Hawke Petit and her career the United States. Everyone in that. World it's what you can actually. Ferrer and as preferences said acting experience that he could walk away if he did before going. Fall. Can of cream and again the crowned if word can gentlemen to say see. I have felt with him I try to make peace would not seek the ones who. Sticking to teams he's gonna want green in the community through this world he's the one. I'm hoping this problem so I think it gives a lot of if the political crime to for political records a concern. And that's. Has had enough. Below we've seen it and South Korea. What do you want to see happen and I think you might be a different answer what do you think will happen. It will be interesting time. I will you mean like how low quoting me. A story on biggest difference so far. So far. I'm. The White House has many aspects Levys. Also bears too romantic song. And so I Josephine. Who was instrumental. And I think. Would Korean peace making possible as you just wouldn't mind. We still don't have a and the city two hole. South Korea and do not know their crimes. He pool I don't know why people. In place to make this could be you or. And I think who walked into these hardcore creaking and work. We'll be instrumental. So I really like to see. It's strengthening. They apart me being dove right people in place to report it talks about. Yeah I have preferential while seeing. Really well prepared and we anticipating. Or the moves that Korea has probably have in place. What do you think will happen in the end in the final analysis is this a step toward nuclear nonproliferation. Or. Or is this just as you said earlier perhaps propaganda both sides saying moved look what I did. This place I am. Cautiously. Optimistic so. I didn't think this is just one of many. That we create has tried. Obviously it's really hard to know what. Which creates thinking what to Jones thinking of the poor and actually good conscience keep them I will meet. Far. We can know from factors sufficiently high profile to actually Cobb. Eight weeks in years that you don't run pass through me typical. That he would like to think he'd be cool intentional walk he stayed in there and do very close to Augusta couldn't gore have been. Having to haul queens. A constant upheaval ignite states. Don't. He's getting what he won't quit as he's getting what he always wanted. Is the nuclear component of at all. Part of his quest for legitimacy. 1010 the argument be made that if you guessed legitimacy by talking to president trump. Then he wouldn't have to pursue legitimacy as much on the nuclear side. One thing that's. How these read word fair for him both goals are Big Ben you know I'll. I think says what it's hard to really know what he's thinking I'm kind of put fire to factories might have. Forget to put my ex wife and also the nature inside. He had all the cool brutal hurricane that scene to a chemical. Don't aren't sitting down waited until precedent of the United States. To seeing their justification. To achieve our content seeking leadership won't. They can create you couldn't write. Hanged. Without comparing the goal of doing things he's we need to keep up on him. All right interest except thanks very much for your time. Right thank you for having me that's young tee boxes of political science professor at SUNY buffalo state. Some home with groups in South Korea family's still over there in the Seoul area.