Procured New Grills to Replace Stolen Ones - Eddie Church


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With taste of buffalo weekend here starts tomorrow and continues on Sunday. Did Eddie Ryan's pub get their grills back. Any Ryans was the featured restaurant yesterday morning here on WB and owner Ed church he's with us live this morning we want an update Ed how's it going. Oreo great thanks lots of what's the latest did you get your grills back. We didn't act gets to grow back to. We Arabs have security grow ever be able to rent. From nagger files and they we have company registered and see if they can do something similar to what we had so. I'm picking me up this morning at around 11 o'clock so that we'll at least suffice for the taste of buffalo but the girls from Napa returned. So how much of a challenge was it to find of this exact piece of equipment you needed. I spent quite a few hours on the phone yesterday. But I think we've got it wrapped up and down. I could manage thanks Sudan. Yesterday proved that post and the Internet and so many people reached and we're offering how can they help her you know giving ideas and and stuff we did felt police report and we're able to go to. Check out if you jump carried that may have you know people may have taken emperor trash make sense to. You know depletion and they get returned I wouldn't pressed charges I may be coming out that they were trash or something I don't know what it. It's a point where an aunt so and thanking you for your kindness and and doing them. Powell it was our pleasure to do that but we had suggestions on or Tex lines from people you know to to check out scrap metal places because that might be where it they would end up the charity did that. And we did that and those places that we did go to air gonna be on the lookout. Don't. You know sunny less to drop amount to put a bit where they were I'd be thrilled. Currency you're still looking for your grills but this Sunday he'll be able to cook up everything great at the taste of buffalo no problem. They have Saturday and Sunday and thank you you heard post came in and thank you other people that I offered her help as surely as the city of good neighbors. Well that sounds sounds great and and will lab will see it this weekend are there will be sure to step down nets and church she's the owner of Eddie Ryan's. On central avenue in Lancaster still looking for his grills but he does have a coral secured for this weekend it.