Probing Border Agent's Death - Jim Ryan


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Let's go live now to Jim Ryan there are vague details on the death of a Border Patrol agents. Down along the southern borders Jim what we know M what are the two stories that are circulating now are around the staff. Well they would either and assault and attack by unknown people war. That these two agents were injured in an accident. Wrote Leo Martinez was one of the Q Border Patrol agents he'd died after he got to the hospital the second agent his partner who would with them. As they were checking out some suspicious activity. About a hundred miles outside of El Paso. Is still in the hospital and unable to tell exactly what happened so. These he would being set up this way the FBI office in El Paso is investigating this days is not jumping to conclusions about whether this was an attack. By some suspects or whether these two fell into the fourteen poured. Colbert to where they were both found both of them heading into head injuries both of them have broken bones and now there's this mystery surrounding how attractive they were hurt. But there was nothing like gunshot wounds or anything that would would blend. Credence to the attack there is there. Well little but should they did have serious injuries that do that the Border Patrol union. Says are consistent with being beaten with with rocks were well that there at this. It seemed so you know that there I guess you could say the same that they they could've suffered those while falling off this Colbert on to this rocky floor of this. This desert area there. How long might it be until we get a good answer on this. That's the great question it looks as though it all depends Brian on the recovery of the other agent the one who's still hospitalized and credit you know intensive care. And still unable to tell exactly what happened so until that happens and it did sort of up to him and up to his doctors. To determine when these cancers might be forthcoming. Our Jim Ryan thank you for joining us and that's Jim Ryan talking about the death of a Border Patrol agents so under a lot of scrutiny. Down south.