Primary Night Recap - Kevin Hardwick


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Kevin Hardwick is joining us this morning political science professor echinacea is host of hardline Sundays ten until noon here on WB and Kevin good morning what interest you more this morning primary results or hurricane Florence. Well I'll tell you gotta be like today and hurricane because of primary results are pretty boring when it comes right down to it. The it was a big night for the democratic organizations statewide. All of the there endorsed candidate won I mean beginning with the that would Cuomo. And Letitia James I was impressed with a victory is attorney general. And getting a local. We did outsell. You know at two Byron brown the state chairman in the the democratic organization. Or was that surprising to you at all that it was all basically the establishment backed Democrats who want. Yet you know I I would of course we're up here. In the western new York and the race in the democratic primary is in New York City because that's where most Democrats are. So we're missing a lot of that we're down on the ground we're not getting the sense of that mean if you watched the attorney general ads for instance you say that Maloney I was just gonna run away with it he was spending. And over fist and and you know he didn't really factor into the race and all the key to being who we hardly saw at all. Came out came out with a convincing victory. The whole what does that I was just about to ask you you know we saw the ads for a Maloney you mentioned all over the place. And then also some zephyr teach out and so were coming over the last week or so. And maybe I was watching the wrong TV but I don't think I saw any. For Letitia James and no yard signs or anything like that either what does that say to may be just the power of having that that party backing. Well well it it it it says is a lot about the party decade also says about love about New York City. Because again that's where the Democrats are. I mean it's like winning a democratic primary in Erie county. You got to get to vote out of buffalo because that's where you know the light ensure that Democrats are. The fact that you didn't see yards enter anything told you she was concentrating where she should be kept trading. I'm new York city of course she was public advocates in elected position. For New York City and you know so she's teaching know their ground well. Yeah and Maloney by the way finished third it was effort teach out who finished second. And. Yes effort ever dealt with impressive candidate she's racked up some critical newspaper endorsements. And certainly see that you associate birdies and people that anchor. IE I was thinking she might she might win that obviously she came up short. Just like she is four years ago would challenge Governor Cuomo in the primary. It's so nice up or kind of handicap the Cuomo Marc Molinaro race in November. Well you know certainly. Cuomo is the odds on favorite he has to be the first thing they have to do with the guy get his primary opponent Cynthia Nixon off the ballot. He sees the working families party is gonna be similar to what they're trying to do with Chris Collins on the Republican side. Although this time Republicans will be crying foul and Democrats will be defending animals they've known and that's the wayward and is a good idea. I think that think bill however Cuomo is certainly taking all of their oath seriously I mean we've seen I meant that you see. More into a Mullen aero ads from the Cuomo people. That you saw on the peace Eugene for. For attorney general so you know he knows that the he has some problems Cuomo has some problems he has some baggage some ethical baggage and he handles that the least of which is right in our back yard with the ball well billions in the and yeah you know strained the money yet all of there'll also so. So the ethical thing will be alive I don't think he's going to be able to do that is all there is any money. I mean because is he handles the formal cider bird bird you know much. Run much deeper than than anything they've all of aero. He you know you have that possibility of Cynthia Nixon still kind of hanging around. On did. I'm working families line now on the ballots in November then you also have a guy like Al Hawkins around a very sharp. Is there any possibility yours and may be just wishful thinking for Republicans and others. That the vote can be split heard enough to make things really interesting in that race. Well well that's certainly what they're hoping for and it can happen. I I think. This is probably a bad year for a good Republican to challenge governor formal. Because you know there's talk of this Lavin a big it's going to be in whatever. I think there is going to be some sort of wave remain happy is because some people anticipate or some Democrat told. But there's going to be there is going to be in effect and I think we saw some of it. Yesterday I mean right in our backyard I mean they were running out of ballots. In in parts of buffalo. In the democratic primary which tells you you know people more people where word. Participating in the process than they anticipated. I think that's gonna carry over to the for the November general election that's that good for Republicans. It does keys Wofford the Republican for state attorney general. Have a shot against Letitia James. I doubt it I really do I don't think there'll be a lot of focus on that I don't think. I mean I think you'll see if you were at his dad that you did Letitia gains. They and again I think I think sees it sees the odds on favorite to win. Hey everything quickly and and my 27 you know moving it past primary day in what were going to expect next week. That there's all this talk about you know what's going to happen Republicans are trying to move Chris counts from the ballot in the end. After that there's the talk of this challenge that Republicans might face in court. My question is if the Republicans are successful finding a way to move Chris Collins. And to replace him on that ballot. Isn't there are kind of drop dead date word bet is what the ballot is going to look like and it might not matter what sort of fight Democrats put up in court because the ballots are already made. No I think I think that says there's plenty of time for the Democrats to challenge especially the gonna happen next week. You know we've we've done this thing before I mean what interesting things coming out of primary at least locally last night. Was that they don't doesn't seem to be a lot of stuff going gets deep ballots which always resulting court challenges and your child in this belt that belt and I can drag out for weeks. So I think there's plenty of time for the Democrats killed it I think it'll be expedited by the courts. And you know. It will know the success or failure of their challenge in this fairly short order. Kevin real quickly what's coming up Sunday. IE I ran into till four last night I was doing commentary would lend money and site. I've made in my guest host for this week will have the doctor segment during the first hour and in the second hour I'm not sure I've got getting sealer to out there. Stay tuned as they say. Sorry we will states and that's Kevin Hardwick. Joining us.