Primary Night Recap - Jeremy Zellner & Nick Langworthy


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Let's talk about the primary last night and looking ahead to November. Our guest for now is Germany's owner Jeremy is the kind Democratic Party chairman big win for Governor Cuomo last night Jeremy. But he didn't make any public remarks why not re surprised. Good morning Susan there was this huge night for Democrats last night across the state. I can't speak for the governor why he didn't make remarks we were extremely busy last night so pretty kept it local and assume actual aren't senator Ted Kennedy's. Big victories that are gonna translate to good things for our community here. Well Cynthia Nixon let me bring her name up she lost but she still in the working family per RD line for governor. In November now what are you expecting to happen here do you think she will agree to vacate the ballot and run for assembly is we've been hearing. At this point I have no idea. You know what I do know is that the governor had a resounding win last rites and I think there's momentum going forward especially Europe Western New York is big. Armed with Kathy vocal on the ticket as well. So I it's it's I guess she's gonna have to decide that a girl. If she does do that. Would it be any different than what we're expecting to happen with Chris Collins possibly next week. Well I think it is a big difference because what you're seeing up here there is no break in the course Colin can get into until the Republicans make some kind of back room deal. To get an elected official to resign their seat to put somebody who was just arrested and that's a big difference. If the GOP is able to get talent off the ballot. And get him into something else are you prepared to black yes. Why I can't block anything but I know that anybody that looks at this situation can see that it just does not pass the left are. This is a real problem for the Republicans. To try to get some elected official to resign mirror our elected seat. So they can put somebody who is just arrested and. All right Jeremy we appreciate it congratulations on your big night Germany's Eleanor Erie county Democratic Party chairman. Let's switch over now to nick Lange where they Erie county's GOP Republican chairman and nick there wasn't really a lot for Republicans locally last night was there. It was a very quiet primary for a clear mostly observers Ian. Eat in the grand scheme of things watching will be our general election opponent. So we have Mark Mullen outcome of the town today to kick off the general election we're saying their a lot of energy surrounding him and campaign. In. Really when you look at. The results yes in Cuomo won that one bit what he spent forty plus million dollars it still hurt his party rejected him. I I think that there is great momentum. You know surrounding the corruption matters could. Failures of the economic development policies across seeded New York it is people that are going to be in Orange jumpsuits this administration by the end this year and there this governor is ripe for defeat in November. Now that third of the party just mentioned that went for Nixon last night. How could this play into November when you've got Cuomo right now possibly Nixon in Molinaro. Well it you know what it is pointless my counterpart are about you know switching the ballot around and he had a friend that because. This has been very well orchestrated by senior central Cuomo administration they. You know. They have Paul. And employees can manipulate the judiciary. In order to move Cynthia Nixon a word to defeat her in the Democrat aren't so I think you've got to watch it very closely if not we're gonna hit a three we erasing Cynthia Nixon got an awful lot of hole placement across the artistic Jamal Williams. In debt is going to have staying power in the general election if there are networking camera watch. Our New York 27. You indicated next week is possibly the next week is the week to make MO is ranked. Why did really well because of deadlines on everything post prize in that sort continually. We were really hamstrung by the deadline that the election law requiring us to take action. After the primary. So at this point we will be work with party leaders. We have our leadership elections in the next several days those of us to have them in the even years. And we will convene. To the committee meeting that was. Could schedule on Tuesday at all but he and after that we will La have a final time wind it still wouldn't be expected the substitution. That is weird congress to count cooperation. All right nick we appreciate it best of luck next week. They claim were they Erie county GOP chairman before that we were talking to Jeremy zone or his democratic counterpart.