Primary Day Aftermath - Rick Klein


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Joined on the line by ABC news political director. Rick Klein now Rick we'd just had our primary. Elections here in New York last night and it was really establishment Democrats. They came out with the victory. Two last I wanna play a 30 clip you're Cynthia Nixon. In her talk to her supporters after she lost the primary to. Governor Cuomo the. Little wave is real. And that is not coming funding for Republicans. And it is coming by Democrats to act like them. It's their Cynthia Nixon kind of talking about a blue wave but despite what she said it was establishment Democrats who really won big here in New York I'm wondering what that means for the more progressive last. We got it. And apparently. Because this has been defiant pilot in the left but they actually haven't had that many victory they only not up to. I'll be on that note that it incumbent but no governors and force that that was solidified. By the result yesterday. But that's not that the parties and change it it was a record turnout in New York's eight yesterday and it governor Falwell had adjusted positions. Opry actually collapsed and promised that he would run for president so the the party has changed even at that they are I feel like. The coalitions that are having the party just aren't that Spain it is not your father a party even as some other candidates are democratic or you have some other and that sort. Rick does it surprise you all that Governor Cuomo did not make public remarks last night you ever remember a winner not speaking after an election. It only happens when there's only novel primary challengers like I am surprised because obviously I've got all of it. But the Indian challenge there are serious. I clearly he's the overwhelming paper we all. But I would think one would think that he used the opportunity to what I say it is like it was a little chippy at the end of the campaign. Maybe annoyed by out of that is that god and idiot and idiot. And tell the other right. You're you're plugged in on the national stage she mentioned Cynthia Nixon got the governor to promised he wouldn't run for president. Do you believe him. I don't believe it the pledge. But it is. It's going to be operative he wanted to I remember Barack Obama making similar legislators were selected for the senate to take our our. I'm if there's a groundswell there's some if there's interest that I think got Governor Cuomo well. We revisit what you said but I'm I do think it was significant how how is it that he was I think. I had a picnic table but let's look at the back ought to go the opposite of most of the other twenty player so and that there are. Rick let's talk about the White House staffer for a minute if we can and the started with tweets yesterday the president saying that 3000 people did not die. In Puerto Rico from hurricane Maria. Is this self inflicted what do you see going on here. Eight it shopping. The and there's two a lot of people out and we're reaching community beyond the that that the very get questions like that up in that nowhere out as if even if we get that off the plane the president map on that they have not done so. I think it comes down that the presidents of the session with the biggest and the best thing. All over the ball you'd hear that in. Up or get an average for the war. I'll I think it matters at that that now barreling down Carolina because. People are gonna judge it by now you've given them. Poll do it you start the game start are borne out by by. Very numbers that I the last stop to pick what all a lot of all of that at this point maybe it shouldn't be brought. I think the big question though after those tweets yesterday is just why. I mean it's one thing that question know what your talking about poll numbers are different reports saying and the New York Times her room whatever he usually likes to pick ambling your talking about. Number of people who die today in a certain area. Now why even go there and pick that fight what's the advantage for him. I do think it's no good reason packet is the battery. Oh I also think it you anticipating a wave it over federal spot that this storm so you want that. Out of order signal supporters don't believe what you read what they buy out I I don't know that political Obama planet who would cut health. And that it tore off the older that this is a good argument to make all the others storm about the country. And what I bring up Paul man forties in court today and were expecting a guilty plea from him. This plea deal but there's still question I guess as to whether he's cooperating right with the Muller team. Yeah I think that they are units and now talking about a tentative a plea agreement that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to turn on president trump or provide any. Somebody there are others may be limited to back it is one more kick it at what they are sent the ball buried go to jail for some period of time on the also speculation that the cooperation might invite the president playful or even that's not what it is the headlights look for the election. Aren't Rick we appreciate the time that's recline ABC news political direct.