Presidents Finances Raise Eyebrows - Aaron Katersky


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President trumps annual financial disclosure report is out getting lots of headlines correspondent Erin could turn ski is joining us live this morning at. Aaron since should be a lot of question over whether the president. Needed to disclose this and we're talking about the payment to personal attorney Michael Cohen. Well he he says he didn't and and indeed sort of out of the goodness of his heart. And the office of government ethics and not only should have been disclosed but it probably should have been disclosed in last year's report when the payments were made to Michael Cohen in the range the document says of 100000. To 250000. Dollars so that puts us in the ballpark of the 130000. Dollar stormy Daniels hush money. Out but it also races a couple of questions one he should it have been disclosed earlier. But to Rudy Giuliani has said that the president actually paid Michael Cohen much more than that are upwards of 500000. Dollars and so. What other money was scared and was that money actually paid and should that money have been disclosed in what was it four. So there there is a missing piece there and we just don't know the answer to the question. And Rudy Giuliani making some news of his own saying that the president he believes can't be indicted. That's been longstanding Justice Department policy but it doesn't mean that the special counsel couldn't recommend. It's in house that are you know an impeachment proceeding. We'll see Giuliani says that Robert Mueller has agreed to abide by the precedent and not indict a sitting president president. We haven't heard from Mueller whether that's actually true or whether that's wishful thinking on Rudy Giuliani scored. Right on any financial disclosure report and now that a town is it just. Out or is there going to be some sort of investigation from you know it. That's gonna be up to the federal election commission and up to. In large part to that the Justice Department but I think it really reminds us Susan that. But the president came into office we have a number of you know what would with a measure of wealth and a number of a business entanglements and it reminds us I think that those entanglements. Are still kind of entangled and and maybe. The presidency has been good for for president comes bottom line in ways that met merit further scrutiny. He's a Washington hotel for example just a couple of blocks from the White House. Reported forty million dollars in the incoming 27 team that's more than double the total reported the previous year we know that there are. Government watchdog groups that lets say that amounts to an illegal and monuments. All right this correspondent Erin could tersely joining us.