Presidential Politics At the Forefront - Rick Klein


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Let's welcome in ABC news political director Rick Klein talking to bounce everything politics in this week Rick. In all kind of revolved around something very somber the phone calls made. To the family members of fallen soldiers said that took center stage this week. Have you ever seen. Anything like this where something at this personal. Has become. The subject of a war of words in Washington. Now immediately became almost a comparable harbor because of how personally as did it work individual and we. You'll where we had that very moving my opinion each by John Elliott made up his speech White House briefing. We're up about the process I would Elliott or the is fired it at that that about this that there are some things that should be sacred I feel like that would it have this sort of refrain and reclaim that it be that the game. One about patriotism. President of questioning the actions of his predecessors. I want really it should be about the sacrifices. Or else the. Put it in the broader context though when he first started to raise the issue of the NFL and the anthem protest. The president was raising the idea of patriotism during the same thing here if you look at who he is doesn't this make more sense. Alex is certainly dot I think I think you can even go one step further and say it. All it it made it out of L in the heat the idea that. Org apparently where presidential possibility but it really isn't about president in about. I think that was the shape I think it's great focus by the end that we. And not just by general Kelley but you know yesterday to see those on related agents by. I George W. Bush out on Barack Obama at that ball off the trying to elevate oral plane. I'll bring back. A higher level of dialogue it is all the life of up to the striking thing I. Frankly after a nine months of covering the White House. That's about to be surprised I was surprised by how personally if I that was by the event yesterday. So you have general Kelley coming out yesterday two former presidents it absolutely incredible yet. And given the waived the trump White House's ban basically since inauguration day. Come Monday. We probably won't be talking about any of this what we. Got that that it had their bad and the and I think. You that we played in a white out this thing over quickly if we're talking about Thursday or Friday changes. Very very quickly out of it quickly. We're we're on it that disciple. So repeat it but from open at least an economic opportunity. Today or even built reflect bubbled up what it means this if leadership of flight out. I Kelly talk about all the way to the kid is an apples or president. Off implicitly it is after that president and it has. Illicitly about all. If oh. While in that regard than if the conversation is patriotism and leadership and service as you framed it. And we argue and I'm not trying to defend adversary but can we argued these are good discussions that. I think it's always help the wind at the back side durable with it were a little bit lack. Hope that the families that are affected directly they'll take it so personally so art it they can't but what if I feel like John Kelly. I'm Barack Obama and golf ball outside and sort of a bush all yesterday attributed to the public dialogue and black and I think it your pay attention it was actually a good week if we put the but he bit about what it means the American what even if president. Hey I'm moving on she just so little bit here the president claiming victory of some sorts after a budget volt last night's. Exactly how big is this for the administration's not often the president can say a vote went our way. Well I think if this was precursor to act and act out there the whole ball game that might help if they don't get out they have no let that up. Year to this as a hurdle. With its significant one but it's also not an unexpected. And this of details of the budget blueprint about what you it would act but if they had not gotten this done it would happen that it has to do that app. A bare majority only if you vote so it was up one. Important that they leave the White House that you mentioned that they have a whole lot of oh victory count on. Legislatively and epic album where they can't but the hard work truly upbeat on. Was this budget bill something that Mitch McConnell had to carry the ball over the finish line for. Does the relationship between he and president from thawing and anyway. Well I think the fact that they appear together on Monday at that luncheon. About the partnership that they were talking about the budget bill and about the priorities that. That that them from that what I did select several public and if we can't get that done as a Republican Party what we. Or and I think they realize how important it packages don't work well on. Is on and they came together at the moment I think it. A partnership even if it's a beautiful. It brings together. And it Republican leadership and the president even though. So many outside. On it that would just war. Current that is recline ABC news political director joining us every Friday with some insights in the white house on exactly how all of their move forward on tax reform.