President Trump's Summit With Russian Leader Vladimir Putin 7/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, July 16th

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News radio 930 WB ES yeah. You know for the longest time we thought UConn came in from Alaska Rebecca turner they're as epic but they're for the longest time I've been on Huskies to an early look there's a war. It's Tom Bauerle you've got to be here now at the time that was a really big deal. And David Bellamy got the best at what they do its hourly and they'll be nobody other guys that know. On news radio 930 W. Hourly ability of we have been talking about the the fact that Amazon's. New Amazon's prime day has pretty much. I'm gonna say it is laid a giant steaming Coyle a failure across the computer screens of America. I don't know you I guess I don't know any other way to put it David. Then giant I teaming coil of failure I'm not aware of it. Also of course the big gap sit down with. Russia and and trumpet never going crazy but it seems that. Judging by what's trending on Twitter. Can you imagine that the day. That Gorbachev and Reagan sat down and recchi vacuum talked about the future of whether or not we were gonna disarm unilaterally. And what was trading that day was primed. I mean sure you how. People action acute care about would happen in the world. We've got you know millions and millions of people tweeting about the deal they got an adult book mr. It. It. So we've been talking to me and call it pretty much to show about any Q you've managed to. On Amazon we don't read the that would read tax year because we are proper talk do you put out what did this. We're talking about the stones. You know tombstones and what you wanna ship them from them as much that costs sort of brought the fact that you dog food. That is he I know all the pet owners in my life they all get their food through through Amazon. And these bags of a dog food you're getting you know 5045 pound for pound bags of dog that's a lot of dog a dog would you just want. You know you've hit probably three bags and so these these guys accurate I'm afraid for him as you don't know if you wanna waste all that free technical. Box for Conan. Joseph why why not just give that to someone like the casket from Amazon 1 I ever am is under the guest is Al crematorium jumper with. Sort yourself out you know I tried once but I got burned. Twelve and I've made three navy and a pleasure to examine him puddles and every county and a bottle like it. So you know a couple of other. Thanks to David what else in addition to Amazon and the word. Telecast code word to issue as in I'd blow your nose into a tissue young men to issue. As it knows tissue. That's the words that you blew. 7288. What is the number two which you'd text what else are we talked about. What are we talking about something that has been all over Western New York David for the past few days and that it is. Scorching heat. Oh yeah I wish like it or we probably could if we're so quiet that. You know I don't hear anybody bitching and moaning about the heat. I'm so hot. I'm so sweaty it's just too product because last I checked we get about eight to nine months of winter or fall in Western New York we have at most three months of weather like years ago. I'm pretty sure you can't and February. Would you rather have really really really hot like it is now would you rather have. Ten degrees I remember was 2014. January 2014. February 20141 of those months. Where we did not get out of single digits for I think the fault month or close to. I remember we pull up a random show in February where it was. Cold it was and the windshield led the freezing rain. All of the different things that people complain about being in western new York and awful how horrible this weather is. I was at a church this weekend. It was 92 degrees no air conditioning. A lot of people were upset. A lot of people were indentured with the price of you know. I'm a day like today. I'm not sure I mean I'd love to put on a sweater or jacket or scar for a hat today on to say if if if I was coal. I could at least you know layer up and get warmer right. What do you do in public when there's no air conditioning. What are you just off the strip down get down with T shirt your puppy cute and I think all beautiful women should be allowed to do. I think we need to have realistic. Dress codes for the summertime. You know if you're gonna Wear a suit or tie it's got to be business casual no ties now open. Collared shirt business meetings. And I literally showed up wearing white shorts and white tank at a business. And ran it in the entertainment. Editor at it and look the guy we're suits to most business meetings or you know what I Wear suits an awful lot but frankly it's the at almost ninety degrees I was kind of put a suit today I wanted to be as cool as lightweight as possible Tom could barely breathe inside that K. I don't understand lately there but you wouldn't look at you hey he's talking about movement did. Two area that's topical or go somewhere that's warm Belize listen though you are much much. Happier when your cold and when you're are all he'd that's based on one. The fact the constantly drinking water you can't drink enough water you're constantly sweating you get headaches your high under dehydrated. None of those those are issues that we deal with as much in the you know what. I'm gonna have to disagree because this is my kind of weather now we have a party yesterday the a nerd nation gang at a party yesterday for young man named. Who has enlisted in the united states army and he's being sent off and a couple of weeks to begin the basic okay. And it was probably 92 were 93 degrees what are we were and was it hot yes that I drank. I literally had in this is unusual for me. I had the equivalent of two shots may be of whiskey and then the rest of the day all I did was drink water not exaggerating I probably had a dozen waters. And I don't wanna be graphic here but I only had to use the facilities once everything else just got sweated right out of me and I loved it I'm sorry but. This alternate this weather all year round vs zero degrees all year round. I I don't get sick of. I love. The I think that again there comes a point where even an again. Air conditioning wasn't audible luxury in the eighty in the ninety's and everyone had air condition it. You know I don't think that was the thing that you know those window shakers that you put you know older home you've got one room air conditioning and the rest of today if you don't. For whatever reason if you don't have air conditioning today people act like it's human right violations like you're iPad called the ACLU wants seriously like were being tortured. And conditioning everywhere YouTube and it was. You know how many was powerful that it reached the entire air. Or something larger cars the fronts to be cool in the back. It was still nasty and and you stuck to the the seats or your reverend elementary school I that it wasn't there conditional junior high school. In the eighth grade wing was air conditioned. House was opened ten or was a condition unit and these things were constructed if you open up all the windows there was no easy victory it was. Today if you tell purse of 75 years eight going into place in the air conditioning they all. The so called protective services. Well technically I'm supposed to avoid extremes of both cold and heat but in terms of like feel I feel much better when the weather's like this as opposed to win I feel like certain parts of my anatomy ever tracked it in the my kidneys. 803 all right thirty is the ball never start thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen will be carrying a special. Completely non biased report on the trump Putin's summit. Coming up after our show at 7 o'clock on new streak at 930. WBBM. I don't hear anybody talking about that in the halls here. All here talked about here is the weather. And Amazon prime and the fact that people cannot give the order is completed but how you guys would you rather have a hot all the time or cold all the time. That David says at least in the cold you can bundle up in the heat are only so many close you can take off and even if it took every bit of clothing off his appeal last and there are. Right now. This weekend it was so hot I felt like member could show V when aliens kid like that. Your daily ripper they're at their skin off their face their every alien that died was like lizard underneath human flesh and it would rip their faceoff at the end James Carville exactly. This it was a very special kinda hot and if I believe that every single day. Sure wanna live with the theory that mists people are without their will will do against their will outside just keep cool. Dude we had such off on week I can't even begin to tell you how many people I've met who were fans of the Chicago public cops were fans of the show. How many people and different why would you please how many jobs can ask tiger because of a cop magnet. Because it because a lot of columns like Alvarez. Melt into the actually yes that was that was the other side of the story but I don't know because the police are genuinely grateful for our support of law enforcement and not enough people in the media get their job. You and I both get their jobs and frankly when Amherst was going through a situation with a beer last week. The complaints fell off the more information we put out there about why the average police had no choice but to shoot and kill the bear. But there's something that we have to talk about David and it's not pretty coming up involving the cold weather. At one of the functions we literally had to leave because somebody. Had be all that ways it was the Hiroshima. Of body odor. I absolutely. Love any topic having to do with it deodorant and and how different cultures. All of us on this rough some some countries they just it's not an important thing and also. How would you going to stay. Would deodorant if you live in the desert well I don't know. That but I suddenly felt that was next to Gwinnett cultural if you know the law of about looked at a public she's a pig apparently elect. Let's go to the athletic she's a stay keep egg. So David we had down. And absolutely. Awesome awesome awesome awesome weekend parties lots of socializing. Lots of live music it was it was great. But one of the functions. It was hot it was it was very very hot. But David there was somebody in our immediate vicinity. Who had I try to put this into words who had the most pungent. Know is burning. Bob noxious. Body odor I have ever smelled in my life and everybody. Was looking around. I mean basically it would be like standing close to the part that never dissipated that's what it would be like. And everybody was trying to figure out who was we finally figured out who was I shall not identify the individual by name description or any other way. But at what point. Do you not realize that you have a horrible case of audio I mean. There are days David did it happen a couple times a year I think whatever we're I forget to put on deodorant slash diapers Brent. And I am self assembled ice they away from people as much as I can I keep my arms down as much as I can't because I don't wanna static on a base three times a day thank you very much there. A new generation out there Tom that it thinks those are pheromones. They they think it's all natural it's beautiful it's you're not hiding behind anything well women grow and out you know looks like they got you know. Gave what does it welcome back Cotter Kaplan in a headlock. I amount of armpit hair that's coming out of it. Yeah the I'm sorry but it was discussed in -- it is you're talking the order was disgusting and you were able to identify who lives well because everybody was looking out a couple of people pointed to one particular individual as the source and font of that stench you know hell there are many there are few things projector at for bumps or there's a few things that I believe Imus matter expert in but I can tell you that perspiration and stink I I'm in the top 5% of the population. And been out in it now is when your round just men who just stink and sweat all the time. If you get this and a smell that bad that it is offsetting your day that is more than a 24 hour period. Was so bad that mrs. they're literally took out her young living peppermint oil because she is it mr. Her young living peppermint oil and everybody injured nation we all put peppermint oil under our nostrils just a week it stands there and not be over com. By the urgency of this individual's horrific and I do mean terrific BO yeah if it's you know it's bad when you go home and throw all your Campbell Soup. You're. And broth and that's beta yeah if you know what I wish I could say it smelled like the chicken broth BO Maria didn't it smelled. Can't even describe it it was that bad of the emergency it was like opening your garbage can in August after having hamburger and it for a month that's. Are that might be slight hyperbole but what they'll. All right you know that your eighties nerd if you can name the band that this bets on station. Yeah. All right it is at 538 at news radio 930 WB itself isn't hot enough for you. Have you been able to score any deals on Amazon prime day it seems like the system is back on line now everything's rock and roll and people are no more dogs. No well they're still dog but it just depends on the product but for by and large cap is working in and the website appears we were human people texting in threes and threes here and tell us that the air. Literally taking advantage of all things we told them about but they ordered them before we'd. Look for opera listeners are trying to look I'm looking for child turned to look up some guitar strings. Yep I've got. Some guitar strings to the entered their budget crappy guitars on sale. Will he wouldn't but I'm gonna trade and trading of my Gibson SG not that anybody hears the name. Mellowed out and Amazon that an Amazon has you know what without going into details some people report peoples' opium was shot of the people's yet what are you okay. All of them are fine vehicles but it's just different ones feel like Jerry York are. And the Gibson is never quite well liked by guitar SG so on and treated and it probably. Another vendor will put that were written backer. Which I like they wanted rhetoric and record twelve string but that's another story for different day when of people. I don't actually care it is up 539. News radio 930 WB Annan hourly and bella via so we've been also talking about through this Amazon prime today. And you know David you were talking about what's trip back trending on Twitter and I do think it's remarkable. It's it's kind of laughable. At the same time it's got to tragic. That the trending news story. Right now is not. The summit between him the president of the United States and Vladimir Putin's the biggest trending thing is what Amazon is spoke at. I mean look there's enough out there it could follow what's happening right now with Putin in and trumpeter in Helsinki not Florida by the way. You how sticky is in Finland EL whatever you reporters. That the network made a mistake immediately corrected it though should. Be put the trapped. In Helsinki fla but Finland and Helsinki for what it's like autos bell had a role to play him well you know here's what we yeah we've got a lot of people that are upset that John McCain and John Brennan. These are you know Jabber and of course John McCain is that the likes him with a green to listen though judge McCain's line they're they're they're used in the trees and saying that the president states oversee these is you know I just went protection act. Liberal ideology. Before 2006. There was a time when a liberal would tell you straight faced sober. That you know what pieces everything. It's all about getting along with our neighbors it's not about risky any American life for before and life. It's about avoiding war at all costs well that seems to not be issued today because if you truly believe first ball. I have to remind. Keep this op if you're if you're conservative like I am in your replies yeah you really wanna see more of this the left his Trulli who lost all. You know all emotional control here but understand what the stakes are if the brush in narrative the number of I've that we have from the Democratic Party wanted to return to action you're gonna lose lose that midterm election if not the world gonna pick. A few seats you're going to lose. The midterm election even if Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the house by some miracle. You're going to lose those toss up state elections in West Virginia in Missouri. Believe that Harry Reid left wing politics. You can't say if Russia colluded with the tribe campaign. And Russia influenced a political campaign that for pres United States. But you gotta go to who was in charge of making sure that didn't happen or. Hussein and Obama. It also have a big umbrella out and told that never happens you I guess he was. Zemeckis at the time you why did the idea is this more of 2016 your product and Owens attempted. People to Wear the world benchmark all to do anything. Now it should've been a house of the did something and I urge you to read you know what what the executive branch. What was the founders intended thank you to print that do not know what do cybercrime was that know how. Wise but they certainly. This for president as he's done so often. And. I mean you're gonna tell me that it was BP making a deal with the rain and and all of the different. And that came about by giving a hundred billion dollars to the Iranians. Yet they have no culpability when it comes to. A robust Russia now I agree with you that this whole thing has no sense. You can't prove a damn thing you can't prove a person's changed their vote you can't prove that the team. If you go into someone's. Yes you have to explain why illegally out of their emails but the other thing is you actually have to explain why you're lighting can you know full. What we read if I put it ranked in the blood and other. You don't mail liquid it's also for me if we add we also read that Hillary Clinton. Her campaign didn't care too much for Hispanics or Catholics are people black people are so again. You're finding out that these are horrible things I don't believe any with the emails should be hack probably should have ever gone to him to the media but here's the thing. The media. Do your shopping either. Youth in and gave us personal emails of John Podesta that we Adobe is this too should put that on your website you should have reported on that. And. You also never reported on the Russian collusion until after you found out the electoral votes were for real so people. World summit today David. I got to face I think Hillary Clinton I think is frankly hurting women at this point because Hillary Clinton no seriously she was the first major party presidential nominee and she also happens to be coming off right now at as the world's. Worst loser and you can use that in two senses of the word. Add Hillary tweeting out. Great World Cup question for president trumpet he beat wooten. Do you know which which team you play for Hillary Clinton you a whole you know why Hillary because. In the debate between Obama and Romney. The eighty's called they want their foreign policy back when Mitt Romney said Russia was the greatest a security threat facing the United States and you look Hillary and other Democrats laughed at the idea that Russia was still a threat cell. Let's also bring out the point Hillary Clinton Soros. Loser in the world who I think by her constant whining that she's a big. Pitching is is only hurting the cause of women. As far as what team president trump. Which which the team for which he plays. Under Donald Trump David bit. A whole bunch like several hundred Russian mercenaries. Who were attacking worked eight get out as in the killed by. Our forces in Syria earlier this year a lot of her potent did absolutely Dick. You interview not sure what all the time we lose obscure what was the Russian anti aircraft. Were finding out that those things never even got turned on and thought that that they didn't even want to engage American forces this is an absolute. You're watching. People that have. Lu dairy is. This never trump I didn't really odd for small Tom ever won that opposes dropped. Feels that this summit is a bad idea if it sure didn't did this summit is because he's intimidated about food and he doesn't want to do anything. What president was caught and hot Mike telling them I need more time to give you everything you need and by the way. Was president Barack Obama who came into office as president I aged eight to 2009. And the first thing he did was start a new start deal with a Russia. Which basic. We gave a completely different metric. Of how weak how are warheads where Russia is able to keep any warhead up playing it doesn't count of the warhead Thomas them ICBM if it's on a plane and its Russian. If American it duds. I got some more to say about what Donald Trump is done Obama as president that Obama didn't do the idea that trump does play for team Russia Hillary Clinton world's Biggest Loser. Here is pat on the cell phone and WBBM. Pat. Looked right I think you're complaining they're preparing won it Russian and paired. The other cloture the outside the court and argument are you dispute and what. Our intelligence agency side. Yet that give me your definition of collusion. I'm guess I'm asking you what your definition of collusion what is. That we have nothing to talk about because this whole thing is while rushing collusion what are you wanna talk about outside Italy about the talk about what we have nothing to the. About let's continue our dialogue shall we talk a collusion could you don't know the definition of it and you don't understands that a Klein. You can collude with other people is it respectable is it honorable though it's not commercial real crime is a little. It's diluted. Libyan a couple of you'll need to believe that the Russian government is so powerful they can get running water in the Olympic dam village. But they could control the most. Powerful country in the history of western civilization. And they're doing it with FaceBook ads and the only spent. 48000. Dollars on the east FaceBook yet you want me to believe that the way that the Russians turn the election was by one. By dividing America by black lives matter. A black lives matter pat. Your Democratic Party it was funny black lives matter how the collusion how much of all of these run the Russian collusion. Goes back to Donald Trump's camp what member of Donald Trump Stanley's given speeches for 500000 dollars. Paid for by the treasury department of Russia. What you wanna talk about people who share. Hillary Clinton is a fraud David I was just up of just again once again it was just about to bring up public money that the clintons get paid bio rock shop. And the chief does that matter are the nerve to ask Donald Trump follow what team players with. The first well that's really funny question coming from all the accusations made about Hillary Clinton over the years but I want to just say right now you're going to tell me. That Barack Obama's forced action oppressed the United States is to sit down with a flat potent and single handedly give up. All of our missile defense in Eastern Europe. That's collusion. We we got a break. Or count on news radio thirty WV. MLB were touching the trial will summit news radio thirty WV. At news radio 930 WB yet it is hourly and belt via talking about the trial and wooten summit. And David for a woman. Who. Hillary Clinton has come out the trash. The ultra and you know we brought up about what happened in Syria. Earlier this year win under Donald Trump as commander in chief our forces basically. A statement it was a very one sided affair. 200 Russian military's dead United States zero casualties something else Ukraine. Trump off the rise lethal weapons be sent to Ukraine Obama refused. Trial. Authorized this patriot missiles to poll. I mean this in this. This was one of the most outrageous things you wanna talk about what to what treason when the present United States is giving locations of missile defense. Why the hell would you do that if Russia was a threat. You've supported Europe President Obama himself. Nobody in the Obama administration thought Iran was going to be he. A bad stored with a 150 billion dollars don't see any connection between you know Hezbollah and Hamas and everything else going on the world and ran. Nobody thought. To be and unworthy ally when it came to negotiations to educate and everything he wanted. But now all of a sudden you determined in the spring of 2016. In the summer 26 team. This guy was going to try to over over the government bike swing an election. And it didn't do a damn thing about and how do you wanna blame who you believe is the person that took advantage. And David expressed concern before the election that somebody might try to influence the election by reprogramming. Voting machines from space spectrum from satellites whoever that. Right if that was not the case but the plan it interesting that the documented cases of hacking David of elections or attempt that the acting of elections game for. That's Donald Trump when I was talking about this right right he was the only one that was bringing it up and be with us. Election date the actual. Harm was done by the United States Department of State and we don't know what the reasons for that breaking news we're not in New Jersey this is a Tom Bauer released or sent to expert on Twitter we preached idea. The Twitter hell. 35. People. Are being taken to area hospitals. Because five school buses have been involved in an accident in New Jersey I don't know this happened in Medford lakes according w.s WC AUTV. What how to five. Five school buses smash into each other 35 injuries my guess would be rear end chain collision that's exactly what and its ultimate zone wood and gap and I mean just the other it's horrible thing. Horrible I mean that's called follow well it's called a lot of things but they called drive. Well. It's a lot of really good drivers out there over the weekend usually average about people's driving and the the fact that Richard made treatment and they did them some good to society he you're gonna claimed that there ominous quiet that the people are driving better because it meet David exactly when and that's where you know that may I did this prove it I'll tell you what it's more logic reason and what we're hearing about Hillary Clinton. I you know I just. Don't run into when it's one of the best in around all I I I I think she should run every day throughout the Israeli.