President Trump's Personal Attorney Michael Cohen's Mystery Third Client Is Fox News Host Sean Hannity 4/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, April 16th

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News radio 930 WBA. And. So I think I've said this before a picture PR department is utterly incompetent. I think we should probably some terrorism is to. Well the beaming Condit is no joke you know if you are a lot of us are I didn't know what you're accusing. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know you guys I'm sorry McGraw Obama and David Bellamy this whole thing really you enjoy the it's our way and they'll be I mean I. I would immediately change topics on news radio 930 WB. Updated hourly developments I'd use a Missouri and I birdied a. UBE. And we got Phil can be seen Ainge on Murphy's also behind the scenes. That a great job force left Thursday and Friday when it goes solo thank you gentlemen. And we have a big announcement that we enemy yeah right here at the beginning of the show. You need this to your schedule of things to do this week. Because you know that buffalo networking business about that we've been doing it through the airport the past couple years what we have moved it. Downtown buffalo as you know I'm a big for a downtown buffalo I never thought I would see it in my day we're downtown buffalo was the swing and place it is now. Come celebrate at the buffalo networking happy hour this Thursday. At buffalo. River works which is one of my favorite places to go in the revitalized downtown live music with my buddies mark Valentino at announced Dion and the gang from around. Food and Drake sampling from carrier restaurant and hourly develop we don't do this a lot we're gonna be broadcasting a lot I've from seven. For certain three until 7 PM. And it is all free and that is this Thursday at buffalo river works you definitely. We'd we'd love to see and you know in previous years we get a lot of our fans coming out and it'll be better doing it at the river works because it's a bigger place and hit and run with live music if that is not get any better than that maybe they'll let me play some songs what. There's always that possibility I may bring the store where there Ricky. You know my least favorite is Mike Gibson SG for some reason I don't know why I think it's just the way the Gibson reported scaled. I just I'm more of a stretch of a guy that I am a Gibson kind of a guy but I sucked equally either way anyway mr. bell via. It was great to have you back although. I'm sure gonna miss the two Russian workers hired to urinate on each other well I was doing Thursday Friday show. Well you know we got this a breaking news story again and you know you gonna tell me what this town you have to tell you if there's I don't understood okay so. That the argument last week was that Michael Cohen who was the attorney for for president Donald Trump. He had three clients. And one of them obviously is the president had states. Not to read this was important was because they said Michael Cohen isn't a real attorney. He's a merchant of smear he's a merchant of protecting people he's like Tom Hagan in the godfather only at a one client that's right so so naturally he can't be legitimate attorney. Said there were three clients now. Two of which did not want to I don't know why you would want your name out there because we don't know what Michael Cohen did stronger or what. Or what he's being accused at this point we know that his office was raided. And we know. That that is his apartment his hotel in New York with a rated so Donald Trump is client number one client number two is a guy named Eliot Brody. Flight number three just released moments ago a judge ordered Michael Cohen to publicly acknowledged that mr. Klein is. Fox News host and radio heard here bird after our program Sean Hannity. Is the third Klein. Now. Who care are what are what are you all you. What what is it did that implied that shot him he had Russian prostitutes or does that imply that. That shot handing somehow was involved in collusion people on it and Twitter are asking Sean Hannity. Two to recuse himself of covering trump what you are talking about they happen this year and its first ball real problem with this look. Dude I am not an attorney my daughter however is doing very well and lost one bravery proud of her but touch is gonna live the life question at a live but that's another story for a different day. But I. A real problem with an attorney being forced to disclose his or her clients are so great bit in some weird way. Call me old fashioned David but I happen to believe forcing an attorney to reveal the names of his clients or her clients. Is a step toward violating. Attorney client privilege what's next for the gonna have doctors disclose the list of their patients are psychiatrist got to release the names of their patients what's next where does this and I. I got a problem but. Attorney can be used to do a real estate deal and attorney can be used to just help you with the divorce or child support payment moving money setting up a trust fund what. And notice the Michael Cohen is currently working was John Manley saying that in the past Michael Cohen has a represented Sean Hannity. Again. He's an attorney. In New York Sean Hannity why. We were at what's the big I think Buehrle but it's more than that Tom because we're talking about there are very few things that are wholly. In the United States the rule of law used to be one of them. And the other one used to be the fact that you can go to or shrink if you go to a pre you can go to attorney and you could laid bare your soul. And say this is everything that I've done. Please defended me accord the constitution I have a right. To meet Mike user I've ever write to have a speedy trial Allen for an average or give my peers. And I have the right to not testify. It cannot have my wife testify against me and I also have the right to not have my aunt Connie. Yeah. Testify against the things I say to my attorney should not be used against Mickey. Here in the closest parallel I can think governor's idea it's not even that close the parent elbit. It's way they've got in Bruce Cutler who used to represent Japan guy audience and the bull gravano and all the New York OC trials back in the 1980s. Well they had a whole bunch of videos that that's bit of Cutler going in and out of the social club of the raven right. Forgot he was McCain that is right. And based on his close association with the social club Bruce Cutler was prompt bid for raping got me in a trial. I always thought that that was unfair. Well because it was too close to its clients without logic or reasoning is that a take what they must mean that. Echo only thing Muster gonna overlook a fart in a car. If it if you're way Kelly your far my far artwork bill's part of all all three of them because it if that homey thing that was as its. Potomac I think actually improve the narrative against Donald Trump. OK I mean again. When did China and he's released a statement and this is you know the buck the blockbuster stick with Sean Hannity. Quote we've been friends for a long time I've sought legal advice from Michael in the past that Sean innings in right. What is shot wouldn't know what did that Sean Hannity took the Lindbergh baby shot a man who's involved and why it. He talked to Michael Jordan buckled on an attorney. You're telling me that there are Hollywood attorneys that are representing. All sorts of people all from all different backgrounds that may share. This is it's absurd this is beyond the pale okay can you imagine a guy like. Could occur initially I purposely put. Grew at. Guardian angels also a great radio talk show host guy a chance to spend some time with Curtis wiwa used to call him. William sleaze ball consciously remember William Kunstler who used to represented pretty much reviled respectable dependent. Who by the way are entitled to every bit as vigorous a defense as Andy nice person well. You know what can you should have William Kunstler was told back in the 1980s. To release the list of all of your client commit to this as something that. Is the legal precedent for this can't I don't look at it that it. I'm just. Giving the updates from Twitter Al Spitzer is outside the Manhattan federal court house nobody knows why Eliot Spitzer there. He's getting ready probably try to get some good numbers were worse he should Michael. I think he did tell me about where in Russia it where they're gonna rush issued Wednesday and what's the car. Shows are you about the federal court house. Read the hearing is. Under way of federal George a federal judge federal dual additional. A federal judge in kimbo would. Asked and said you know you'll tell your clients now at that point. Sean Hannity said are they determined it was released now shot and the argument of but he does the program. We played in my delay yes and sent. So he's he's already he's doing is programming basically said. I gotta put who cares. What. I understand what is let's say that Sean Hannity has a prostitute problem. Let's just for the British nannies and ball. In an underworld of panda bear smuggling and that he is fighting koalas killing rhinos whatever he's dragging their orange and I would be. Does that have to do now with Eddy they know the way you're stuck James only just made a complete. Hash out of. Listen if there was any reason right now where you want a say that the swap is fighting back. It James combing is that is the last bastion of the swap. That's swap is about out. About two meters lower than it was yesterday because they're draining it hoot I believe I can't believe what I. Heard wind with James to what is its ability if you're just joining us first at all. Voices that I'd left and though the legal basis on which it federal judge can order. A member of the bar to disclose. Lists of clients or something to me that seems very unethical about that at. I mean to the point where look I'm a lawyer so I don't know this stuff but as a civilian it seems to me that the state commission on judicial conduct. Which by the ways rumba but to liberals anyway. They should investigate this particular situation because to me that just does not sound Coastr number one. Number two so what Sean Hannity shares and shares an attorney. With. With with the ultra open and somebody else by the ordeal for. Big deal even if he was after he was pressed me I share an attorney with people that you would know from the news or not. Allegedly organized people who would you know what would you think that's another thing do you not have a right surprised you you haven't been accused of anything. There is no excuse there's no you haven't broken the law you know from her gradually get caught and there is no charge against you. What business does the media did too I did any other citizen have to know who. You. Are are talking to an a and giving legal advice I'll be happy to tell anybody who might journey is that's that's immaterial I feel that it that an attorney is ordered to disclose that information. Seems I'm sorry that seems rather stops you liked him. Also now it's odd because. College because Michael Sean Hannity reported on the Michael Cohen raid and he never reveal that he was a Collin Klein and there for all should be fired from Fox News wait wait I'm sorry but how much of a deal that ABC make out of George Stephanopoulos is ties to the clintons have. George Stephanopoulos did an interview that literally could have occurred in a nerve village. It was it was so absurdly one sided and I thank you for bringing up the fact George Stephanopoulos. At no time does George Stephanopoulos what he's interviewing Hillary Clinton as a candidate. For the democratic party for president of state torn sixteenth at no time has yet to go into the fact that. He was involved in for travelgate. He was involved in the Rose Law Firm issue he he was the chief of staff. And I'm sorry I'm gonna blow my own my own Borger David want to and listeners know that I think there is even the possibility. Of an appearance of impropriety. I will always tell people what my relationships are because I think it's important that they don't put this out these illegal if it is it what I do know if I didn't it wouldn't be illegal but frankly the connection that we've got with the audience you know page should know that you know what Paula is doughnuts that truck and Paula are friends of mine I go to their house they bought me dinner. You know their misses there it's ambling so it's like I think people have a right to know that but it is certainly isn't a legal requirement people are are now. Putting out all over Twitter in the Internet. If anyone cited a hush agreement with Sean Hannity. Please email me send you wanna violate in not just those two agreements not so here's what's happening. What we just found out yesterday when James called me it's a digital picture for one well a little he's a little big picture you see there's that you. All the things that we found out yesterday James told me as director of the FBI. He took it upon himself to prepare the American people his job as director of the FBI is not to enforce the law. His job is to not make sure that our presidents are elected and that they have no stink on. That we make sure that the president's that we elect. Are completely legitimate president and because of that response like Barack Obama and his place of worship and don't let them in the allegations president will because of that responsibility he took it upon himself to make sure since Hillary was going to win the race he he had to act to make sure we're that there was no stigma and Hillary when she won about this email thing. Not only is that not any where the app description of the FBI director that. Is subject matter if any person would give work at the FBI and told. You know drew actor called me as a subordinate. Director combing. I here's my thing I think Trump's gonna win we should. Definitely stopped investigating trump right now you would be fired immediately. No no prosecutor could say that based on what I think it's gonna happen politically this is what we should do you know at the FBI. And now we hear the breaking out now the leftists like well enough and call me just completely humiliated himself. Approval 51%. Cole did equivalent on ABC news yesterday out of peed his pants a national television. And we have nothing to talk about on the left so now we have to move onto the next made I think. Particularly there was stormy Daniels than it was Jim combing it well it's it's like this never ending train dude here here's what we have the Democratic Party loves a trial attorneys actually so much spill that every time we tried for tort reform every time. We tried to cut tackle. You know that the high cost of medical malpractice or medical insurance in the United States. We would like to cap how much money attorneys can get from doctors maybe just maybe. If we have a cap for how much you can get for malpractice. On May be doctors wouldn't feel the need to do fifty in our eyes and eighteen X rays to make sure they were making mistakes maybe it can lower the cost but every time that happens the democratic. The Democratic Party stands up in unison to set hands off trial attorney hands off our attorneys. And here's Michael Cohen has been dragged through the mud for for what having the audacity to represent a client and now he's got to. I don't I don't get it. IE I don't understand it but I think you're here I think there at the ramification of this David it is now people want. Anybody who might have that involvement with pure and clean Sean Hannity is not inside an NBA to come forwards and how we can call Sean Hannity. AP count. But again there's that might my French games on Twitter who helps the show out so much we appreciate james'. Kim what the judge Kimba Wood that name does sound familiar to some. In 1993. It was judge Kimba Wood who wasn't nominated by Bill Clinton to be the first female attorney Jeff related to be Janet Reno. But had to withdraw the nomination for the White House after she hired an illegal immigrant as her baby sitter this is the same person. So if you wanna can act Kimba Wood the judge to the left to Hillary Clinton to James combing through that whole cup by all of the Democratic Party. It is what degree of separation folk. So we got to take a break dead this this BS never stop ups it is it is just a never ending freight train what are like keep on television to throw wet underwear against the ball every single day and nothing is second Donald Trump's approval is now 51%. The stock market this morning at one point up over 200 points the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Unemployment among Hispanics lowest ever unemployment against African Americans lowest ever unemployment up amongst women lowest ever. And I'd just say I am and an end it started on election with. Day and that we we got a lot of stuff that we gotta get there actually that they after Election Day but we have a lot of stuff but to get into your news radio 930 WB yet your phone calls. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. That we UB you don't forget. This Thursday we shall be broadcasting live from river works three to seven that big networking event. He's. Sure it's not our choice. It is that infidelity and usually the united WW VM I went we've been playing the Sean Hannity he explain to me though honestly there there are people on Twitter there. Shouting in and you know. What what is the story here. Okay when is a story for those short just joining us a federal judge Kimba Wood. Ordered Michael Cohen Kimba Wood who was. Bill Clinton's first female attorney general until she had a nanny for a problem she hired an illegal yeah she hired illegal and and she was taken out of consideration job Janet retail ended up being. Allegedly the first female attorney general. Allegedly allegedly allegedly. But long story short this Kimball wood who's connected with the clintons ordered Michael Cohen to reveal the names of clients so in addition to Donald Trump we thought we just found out right before airtime. Bet Sean Hannity happens to be a client. Michael Cohen. Now the left is in a Tizzy. Arguing that what Sean Hannity should issue a disclaimer every time he does a story about trump that they share at a turning is that what they're arguing. I'm sorry did George Stephanopoulos make a big deal at his connections to the Clinton's last night James called. What would think though that if age so a judge is telling. What is important about knowing who the client Sar. And why does it have to be released to the public now at this just really wanted to get to maybe Michael Coen represented who may be Michael Cohen had some sort of Russia connection. Therefore his client list was important. Another time this happened. But Heidi Fleiss had a black boy let me just interrupt you for one moment isn't this the kind of they were even if it used somehow legal should actually be done it can change this is what my hope joint reserve tight. Ideal price Heidi Fleiss had a black book of all these people that prop prostitutes were wind in Hollywood. What the judge to say about that black book was it to be released to the public wasn't something that was going to be part. Did you take that chambers and says you know is this something that needs to be released these this curtain into the case. What is so special event shot Betty if this Bill O'Reilly if it's Kim Jong own. What does it have to do with anything that's going on here you took attorney client. Conversations. Emails recorded conversations. And you took those. Out of Michael Cohen is often used in his hotel which is based these residents. Because of what allegation what is the allegation here that Michael Copeland. Paid a person to not speak about a sexual relationship with a private citizen not the president's state of the time a private citizen. Who didn't pay someone. A nondisclosure agreement you don't speak what what happens if I speak I'll kill you know that's right now and you're gonna take money. And you agree not to speak that is a transaction. Right that is done every single day right now it's CBS news. There are over. 50%. Of the employees have already signed nondisclosure agreements that. Get money though they were told that they incited to be fired because Charlie Rose forgets to Wear pants sometimes when he goes to work. When Matt Lauer had problems with his. Lola you know the botany at his desk when the interns would slide down into the dungeon bedroom of his office writers like HH Holmes did. Up up up up up. Well done you don't ever let it age added reference yeah video that I just clicked the first one ever got your first American serial killer that we know. What we're talking about these are all non disclosure agreement pig George Clooney can talk to image your ex girlfriends. Didn't know what George Clooney in Q after 10 PM on Saturday night can. Have a discussion with them well you could but they're not gonna talky either because every single person wet they. Eight digit net income is going to show people the third product. Relationships with during nondisclosure agreement because they wanna keep their personal side personal. That's what celebrities do. Donald Trump with the civil liberty Bill Clinton by the way. There were no nondisclosure agreements in the Clinton Era. They just went after you with the Arkansas State Police things and they went after you would to threaten your life and that's what you wore a democratic candidate. Was in charge of where and when she was the first. The the United States this this is true and they were called for those of the millennial generation who wonder why guys like us an update on the clintons. Hillary Clinton was in charge of the bimbo eruption unit of the Clinton Campaign but it was literally called the bimbo eruption in unit. And Hillary Clinton this great champion of women. She would bring the hammer down. I'm women who these days would be doing hatched eggs meet two things okay by the way speaking of the clintons and I don't want to chase a squirrel but. It does kind of go hand in hand with various the former White House for travel shipment of dear friend of mine. And a dear friend of a big gate Jerry and his guy Brett. Tracing Martin who was on this program during the campaign of 26 team. Has died he died yesterday. 305 PM. Tracy was not in good health for quite some time there were some complications that ensued last week. Am I will play the Tracy mark it was a very very brave guy came on the show to tell us that the real Hillary Clinton. Thought nothing of tossing around the N word okay. This great champion of African Americans. Win no black was around she thought. Perfectly okay. Use in the N word we're not talking about fifty years ago we're talking of are relatively modern history. My my partner Tom Bauer the battle we did that interview on this station. On the top Barley program that has a couple million hits it's been. They don't give Tom probably the credit for it but you'll see it all over. And fall glory everywhere I mean that they went viral about Hillary using her language and again there they actually played the odd appeal from. Your interview without a tribute annuity. Credit meant what else is new this is the entertainment industry is sometimes unfair Michelle Johnson got a huge sigh and India. Let's look our best two way Tracy's guy. And all the people it is very very wide circle of friends rest in peace Tracy Barton go to work FaceBook page Forrester more information and people suggest that it was foul play I'm gonna Uga I'm 100% sure it was not a 100% sure Hillary had nothing to do with the depth of trees he Marten that was gonna happen would happen L long time ago. I will tell you though that after you appeared on my show trees to Maarten. Had a break him in his home while he was there late at night Tracy Maarten was not in saying he did not have mental issues. He was hounded to the point where he eventually moved from his apartment which by the way it was located. In a limited access to build what you literally had to be buzzed in to enter nonetheless people entered his he is a private house after he appeared. On my show where the cops accused of bankruptcy which is the deep ball position when they don't understand the world of espionage and political hijinks. Well look I don't even know where it where to go here can play you a little bit of the James home audio I think we need to hear from James I just. I hear from a woman scorned I'd. I play a little bit not here Eric deters the ABC news. Via Dillon a little story here on on top of me but here's the deal. The the former FBI directors on ABC news would George Stephanopoulos. And asked if there's evidence. About obstruction of justice by president truck now understand the importance of this question first ball this is the former director of the FB yeah. Okay if there is any evidence obstruction of justice before. James told me was fired you would think that's what Moeller would be investigating now. Or that would be an article of impeachment that would already be you know under way in the how else. It'll make its way to the senate. But this question been asked the former FBI director of scholarly and basically. Are what's your fight you read an example of what you believed to be an obstruction of justice a port like question. Did the president adds states is there evidence of obstruction of justice here Eric deters you the story. It's possible former FBI director James Colby told ABC news the Russians have compromising information on president from. Always struck me is still strikes me is unlikely pin and I would have been able to say with high confidence but any other president I've dealt with but. I can't it's possible. Combing also said it's possible president trump obstructed justice when he encouraged him to drop the investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn it's certainly. Some evidence obstruction of justice the president on Twitter called comito worst FBI director in history by far Aaron could risky ABC news Newark. There's all that the tweet reference has no. Point to this story whatsoever but that they're good Turkey here's what I'm gonna say yeah it's also possible it's possible that a giant flying monkey could have. Exited the Donald Trump's. But it looks at some point get a lot of possibilities that may be a meteor fell to the earth and that is what caused Election Day to turn against Hillary Clinton. It's possible they're there may be possible what you and I are having a horrid gay sex. After it's possible you're saying it's it's certainly. So. Took two how declared of this statement is it certain there is so some evidence of obstruction of justice. I'm certain that there is some evidence. Where's the evidence what is it. What are we paying for. The way director Komi Yury even the most incompetent director of the FBI or you're like a son of Satan because if you knew this was going non. And he didn't do anything about it all the way. It doesn't just go after try all the throws per Bobble onto the box this could throw Hillary Clinton under the bus. Hit. Book is called a higher loyalty. We'll take to Jim Coleman. Tim Kolb is multi million dollar book deals folks don't forget beelzebub I don't know higher. Or. Maybe he's part of that that sex call with courage and your parents parents but I mean the long story short is that interview was so short a declarative sentences and so long I'm as you said. Possibilities. Not probabilities but posh abilities and anything is possible anything is possible. We have so much to get and 28030930. Is people Barbara Starr at 930 in the cell phone 180616. WB. Eat at them. I mean hearing the James called me in her view watching it. And again the guy who did the interview George Stephanopoulos. You were talking about somebody with long time long term deep roots with a clip them people. You'd. George Stephanopoulos. Where's the disclaimer every time George Stephanopoulos does on TV George Stephanopoulos point used to work for Clinton's yet would you be a major part of the Clinton White House it's it's unbelievable to me and the other gonna start saying that. Sean Hannity needs to issue a disclaimer whenever he talks about Michael co owner Donald Trump because this year and it's burning. If it misses. This is beyond the pale in my humble opinion it bill through old I'm thirty that was the breaking story came out naturally but a few seconds before we came earlier today. So I'll tell you might be interested in knowing that Donald Trump's approval is now 51%. And dead Donald Trump could beat the stoutly. Gave an economic forum Hialeah Florida. Positive about about twelve new leadership vote today and there were some pretty startling and staggering numbers. Andy if it is interest in hearing president truck prefer to senator rubio. Not in the diminutive little Marco but there apparently. They are now friends I got sick. The moment to mean what I earned it would Donald Trump. Totally shocked me during the debate when Jeb Bush. Brought his mother Barbara Bush in the front row you remember this. They interviewed each candidate separately they all have their they're separate time. And Barbara decided to stay in her seat in the front row while Donald Trump had his interview. And she didn't because she basically want to intimidate Donald Trump to stop talking about her son Jeb will not only did Donald Trump continues to talk about Jeff he made direct eye catcher we're part we're working with. There's literally explode tour about what they've coveted. We can man and how low energy her son dad and I thought to myself. We have never seen a candle like this before. Barbara Bush was look at as in all I'm Eric his grandmother. This is a nineteen year old woman who know he has really mean anything negative to say no to her husband. You can attack him nobody touched Barbara Bush kept playing Barbara Bush the jabs or drip. Why did think this that I just thought the whole thing just backfired on the bush family and that's really when it all ended. But the gut but all of two delegates for a hundred million spent. Should add an exclamation mark. Who credits that takes phone calls. I think there's a certain interview last night there wouldn't do for you here's. Mike in west Seneca WB yeah. Certain for the city that they'll look at the powers that that beat by this you know there's a new world order that each they would ever does it violate the sacred trust of attorney client privilege. Should outline to the people in this country that don't think. The government control on some sort of period your action during I would suggest that to be one. And that should should bring alarm about people why it's important to retain your shark moment right you know. You you're you're right I said earlier but look I'm not an attorney but geez it seems to me that the names of your clients ought to be part of attorney client privilege as a matter of principle just as a doctor what is it doctor going to be forced to release the name of up is because patients who retired at the makings of every every dosage cup in treatment about priest and penitent. Every person on not erect tile dysfunction no approvals needs to be released immediately tells all the names of the people. That you're getting Viagra you. To assert the. Thing is ridiculous it's a fun part of the United States you can tell you're attorney. Anything. And it will be protected unless of course you would. Are the present I'd stage and you defeated Hillary. Again this you think this is bad we watch what happens when Justice Kennedy decides to resign. And you've got this Supreme Court seat up you're gonna see these these people stop at nothing. Nothing. All right my act thank you very much for the call we are at 8030 my thirty start at 3180616. WB yen. Your thoughts are McComb interview did move to the beetle. Can't Jim Colby to me sounds frankly like a woman scorned. And you've got people other then. The usual suspects were kind of questioning his integrity and Franklin and his mental health. And so are that he does not act like a normal. Person I was he certainly is not acting as a band is supposed to act at least in so far is the way I'd think a man should act. He seems like a very brief albeit cheap EMS. I don't I don't know what this agreement and look around local because of its Volvo I would PL. Your birth certificate and after the heart stop look I know little I I got worship at the enough for PMS and ever did before is that Friday David sometimes. For commander worked a one at that African my at all you know and I mean are right it is it's common with the cardiac surgery it's not a big deal.