President Trump's Personal Attorney Michael Cohen's Mystery Third Client Is Fox News Host Sean Hannity 4/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, April 16th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah. Donald Trump is a man who loved to be admired and respected like many who doesn't pass stormy Daniels rough. He he really. Hillary we kick a twenty minutes on its network and without stormy Daniels there. It's Tom Bauer Leahy he's got a real problem folks indeed ability app. Now I appreciate that more than you know as speaker of swap. A ball. It's the hourly and Olivia actually no credibility due to begin speaking for a news radio 930 W yeah. It is violently ability of this regular thirty WV yet we're awaiting some kind of a news conference outside I think it's federal court in that New York City Manhattan federal court. I don't know who is press conference to be housed and well what's what's really bizarre folks spews Michael Cohen who is the guy that supposedly. Cooked up stormy Daniels with the 130000. Dollars in hush money in exchange for stormy Daniels signing BM VA. Well a judge ruled that the turn beat Michael Cohen released the names of other clients and the big buzz right now is that. Another one of those clients he Sean Hannity and would we draw from that day. That people on the left are insisting now that Sean Hannity issuing disclaimer. Every time he discusses Donald Trump or Michael call. Number one number two. There are people now who were fishing trying to find. Women it's a step forward to say that they have signed MBAs with Sean Hannity over. Misdeeds. Which I frankly aren't and that getting shot in the league and gave it. Well I think it's that point I'm thinking they're this press coverage. A road outside his Manhattan federal court where Eliot Spitzer was seen earlier which the baby he heard stormy Daniels was going to be it will start again was there and here's the thing who hold a press covers job. If you're Michael Copeland. I can almost understand that you would scream you know what's happening to me. But why would the unless it's a very formal statement I don't I don't see if they won for anything that came out of that courtroom. Being open to a Q and today. But there's a lot of microphones and a lot of media people there in. It's right outside the Manhattan federal core I don't. In a row comfortable David living in the country were federal judge has the power to force amateur liberty to divulge the name of that attorneys clients. It's important to him before that became you know general Pinochet's dream. I would wanna go back I get too sure what the hell. What you did AJ told IG OK I got no I don't one up because it's all over Iran's compliment you on the age usual. But here's a Tom before we got to this day. How well the fact that an attorney has to give up his his hard drive. Two to disclose those conversations that happen with his client I mean that's a severe or crux of attorney client yeah. Did you tell sick about this. You know you might understand that the machinations of what's going on with the left in tropical let's get right to the just. Common it's divorce. Imminent divorce you happened to tell your term pretty. That you have done things that you probably wouldn't ever want it any say in court and be a bit in public right. You're telling your attorney this is what I keep him. I've done and and that's what I'm trying to hide please protect me from this that the constitution. Gives you the right. To be able to have that conversation. And never have that judge that. Data Tony asked by a judge or jury hey did your client really do it is a well I can't really I. Ordering you to tell me did your and you'll be prosecution. Would calls its first witness. You stick attorney. You're sure he would be the first rep as an actor like what did you tell you he told me murdered Nicole and Ron Goldman guilty. Ever portrays wood and like that I can't force an attorney to give up the goods on a client by the way. It's the president of the United States now Bill Clinton or one that told us that things that happened before the White House. Are they eat I can they be looked at as you know protective. By eight you know his authority as president can he say that things could happen before it was elected. Are part of the things that I wished to not disclose executive privilege. And the thing about it well if Bill Clinton made that argument the media would have accepted it absolutely if Donald Trump makes that RBI in refuted. What that that was one of the major argument to Bill Clinton lost was that things have happened before. Are not. Are not protected by executive privilege and the the media if we're gonna talk about the media yeah yeah you bet they won't change it of the they're like they're like a bunch of James Cole bombings you know they they blow with the win beach they have no principles. Then maybe they don't have a few rock solid foundation. If you call it decent seat morality will be a man and by the woman can be a man in public and manly. And I don't mean that in any derogatory sense whatsoever to certain. There is certain principles of the instead and I'll stand up people and for the Janet Reno jokes for very parents and all that stuff is standup people's what is getting at the media are not spin the people that's James Kobe is not a standup guy I would not trust games called me as far as like for am battling head kimbo would then the first female attorney general we may not have had the Waco situation at all nor would we have probably had Oklahoma City and I'm not sick and it. You know that it was justified and in anyway but. Many believe that Tim McVeigh did that because of what happened. Let's go to paddy in Ontario. On WB and panic or with the boys cowardly and Olivia. Yes hello boys and I don't know where to start I'd like out of my mind here for good at all do you still part of the struggle to have a bloodless. Crew. You're Conning or have not gone away. And as a child I left I was taken from America them might not illegally you recognize that until I was born American enough that hands. I can't tell you what I do that then got of these situations. My heart drop in my chat. And now pitting with the judge in Obama installed a whole bunch of judges my heart dropped again the same way. Well you know the the whole idea that you horror of it as a as an attorney you can be ordered by a judge to release your clock attempts that strikes me is just being. That has the appearance of violating a lawyer. Clock Wyatt attorney client privilege but in my way of thinking. Yes we got a bunch of climbing out in the background. Pulling this nonsense look at that then you own than Obama's upbringing in install. Well look you know you you raise an excellent point and one of the lessons of the Russian revolution if you study area and he I have to give props to Automator Lennon because a lot of eleven knew how to take over country lot of eleven new. That to take over Russia all he had to do was put his toad he's at choke points in the system Cuban media derail a ways. Up the telephone system the telegraph system. Lot of women was able to take over Russia simply by dominating. A few choke points that would you. Let me ask use of the time your big fan of the mob and and they had to about a foot and a half an hour. How you do it early history of yeah organized crime very good fashion and now they aren't there are attorney's only represent mobsters. Okay there were guys that we only used for one cry and family anyone that got changed dig out from the judge that in turn could you imagine it wouldn't be admissible in court. To take forked convicted members of a crime family represented by the same attorney. And having the prosecution use. Real quick. Who other clients you represented in this courtroom would that have anything to do. With the case that you're bringing against another person charged for racketeering. Of course not. You could never use who. Big shot when should it or guilty and uses evident who your other clients all over every Blu-ray look. Guys like Bruce Cutler who I believe is still alive and another guy named bad Dixie David who died back I think around 1970 or thereabouts Dixie Davis was very famous. For represented a lot of the prohibition era gangsters including Dutch Schultz Dixie Davis was slavishly devoted to his gangland clients you know some of these guys who get into that kind of criminal defense it's like they're wannabe abstinence. And they you know they they like hanging out in the life. And I mean I cannot imagine the kind of civil rights violations that we would hear about. In just exactly the situation you. Populate it. It's impressive surge petty and everything else and you are from you are not a new. Say that the we need to remember. That they can't mean that have no line they wouldn't cross. These facets of the Nazis and the same thing the end justifies them swiping through Democrat leadership just like. I I cannot disagree I think first of all we would be a petty brings of appoint a lot of people don't want it discussed. And that is it when the radical movement in universities were occurring in the sixties and seventies. There was a thought process that Reagan when he defeated communism they heat defeated that ideology. Doze Albany did it is is re generate. I mean what you're seeing right now is the equivalent. The black lives matter movement is the black panther movement. The women's liberation movement is the Weather Underground movement it's all the same thing has just grown into a different generation of Thaddeus. I am very perceptive the Communist and ever went away. They re branded themselves. And they became social social justice became a euphemism for a lot of the Communists and they all bought pants suits. We're back after what happened. That they're really horrible thing is they do bigger and resemble to Vladimir Lenin. The guys the goatee and the facial structure. I had a look like lemon now that these young up about thirty died but I think they're just mean that didn't. His body was in the case that they couldn't I show him anymore not that day I think he's still above ground or they they re doing this on because it was a remains to be seen. It's okay life. Here's Jeanne in buffalo well I want my Motley under Israeli and I'm thirty WB ET and we'll discuss my resemblance to lend them at some other time but GWB. And welcome. I just Stewart's. Where you are again boy are paddy would write ago. And you know what are your analogy as far as the Communists haven't gone away what you got to say it is. Different about this school. The bottom line. If you dare attack it vacant spot to try to get rid of this press. He's right about that. I don't disagree at all of a gene here but let me ask you question because like talking to Jean and I like to get us pointed do you ask you something. Ever in a million years seemed something like this happen on the national stage like this and we go back to your old enough to remember the Bill Clinton impeachment. You would with his attorney would walk no took swings at his deter me. Yeah well I've never I've never mind history remembered anything like back. And now go after the people that that are the only semblance approach from support in the media you're targeting more Ingram bill ideally you'd take a call David Hogg is gonna announce and other boycott this week or whatever it's going to be Hannity. However this about ties into that yet. A new thing because if it does too productive Hannity. To wonder about collusion. That's Lu. Oh long story short of the media world is a buzz but they've got up and we have an official statement from Sean Hannity Michael Cohen hasn't ever represented me in any matter. I never retained him received an invoice or paid legal fees. I have occasionally brief discussions with him about legal questions about one of his input and perspective. That yellow. We'll pose no words it is which Hannity you've just Michael called his legal resource. That for a general information. But was never occur eight client. Right. As defined. That's that's what. Gloria Bolger is reporting. So what does that do to today's directive. Is added interest and stormy annual showed. Whilst adding it was originally supposed to share what she was actually part of the proceedings today. And again. Well what happens here understand the president of the United States can't have a conversation with the prime minister of Australia. Without that conversation going. The New York Times said the leaks and ended irresponsible nature certain now. You have what the trusted FBI going in to. Look at all of these hard drives all of these emails and your telling me these are going to be leaked to them. The media I think James Cole the director of the FBI admitted to leaking into the media. How the hell do you expect the GS. Wait wait wait you played Jim Colby actually committed perjury by law and under oath because he changed his store or April what are you told congress member that that's right and unlike Mark Zuckerberg he actually was sworn under out. But here's the problem you don't win you're talking about. Whether or not your your perjury yourself based on you know the the president's speech can say something at a podium. Caught in a big lie right we're learning now that everything Obama told us this according James coney. Everything President Obama said about. His knowledge of Hillary Clinton server in email was completely without any knowledge of what the FBI was doing. So what Clinton went when Obama said the camera. I am certain that no national security was never compromise I'm certain that there was no nefarious boning Hillary Clinton's body. None of that was based on any information. The president of the United States addressed the American people and gave his opinion. And stated categorically. That none of these things happen. And it's it's it's just completely untrue know what is going after Barack Obama for perjury. He wasn't under oath. He was just lying and he probably did that many other times do you dislike the people James Coleman is a completely different situation that guy multiple time. Why isn't James home the why are we talking about prosecuting James called me for perjury I think we are. I think very soon that is going to happen as we doubt it ever trig out Aaron and your viewers trig Audi and and he'll look like. It was just a matter of of days Jeanne anything else from you we're we're gonna have to wait until after the news break your news radio 9:30 WBZ am but. Yeah I mean when you alive before congress. I'm sorry but if your if your under oath mean weeks in people end up in very dire legal circumstances. For committing perjury. I Orlando media. We're still love still scratching our heads here. The Sean Hannity think what today's big news right as the shall start a couple of games to only in the big interview yesterday with ABC news. But right is the show started there was his breaking news story than Michael come on has. You know released. What forced by judge. To release the name of his third. To this point was a mysterious. Try it client. And it turned out to be Sean Hannity and everyone's like. What can let me. Now we have pictures of Sean hanging like Playboy plays itself from the Internet so okay so what's so there's pictures of Sean Hannity. And I wish I had these been the subject of on again off again divorce rumors what for 1015 years pretty much it's his wedding day. So he use in a whole bunch of pictures with a whole bunch of women with large breasts. Or so it seems wreck but again. So what I mean I feel like running for office look at your celebrity people wanna take pictures with celebrities all the time and sometime the women and sometimes you know so exams they got big herb. Large breasts. I have large Brett has so what that. So Sean Hannity poses for pictures. I've met Sean Hannity in that regard he's he's he's always been a gentleman he's been agree I think he's probably the nicest guy at his level of government in this business. I've seen women throw themselves at Sean Hannity and he is zero interest. And its understand my own personal lives are predictions I'd obviously Emma followed by 24/7. But is that what this is all about David is this all about. Is this all about a quest to get Sean Hannity of course I got O'Reilly merchant outlets get charming audiences we can't get a free stuff these into beer let's get them as as a oh typically. These are people who used seventeen. Year old shuttle duration to run around and try to get people fired. I mean it's so. The first no soul this isn't this just didn't have an intellectual debate here. Destroyed look what ever you here's the reality. Call me static diverted from every what you can not get all over 2016 I totally understand that. But I'm telling. You you don't even know what you're give you different trump you might inched. Mike Pence she's an evangelical. Conservative. Boo boo and and by the way Mike Pence has the last and everybody because Mike Pence caught so much try out when he said he would never attend the event where alcohol was served without his wife who now is the smartest guy in the room. Yeah it's the vice president of the united caddies. It's by any of the meat into stuff became because bang. I mean event if anyone's gonna cut plan like past the gonna come out his beliefs being. You know outside the mainstream but you can't say that he's a fly out he be he of their moral. Was never had any allegations against him he will have a gay sex affair with C Everett coop that's what they sent them. Here it's very there was echo of that actually judged sport are at work right that was the joke at obvious joke. Opera has it back to a gene in buffalo Jean where's where's all this go. Where's that company for a we're awaiting a news conference by the way. There are beyond our client privilege what you were just talking about and on the job to work. I'm not exactly a judge can order. A lawyer to reveal the client under the in the American Heart Association and even written narrative they can do it. While only only the court not only in the court. Bush is supposed to be released to the public words is supposed to be done in chamber zone. What are. Only legit course public eye. Asking what was it it to the case I don't I don't even Spain to leak out to you what is not. What would no one can make the argument of its debt is Michael Collins conversations with Donald Trump had anything to do can special counsel. I've you know a raid someone's constitutional liberty. Now. That's ridiculous you can't talk to your attorney that that you're gonna tell me that if they find odd flight because by the way. The my team is already had possession of Michael Cohen emails to Donald Trump then everything told. Trump when they took the GSA's server while he was president elect they were holding on to thousands of email pals. That can be look at as either executive privilege or attorney client privilege. And none of those were disclosed to the president guide states or to Michael Cohen. Now yeah I know that had to be found out by the by the judicial committee during business. And fair I forget about what. Legal ethics say what what always hear about from the time we're we're you know little kids used. The attorney client privilege does it seem fair that a judge can order an attorney to release clients' names because that fundamentally. Seems to conflict with the whole idea of attorney client privilege poker the workers say it's cool that seem cool to me. Not that equal to me you do not think it'd actually challenge I don't I don't think that it has never been challenged in court for that are that issue. Where it should be a good up and get on the pole we bear wallet or what what is this whole thing happened in this case right now that is actually happening in this courtroom. These guys these people are ruthless stared like twenty years ago I had people sending me emails saying. We have. The transcripts. Of pure divorce trial we're going to release them on line posts like really a highly illegal. Beat you're really here. That's what I really. Decked guess what I blinked a few women in my electorate you know LL. Ottawa OK but it. You're my porch GT I don't know how we it's it's I always justified that this we know. This has nothing to do with the guy. Am currently even if Sean Hannity was you know sharing an attorney for purposes of what trump is alleged to push to use Michael Cohen for. You've elected official. He's got you know running around with fox employees I mean again this is just about. Did. There are no more or JFK assassinations in the United States they are no longer going to kill you physically. It will destroy your character and your ability to make Olympic that's what is it deep political assassinations of 28 team are all done it yet. Without any sort of fingerprints and it's about destroying you as a person I don't know I think they're right people who get on the wrong side of people like a lot of gluten and Vladimir Putin like people in the United States based don't run the risk of running in to the occasional isotope well you know what I'm I'm talking about citizens I'm talking about what what we what and the Republicans do a tour. Everyone does this is the new political assassination is to just destroy me too allegations. And no day in court. I mean what everyone think about Bill Cosby does anyone in America believe. That Bill Cosby is an rapists the man has never been convicted of anything in about two weeks it will be more likely but the point is. All these stories not about people Mel Gibson. You know the worst person in the world from what from from audio tapes and he'd even know he was talking to a ex girlfriend who ended up extorting money. Again it's about destroying you giving you off the radar and they're very very good. You know but the one problem I'm really think they're really wanna go after Sean Hannity that way. Good Sean Hannity if not the type to take this laying down indeed considering the format yet. You better believe he'll fight back very hard. Well he already has issued a statement saying basically Michael Cohen has never served in any legal capacity as it is as his attorney record. OK so that it does not yet another door is open. I thank you very much appreciate you're appreciate your phone call there Jeanne. We'll have a traffic coming up with Alan Harris and that just about six minutes right now news radio 930 WB eat and the the you know that the most fascinating thing to me David about this in the big picture as you always AB 35000. 35000 feet view of all of this. Is looked at the continuing. Saga. Donald Trump and the continuing a weekly. Crisis that is supposed to bring down the trump administration. I mean stormy Daniels the James called me interview. What's going on right now in New York City. And despite all of the biased Google news stories again despite all the stuff on my FaceBook news for you in every tablet and my iPad I I find out that Donald Trump is in trouble here that CNN says that Donald Trump was lying about the this. No matter the propaganda. That is aimed at the trop administration David. The amazing thing is that we can do is believe polls I suppose but that he is at 51%. Approval rating. That is something that is absolutely amazing to me here's a guy who is walking across the field at Gettysburg directly in the federal and it every single day there were all focused on him with great shot canister you name. Shells. Fragmentation. Grenades musket balls he's walking. And everybody shooting at a Andy's still a 51% approval you know a texture just wrote in about. The book one of the dirty tricks I've are seen. I mean that I can remember in my lifetime if what a young Barack Obama then state senator Barack Obama. Did two in the US senate race to his opponent who you know was married to a Hollywood actress. There was a divorce. Some of the things that they were doing. And clubs. Consenting adults. That were deciding to you don't have an open marriage. And that allegation that was made in a sealed divorce. That the war that the white Linder said she was just throwing out there to embarrass him. Was used in the senate race he had to step down. They put a candidate and Alan Keyes and only ran for about a month and Barack Obama became a senator Illinois. By getting rid of all Ryan and accused of horrible horrible dirty trick. Completely illegal it'll three Oda thirty start at 3180616. WB. EM but you know. He says something convert beginning to show anymore are we are we still a nation of laws or are we in the action of media and media personalities. Driving a left wing. And or Communist narrative. And then going after anybody eating their own if their own happen to be right of center. Great you've had experiences I've had experiences but he can he get these emails arena again and give these. You know hints of intimidation or he can serve you know we're gonna destroy your life. Mentally you know what the island by yourself what accounts of the territory that's one of the reasons why I believe that if you're gonna put yourself out there you deserve a ton of money to do it. And I am I'm just telling you show on it like he's making so much money he's going through a look at his house look at this. You have no idea the security that Sean Hannity as. Even you know the people on the left it's not just conservatives would you put yourself out there as an opinion person and you whip up audiences in that. Millions. You're going to have enemies in the millions there's a lot of crazy people out there on the left and on the right. And these folks you know they make a lot of money but there are also spending a lot of money on things that you would never if you would have to spend money. You know can be wet weather it's. Armed guards everywhere you go or have your kids you know driven in and in cars with bodyguards. At a lot of wackos out there I'll. The house security camera it is your duty monitoring and you've got to look you gotta you gotta watch your back and you got to take care of yourself. It is for 48 at news for the thirty WB yet it is the hourly and Columbia David the one doing a good job today news radio at 930 elect electors text good job David. If Mortimer. That's my mom. That you brought unreal this results posting HUS. Yeah anyway. I am very curious here restore gaels have to say because she's that there. That we will not rest and about how. Thank you very much. The question was asked do you know Sean Hannity. And the port fellowship so we Daniels walks off. Again. I guess we didn't hear the ball and walks off walks up the uniter but but against what what I essentially ridiculous and second she could not she obviously she's not gonna be able to disclose anything. Other to say that she's here to make sure that that NBA has lifted. And again the argument that she's making is if Donald trumped up and sign a nondisclosure agreement. And someone else does and on his behalf why should that agreement be honored. Because if he wasn't a part of that agreement. How can you say I had everything to do that but you better you took the money so you better not talk. If if if I'd like. Really relieved really sick and I've given somebody power of his party as a hero or rock or so I'd pull the plug. Is the doctor gonna say well here's a picture you know we witnessed mr. right now. Actually she's had her for practice. Quality end. This is. The attorney for stormy. Ultimately going to the time and weather's special master of robberies are now or not what I want but I will. Ice said last Friday and this week and that Michael Coe and what radio active. And that anybody that was associated with it and a lap at one to thirty years should be very very concerned. What we witnessed earlier in the hearing. With the disclosure. Relating to Sean Hannity proved my point exactly. He is radio active. Anyone had any contact with this man in the last twenty years. Should be very concerned about what secrets that bears are with these documents next question. I'm trying to. And it was an alternate. Mrs. giving I want you. It would then those documents I think there is significant gains there the president the president tried it. The president tried it. Mr. Cohen as his picture for years tried it and rip it at about secrets and I think that the chickens are about. I'm on the road back wise. I would even be. Ill advised the president at this juncture I think bishop that they'll. No there was app. Well the reason because we wanted to ensure that the integrity edit documents. Would maintain and we wanted to win her points towards making sure that the American people learned that room. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. About what happened to her and others in her position over the last ten to fifteen meters. We haven't made a determination yet as to whether she Bullock and each airing in connection with this process. Well I think it I think it speaks bought him tonight that it Sean Hannity got thrown under the bus. By Michael Collins couples today it was clearly anymore concerned about protecting the president. In protecting Sean Hannity but we're relaxed sort that out. It might point to race in the case of my life and but we this risk is more than worth it at the conclusion. Whether it's next week to completion mind. No matter how long it we're not going away. The ice. I just want to say for the record we just heard an attorney say that he will not rest until the American people find out how his client had sex with another man. You realize that. That what what what he is that he's got he's hiding at the tree of liberty the so that we find out the tawdry details. Of this. Essentially porn star. Why is that information that much we will not rest until we know exactly how dirty and disgusting my client lives. Everyone will know that. That should not we're we hide her morality under a bushel basket anymore this is a dirty should equal good I will share that with every person. What do you talk about it literally I can no longer this is sure I idol I was trying to kill him is no longer can believe this is America. This is lunacy I ask absolute lunacy it is on its just read and stormy dean of again. It's like. And if Michael Cohen just when you put the gym and put a warning out any new words what this guy you're in danger of your people were Michael Powell for these radio active unbelievable. I think this is this we've got to figure few circuits to analyzer is here that I can't keep up with this anymore this this relentless. Assault on trumpets a wet wave after wave after wave and yet the guy still has the support of the majority of Americans.