President Trump's NYC Swing - Karen Travers


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Let's go live now to New York were joined by Karen Travers traveling with the president twos in new Yorker UN meetings throughout the week Karen first on her Kaymer Rio what sort of response. Should we expect from the president to Puerto Rico. You know and it's not clear just yet and it's not being on the top of the radar thing for the president he did make comments about this yesterday. But much like we've heard him before in saying it's a big hurricane he's never seen wind like this but. His reaction yesterday was that the federal government so far is doing as good job. Right now the president continues his meetings at the UN wrapping it up today a full slate of meetings right yet another busy day for the president and you know you could argue that if his one of his meetings today might be the most important that he's had all week and he'll sit down with the leaders of Afghanistan Ukraine and Turkey. But he's going to have a lunch with the heads of South Korea and Japan as well as separate meetings with I both of them. After the aggressive rhetoric had direct threat against North Korea this week this meeting is very important because I think if there is. Some change in strategy or deemed plan of of what could happen over the next couple of weeks. It could come at this meeting has the president have any reaction to North Korea's foreign minister. Who likened. Trump's speech the other day two of the sound of a dog barking no he has not that was the North Korean foreign minister reacting to the president's speech so maybe today we'll get the president reacting to the pardon history acting in his speech on it's not just North Korea but Iran now on the president's mind too. Yet the president says that he's made up his mind about what to do with the Iran nuclear deal another facing this October 15 deadline to recertify that deal. The president has said that Iran is in violation of the agreement but we have not been given specific hard evidence as to what that means. Gil says he's that Iran's in violation of the spirit of the agreement which is much different. Yesterday he said he's decided but he certainly seemed to enjoy leading reporters in suspends. The Iranians yesterday firing back saying that the president's comments. Were agreeing ignorant and that he's making baseless allegations when it comes to this deal. Think there's an interesting twist last night to secretary of state Rex Tillerson is speaking to reporters late last night. Said that when he sent down with all the other countries that have been part of these negotiations. Is the key confirmed that there is an agreement. That Iran is in technical compliance with this deal so we have a secretary of state saying that. And the president strongly suggesting he's going to not certify it. They're gonna have to have a very good thing they can point to to say why is there any kind of deadline on when he has a fifteen they have to recertify. It is Karen Travers joining us live from New York where the president. Has been all weeklong.