President Trump In Vietnam - Karen Travers


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We're going around the world and we're checking in with Karen Travers White House correspondent traveling with president trump in Vietnam today and Karen first and foremost. You're in Vietnam but the president's been weighing in on the Roy Moore situation and it Alabama senate race. White. Said that you know if these allegations are true that the position of the White House the president would be the right thing to do is to step aside but. Sara Sanders the white house Press Secretary said that president believes that an allegation just a mere allegation she said from years ago. Should not destroy a persons life. Did that says she says he's focused on his work here in Asia. For more if he can't be removed from the ballot is that correct. I I not following. It from every here's sorry hey Karen what does the book in which you are following over the Aaron. Looks at the president's been putting more pressure. A North Korea's Kim John un even at an Asia Pacific summit. You know in the message today from the president is policy about trade but he. North Korea agreed repeating much of what we heard from him over the week that a little more pointed message than in recent days. If this is the chance for him to convey that message to more nearly two dozen world leaders and try and build some solidarity here. I with the Asian Pacific leaders now. The big message the president of course it was a trade lot of tough talk on trade. You once again did the poll I don't blame China pain and he wasn't sitting next to the Chinese president's message is little difference he specifically said that it US will not tolerate cheaters on international trade things he says. The US of them remained silent American companies are targeted. For economic gain through things like sniper attacks corporate. Corporate espionage clearly talking about China there. Pick. Kara we've seen now was the president talk about North Korea with a few different world leaders in few different countries. Gathering the the opinion of what you've seen so far this seemed like. The country's the president visited that there are with him on North Korea they're going to stand now with the US or our. Maybe different nations shying away from the heart. Line stance. It's a question of tactics that mean the White House says that. And squeeze the states is fully on board. You read creek nuclear ambitions he beat me here. In. North Korea but you get there. Due he's tricky tactics. Speak. So technology that there's still some issues worked out but robber. Agree but. Zito are difficult. To. Carry and quickly we're so they president going next. The president we would be in the morning at 88. Some day. Yes and it beats the the last you know you're practically a day ahead it's Karen Travers traveling with the president in Vietnam.