President Trump Speaks Out On Manchester Bombing

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Tuesday, May 23rd

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As president of the United States. Will be effort the people. Of the United States. I would like to begin by offering my prayers. To the people mention it. In the United Kingdom. I extend my deepest condolences. To those. So terribly injured. In this terrorist attack. After the men killed. And the family's. Only anything. It. We stand an absolute solidarity. With the people. Of the United Kingdom. So many young beautiful innocent people living. And enjoying their lives murdered. By people losers. In life. I won't call them monsters. Because they weren't like that there. They would think that's a great name. I will call them from now aren't. Losers. Because that's what they are they losers. And we'll have more up. But they're losers just remember that. This is what I've spent these last few days talking about during my trip overseas. Our society. Could have no tolerance. This continuation of bloodshed. We cannot stand it moment longer but the slaughter. Of innocent. People. And then. Today's attack. It was mostly innocent children. The terrorists and extremists and those who give them aid and comfort must be driven out. From our society for ever. This wicked ideology. Must be open literate. And I mean completely oak literate. And the innocent life. Must be protected all and is it. Life. All civilized nations was joined together to protect human life. And this sacred right of our citizens. To live. In safety and appease. I want to offer my deep appreciation. To the Palestinians. And President Abbas for hosting. Me today. And honored to join you in Bethlehem the city that is precious to people. From all over the world pressure to it. As I discussed with President Abbas and Washington earlier this month. I am committed to trying to achieve a peace agreement between the Israelis. And the Palestinians. And I intend to do everything I can to help them. Achieve that goal. President Abbas assures me he is ready to work toward that vote. In good faith. And prime minister. Netanyahu. Has promised to saint. I look forward to working. With these. Leaders. Toward a lasting peace. I also look forward to working with President Abbas. And other important matters such as unlocking the potential of the Palestinian. Economy. Which is having a very rough done. And building on our very positive. Counterterrorism. Efforts. Several days we don't Saudi Arabia. I met with the leaders. Of the Muslim world. An Arab nations. From all. Across the region. It was an epic. Gathering. It was historic event. Salman. Of Saudi Arabia. Could not have been kinder. And I will tell you he's a very wise. Wise man. I called dog. These leaders. And asked them to join in a partnership to drive terrorism. From their Mets. Once and for all. It was a deeply. Productive meeting. People have said. There had really never been. Anything even close. In history I believe that. Being there and seeing who is there. And bring the spirit and a lot of love there has never been anything like that. In history. And it was an honor. To be involved with great things can come from that managed. I was gratified that President Abbas to all right let's sum it. And committed to taking firm but necessary steps to fight terrorism. And confronted people. Ideology. And it's so interesting that Arab meeting took place on this very horrible morning of death. Innocent young people. Peace can never take root. In an environment. Where violence has tolerated. Funded. And even rewarded. We must be resolute and condemning such acts in a single. Unified voice. He has a choice we must make each day in the United States is here to help. Make that dream possible. Where young Jewish Christian. And Muslim. Children all across the region. In so doing. We will all enjoy it safer. And brighter future and it's safer. And brighter world. In this spirit of hope. We come to Bethlehem. Asking god. For more peaceful. Shape. And far more tolerant. World for all of us. I am truly hopeful that America can help. Israel and the Palestinians. Forge peace. And bring new hope to the region. And it people. I also firmly believe that if Israel and the Palestinians. Can make peace. It will be gained. A process of peace all throughout. The Middle East and that would be. An amazing accomplishment. Thank you very much.