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Monday, July 9th

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News radio 930 WBA. And. So I think I've said this before I think their PR department is utterly incompetent. And I think we should probably some terrorism raced in the well being in cotton is no joke it all I'm sorry I didn't know what you're accusing. It's combo hourly you know been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up than David Bellamy this whole thing really you enjoy the I'd its hourly and Olivia I mean I would immediately change topics on news radio 930 WB. We're not gonna change topics and well no no no no no no no. It is partly ability David is off today and we're talking about the likely nominees for the Supreme Court president trump will be making isn't ultimately your library WB unit nine. Well have an ABC hour long special leading up to president drop it and they're big fans of president trump and you'll. You know you'll hear them. Prognosticate. And report upon the nomination. Right here eight until nine and is reunited thirty WBE and okay every rippled through so just after 530 and we're joined now by. Professor Bob while who is associated with tenacious but he speaks only for himself. What he calls into the show and at the closing thoughts on that Raymond after church. I think I have pledged you know one thing that you ought to get into the wheat down because it's it's that complicated issue but but capitalist. That's something called Chevron doctrine and that is that separation of powers issue and it's extraordinarily important but it doesn't get as much attention as abortion. An affirmative action under Supreme Court decision thirty years ago called Chevron basically the court said. The gate did you audition show deference to federal agency interpretation. Of ambiguous statutes. That is those agencies particularly agencies like the EPA in enormous amount of power to to advance. Very expansive interpretation that federal regulations. And Catholic has been one of the judges is banned in sort of in the forefront out. Suggesting that the court should pull back and that and in catlett is view. A close reading of this statute. Itself from the word that this statute should enable judges and many instances. To interpret this statute as it is supposed to be interpreted. Not in a much more expansive fashion and then Danny agencies has done. Again. A complicated issue but an extraordinarily important wan across the board. When you're dealing with the court interpreting. Federal statutes you know things like wetlands regulations. And all of the effort Erica. The EPA. So I and that he is that he's been that's on Lloyd as well. He is now 51 years old so there would be no reason barring unexpected of course there that we could get thirty years out of him as the US Supreme Court justice. Brett. Haven't. Black cap and is the classic insider inside the beltway candidate I mean his entire career unlike Jack kept legend and the other. The other three actually. Has been bad. And you know inside Washington I'm sure you're aware and this is maybe a knock on him from the standpoint from picking him. He had a long experience with the Bush Administration he clerk for Justice Kennedy. And any work for Ken Starr at the time that's where is conducting media. The Clinton investigation and he according to what I read he led the investigation into the death event posture. Which slows you know it spin off of the of this investigation. Then he helped write the style report to congress. And then he served in the bush administration for a couple of years as one of the counsel to the president and as a staff secretary. The problem like that from Mitch McConnell spam point as revealed over the weekend is that McConnell says. Anytime you work for the presidential that lengthy period the start saying to. You've got potentially a million and a half or so documents that the Democrats might the members of the committee might want to be released. And presumably lit that many documents there's fodder there for them to come up with things. Plot the course you know Chuck Schumer had already target him when he was when he was nominated to the appeals court. Ten years ago quoting here humorous Sacramento victorious style report to the Florida recount. To the president secrecy and privilege claims. At that are that are if there's ever been a partisan political fight that needed a very bright legal foot soldier black cap and I was probably there. And I think that we would obviously be revisited now. Even more important position. I am well how concerned should conservatives beat that it cannot clerked for Kennedy. I don't think they there shouldn't be any concern you know there can be on the right as well as on the last. This tendency to assume that if you were associated with a particular individual then somehow your suspect. And the fact of the matter is Cavanaugh clerk for Kennedy backed but Saudi capital which. And and any number. Perhaps that you could identify as is as good conservatives. Clark for Kennedy as well I don't think that's any cries. Any cries. Or concern. There have ban you know one thing that. Hasn't come up in terms. These nominee's judicial record it is. Cannot decided it was significant gitmo terrorism case called albeit tiny vs Obama. Back in 2010. In which the DC circuit camera I mean hitter he voted with the DC circuit and holding that fort gitmo detainees. Days preponderance of the evidence standard rather than proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Was the appropriate burden of proof for the government to show. That those detainees should continue to be detained. Preponderance of the evidence just means 51%. Right exactly and that in addition to that they hearsay evidence. Could properly be admissible in those cases. I'm and that's that's something that has gotten no mention whatsoever in terms of the potential nominees. Their records to the extent they have them on terrorism related issues. Professor club is that likely to be a sticking point would Democrats. I don't think it's it's certainly not out there whether abortion. Is an immediate charge for them to. To create yeah I don't only Natalie sympathetic public Vila Guantanamo detainees. I'll I'll Romanian air base there in our fervently in support of extending all our constitutional protections to have to terrorism. I even though at least 40% of the ones we release and a bad engaging in violent Jihad. Right so Brent Cavanaugh 53 years old Catholic each of whom we spoke earlier 51 AB Tony Barrett by the way the youngest at 46. Let's move of the Thomas Hartman who seems to be gaining momentum today. He I I still would tend to list import of the far but. You know one idiot and it is he has an intangible advantage but it's there. Given that trump. Trump's sister Maryanne trump Barry is judge on the third Circuit Court of Appeals. Where high demand is is a judge and she I think it was your efforts that I'd amend you know made the shortlist when corset was nominated. I'll last year. And you know he's a graduate of Notre Dame he went to Georgetown law school which again though not an Ivy League institution. Is that top ten to fifteen law school very competitive. One advantage that Harriman and that they become zapped through more from. Standpoint a personal attractiveness he came out from our hard scrabble existence he drove a taxi. I in part to. To pay his way through law school. Effort in millennial listening at taxi is what people used to use to pay for a ride before Hoover lift thank you. Yeah and that's. He'd eat of course. Along with Catholic state decided not to go to Cavanaugh are rude abstain inside the beltway. He went back to Pennsylvania back to Pittsburgh all I think he's originally from Massachusetts. And he lies. Appointed as a federal district yet she was that a federal trial court judge at the age of 37. And then only a few years later and I think the age of 41 analyst put trying to put on the third Circuit Court of Appeals. I mentioned earlier that heat who has a strong record I'm not on the Second Amendment. Particularly the case in which. There was the challenge and New Jersey law which I know you're familiar web. That regulated the issuance of permits to aunt to carry handguns and in public. And the gun owners seeking a permanent under the law I was required to show he had a justifiable. Need to carry the gun. The panel on which armaments that ruled in favor this statement Ottoman dissented from the ruling. Emphasized in and his is that Supreme Court decision in Heller. Indicated that the Second Amendment protection extends beyond the home. And then in his view the New Jersey law violated. Violated the Second Amendment so like cap pledged. He seems to be a pretty strong proponent. I'll Second Amendment Rights. One vulnerability that's come up let argument and I wanted to mention is I don't think it's it's a vulnerability that some conservative groups are wary. Him on the issue. Undocumented. Aliens whatever term you Lanny because when he first got a lot scroll down and Georgetown he worked for DC firm for a couple years. And apparently during that time. He rectory he worked with something called either which was a legal aid clinic that represented. Spanish speaking immigrants. And domestic violence issues then I'm political asylum cases and he's he's fluent in Spanish bat away. And oil and during his senate confirmation hearings when he has appointed to that third circuit. He is quoted as describing one of his immigration cases where is that as one of the most important cases I ever handle. That raises alarm bells side you know for those particularly concerned right now about the situation at the border. I mean Nancy unduly sympathetic to the illegal aliens. I don't think it should be in that light I mean we all know guest is and says you know. Your gas later today Pollock and they'll tell you the fact that somebody who represents 88 criminal defendant. That's what our system allows and I don't know the particulars of the case he was talking about. But I I think if it's probably an exaggerated. To be concerned about a couple of cases he handled twenty years ago. In his capacity probably. You know working with this that work and let this not for profit that represented so. Our lady got a lot of people should know of course that if you're an attorney in your representing somebody you have an obligation to give them your best survey give their best shot with the system. I'll hold on professor we have been through the list that we've got more to come here we're talking with professor Bob clump who's calling and he's with Tunisia is also. With that couple of legal groups but he is only speaking for himself. When he calls and to the shall elect to handle either you for the lawyers Bob I like to handle that disclaimers iron right on the king of disclaimers. So we've we've talked about. Obviously up abortion a little bit we talked about immigration a little bit and firearms. A lot. What what are the issues that you alluded to I think is critically important and it's going to be a huge one over the next few years especially because. Let's face it Donald Trump was going to be in office forever and the pendulum always goes back and forth the separation. Of powers and were supposed to have. Three separate and equal branches of government in this country that judiciary. The executive the president and congress senate and the House of Representatives. Do you see that as something that is going to be. A huge issue down the line for whomever the president selects. I do and and particularly. With respect to you know the the the creation even in recent years going back to the new deal the creation. Even Maher mar federal regulatory agencies then and the powers that they're given like the consumer financial protection Bart. And and the vast powers that were given to the head out that that organization now that the Republicans are controlled the Democrats don't like the fact. That this statute. That created that. Basically gives the that had a bat right now Paul Delaney. I'd give them the power did do pretty much what he wants them and not be accountable to congress so I think going forward that and related things like that Chevron doctrine to which I alluded are going to be major issues before the court and frankly they're going to be more. Cases before the Korean military is an hour with respect with respect to abortion. You know or professor at it's always an honor speaking with you and the enthusiasm. That you bring to this program in the knowledge you bring to this program is just so greatly appreciated by our audience wanted you to know that. Thank you. Get a lot of very very positive tax on the tax Moore basically the consensus is they've learned more from you with the all of the national Talking Heads on TV. Well I'm not it's all about I'm flattered well. It's if not now you can brag and remember if it's true it may brag. Right. All right professor Bob clout thank you so much it is an honor and I'm sure we're gonna catch up tomorrow what we know the name. Yes I am I'm supposed to be out in the morning and your prediction is. My prediction is I have no idea. You always the safest bet for me because I've never gotten one of these right professor will talk to them keep professor Bob club listen for tomorrow morning got a new boarding with Susan Rosen prime minister asked you here in WB yen in if you haven't yet make sure you've downloaded radio dot com see you can listen to us anywhere any time. But it did is poorly developed under Israel at thirty WP. He and David is off to day and should be back tomorrow before we get to our next guest Paul Cameron wanna play in the coming up at 6 o'clock we'll have one of America's leading intellectuals. She's been published pretty much every conservative website there is too wide acclaim. I mean that Milosevic will join us and we'll talk about that a president trump super important to have options and all that kind of stuff. And at 8 o'clock we'll have a special from. ABC. A prelude if you will the president Trump's announcement of his selection for the next associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and a very important announcement that I need to tell you about because. Mrs. nerd and I we're discussing this all weekend long and here is the answer. Main street Williams real main street construction crews will not be working in the vicinity of all. Old whole day's festivities. As construction on main street in the village continues crews will avoid working east of rock street this week. To allow easier access for people attending old whole day's celebration. So while there you have it end up by the way just it just a simple. You know map search you'll find some. Alternate routes anyway. Maybe a little bit circuitous but they'll get to where you need to beat. Joining us right now graciously. Under is ready at 930 WB can we have one of the country's. Best known and widely respected attorneys he is Paul embryo joining notes on news radio 930 WB Yemen Maine that's been mispronounced more than mine Paul. Good to talk to your. I don't. Best stay in my life Paul always the best thing in my life style. Do you you know I've never gotten a Supreme Court selections rights so I can't even bother making a prediction it would have zero credibility. Are are you good at predicting which way the president's gonna go. Well and not really in this case. It looks like the candidates that news. I got himself looking at one as female candidates who was a professor and recently reported late this year it to a judgeship. And supposedly I mean she's yeah. She definitely according to read tea leaves would be somewhat overlooked reversed for at least vote cerebral the First Lady. To Catholic very Catholic. On the other hand there appear to be too mad. And they both our city appellate court judges. And the one in DC seems to have at least according to the public so you know but he. But he vote but Colbert link here feel well admiration. So my guess is that'll be one of the men and and more are more likely than not but fell from the DC circuit who has worn out. Kennedy's clerk and interest during the last. Time around Latin Koppel also talked about people pick Kennedy quirks so. You know I think they feel that. Kennedy could be it all the most. That controversial. It is virtually the same way as he could go either direction. What sorts that you know about the sorts of interviews through which these candidates. Forward. A justice ship in the Supreme Court to go anywhere what what happens when. When president. You know obviously takes office the president may very well be called upon to. Nominate somebody to the Supreme Court what you know but the interview process is there one. Yeah well I think what happens is that the congressmen. Senators and representatives. Of the ones who make the recommendations. And then you know it goes to outline whoever has the presidency year and I think the mandate prepped him operate. For an interview obviously the last interview but he really wouldn't be an opposition to read decisions and other things are really yeah. Feel for where they are legally so yes you realize how it all borders people among law profession to give him information. All is it illegal for a president to ask a prospective justice. How they would rule in certain cases or is it simply bad for. Well I you know knowing trump he probably. Did Hatcher will ask. It seems to me until I. They really are judgment are going to be at judges and it truthful. I'm us charge they're gonna say you know a lot I'll have to see at the time when it comes up what the facts are. What legal precedents have been decided by that time. Because you know it doesn't happen overnight they don't. Appoint Supreme Court justice and the next day they're here if Roe vs. Wade are. And that has to wind this waitress to court. There could be another president. And there could be two more justices off the court. And the next president could be a Democrat before. I'm Roe vs. Wade he actually comes up again before court. And so it is like this judge. Is gonna make the difference. Because there's an election coming up in the Republicans made loops. May well they might or damage and they might not. Doc and I don't know obviously there's a greater chance. That grow vs wade is overturned. But. If the Democrats there and then maybe in a position to get it judges on the court. You know climate change. Paul during the interview process. Origin of the preliminaries. Are these people routinely asked the question. Is there anything in your background which might not show up in the official record but. About which we should know because somebody's gonna know and you're gonna get meld on. It up and and and remember Thomas Robert marched around. Oh and Anita Hill. Now yeah not so regret that question. All all of America learned the name long gold and silver at the same time over correctly that. At that at a svelte. Do we already know what cases the Supreme Court is likely to hear in its next session Paul. We could find out I mean if you if you were so inclined. It's easy because everything that's I held. Is public record and so every case that there. They've either decided to take or is in front of them that they're being asked it today. Are publicly accessible. And you could see just exactly what issues are coming up. And which ones they've already accepted. You know we we spoke earlier of Roe vs. Wade and I would like your thoughts on whether you would expect Roe vs. Wade if the court that lets just say trumpets too or selections after this one of the Supreme Court. Do you expect it to be overturn it. Well. At this way and I think that if if there's a feeling out there that the president I was nominated and finally there is a person comment corporate conservative. That somebody will raise that issue again and get it up in parliament cork. So there you need Eaton pitched guarantee. He gets a very conservative justice up there now understand. Once they're there you never know. You look at Brandon Eisenhower suit and Brennan's distraught Catholic. Out there and of course should look where he spoke about pearl first wait. And even. Persuaded justice or actually he's he argued to justice black and lack. Obviously like that way as well and that Isaac power at least court ordered except it was. State aid as president. The outpouring Brennan you know who turned out. You look at Burke. Oh with just. Talking with you never know I'll make entry exit mine. And look at Roberts student think that a lot of people around at these you know with the proper. That's he and supplement his chickens during the so much time. I honestly couldn't understand a better way whether it's Obama Carroll decided upon the two different therapies and what seemed to me to be largely the same kind of issues and the opinions seem to contradict what and one another at least in my layman's brain. Yeah well. Sometimes that happens I mean we see. From time to time but he can't remember there's a lifetime appointment. And so they can play one game until late get appointed and then go the other direction. You know we we keep hearing the term because the job is associate justice of the Supreme Court what's the difference between the job description of an associate justice. And the Chief Justice. That Chief Justice as a woman who signs the cases for writing. And so that's a big deal. An and I bet justice decides. What of the associates. Or who the associates are going to be the ones writing an opinion on certain case and that. They are well prepared and look where that compel. Paul if the old story. If if you could at the time we have left can you explain to everybody we used the concept of beating and reachable list and all of the four finalists. Hartman Cavanaugh at legend Barrett with the all be considered regional lists what it is an original. All of the resources supposedly. The justice who interprets the constitution. As it was written. Back went. And that there at the contrary the person is someone who modernize it is the application of the constitution. And I mean that that's actually the difference. And school you know what's on the original list and Roberts. Is not so much so. And I think that that obviously some people upset but basically that's what it means. When they get on corporate. As it was written. Well Paul asserted that and I haven't asked you that you think it is important for audiences to know about the president's election coming up. No except that that the process because cumbersome because. No matter who he. Nominates. LB ever shenanigans under the sun. Poll by the opposition. To try to block. That. Or two in some way. Interview in lead in the confirmation. Hearing interviews that judge so the point where they can win enough votes to deceit. Media the appointment. So that'll be next after this. All right well love Paula I want to thank you very much for joining us so we thought about you yesterday because we went to the shores because. The Arab esteemed little necks called out to us and beckoned to us from mrs. nerds were preparing myself Iowa. Your comment or two over there and showing them how to practice. A local Baath roster at all well sorry we missed would you or would you just it was planned. I'm sorry breather JJ Slaton played in the evening you you were you weren't there that are we what is and you. He had died I did not say replaying last night I thought they were supposed to be playing in the days before that. Nothing that actually opened up with three Steely Dan song so you can imagine those kind of excited. Armor let out. All right policy disown her and I talked to walk every joining us news radio 930 WBE. And the and I don't know whether it will actually do what it is camps. I have become a clamp addict I Jerry's not demolished that I will devour. And here's the good boost their heart healthy just don't pay them in butter pupil cuts costs and you are good to go aborting an idea how many thousands we ordered. Dang are they good there was some good stuff. I know not raw. Gone on and I can't do wrong you you do all fall or fill the you'd probably get this show on a you do raw you do know clam at all except. I'll steal this neighbor's pocket. Well the little cliques and the what would the middle acts that are. Well I'll tell us the earth something real special about a mile and appreciate them epic I appreciate them until auto about two weeks ago and it suddenly realized what meta. This is really good at their heart healthy plans are little power acts of protein ladies and gentlemen. Clams are pro team field is beings without unpleasant after effects. It is or pleasant after effects of a working with David to watch him collapse. You know work Justice Department missile Supreme Court thing for just a moment we will be joined by Mina melodic. In studio with me after. 6 o'clock she is. One of America's great conservative writer she's really make it credible name for herself. All over the Internet on the various conservative web sites or shall join us in studio. Bet this stuff around obviously will open up fault lines for you guys if you don't worry. All 930 start at 930 and 180616. WBE. And that's 8030930. Starlet thirty and what 80616. WBE and and again just to the park. Momentarily from all of us as Supreme Court stuff by you know we did show on Friday about the great local bands and you know if I said it promises to fight if I don't give the name of your bin appear please don't hate me because I'm gonna forget people. But JJ swing they do an amazing job they opened up I'd seen him in awhile and actually open up with three Steely Dan songs. And there's a guy that you've probably never heard these and opposition from a died okay. And he usually plays at least while we see him we see him every square. His name is Dave patrolled. Key issues one of the greatest guitar players I have ever seen in my life and one of the greatest entertainers I've ever seen in my life. And he has a devoted following of fans and I'll tell you what amazes me. He is just a consummate professional Hokies get a three p.'s attempt on whatever guitar he is playing at the moment. I was due to plant and beautiful telecast or Mexican one the other night. He got sounds out of that guitar without any helix system or anything else that just blew me away. And he does basically classic rock there's some killer and bricks and if you're a chance to see David krone COM he's really amazing frankly we have we've sold to great guitar players in the area. But I would love deceived his throne and jobless joy from flip side playing together because that to those guys are just absolute. They're amazing. I mean they really they litter I watched them play and they just absolutely blow me away. And back in Dave's case he is the vocalist of the. Lead guitar platter but to see those guys if you ever have a chance David trauma. And I JJ swing they don't play together that that would be that would be awkward and dull and I'm sorry that I missed the Chicago and queen and I forget what other tribute band is playing up and that falls yesterday here shattered here one of these days. Over the weekend that I get lost in time when it's politics. But just remember we get some great local music here this week of course quit if evident by the way hit a run at like 101000 people. Talk of bands with borrowings yeah hit wrote it was like Woodstock for run and mark Valentino and also why old cold days this week you can see it and run and dialogue. Lots of other great music at old old days including flip side. And Mike and Mandy. It is 555 at news radio 930 WB Ian hourly and bella via David is off today hopefully he'll be back tomorrow so you. Don't have to listen to meet drone.