President Trump Calls Deputy Who Failed To Stop Parkland School Shooting A 'Coward' and Should This Deputy Be Prosecuted 2/23 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

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Friday, February 23rd

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News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. But if you don't like the Texas and New York State if you don't like the fees if you don't like the pistol permit recertification. Process them. Why did you get your asses to the polls and one of your vote out the politicians who support these cockamamie policy. He's come Bauerle start putting in the they're people who are corrupt but it. Least they won't be screwing you badly financially and David Bellamy how many gun owners voted. Against Cuomo its hourly and Olivia gave every gun owner who actually voted in the last election Andrew Cuomo would be it would be an asterisk like Eliot Spitzer. So again we have no one to blame us. On news radio 930 WB. Welcome to our legal via. A Friday addition. Of populist the only team umbilical cord I didn't I definitely have shall manager ordered. Praised. The. If Dallas escape the older have gotten that's exactly what I hear more and more of I don't know if you're going to be able to do it thank you David. I apologize for added non factor that Wilson we you know on the last hour of yesterday's program we got a little bit more information about the Florida shooting one of that was a little bit more into what was going on this deputy chair for Broward County that was. Resource officer nothing about this there were security people in the faculty. The assistant football coach there was. Athletic director and a geography teacher who was not a part of any sort of he actually just did something heroic his own savings classroom. But the other two gentlemen were part of me sort of if there's ever an emergency. You are the guys that break up fights you're the guys that do you know that was their job in the faculty. They are literally giving their lives to protect. You know kids from from these rounds and the deputy sheriff. He's outside the heating and the building before. It's. An alleged fortunately name's Scott Peterson. Which is yet just really bad yup and if we have any Scott Peterson's listening to the show today sorry about the run of bad luck and there's a different spelling with the the wife killer. Yeah but there was an yen brought to. The UN you look when your call or first of all this thing about this he he he was a Broward County deputy. Not many words rhyme with the Broward the only one I can think of is Howard and that's what he's being called the coward of Broward. David this guy has received death threats I think this guy. Honest and I hope it does not come activist David beer is not a death threat in the world. That could freak him out any more than the knowledge of living with the fact that went students dependent on him the most. He was at his most in active. He froze he did it. Nothing. And he's always got to wonder if I had just done my job how many of those kids would have gone home to their parents. You know. I know it and David here here's where I gotta walk a line because and this is where you have a great insight that I don't think there's another talk show host in America. That can offer you have been in the combat situations. I mean we're talking Fallujah were talking a not just one crazed gunman were talking about thousands of crazed gunmen. And tens of thousands if not millions of rounds flying around you and you did not grow up man China. Well I tell you what you want to go I mean those the voices are in your head tell you hey you go to dental schools and go home get out of this thing. Absolutely. But that's you know you see they always say that's when the training kicks in. Actually not true because you can't really I mean she groping Mogadishu's there's no real way to acclimate yourself to being shot at. Unless you grew up in an area that you were physically shod dad and you know you know what what's cover what's concealment how to get behind something what a bullet is gonna stop. All those things you can learn. When it's actually happening and it's a lot of it is just. Hey this is my job I no but if you're expecting if you're a leader on a battlefield in your expecting someone to calm you down. I'm sorry but that's they paid a lot of money in trusted me with a lot of responsibility to make sure that we don't snap in those conditions. And I'd like it's it's heartbreaking it's I'm sick to my stomach go. And I'm sick to my stomach David I mean I feel terrible for the kids who died because of his deputies in activity. Or just plain let's call it what it is cowardice. My question. I know you just said you know you you did the training issue but one of my very first questions if I was interviewing Scott Israel right now this year for Broward County one of my first questions would be. Can you please tell me precisely. Took trending this deputy had for dealing with an active shooter situation. Because if he had no training or little training in how to deal with the active shooter. I I think we got to cut interest of this the tiniest bit of slack because David a million times you've told me you'd you'd you'd trade as you fight and you fight Asian trade and that's axiomatic in the military and it's axiomatic in in police were David. You know we cops aren't situations all the time. Where there in staying at their instinctive reaction is to go back to their training and what they learned in training it is drilled into you so much. And you go too eager training even those people listening to assure general aviation pilots your flight instructors voice never ever leaves your head sometimes even when I'm driving. And stuff starts to happen very fast the voice of a local flight instructor job may also in my head saying. All right Tom go through your emergency checklist what do you do. Who can you just usually others your site listed yet that training and and this guy. First what he was a cop for thirty years so I assumed he's getting at least some range time some trigger time. Really the question I'd like to ask the sheriff who you know posed for pictures with Hillary Clinton who jumped out on the gun issue. You knew on day one when this thing happened why. Your sheriff. Was not you know with an empty chamber and a dead shooter. You know instantly that your guys screwed up. Why are you running around talking about this being a weapon of mass destruction and an AR issue. When your very own we're finding out more about Broward county sheriff's departments like. There's a deal made with the board of education of the sheriff's department so that they can keep kids in school and not put them through. The our arrest them from the high school. There's also report that came out that showed that Broward county sheriff's department were contacted twelve times. Twelve times told that this kid is threatening to shoot up a school forget the FBI forget Miami county. Bureau of the FBI. This is brought the very share. Who's doing a press coverage talking about guns and Mr. President I'm sorry you don't know what it's like. You this is there's a serious problem there and you Natalie had this guy on the radar. But your own deputy. I didn't you know was unable to perform when needed. Was a disgrace Amman office that that's that's a horrible day. Well it's well again enemy what do what do we know that situations like this started but if you just joining us welcome your thoughts on the the guy either calling the coward of Broward who has. Retired from his job as a police officer presume he's gonna get his full pension and benefits that he's earned over his career. But you've got an armed guard and police officer in uniform with a service side arm at his disposal and in his and and he does absolutely. Nothing to engage the shooter. Now David I'd like again I really wanted to know what kind of training this guy had but. If people like you and people like me understand that we talked about this on many occasions that one of the upshot from the best line massacre. Is that the and the focus of law enforcement or paramilitary response for tactical response to a situation like this is. You get in it as fast as you can even if you don't have back up. The sooner you engaged the bad guys the less the casualty count is going to be. David I know this you know this this was a new wave in law enforcement training thinking and philosophy. And apparently no we've not seen the videos but the video. Disgusted. The do we get them to Broward county sheriff's got Israel but that disgusted this year. Well EIA day allegedly that's what he claimed that it was disgusting to me he basically. He basically fired the guy he's suspended without pay. The gentleman because in thirty years in the service T he was able to retire but he would have been suspended without pay pending an investigation. But the sheriff was basically the subtext was that this guy he was ashamed of the guy. And that he should have shot the guy he should have killed the shooter all that good stuff or maybe he went underwater in the building well that's a huge problem that these shooters going from second to third floor. And you're still outside get a foothold at the very least pull a kid out. There's believing but do CPR and do some sort of first data if you can't. When you're in an urban situation. We call mount in the army and military. Military operations and or between whatever it is you're in house clearly environment you're engaging inside of a structure. Yeah no matter what happens to the people around you your number one priority is to eliminate the threat. Even if you have people that are in really bad shape and the wounded you can. Pull those guys out you can't render aid you gotta go after the guy who heard him. If you're in if you allow that shooter to get a foot hold them to make a game plan to strategize. You're gonna lose a lot more than the guys that are on the ground. You you've got to it's all about domination. But in an active shooter you also had the idea that you wanna take targets away for a the more you can occupy an active shooters time. The more in the last time this active shooter is going to have putting. You know a cross hairs on the back of a fully innocent people. So you want to distract you wanna think about something else even if you didn't fire your your handgun. Get up there and show me you've got a handgun. This might be enough to let him know the cops are already year. Maybe it's over and the shooter has no way of knowing whether there's one officer Arturo 100 exactly so now you've taken oh it's all about domination. And 90%. Of room Cleary is all about the psychology. Remember you wanna be as quiet as possible until you hear a gunshot. After the gunshot goes off there's an important and it being tactical at that point so you wanna be as idiotic as possible. You don't want this got to know what you're planning what you're gonna do you wanna make him think there's a hundred people you wanna have people look at through the windows. And and dominate that room dominate the situation because if if they believe that there is confidence that they can hold you off. Your your bill that I am a monster and get it unfortunately there's only one doorway. And it's gonna take a lot of good people to go through that doorway to subdue someone that has enough ammunition and his weight in the course. You know folks are sorting things have changed and welcome its hourly ability or your thoughts on the power of Broward at 8030930. Start I 3180616. WB eat and the folks some things have changed since 9/11 and the wave of terror attacks around the world. Like for example in the old days if you were flying on a plane and it was hijacked. Yeah just sat back to elect a hijacker fly at a Havana it and do any thing you do was gonna end peaceably and that was that. Nobody has done a hijacking since September 11 2001. And gotten that kind of treatment they have all been subdued by other individuals hell it's even happened on a train. In terms of an active shooter situation the old thinking was you wait until you have sufficient force to go in unmasked and then you can fraught. Best line BE SLA and changed that thinking and their thinking for many years now since about Islam has been. Even if you are one. Officer with a six shot revolver you get in there and you engaged as fast as possible because. Does the more you allow the bad guy. To. Booby trapped to build fortifications were simply too. Keep firing at innocent people the more innocent people are going to be hurt the more innocent people are going to die. And you know we talk about the death poll. It in in Florida and one of the things president trump talked about her resulting from terror attacks like that. It it's not just the people who died who are forever gone it's also the people whose lives are never going to be the same the people who will never had a feeling in the right leg the people who might have lost an arm the people who might have gotten some bad blood in a transfusion that doesn't happen often by the way. But I mean when you are seriously injured and you develop chronic condition not a bit. You're not gonna have the life that you otherwise would've had those of you been hurt car accidents at young ages you know. Of what I speak so the sooner you get it and even if you are that one person. The better. And David nobody can know if it's easy to be keyboard tough guy it's easy to be radio tough guy apparent here I mean it it's easy Tuesday. But at the moment of truth. And I know this has been in every military who had I think every military movie with combat ever made. You know what what is your experience David about. And he the people who were the biggest bad passes in boot camp would be the ones most likely to soil themselves of the first enemy round. The coward was that the one that actually stepped forward I mean you know he can generalize and put us in the picture. I'd I'd when I'm gonna go to cal that was somewhat common event these guys before we in the training environment on that tell you exactly what our guys are gonna do because I'm a train into the point. Of where they physically and emotionally break. And once you know we're somewhat limited you know what they can endure so I had someone that was losing their mind over spilled coffee. I wouldn't bring end to war with me I'd kick him out. You know I mean I'd say lucky you're not ready for this so. I made sure with a my guys were ready just because you know I was in charge of I'm and I'm not essential to combat that they can't handle it but I have seen people. Goal mad I've seen you know people just freeze up and it's a horrible situation you never know what's gonna happen but at the same time. I have I've never seen someone we'd me you know everyone makes mistakes but I've never seen someone cost. You know we never lost a battle because someone you know didn't do what they were supposed to do and that's an. Heard it is there anyway during training I mean you say that you you pushed them and you pushed him until the breaking point capsule on it and it after the breaking point editors there is there any way to change that breaking point with the additional training. No. There either wired that way they're not I mean it's you're getting whatever mom and dad handed to you. And you're trying to make him a professional lethal you know tour of the military so you know depending on what kind of background they had. You you find out real quick look this kid sometimes the city guys the best soldiers sometimes the country boys are the best soldiers. Sometimes kids that have been around guns all their life are worthless in a firefight and sometimes the kid that you know didn't have shoes until in this fifteen. Is that the best sniper you've ever seen at any theories on why David is it because the kid who wed guns since he was behind to a bowl we will never have somebody should be back that's right let a lot of the time aids is the fact that they are used to doing things that we're one sided or play video. This is a fascinating and and you know we actually hear about Willie and they'll be with Bruce says situation in Broward County you know. David for those who don't know very involved in the battle of Fallujah wrote a book house to house its being made into movies by Iran Howard's people. And that David is Avery highly acclaimed it. War veteran and war hero he does not talk about it a lot I do he doesn't like when I do. But in this case it's very very relevant to the show because. David has been in a situation I haven't been through and he's been through situation most of you thank god have not been through and that is one where the bullets are flying and you are assigned and tasked with stopping those bullets from flying in your direction. So more than anybody else David can offer intelligent insight of what goes on in your mind in that kind of a situation. And service deputy. Has gotten death threats and legacy that I did I I think this guy's a suicide restore really do. We hear of some breaking news broke the White House and the Secret Service tells us that a woman has tried to Graham well she did ram a barrier security barrier. Mir the White House she was immediately apprehended. All this of course begs the question was this some intentional act to ram the barrier. Was this an attempt to get trial was this an attempted suicide by cop was this. Somebody who maybe shouldn't be behind the wheel who. Fought for sure she was hitting the break but she was in the accelerator we don't know we're not gonna jump to conclusions. But the woman driving vehicle but if the barrier near the White House was immediately apprehended but that's all the information we have. You know. It it's impossible to know when you look at the way the standoff distances at the White House you could there are probably three checkpoint before you even get close. 22 where you could. Even touch the pain in the White House so this didn't even make it past the first court on. They did their job barriers worked. And you've ever seen those secure Beers pop up. But a car at like ninety miles an hour that way they test these things that is horrifying to watch. Which which hit the wall ones are the bikes are ones that they just pop up on the ground elect these met their oatmeal out the tires up not I don't know they stopped the car all area. They're like a last line of defense you come speeding and and they're basically a bomb blast walls as well so if you were to explode it would be of the hopefully some most of it would be contained in that blast walled it. There are no joke you can get a car going pretty fast and stop on a dime. Well the it's very afraid there I think it's gone up with the stripes on. Where you know it's interesting because just as you said. Explosive. I saw one of the dog to the canines. Being walked in the area where the woman. Rammed a barrier near the White House so it just happened and we will keep you posted the minute we figure out exactly what's going as a somebody who was due ranged over Trump's speech to seep back somebody. I don't know CNN anchor we do not know at this point but we will keep you posted that news radio 930 WB eat and the deputy either calling him the brow the year coward of Broward County. You know David and he. This guy I've. Course was on location at the time should have and could have done something more than he reportedly did. But you know all as you mentioned earlier. As good as the response was by the other Broward deputies and we commented on it at the time as everything was taking place. During the school shooting you know I thought that those men and women were absolutely outstanding. But. When we find out about the program to keep troubled kids as close to school as long as possible in school as long as possible we fired up about the number of times this kid had interactions with the cops even the tape recordings released of the kids walking with cops basically about how despondent he wasn't hitting walls and you just lost his mother. Talking about the shooter here. In addition to the FBI blowing what it blew. But not at the Miami field office level. It's just that this whole thing just sickens me even more. It is it's tough to take place you know as much as it's easy to point to. One guy who seek to when he should've zagged. And you know this Peterson got the cop that was on the 45 acre campus who got to the building in question very quickly got there. Quick enough to you would think have either stopped it or at least given the shooter -- think about but again as you mentioned. There were institutional breakdowns here we're finding more out about the superintendent to the superintendent that was so eloquent on the day of the shooting. We're finding out that you know there are there's a lot of money that he. If you have kids enrolled in your school you can apply for more grants then if your kids are not enrolled in the school. And so kicking someone out putting them through the law you know that that judicial system if they've done something criminal. It's it's it's frowned upon in that in that district and so that's going to be. You know as we learn more Broward county sheriff's department that school system and again no one has been able to explain why the door was unlocked. If you know mr. Peterson as a resource officer why is there accessibility to a school. Where this kid and just walked it. You know that the one thing I just David I can't wrap my arms around it and the sky by the way it was school resource officer of the year what four years ago. So value of those plaques I don't know if that's still going to be hanging at the school or not. But. As far as the I cannot imagine for the life of me. Being a thirty plus years cop having a side arm in my hand. Hearing kids screaming watching kids running in fear for their lives and just freezing for four minutes. Your experience in combat at what point after it if you do freeze it if somebody does freeze at what point does the inner voice kick in and say wait a minute. I have an obligation I have a duty this is what I'm here to do. Well it's much easier to do that when you're with your body's right because of one of you freeze is there's the peer pressure there's the response rather people. That attended that tends to give you a little bit more courage that you might have on your own when your loan bell. That's when the rubber hits the road and if you don't have a bloody there talkie out of it or to pull you through it. You can you can you can be in that frozen state. And that that may be what happened here we don't know maybe the got a medical emergency maybe it's. I don't know that the fact that he was suspended without pay to me. You know I think I don't think he's fighting any of these issues this year put out there 803. And you know. The other thing to those David listening to the president speaking at proceed packed and elsewhere I mean it's. It's not a real good day when you retire from your job after thirty years seventeen kids are dead there's video evidence that you set there were still there crouched there and did nothing but they covered. And then the president of the United States calls you out and says today it seems that not exactly a credit to the law enforcement profession. Ouch that's not a real good enough on this but it was a worst day for the kids elect them that's really at and the parents. Let's go to steam and it falls on WBE and Steve welcome you. Yeah. Oh good you can guys oh yes sudden retired police instructor and in normal time you were talking earlier about question what kind of training this person haven't. I want to that I wanted to end this and get a benefit civilians as well. Is you can have all the tactical training and trees and sweeping and and going got all searching and everything like capitol less you're trained and actually. I mean that you're you're always completely kind in. I just wonder if this person was prepared for the mental side of that talking would go to work whatever cut their training may have gotten. Can't neglect because we think about the mind is actually probably your most important. Absolutely and you know Steve when I brought up the training I was I should have been very clear I was I wonder if it did they put this guy ever through any live fighter training exercises. Made where you can actually hear what a bullet sounds like what has been fired in your direction this is something I don't know the answer to a Steve. Do you think it would have made a difference if may be the guy that bought through active shooter training with actual rounds. You know Tom well most city agencies that would if not all he continuum especially since. Our into the wind eleven and especially of course since column by. They all called to a technician training with a with a lot of fire weather with marking cartridges that. You know there actually are getting hit the project Ellsworth not lethal nickel less lethal projectiles. I mean where when they go through some type of stress inoculation and they're tweeting I would imagine that. That he must have gone to this because as I said any agencies would be you know terribly. You know we mr. Nicklaus this kind of training like I think he probably did I would venture to say he did. But like that I mean the they can't neglect the mental side of what what you do everything I see a lot of videos special about a video sadistic. Were people to freeze and many times it's a milliseconds that they great cabinet for these analog they have to would help mentally prepared to care for that situation. What do you think the ultimate answer is going to be. Is going to be in this situation. I would I would have to say can go back to the action just was not mentally prepared for it. And of course you know you can't you know dismissed the option that maybe indeed he was in power in that situation maybe he's. Knew exactly what was going output because he just refused an android is machine it. And it is an embarrassment you know to to law enforcement officers and ready for a response military law enforcement or like. You know I can understand free is in for a millisecond or I can understand freezing for five seconds but my god at some point did you not hear the screams how many rounds to be here and still he did nothing. That that's what I meant about the camera my arms around. I'm the kind of person that always gives no matter what the situation is always give somebody the benefit of that god would like to know I would like ask this question do you know what. What what were you thinking what was going through your mind I mean but is it just looks bad I mean it's four minutes and you know he didn't do anything. I would lean towards probably just a refusal to to commit the refused to cowardice which. On the other hand investigative. You know. I'm not saying that this is the case here but it is sometimes the brass has been known to. You know feed people to the lions to keep the lions away from themselves. All and end what one of the questions they had did somebody ordered this person to stand out was he told. Not to go inside and these. That was the first Steve that was the first question that was asked of this year and he said now. Oh yeah and you know it in if that was the case I mean each individual officer I will always tell them you have to mutual decision if you know that your future. And if you ordered to stay involved and you do what you have to do and you worry about the consequences a little bit later. Yeah men and potato state what what Steve said of the game this call is is. Brilliant point of the mental preparedness I mean even if it's a car accident scene you have to prepare yourself for whatever. Thing is behind that door whether it's a bad guy or good person that's hurt. And we really expect so much of our law enforcement that when they act humane we're completely shocked because we're surrounded by professionalism. Well sure when where and when you get to the situation and this is my soldier. Good and and I always tell the message you know what you're hearing there and we all know a lot of us know what some of the responses are immune to popular what people say flight flight freeze. Postured submit you know whatever it is but you have to be prepared when that situation calms and yes. In answer whatever questions and whatever doubts should have would appear. Ethical moral questions that you have to it will not prevent you from asking the situation you actually those questions before the situation happens to his cousin when this situation happened that's about the time with so wrestle with your conscience. By the way Steve there's not a consolation prize just for Jews and off some rounds either I mean you'd like to get. You know couldn't he'd like to be able to issue in a column way so that you could actually drop the target and save lives. Ours is not just a matter of imposing yourself to walk and for doing something like there. Steve in in your career where you were over in a situation where you were on the receiving end to fire. I was not you and this is something that talk with other officers that I spoke with officers. Who had been in for your flights were somebody was trying to kill bad. In my situation I was I was involved in the situation where somebody was actually trying to point to go at somebody yell when I acted so to have somebody look me in the and try to kill me no. What I was in the situation like that where somebody was trying to. Kill somebody else reported to go and it's somebody else and I had an act. Indeed Steve thank you very much for your call and you're service in uniform. No problem great great call Steve thank you and at a news calling in from Niagara Falls but today there are some guys with. Block port PB. Fifteen years ago who were basically a firefight at a trailer park and showed incredible courage and bravery under fire. They didn't freeze. Yet in some of those officers when their especially walking up to cars. That reaction time and the fact that there are able to get you know control anything control and returned fire. It truly is you know even the training that you you can drill than a million times in. Anything can go wrong that they use sleepy fall you get hurt but some of these guys and and and women really impressive stuff. It is volley ability a news radio 930 WBE and your thoughts on the coward of Broward the deputy who retired. And the him. Just imagine putting in all over thirty years into career and the closing curtain of your career seventeen kids dead. And no matter what you did no matter how many babies Schumer added delivered in that time. No matter how many good deeds you might have done in uniform the only thing people are gonna remember is the fact that you let their kids down at the time they most needed a good guy with the gun you stood there for four minutes and did. Absolutely. Nothing. You know what like I I would I would also like to hear. Deputy Peterson's side of the story but. And anyway you look at it just it doesn't look good it doesn't sound good I would not I would not trade places with a guy for all the tea in China. In which by the way thinks America should confiscate its citizens firearms. Chinese newspaper came out today and said that and if there's anybody who knows about how to kill students the right way it's the Chinese some 101000. Or so students were murdered by the Chinese military in Tiananmen square so. Very they don't it's like to have an unarmed population and the government with a all the guns hourly and bella via your thoughts on the power of Broward the deputy who is no longer a deputy and I mean just imagine for a moment again thirty years on the job. And when you are most needed and and the time conversely when you most could have been a hero David. You totally freeze and you don't just freeze for a second or five seconds you freeze for four minutes. And it's actually forever memorialized. On videotape. And knowing that you are going to be the bad example for every police academy training class from now until the end of time. This guy they meant but I wouldn't wanna be here. I'm sure people want that job I'm sure there's. A person who's done their time and worked real hard and now they're given a school for five years and think. As a pretty nice cheap easy hours and you just watch the kids enough it's gonna happen unfortunately. You know on the off chance that something does happen you're still required to do things in. Man this guy just. You know it's funny for a minute that must have felt like an eternity. And each time you things happen in twenty seconds. And you think you know my god this was a twelve hour firefight it turns out it was a five minute firefight time stretches. To stand there for format minutes and I do everything must've felt like today well. It up for those who are trying to get a sense for what David is talking about you're at an exercise bike right now it's the fifth exercise you've done today. You looked out of the clock it's two minutes. You pedal for what seems to be an eternity you look at the clock again four minutes and ten seconds now just put that into germs were people are actually I. I mean chase.