President Trump Calls Deputy Who Failed To Stop Parkland School Shooting A 'Coward' and Should This Deputy Be Prosecuted 2/23 Bauerle and Bellvia Hour 4

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, February 23rd

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News radio 930 WB ENLC. And we you know on the last hour of yesterday's program we got a little bit more information about the Florida shooting one of that was a little bit more into what was going on with this deputy sheriff of Broward County that was. Resource officer. It's Tom Bauer Leahy the let me look when your halt for the first of all the statement this he he he was at Broward County. Deputy not many words rhyme with Broward the only one I can think of is. Forward and that we've been awful the outward of Broward and David Bellamy. Really the question I'd like to ask to share you knew on day one when this thing happened. Why. Your share of was not you know with the empty chamber and a dead shooter. You knew instantly that your guys who why are you running around talking about this being a weapon of mass destruction a very share. Who's doing a press coverage talking about guns and Mr. President I'm sorry you don't know what it's life. You this that there is a serious problem there and you know we had this guy on the radar. But your own deputy. I didn't you know was unable to perform when needed was a disgrace Almonte off on news radio 930 don't. Welcome back to buy hourly and they'll be right back to the phones we've got a fool bank of call so would you hear someone hang up that means. Align its free at 803 or thirty. Start 93180616. WB and you can also text this 309. Threes here. And let's go to outline to let's go to John and royalty and John what's on your mind. John. I just put John Holden let's go to Bob in Ken Moore Bob well let's go to life for. And I. You know it's starting that we. And correct to the law. Where. If you're not hurt somebody. You've got mercker. Separate life partner per carry and spread all the money aren't keep them alive when baker care or so problem number of people very Carol. I thought I've I think about this all the time and you know you look at a guy like me today. The way he is sort of death if it was almost like they use it. Depending there was Ted Bundy who kind of you know tried to I don't know impact wisdom he met up with the Dobson and they I think he found Jesus or something. And then there's you know other folks who kind of play up there I'm a bad guys serial killer to everything. But do you believe in 2018. That the death penalty is a deterrent to anything. Because what the deterred really be beaten you know getting arrested spend the rest your life in jail. Do you think that is a deterrent if we used it more often where you wind died the death penalty. Well I think bureau warned people what governor Kirk. I'll right now all the different about Falwell collector car and I'll go to remarked river. Or computer are perturbed you were slaughtered carpet before you columns are no holes left they're not worried about the IE they're gonna live. So what would you would you say that. The death penalty would be a federal thing or would you do it at the state. Well I would during this statement terms the current rock or orbit changed it here in New York State. It was thought that that was George Pataki's mandate when he became governor. One of the things that he ran on was the death now. And then when the senate got a hold that that they they started playing around with it but. If I am curious as if if you really use the death penalty. You know when people go on death row there immediately. I executed you know after the process is done of appeals. I wonder if that would make it different Bobbitt call alive fourth Ankiel let's go to outline one Curtis in a ransom bill. Curtis what's on your mind. This thinking. You know in Florida. One to help the millennial generation non stop thinking that everybody owes them something that popular outlet. This goal protection only bring back our eat yummy and elegant. Quite a Q school down in the southern region but up north you know star point has ties to the land I don't have a program might. You know one at an you give. Soldiers that are you know taken time out at each head you know little bit at that Landon. Little bit of pride and hockey in you know armed then it typically there's normally history I had just started but it colonel. Obermeyer OTC and actually that's something very needed Kurt generation. I think Amy's first thought a great program it's hard to find you know I were in what I was going to school every person in my junior class to be as bad. We didn't you know we didn't really have a choice we ought to be as bad and we knew what our scores work. And the recorder we always Solomon in encounter we always some in the school there are very few. Schools that allow access. To army recruit you know to any military recruiter. And the ROTC programs it seemed like. They tried to blame junior ROTC in the shooting there was almost this constant reference to the kid beating junior ROTC. And I thought that was kind of weird. Yeah I mean I don't I just feel that you know that way weekend you don't have to. You know take teacher opt to you know go to the armed training course they can quote. And that the kids wanted to go in the military anyway you get them along the path of responsibility in. And maybe you start recruiting with your security group I don't know I think really good idea courtesy grants until maybe the answer is down to. You know bringing more ROTC classes in spring supporting them giving their cadre of kids that are in the program. And having those military veteran to teach the class also due to security from school mean. Not a bad idea at all let let's go to the line five that's Dolores in Hamburg. To archer on power the ability it was on your mind. This we you're one of America's heroes thank you. You're very kind thinking. In terms at camp I brought his phrase stay. Stay alert stale life quite as they bring me back. And you know David there at number things and that's the end I have a question regarding the deputy prime may. But what I am proposing his. Next week but governor there's going to be a group of governors and and new York New Jersey for a summer pulling together to do something because they do. And we do that once there we black are school they act. Therefore my recommendation is. If somebody was a a satellite system. Within their school around their school let's expand the share because they share is the only legal law enforcement agency. In the United States that this state police. But live at the sheriff and no local police but they can get you meet with them. I believed teams have to at least can use I know Jerry. Are retired policeman to go into a special. Area within each of the saudis for each of the schools for the protection of our children. Q rush. All we'll take any ideas right now I think the problem is were shot and off the debate Delors would actually here anyone's point of view because it's gonna turn into a gun debate instead of really I think what the primary concern is consumer Bible no Delors. If I basis was targeting schools. We would allow one attack of Islamic extremist terrorists to kill children and American school. And you would have the 9/11 equivalent of every school in America protected. Sure it will get there is another thing and I act and there's no question about it David we have it must turn the focus. To protect our children the financial guys that their program what are they are fitted we can protect. I hired we can protect things we can protect planes we can do this fits what we do now want to protect your children. ME Chucky cheese does a better job they've yet no really. I mean that this is the truth but there was a question that IKEA and it just so we have been that went to a school what he had it was a school. And a police officer came and hit a couple of my grandchildren would be well this is an officer and you know deep column officers don't want so what you beauty throughout Asia could shake at the end of thank you for being an officer. And I think that your guns missing he says they won't let me if Mike Gunn coming into the school and he was coming in for a problem. Growing and did you miss that yeah I don't know what you would typically hidden it would you know somebody that was soft or wet. What if he needed a guy and why don't we give law enforcement guy and we we assume that they can use discretion to Laura it's always a pleasure talking to the lawyers in Hamburg that if your call thank Bill Kennedy. One thing John Murphy and Delores if you add more to say I didn't mean to cut jobs he'd call back and wanted part two of the horse had a question. You know it's this whole thing is just trying to get my head around. And one who hasn't been scared we all get scared right it doesn't matter what your job is. It's always kind of like Q open adoring there's nasty raccoon look at match what do you do you're scared right. The next move is gonna dictate whether or not the animal runs away the animal attacked you we can handle that were used to dealing with things. Our body are brain. Allows us adrenaline to get through sometimes you're your your brain freeze is or your body freezes the body has a way to just kind of pop through that and give you some sort of direction so. You can escape the danger that threat or. Sometimes. The only way to escape it is to hit it had not. And you got to bust through the gate in order to to funded exit and that's you know right through the bad guy. And for whatever reason. There is a different type of person that finds themselves. In the military. As a firefighter. As a law enforcement officer corrections officer these are different types of personalities. These are people that if you psychologically profile them got ink blots out. They're going to be individuals. That are individuals in communities. Understand teamwork but personal accountability. And these are folks that have a lot of confidence. And you have to have confidence in yourself. When your job is pretty much dictated on your excess. Cops are constantly assessing threat. Soldiers Marines sailors everyone in the military you're trained to assess. Threat. And it's one thing. Jimmie told a guy may have a gun at this address knock on the door cops get ambushed all the time we're seeing the news more and more. You know it it's hard to know whether or not you're going to get shot when you walk up to a car ball when you hear gunshots. You know any combat vet will tell you the difference between. A firefight breaking out. Your reacting to a firefight. And you running up under an existing firefight I don't think there's a veteran who's ever serve the military at a time a war that will tell you. That they want to be ambushed. You never want the fight to just happen. You wanna be the guy that comes in to a firefight you can see where the bad guys are seeing where the good guys are and you can make it better decision. The first person who walks into that. They have to do they have to fight their way through the ambush right. What a cop comes up to a door and they're shooting and there's chaos and there's kids screaming. I mean really. Dared there's got to be out of a better answer than the one we got from this. From from this sheriff's department I don't know. Monday Morning Quarterback too critical is it a fact that we weren't there we don't know. I don't know it'll 30930 you tell me start I'm 3180616. WB EM. Let's go to Tom in south buffalo lied shoot Thomas south buffalo here on WB Angola. Good evening I get. Great. Okay but a police are certain military have a bit tour's but look at it the whole scenario I think arming teachers. Really isn't the job and I'm fundamentally they're there to care nurture children not make the decision between light and that's. You know Tom and everything I have first I want to thank you for your service both times because that's speaks volumes about who you are. But I gotta tell you that point you're making. Is I I think. You're like 35000. Feet above everyone in the world but you're precisely right which I'm saying is that there is a personality. When it comes to teach teens and you've got to turn a trigger at some point. You know I hate to say it but. Todd used to work at a job where he's kind of prepared to shoot anyone he needs to shoot at the moment calls for an aide that I'm not making you will barbarian but. You you have to be ready at all times Tom right. It's taken me years since 97 to decide that line where I get to go home at the end of the day. So short teacher in other words. Skirt shots and anger I've known that I've been shouted in anger right to take to get there it's a lot of experience with a lot of mental preparedness. I just don't see it happening with people that wanna take care virtual. Because in your job that's a view we're accustomed to but as a teacher you're there for a little Billy you there to teach English and all of sudden Billy's got you know. A Gatling gun and you're like well I gotta put Billy down. That's not normal for most teachers. That is not a normal train of thought for any human being however true the second order of effects. We're now you're bringing in a weapon into a classroom teacher has to be mindful where that weapon at who's gonna control the access to the weapon would affect kid just has an emotional outburst. So when you did unidentified but it day. Circumstance of opportunity in. They take that weapon now you bet another weapon an opportunity to a child that most likely would have never done anything but it having a bad day that day. I think BA BA years to change its physical security of the building. You know what. I'm Mike OK keep Tom on hold because I like this guy last our top. Tom I need to I gotta put on hold I got to take a break but I wanna get back to Thomas I'll buffalo because what Thomas talking about. It's something that I think is the smartest idea. That nobody is mentioning and I am so glad Tom brought it up we're talking about security in the sense of people in guns. Nobody has talked about physical security the way we're designing schools the type of material we're using to get to defend schools. And how much of this work can be done with just competent security. In a school Tom I like this guy very Smart kid south buffalo Tom were to get back to him. And your calls it a three on 930 all borrowing ability to back after the hey welcome back to our leaned over rebuttal I'm not to him talk to this time character himself buffalo now. Tom makes a whole lot of sense of humor is the one thing that Tom brings up that I have not heard since. You know a week now over a week since this horrible shooting occurred in Florida and that is. While we're talking about you know. Physical security and security guards officers police officers whatever. No usually talking about you know the way we're building schools or the way we look at securities. Outside of the actual police officer on the ground now. There. Are about debt. They had the way we developer schools open it's on its friendly very approachable from every angle. We are making building now even if you look at target they've got those big. All of the Pratt to protect you from driving into the building go to 7-Eleven at the Pollard in the closely don't run through the building anymore you haven't. Elderly driver to stop like at school or nobody at that they're very vocal all angles. If you're gonna attack a school you know exactly what the people are gonna beat their who's gonna be in the building it's a very soft target from a standpoint. Change some of the saints and also training training training Wanamaker hardened facility not just the wall in the building stay alert stay alive. Language distancing verbal. Loose and body language. All they can be seen any extreme or. It just extreme behavior in general it emotional leaked state they're just yet to be able to identify and address some. An excellent excellent stuff. Asian with the police department and and you guys have an open line when I worried about numbers and suspensions and mental illness everything can be addressed. Op quietly it doesn't have to affect every student building. You don't have to share everyone's business with a every. This isn't a peanut allergy. I it's it's got a peanut allergy not to share with everyone because you were talking about mental health and everything else Tom Xavier servers great call. Tom thank you let's go to four Maarten in California. That's impossible they Marten. Martin and and and know that California. Aren't that many years ago sentiment but even then you go I don't want Portland and they opened an academy. Should be a lot of color rose the Euro and mark pointed is that if you went to a building with a o'clock local red out. And and you don't have any back up how he recalled column I don't understand that. It is tough I here's my here's my take away though. And might take away is is that if the key it was on that floor engaging. Targets. And you open up the door and became you know funnel a death now the kid got a rifle you've got a handgun a totally get it. But these third and fourth warnings on the opposite side of the building. You can at least get a foothold you get at least try to get a little bit of situation awareness to find out. What the other guys are doing but again we're now hearing that there were three additional officers have been. Showed up as the quick reaction force and they also stayed outside the building so maybe. They were given that instruction by someone else and these guys there are taken a fall but. That sheriff I've never seen any any use you know subordinate thrower on the boss the way share of Israel released through his. Under that that you're wearing you. Two who made his own safety standard when you're in a combat situation. Of the perpetrators of human life is it. Bulk of Paramount importance grant it would want Perkins Wednesday it would. What it what are perhaps. And he got yeah seven around in the and. Or are or you could also have a situation where a person with a Glock is exchanging fire at a crowded hallway. You know you could have crossfire you can buy a tremendous amount. I guess my point is though is that. It's not I mean it's not a tie optional buffalo that started the coward thing it was actually done by his own bosses don't share of it. Have you ever seen that before. I mean one of at least on the investigation before they made a comment like that. I don't understand how it sure. You can sit training. And how green the ball appeared how can put somebody on the ball that greatly unless something about the political situation more. I. Yeah well let me a coward. I don't I don't under you know I'm sure it's are the perfect day to really contend that all the way. It really. You know Martin it's really fascinating that you say that because. If you would have gone into the deal would think he mentions that he had witnesses. Counts and he had his long statement and in the video tape which he did not released anyone. I've based on what the prosecutor wants to do that. But essentially he said from that it in he seemed disgusted. Buddy didn't really go into why he was disgusted. You know it's. Anyway I stuff Martin gray call appreciate line for thank you very much Martin let's go to Steven in line winds even in Niagara Falls. Your Barley building at Stephen. Hi guys I love your show. Look at this all the time you how great I got an idea I wanna put out there are to have bounce it off anybody else that I'm deeply committed to you guys. That's what talk radio is all about no vet bill filter go ahead give us your idea. The knowledge. We put closed captioned TV cover every square inch of schools and public buildings. This these cameras also have apparatus attached. They're capable of in mobilizing. Anybody that it. That's on your screen because that's the direct line of sight they did they'd be susceptible to whatever means you were using to immobilize them. You mobilize them and you go and arrest. Because they can't fight back at that point. OK so we've got cameras everywhere. And then what's this the next step. Well that that's something that somebody a little world learned electronics and these would be much more capable of telling ya but I think in perhaps like and not go dark or something like that. Run. He's got knocked out darts in his plan. Don't it's. Well electrical charger and knock out dart this isn't that far fetched when you think about it it's if they've got a rumba. It'll do your floors. Opting in to a guy with that they are shifting. Yeah. Right. Okay all right Stephen appreciate that good call good call I would go with the trained dogs before I'd go and darts and high school. You know I mean there's that idea you just keep nine rabid German shepherds in a cage. And then let them go. Down the hall will find the shooter eventually. Yeah any time you watched cops as soon there's going to cry all the dog out there it got over the dogs win every time he's got to keep them hungry enough. Let's go to you share guy in buffalo. Lime juice Sarah. You are. A high and Barley bodyguards are. I think they might call on an administrator and former military police officer. Cute thing is while we're trying to solve the gun that they would never be solved. Why not play metal detectors in the there's only one door in our entry. But. Put those then with an alarm it didn't turn and then they go you know they go away on the at that point in even if they writing you. It's because it becomes like the airport. Right and you you can you don't have to have guards you know on APEC's patrol. There's no pen and there's no insurance there's not salaries they're they're none of that to worry about how. You have a point of entry. And that's the only security. Yeah and then my other point to is. I I like the idea of having people that decide that they want Gary put the teacher in the last term are locked in one room. We elect is making these notes it though it would make more sense in need to arm. Arctic till the end that want to be armed that you know a lot of buying a microphone in there are hunkered and they're very well he never let my life. Not among like my cell with previous military. From from the you know a security standpoint that you know. I'm gonna be running toward the act. I. Offset. Along with Michael bag and and that's what have you any people that are trained to do it that are gonna run forward. This situation rat and rot away. Look at you Sarah. That's a credible. I'm Ed just didn't you like registered a jolt of confidence in what we'd like your school administrator. And principle that is awesome I mean that's what I knew we needed to hear people like Sarah. The Natalee had military experience but are also in the positions to keeper keeps it. That understand and by the way. Here's a thing we have really screwed up in this debate is we got in big guns and we got and emotion and we got the Second Amendment when we really shouldn't. It's people likes of the have solutions because they're coming out of from two different life experiences. And by the way. What she's talking about is precisely what every airport in the world does. Would you please I don't have to worry about bad guys getting on a plane with guns and don't have to worry about entering and clearing an airplane. If I can stop the weapons at the point of entry. And that is everything right there to great idea but we're not hearing enough of that stuff. Yeah that's a bad about and we're never gonna solve the band aid but in the meantime the arc is a it stopped at at least out. You know we we have an in your last two callers ago. You know rain rain rain and how you bring out live at the right out. And as far as like you know that the little things about active shooter training things that you know. Making a room his darkest possible trying to you know come up with the locks on doors a lot of you know. At are there any schools out there that don't have the ability to lock themselves from the outside. I would dare they not but we've got other you know other things where he young New York State with your I want policies are being any new you know any kind of entry lock. On the inside look at that teacher at the door and it put it underneath. You know eerie one policy is saying now apparently. It is like let the. Wow OK so there actually you know going to have the fringe side of the of the door locking debate Hillary can never be. Open for any reason share outstanding called thank you for your service. But more importantly. Thank you for using what you learned in the service to keep our our kids safe. Lilly was it was life all train and I recommended Ani want absolutely every lap I. I've ever in the military overseas and it brought it out here. I have you in my education. Awesome awesome here that is a great that's a great ambassador and by the way a female veterans. That we don't hear enough well we don't hear the stories and we always talk about. You know my son is gonna join my son the opportunities. You know think about it. I don't think I ever would have seen media Iraq Afghanistan not the best places to see it Germany Europe you get to really understand what all these different. Systems of government and really. You do you appreciate America hole onward if there. A 100% everything in your lecture it was early age and in Egypt though that there interest in places actually at the scene. And I can imagine that it's more interest now I'm sure your keep an you're on and that part of the world it's pretty crazy. Yes sir if I appreciate it thank you sir great call I think your service that was awesome. Let's go to francs in buffalo like five frank your Bauerle ability guide. Wild. About it I I think we need to go to a constitution. That shouldn't. Our. Art Shell and other low along aren't good we're broke now. Back to where they and their. And I think we're our men and completely screwed but. If you think I'm done. And then. The people. And good. And our dollars and there. Who won a world then we go I go to. And what am I commit will be up this portion of inclusion. And and children have ever done. But it was just and blend mantra. There's millions and I'm and it can mean. I'm gonna put a lot of people can get him built into the open your arm of the match and after it came. I know you're. That's true I mean you you can do. Or her understanding you can do all of that into all that stuff but the fact is. All efforts are different. Theoretically you're actually right. You can view you don't have to use a gun to defend your home you can get a dog you did you know. You could do anything that frank is comfortable wit your free to do. The point is if the argument is that we have too many of these rifles. Then banning the rifle does not because fundamentally if you get too many of something you still have accessibility to what's in circulation now. But if you are going to save the Democratic Party the Republican Party wants to make a stand that you're gonna confiscate a rifle. And you know I got to hear from a guy that says you don't need this you don't need that. That's never gonna fly wood middle America. I mean whether you're right frank or you're wrong middle America is never going to hear confiscation. And you don't need something. I didn't even not just elation nobody there has to be confiscation went into literally really. After getting. Off a cart and that number and under. Not I understandable what I'm saying is is that by banning it today you still have the circulation there. By banning something today it doesn't take away from the tens of millions of rifles and are out there right now. Yeah putted it wouldn't accept our optical and eliminate about traction at bat and ball below Latino store. That's the art. Where else would you give me your fifty. She got on the black market we wouldn't encourage that that would be an illegal thing. So are you don't traveling or you're you're not. I didn't. You shut off the sale will look there's people talking about the age bring it up from eight to 21 I just think the the the entire idea that. We still have this semi automatic feature in other rifles. And by the way a two to three over a three away. A 762 over 556. I mean I'll tell you what there are other semi automatic rifles that having much bigger. Punch. That nobody is talking about banning. You also have semi automatic handguns. Which if you're pretty good of the magazine change you can get. The same amount of ammunition down range then you could with a rifle. Well this not you are chipping in its semi automatic weapons nobody needs 200 don't need a sure. They do hunters need semi match all the time it is. If you hurt your ears in the harsh Kim have use of a semi automatic rifle. And again you know we're we're we're putting frank good call I appreciate that. Again. That's what it always comes down to you it's the feature of this semi automatic one band and that is every single handguns is in a row ball over. Or able to action. So again it's it's not it is about. Universal being and it is about compass feature because it's to make the entire argument is there's two guns out there right. Let's go to buckets Jerry thirteen Texas Terri. Played Billy. Martin yeah all right so here's the deal tomorrow. February 24. At the pots banquet hall in Cheektowaga. You are have been a celebration of life of your dear grandmother and the money goes to hospice of buffalo every guy. Yet here are in honor of your grandmother. Yes operation has been at a Poconos. Yeah Goran gonna be there he's Grammy winner where you know poke. Lot of different people from neighborhood. She wouldn't you know real involved in Cheektowaga specifically solid advances in things like that. It's not going to be a great and again all proceeds do go to our best. I'm a lot and we layup and how that saying thank you where are the support that they gave us and you know. I'm just out and then got the big lack. How good stuff Texas terrible talked god next week but that's pot banquet hall 7-Eleven tomorrow in Cheektowaga. All the proceeds go to hospice Texas two of these grandmothers in memory of her. We'll talk to you guys on Monday Bauerle ability. Hundreds of Kentucky fried chicken restaurants across the UK were forced to shut down over the weekend after the chain ran out of this chicken and ran out of chicken KFC says it doesn't have any seat because of a delivery problem preventing me from getting to their finger licking good destination customers were quite how angry. About particular shortage yeah see isn't yet again today sums it up pizza. And their McDonald's like right here.