President Trump Calls Deputy Who Failed To Stop Parkland School Shooting A 'Coward' and Should This Deputy Be Prosecuted 2/23 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, February 23rd

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News radio 930 WB ES. I thought well that's fun to be million delusional and it's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know that you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up and David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees with the today. I would doubt that David its hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 W. David does not believe that it. It's ten minutes after five news radio 930 WB and it is hourly ability at. And we've been talking about the man they're calling the coward. Bob Broward your thoughts on the deputy who stayed outside students were being slaughtered. But wait dead bit there's more we have breaking news develop. Let's. You have this just gets keeps getting worse for for Broward county sheriff's department. Right now according to associated press and CNN are. Are reporting that not only the armed school resource officer but three other Broward County sheriff deputies. Were outside. The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. During the shooting crisis and did not enter. The first responders. Were three Broward County sheriff deputies that were in the area. And all four sheriff's congregated. There's different reports as to how long they were staying outside. But they did not enter the entire time now. We have achieved what we saw the video we did see. People sitting outside but we've assumed that there were people inside they the guys the pickup truck right exactly look at what we're watching them and at that point that we were not sure in which building a beat many buildings on this campus the shooting was actually taking. But taking place and believe those of people look like tactical people. You know you I would love to go back David and listen to the audio from the police scanner to see if the yet the police if it if the people that seem to be doing nothing. Were under orders not to do anything until the tactical guys got there. And if I'm Scott Peterson right now I'm feeling a little bit better about myself if I can say yeah he's let these three others that they were the same way we are all waiting for orders. And again we're talking about CNN here they don't know what the hell they're talking about they don't know what these guys they could've been in and in a record on their job could have been locked the doors. Because they thought they were flushing the shooter out there waved it to take. Defensive positions up because the door my pop open that might be our guy. Going take the shot at the habit we have no idea. What CNN the Associated Press are talking about. But. You know it it's I think they hit the hits keep coming for Broward County shares. Well again though it is. If somewhat troubling to me to realize that this information has come out to meet you for example the brow the power to Broward information came out. Just after the CNN town hall meeting. And I just wonder if those 5000. Angry people who were holding Marco Rubio accountable and Dana lash accountable might have had some words were the Broward County sheriff had they known. Four fact admitted by the department that one of its armed deputies at least sat outside and did nothing well other kids for being fueled. Well I here's another ad that. Woman who bashed her car into the I would say the Berry or outside the White House it turns out that as she was taken into custody no shots were fired she rammed. And Hisham what looks like a mini van what she took into the barrier. The sheet the Secret Service is stating that you know this woman well. Which you know we usually means it crazy person yet she's been outside the White House. Asking them to change the ending of rocky three. That is actually her demand we're not even being silly. Now that's story happened at about 330. This afternoon during the 3 o'clock hour woman rammed a vehicle in 21 of the barricades in the outside of the White House did not get anywhere close to the White House did not get anywhere close to president trump who by the way it is going to be terrific speech Etsy that today it'll three Oda thirty starlet 3180616. W you beat yen. Let's go to the top. Buffalo Tom Tom you are on hello. Both hello Dave. Time you're they're favorite couple policeman and a fellow American here. The. 27 year of that with the buffalo police department. Most of that almost most of that on patrol. I was pretty angry before even stated that the recent facts about the newest information that just came out rigors church. You know we are taught him. And we work cut and an active shooter situation to get on seeing. And not wait for anybody you run towards a shooter you run towards a shots and you take care of business that is what a real policeman should do. I have no so I feel that one out of sadness for that these subs are down there and Broward County he was the Howard. He took no action now to story is true what you guys understand that even more pathetic but I can't say that. Some people like myself who wanted to be a lot horsemen since I was 567 years old whatever was. Are there for the job and others whether the paycheck. And you know what when you start lowering standards. For hiring. Police officers. From college degrees the high school degrees the dvds. You are basically. Getting the bottom of the barrel and your police department. And that's where as the active shooter training. Basically we had training a couple of years ago and that the and the training instructor asked everybody in the class. Who at this point. We're going to school with an act shooters. Have for their Astros their hands just. Happen to have class load your hands the other half did not. If that apathetic. Net debt that's something that should be fireball. At that point I don't know what is. Continue our top. Walk people through what an active shooter drill is like and what a reasonable tax paying citizen has to expect from a sheriff's deputy at a school. Well Brooke we had a school there was there was already people sat up in the school there was active shooters that when the school but concealed within. And our job was to basically go when teams and hunt down the active shooter. So you don't know where this person is you don't know what kind of done very original authors more than one. And you basically want shots were fired once noise was heard you run towards the noise. If I was to get an active shooter call tomorrow I can tell you that I'm not wait to burn the guys I'm going adore and I get started from speaking with guys today. Most of the people live at the so upset with this guy down there in Florida so I. Here's a story about war sheriffs to hang up and every bullet that was going off at school was killing the kid. It terribly young talked about this a little bit before and a Tom by the way is a very well known active duty buffalo police officer not gonna give news last name that I'm sure people recognized his voice or if you know Tom. Tom can you talk about how the protocol has changed over the years because there was a time when the velocity was okay you you wait until you get a sufficient force concentrated and then you go in and confront the shooter with overwhelming numbers. But after bad as one in particular and Russia. It it changed too if you were the first one on the scene and you've got sick shot revolver with no auto re gonna whip with nothing ready to go. You go in there because the sooner you get in there and offer opposition the lower the death poll is going to be. Continued talk about the changes you've seen in your lengthy career. Well quite honestly I'm glad you mentioned Atlanta and I think everybody and every one of your finger. People up there should look it up and learn it. And study it and and understand that because that could quite simply happened here any day any week in America. And that was a horrific story as far as active shooters. I think and believe that after column by and an action should be taken. After combat we shouldn't have had to deal with these are. You know an act of shooting situations after combat but nobody took any action. So we went from Matt really. I have in any idea. And and having a training plan. To where if you get a call and you're the first and seeing. You don't wait for anybody you go and and you're engaged. You run kindergarten part that's exactly what they tell you run towards you gunfire and I can tell you is on the local policeman out there that would do that in a minute. Including mice out. But those ultimate that would match. Tom do you have sufficient firepower at your disposal on a regular tour of duty to feel confident that you can't count any threat. I personally don't think we do. That's my personal opinion. I think we should be. You know armed earth have accessibility. To. Something similar to an air fifteen. And we are now at this point there are working in some things in the mix but. At this point you know you've got it forty caliber you only have helped so many. Somebody magazine valued so plumbing unless it's on line yet say in a weapon Mike and they're fifteen or an AK 47. But regardless you're still drawing attention to yourself. You're still drawing fire from the individual. Fire and I knew as opposed to prior and children and I. Yeah. Yeah it Indy will you know I asked that question because I think we've all seen the video of the bank robbery you know VOA shoot out in California where the police literally had to go to would gun store to get the appropriate buyer power. To get these two guys who had equip themselves with body armor and actual machine guns. That I and I believe most departments are not sufficiently. Armed that point. But again and that is that shouldn't be happening in America. You know we protect celebrity. You can't go into a hockey game or football game. Without being searched and making sure nobody has anything to culture and yet you can get bogged in the what's cool guy wasn't on my daughters weren't school. And and you could be learned a piece argue are two pieces. And and at a locked in right you can walk left and Turkey shoot and that's pathetic we need we need armor schools and we didn't need to do yesterday. Tom. And I just sort of if you would on news radio 930 WB excel asked Tom about his thoughts about. Teachers. Who choose to go through training who choose to carry concealed. Being given the opportunity to do so and the cessation. Of what I've always thought was idiotic the gun free school policy which to me was always just dumb. Long time buffalo police officer Tom if a teacher is willing to go through the process of being vetted and being trained to carry concealed so that that teacher can be the first line of defense good idea bad idea your thoughts. I don't like it because I know teachers have a full plate. They got so much initial round. My excellent teacher. And there's so overwhelmed and then overwhelm a class sizes to no I don't like the idea. But if if somebody was willing to be armed. And it's going to take you three minutes to be unseen and the teacher is right the year. Doesn't that minimize the risk to the student which is all of our goal. And that is true and I get that and as monitor qualifier then there's good looking weapon. You know that's OK but you know I still think like as far as I'm concerned being attacked care. I will not hesitate pain. A little extra to get parents. Guys and there are girls who are plainclothes. And they haven't signed put up at the school saying that you know this site is protected by armed personnel. That I think is the best idea. And I think you'll have a lot of law enforcement officers. And that are retired and the military veterans that are retired that would. Glibly and I know just huge social media would found here but their true. To go do this but you know how that works snapping a little the legality of I don't know. But I know that we need to do something. It's not a gun issue. It's it's and of course you know their spin and make it that way but we need to protect their children. And we can't wait any longer for another week go back and another shooting angle right. You're Tom if you school shootings were nicest terrorist attacks how soon would we have the exact same solutions were talking about now. If this was the fourth terrorist attack that occurred. Where a person walked into a school within eight R&A K 47 it started shooting children. We would have. Every Democrat every Republican would be screaming about you know creating a new DH gestures for for schools but because their actual teen. You know some of these people are our young people. That still premeditated murder we don't treated the same way. You're absolutely correct and that's exactly the response would get. And again and it said earlier. The time you know what they even if you guys could put something on your website in regards to what happens I'd want most people have no idea what happened embezzlement I read the book. I've watched a documentary. It was horrific and it can happen here in a moment time with ten or 15120 guys you just don't know. Yup that's Wanda we've got a good idea will do exactly that during the break broke thanks a topical and and we will talk to you soon. Yeah. You Tuesday safe there's Tom and just gives you a heads up. Another reason why we never have any situation like what happened in Russia these were. The Republic of Georgia separatist basically it was an offshoot of of al-Qaeda you could say the precursor prices. And these terrorists first they hit a theater in Moscow and then they went to a school and basically set of the school for IED's. You know injuring killing. Massive amount of young people and the dithering it will cost lives in not only that it was the hostile act to do Russian. The government set mustard gas into the theater attack actually killed civilians with the air heavy handed approach and honestly. The Russian military on the ground was so worried about a similar outcome. That they just waited too long and they had the same outcome anyway. But again I don't think any of that would happen in the United States because I think we're far too. Concerned about hurting innocent people that we never would have acted. And well as lawn became what it was because the bad guys had time to basically. You don't have fortresses and that made all the more difficult for a of the good guys do to take over and a lot of people died in their motion died and a best one Lola. See we can't find a good article about that give that up in the Bauerle ability of FaceBook page. Doesn't get just golf like other good. George Michael sax solo. From his web days. It is. Is that same because. It as it may get a comparison like Scott Peterson. Wide. Careless whisper can who's rumored but maybe that's what he called his firearm well careless whisper. I'll tell you what it's. Again you're looking at the story yet here from awful police officer and you think well. You know who's to say what any of us would do in his situation he. I can actually I can tell you what ball will police officers have done in the situation because we hear bottom all the time. I mean you know what was so it got your head inside of a car in the bag deploys. Some people could just roll around on the ground and said wow I think that the gun went off. Buffalo police officers you know responded I mean there's been plenty of stories where. Great for. Me and running to five years in. A fireman who showed up at a school fire was like. It looks really hot and I you know I'm just gonna say right now I've been thirty years and the fire department and chief Peterson. I think we're gonna wait for the the folks out Amherst join us. You know all week even lost firefighters going in to basements of buildings were going in two floors of buildings and having them collapsed thinking there were people inside today. Because they were to hold that people were inside and they didn't make it outweighed horrible situation that happened a lot and about a decade ago now. Swear to buffalo firefighters lost their lives overnight Serb fighting a blaze they went into the building to save people. They didn't even know for a fact were they here. I'm metal lip and you had people were running into buildings they didn't even and they knew full well what was going after the first building collapsed just Philip firefighters in. I mean. Come on I mean look. There are folks that are you know what. We're talking about you know what would a law enforcement officer do in you know a situation that. When there's an active shooter would look at what happened in Orlando. I mean there are at least fifteen of these active shooting stories where. You have someone making a command decision that was responsible later for saving scores of lives. Based solely on saying I think I could stop this Reich could do that there's always these incredible. But I am sorry man that's just forget and all these people that are like well handgun can't fight and they are we talk about ninety year old kid. An adult pouring up. A pencil that someone is enough to make you think I mean just going there and and cause some sort of do something. Do something. I'm sorry and I agree with president trump and we've often said this the school shooters these these mass killers they are cowards and whether they're being shot at with a nine millimeter off for ten or 22. It is going to deter them from killing the innocent. We also breaking news that Chuck Schumer is passing a law against Howard police officers. Has he run to a microphone Malia are 803 on I thirty starlet 3180616. WBE and back to the calls. The in the buffalo thanks for your patience and holding Dave you're on W via. And our. We we want to make sure we give you for your time but we gotta get you better sound quality. Much better thank you even if you're doing it illegally and ordering stuff on eBay thanks for calling. I hit two quick or first read that this year obviously came out the way he did it. That really cover their own BIB. I think about burst. Everybody associates and hated and taking out all their frustration at the NRA. And Republicans. At a kind of wraps come out everybody has earned them so well and you can just quietly yeah. And. You don't pierce the truth and let me tell you said you actually tapped in I don't know if you work in PR if that's your thing but. That is a definitely. Something people do when they wanna give you bad news you know the clintons were they absolute king and queen. A putting out information that was true and that they would make a comment it would leak stuff up that they knew was going on with Lewinsky scandal. And then they would say things like you leave that this sort of Smart is out there about our president like you guys are the ones who put out there and the other biggest. This year that almost is like he's doing this very very much like a political administration would release bad job numbers. That's sort of how share of Israel has kind of let this bad stuff Kutcher cola. Exactly now. My other thought there and in Uga being the guy's yard got a problem that's Sempra base a lot faster than you brought about. I'll let her. Work. And I need to go that ordered the reason that he would at church who hold what are you are already out. It I certainly am well you know what did send him there. Gave extra money going up anymore. I think you know that that's a great question and I don't think we have the information on which to give you an intelligent opinion on this yet. And that's the thing we don't have access look at. We appreciate your confidence but we can't exactly get into the Broward county sheriff's personnel. But here's the thing. How many people have gone with facts they don't have anything on the story work weren't literally have been an existential debate on the Second Amendment. And we don't even. Well people are talking about you don't make schools safer I guns in schools people know what they're doing with guns inside the school. Well unless they. Don't have any intestinal fortitude to really wanna be there are now that changes everything so I mean. A lot of people on the left are making statements without even knowing what's going on what I think it's far more alarming. Is that they share for Broward County certainly knows what the hell's going on. And he's out there he's accused everyone but the you know managerial candidate of of having some involvement. Exactly it. I'm on the back I don't know what when you're not fault is this for eight in different. And quietly. And nobody that may not. Father of course is the district attorney that was involved in the duke rape case what an incredible reference. That is really impressive debt in other words the of these did it take away there is let's rush to judgment without any facts and let's just assume that the politically correct people are the correct people and now I find of course put his entire career and reputation into something that. He was hoping it would turn out to be true because you know strippers over line. Exactly. Did they tell. Thank you we appreciate there are no such things as strippers there are only girls who were on the pole working their way through medical schools it wasn't for strip clubs we've no women doctors at which a figure that out yet they're all working their way through medical school. Here is a salmon a cell phone on WB Ian said thanks for your patience you're on high. Also mister Bauerle stuck wanted to make two points on. First of all let's go for years just pushed the agenda of the country's arms back when President Bush George hw was in office. You kinda young gun Kris don't act in neo liberal side well. I achieved in these two that can handle firearms what the police protection. Well we can seen the end inspection basically America. My point is her health care professional. The critical were brought to tell her you were basically your you're trauma. Program that remark got the bill. I'll won't. It's minute to what the experience they've showed us applauding student. You don't really trying to make a little more of an honest discussion and sort of our. A witch hunt up. Well I used and it's not responsible to take kids under the age of fifteen that a party. Big shot at and put them on national TV is that what you're same. Look mr. Ali I was combat veteran I was in the medical corps but I was deployed overseas and you know. It's wanting to talk about it and that you see action. Decompress. Let it run on dropped I don't have to tell you I don't know against that but the point is. You know people were actually years how to this notion that. Government and the answer police are professionals. You try to assist and they're just too helpless. And the reality is what the police are perfect I'm competitive pistol revolver shooter. I can tell you I like cops are sort of the tops. But unfortunately in the real world they don't have the budget to do the right training and I think he knew they can't be everywhere and I can president spot on and you're seeing lots. If you are private system won't have all the arms if you already legally count upon it he's carried on for years. You should be allowed to continue to do what you normally you're responsible way up north and every teacher there and turn into dirty Harry. No one saying that they should look and act between making elections plans but I mean. Let's get realistic and creating what is contracts. Don't I bring some of the John pointed out John is that combat veteran right if John. Experienced something dramatic. On a deployment they wouldn't even allow John to call a family member and tell the story. He would be so controlled as to what he could actually share. We have people. At least you know he was in charge of or the family members of his close with he's on a total different protocol. And that's really weird that that school would. You know the effort where all these kids in their mental health is so important why they were pulling them out to elect dad's really good pointers and you. You said that you were they a medical professional says. It's about you you're medical profession and I'll tell you even. Without a violent situation. I just went through a very major surgery. And I've been told repeatedly by doctors don't make any major decisions for about six months to a year. Dull you know basically your body is healing. You know Allison shot I was operated but Tom decide a six year deal better help. If it. Five law. Our story short is. It does it have to be a violent act after your body literally undergoes chemical you know physiological changes and it takes a while to recoup I can't imagine what these children went through with it breaks my heart. And said Michael you John I apologize but. But but I mean they would even allow you to talk to load the mother of someone who was her let alone killed. And I'll tell you I mean I don't anticipate that every Democrat he'll play a not quite simply. A lot of Democrats talk about empowering individual but in reality its power over these huge cross the federal government trust the FBI and listen to a fuel office each and such yes we mean in the states. It's other glib but it's like you know your heart he is in the state not locking her house when you leave as a mistake this is a horrific. Breached. Your your credit protocol. I mean how many more events being in the past to connect dot say. You've got people and social media post about this and that it is hard evidence that you can walk and it's now. Innuendo it's not hearsay and I can make it is well. We got gun free zones are great. You try to citizens just need to do implicitly trust that I'm not conspiracy here respect. Anti law enforcement but what. Do you listen to a lot of liberals who backhand and you what types of I could start a whole program told you what a handgun can do. And it's about bringing it's about preparation. About teamwork and that guy just beat the Packers had a lot. I'm scared really scared about being wrong be scared that's what you do with that here that aren't you as a professional. Let's get back to Sam on eighty a cell phone. Sam. One of our the guys we spoke with earlier the buffalo police officer Tom for now he says that one of his concerns is that they're teachers could be. Disarmed. Or distracted. In the middle of a fight and might. Lose control of their firearm might counter argument would be you put them through the same kind of side armed retention training a police officer growers through. Yeah I agree with you mr. garlic you know you always have a lot of great point but you're right I mean no disrespect officer anyone can be disarmed. It should in theory they're not trained or make a mistake. And secure the capital of Howard county sheriff stop at its current economic point cops they couldn't. The people police that Berkshire has pandering to electorate think they'll. It's not my fault with the arc fault I don't think it's just again every teacher should have a guy greedy you're actually right but those who are trained but also. Experience and firearms theory completely mistaken Koptev left their weapons south criminals have gotten in published recently about that sort out. I guess he shouldn't all teachers are these little these spectacle kind of you know. Like yep combined purse structure tight that not every teacher I mean like it's not every police officers Rambo what we've seen in. That's that's the truth brother Rambo gym on duty outside of school than Scott Peterson but Scott Peterson and have to worry about that big anymore. Thanks for much we are glad you called Than Shwe or go to some more calls let's do that let's go to. John and Roy Wilson on WB EN John and I give us a quick tease before reproach on hold for the next break. Out here I do and it. Donna Brock and I called because I want as he prepared. You've been there before and yeah I was in the show all the time and now. People you guys. With 90% of what you say however you know. What that situation. And I'll. Never know who you gonna be able and that it had not ever want. The leaders on some real surprise there's people that stepped up on people hey. And I had actually it is. What do with a bunch of guys and hey you know this might not make it back but we'll do this you know what I mean is all well and I'll. Disappoint the Jamaican Aaron and I think that we have to be very careful. You know he could've had a medical condition who knows you know so we did talk about this about going back and listen to 3 o'clock hour we did talk gut extensively about this and David's thoughts on it as they Fallujah. Our combat veterans so don't go anywhere we will get back to you here on news radio 930 WBE and.