President Trump Calls Deputy Who Failed To Stop Parkland School Shooting A 'Coward' and Should This Deputy Be Prosecuted 2/23 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, February 23rd

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News radio 930 WB ENLC. In we you know the last hour of yesterday's program we got a little bit more information about the Florida shooting one of that was a little bit more into what was going on this deputy sheriff of Broward County that was. Resource officer. It's Tom Bauer Leahy the let me look when your hall they first of all the statement this he he he was of Broward. County deputy. Not many words rhyme with Broward the only one like him think use. Forward and that's what he's being called the outward of Broward and David Bellamy. Really the question I like to ask which there you knew on day one when this thing happen. Why. Your share of was not you know with the empty chamber and a dead shooter. You knew instantly to your guys who adopt. Why are you running around talking about this being a weapon of mass destruction and that they are issue it's the hourly and Olivia that very share. Who's doing a press conference talking about guns and Mr. President I'm sorry you don't know what it's life. You this that there is a serious problem there and you know we had this guy on the radar. But your own deputy. I didn't you know was unable to for. Form when needed was a disgrace come on off on news radio 930 double. Are they develop it we are talking about well the guy calling me Broward. How he coward or the power to Broward county and were well aware that showered also rhymes with Broward Judy and keep texting has with other words that rhyme with Broward prep we do appreciate your. Political license and in sight adultery on my thirty star and I 3180616. WBE. And and we're taking your calls on the deputy what do you make of that and you know the again. For as good as I thought. Sure it's got Israel was on the day of the shooting David and I thought he was miles ahead of the ducking it up Las Vegas. Lombardo all he was just deadly. But. You know. The fact is he had to build the day of the shooting as he was doing briefings that inspector was an armed. Why it was the first his deputies to bear on location who did nothing. There was a lot of you remember when the assistant football coach was was killed. There there was Fabrice there was a report that that was the resource officer. That the security guy. You know lost his life and an account to find out that. There was an armed security guard that was an arm deputy you'll like all while they must it's a huge campus there's no way he could have found it's so soon. Well he did and you know again we also have not answered any of the questions as to why the door was hot how to access was obtained. You know in some of these other short of the one Connecticut the shooter shot as well into the school. You know that didn't happen in this case and caused the and then this security systems at any minute delay. Just. That's something I don't have a free ticket to locate the purpose of sending us your system can did to the sheriff's department correct correct. The purpose would be so the sheriff's department in real time can keep tabs on what it's on school to respond immediately in the event of the shooting situation some other emergency write this and they couldn't do anything with the twenty minute delay you can go to best buys and get cameras that will July up under coverage. I unless they're like sending that signal. You know a server in India and then back again there's no excuse why. But but here's what I think what's happening I think they're watching the DVR the back. Video and as they were looking for what was going on that information was being sent to people were looking at it the lead feed. And so they were looking for real and again this is another reason why you want a person in the building. To be able to give you good situational awareness you don't wanna get it we saw this with the lone survivor's story. If you tell you if you need a quick reaction force your semi for reinforcements. And you're not telling them what's on the ground. They're gonna get into a situation where they're not prepared for it they don't know that there are guys with. Surface to air missiles or RP GAs or pay the guys outside is where a purple shirt that's what the kids are saying. That information needs to be real laid as soon as possible so he could find the guy but also you know we know that there were kids we know there are people that were killed outside of the school. Were they killed. On the way in which they killed on the way out could they have been prevented. And again the sheriff's department now. Twelve we're hearing more and more situations where people went to the sheriff's department said this guy's gonna kill the school and they did nothing. I blame the F via. Well it's got Israel was looking like less and lastly your owners. Tell you what he and that's not that's not to denigrate a wanna be really clear on this that's not to denigrate the men and whim and we saw responding it. Quickly professionally and bravely to the high school where he again though we want to differentiate between the fact that. These guys responded that they got such high marks for the way they did respond. But it was them it was this year from the mayor of Parkland Florida. That we're throwing all of the shade at the FBI. This is inexcusable. We heard got people want in an apology the NRA had to apologize. We had to get it all these people had to say. You know and then and then the drama that we saw the town hall meeting sheriff was there the mayor was there everyone had a point of view I'm gun control. One how about you tell us what went down and take responsibility for your department is if they could have gotten ahead of that story. At eye level with the American people right off the bat from Dave from moment one let's go to Linda in buffalo on WB. EU and Linda. I probable. And David. I am an outside and get it out I'll evaluate it I think that you guys get into video. No we have not seen the video that the video was referenced by the sheriff you said. That hasn't been released yet and there's a possibility it may never get released at the prosecution doesn't wanna put them street. 00 OK that was my question not thought to guide machine that video because. Likewise skillet cook could be that he would catch Andrew Steele or caddie cook it let it now. He could not be the guy was gonna come out the door and get out. Well the sheriff. In his statement last night where is pretty clear about the deputies well how. I don't I put it bluntly. Absolute in activity in the face of danger. Well. Yeah we have not seen the video in his Davis said we may never vote. I honestly don't know how bad is going to affect one way or the others be successful prosecution of the sick person who do business. Right exactly. Okay thank protect and not cause. Partly to thank you up very much David though I would here but we might not see the official video but I wonder how many students. And captured the image of deputy Peterson doing absolutely nothing outside the school. As it was being shut up you better. Because one of the reasons why he suspended while suspended him without pay. Was that he heard from several witness statements and then the very lengthy statement of the officer himself and has decided that it was even more disgusting. Because it really go into the statements are inconsistencies. But you know they had enough on them. And the other thing is that it is sort of like. You know you've heard you've heard a lot of people now come out and say how does disgusted they were about everything. But the way to sheriff described him like the only answer he would have the only job that guy had was to stop the shooting. Engage the shooter kill and wound down get him to stop but just do something. Of all the things you possibly the only thing that would have gotten you this attention is if you did nothing. And we talk about that that's always a metaphor man who do nothing you know the ones that you know do something just. Do something he didn't do it. And who's to say how many people could live for double what you think the parents would if you wanted to point the finger at something that we could have done. Isn't this the greatest example that we you know even if you have an armed officer in there. It still requires people to be competent it's still requires people take their job seriously. Well just the guy with a gun I don't see it today. I don't think may look what are the book let's look at this set politically and I hate to do it but it has to be done because unfortunately this is a political issue but. You have your Scott Israel right now. It's a lot better to be talking about the Howard bet you let. Retire than it is to talk about the twelve times when you were told that this was going to happen. Excellent point I mean there are other things that you wanna talk a bit there are other things in this story that make you look really foolish. Let's talk about your employee. Curator made it's much easier pivot off that show you earn your discussed. Let's all that let's put this in a different light. Let's just say there were present and our deputy there who did absolutely nothing do you think that the focus might be on the twelve times the Charlotte. A reasonable sheriff or sheriff's department would have known that this was yen in the works. Not to mention the calls that were made to the FBI. Which did. Make it to the Miami field office which stands innocent in all of this the field office in Miami. Shares none of the blame at least that we know what's so far in what happened none. Absolutely and and and and the other thing is that you know you talk how to these things disseminate. Well a lot of times it's from the ground level the sheriff might have more information hopefully in his own county and the FBI does. They don't thrill and I'm thirty start I'm 3180616. WBE. And let's go to Ron in Cheektowaga run. Well hello mom and aunt and David. I just let it I I am our combat veteran I served in the infantry in Vietnam. In 96. Yeah but the ones that there are airborne brigade. I'll welcome home that's an impressive division. In end I just like that say that I think that we're betting Georgia and Fort Polk. We were trained for combat. And even though I know old. When you're out in the field and your role in an ambush is an example exploration in the audience which. We are within your verdict that culpable because of oppression of karma bit. It's a very beautiful boy a magazine reloading drop on the head on the ground turn it around the wrong way you're trying to mold that you play in the magazine. And all. But if your buddies were being shot up beside you would you have just stood bare how many people did you know we just stood there and did nothing. Yet. I can I just can't believe he hadn't received the puck between them. But also my my Darden did too truth and she teaches second rate citizens who. She and we thought about it she says. Well I would bet I would dump them on the right there wouldn't take a bullet but I don't think I could I do. Should somebody and I think that the that the situation is that Julia who wanted to teachers. And I do I duplicate what you better than nothing. They have at least one or more people maybe retired police officers who military. I'm on the campus. But I also this campus when this happened in Florida tomorrow gonna panic is that it is three floors. There were several hundred rooms hallways I'm. Well and over forty acres but that's why it to me anyway though nobody you don't understand that nobody not even Donald Trump is saying we should arm all teachers were forced anybody to have a firearm who does not feel comfortable with a firearm at. Oh yeah I absolutely understand as generally get our. Our volunteer fire department some of whom are incredible. But we'd want to make sure that our volunteer firefighters actually want to be there. When they draft people and say your firefighter. You want someone that's that's built like that wired like that to volunteer and do that job and hopefully we can find some teachers out there and if nothing. Else maybe we get some more military people and teach. Rob thank you have very much for the call and for your service in non. We go back to that calls. As we talk about the the guy who is an earned it. The nickname the coward of Broward artwork and this is a gene on WB Ian genes that the coward Broward but the sheriff's deputy. Four minutes just under cover not doing anything to protect those cubes. Hey guys how ya doing so. You know. Are we really will start with a cracked. I got a beta Burke thought I mean this is gonna have to live with this book the rest of it light. That's true I mean there's no you don't get out a Mulligan on this one. No not at all. Boy you know it's you know I got a status. As a human being. In David you brought appoint her to stay earlier. Every human being and when you're in a situation in Europe are. Okay for you noted there are actual gunshots going off. Yeah I mean the first day it usually has hit that it's here. Okay I'm not targeted guided it could be beer import OK now. Me personally I've stated I don't know. If power in a situation I pray that god will give it occurred just going there could see myself. Catering children didn't kill couldn't do. Have to our public just going it was my whole life. We try to do something he did that that we for those kids. Well it OJ when we hear the story about the teachers who threw themselves in front of bullets and a student who threw himself in front of bullets to protect. Classmates. Just makes his deputy look about twenty million times worse he had a firearm. Exactly and create a bear well hero ball every single one of your overall you know boy. I mean what goes to rule. Out thirty year veteran mind. Not to do his job. First off. Well you know what is that the answer might be something as simple love. As hey I put my thirty years and I get a nice pension weight and formally assure his elbow wanna check out. Now. Our hope that wasn't the case but. He might be right about. I don't know that that's the case but it's yours it's that I don't you know I do think about it they'll eat even if you know a lot of people are like well the fundamental responsibility. It's probably not standard operating procedure I'm sure there's a bunch of other reasons that you could equate to watch this officer didn't do what he did you wait for support he wasn't. You know didn't have the right weapons system or protection whatever it is. You at least want to be in the school and giving aid to somebody. I mean if you're not going to address the shooter. At least have two kids and your arm bringing them to emergency crew. But you can't sit outside. No you just can't even the dogs went. I know but yeah I insist. Another thing that bothers you don't get back up and watching the truck come visit this this year they didn't. And a failure right now this year what you well we've already knew about this case. I'm not prepared. Don't deflect the question what you do about this before it happened why on God's green are bitten you do something about it. Okay I'll tell you what I think that passes over I think the media is start to see that these guys not. He's certainly a baby that and again whenever he gets the top spot Eagles back to what incompetent coward dies as deputy. You don't mean it's like he's totally using that it is to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. You know somebody brought this up to the text or can it took the words right out of my mouth is kind of interesting the story about the deputy came out there it just after the CNN town hall meeting. Her I do wonder that was by design because incredulous 5000 people were angry at Dave alleged yelling at Berman or Berger if they've found out that the sheriff was in the building and the hall is one of them. Tom had an excellent point and probably would add. You know that father would have lost his mind continuum the instead of the heat being directed against guns and against Marco Rubio the heat would have been directed at the sheriff's department and Scott Israel. So I want. I'm sorry but unfortunately David. Politics. Is in everything and politics is just it cannot be escaped. And I really wonder how much different that meeting would have been if that information have been released by sure Israel prior to the meeting. Maybe Dana lash would look like the good person and the sheriff would get all the. Only agree on maybe that's how we should have. That's how it yeah exactly archived event. That there's another fake anyway Jeanne anything for everything else from the. Well as our numbers are. Are worried that nothing like this ever happens again. But you know I know for a fact that I have nieces and nephews that are schools right now and I worry about them every single day. I really do but I know for a fact that we talked to them about what she's you do in case of a situation like that comes up. And we try to bet she'd make sure they understand. For all stay calm don't panic. Second all by helped her off if you can't I don't get away from the situation at bat and possible. Well we we are advocates idea of the fight theory here on this on this program that. Look it if you beg for your life from a mad man you're gonna lose that bag every time so you might as well if if you can round up and up people just charge the bastard. Get him off his game throw water bottles broke and as throw books you need is a million things you can use to get one of these people off their game game and you know if it if ten people charge somebody on mass I don't care what he's armed with elicits a new group. And grenade you got a good chance overpowering him. But again that's easier said than than it is done in practice and it's up in the people gonna think got advance. Gina thank you very much are obviously we all hope that nothing like this ever happens again but I'm gonna tell you. They're for the first time since the shooting started with president trump I feel confident that action is actually going to be taken that he's going to make cents. It's good to have a guy in the white doses actually making cents a on this and a hello is back. And Bellamy on W yeah. Coming in depth discussion author about clock and it's many uses. It is up 437 news radio 930 WB the. And meant. I've found that sometimes it's hard to clean. You're up to get them immunities used to to brush with Google that it like that wrote cleanser stuff on it. Yeah yep actually. It's or 38 at Israeli about thirty WB yet we are talking about the coward of Broward county and David how ironic is this. He's gotten death threats. At the guy who just stood there doing nothing performance while kids were being murdered by a mad man in Florida. Because of the death threats he now has police protection outside his place. King he had was in the schools. This and there were twelve people stepped forward his superiors to say. Their word that this idiot was gonna sell them like office. It's it's like on a level. And embarrassment that I don't know if you be any worse it's one thing to be outed. As a coward because here's the problem. Were we were so fake with the with the way we throw around. Superlatives. Ride so everyone associated get a good job what were you in the play that was a tree all you did a great job. You are great three year search you probably went like 48 hours of being told there was nothing you can do body. You get all your coat and then all of a sudden the truth came out. And now he's like the worst of the worst and now they're like you need people because Yorvit there are members of the NRA that had their lives threatened living doing rock. Now and now. Being boycotted the fact that some companies have been business associates via a that it had dropped their association with the honorary. And again folks ladies and gentlemen boycotts go both ways so if you like the NRA. Stop doing business with the companies that have boycotted the NRA it's like when sponsors boycott Rush Limbaugh. Boycott the sponsors I mean you also have power in this you were not a powerless individuals. You do have the ability to make your opinions known and I have no way of proving theirs but. I happen to think that. One of the reasons it's so hard to find him bases in this area gays after Donald Trump rolled out his presidential campaign Macy's. So divided Donald Trump in favor of illegal immigration. And lo and behold Macy's sales fell like a rock I honestly believe some of you listening to us right now who worked at Macy's no longer worked at Macy's because of the reaction to the Macy's. Dumping a bottle drop. Cornell. I was I was really confused whenever a start throw and after curing so over Sean Hannity added now why. Probably because of the Ponce. The tide pot yet. But above my point is is that I really think when you when you boil this down it is one of the most. You know you've got to go back to maybe the Lindbergh kidnapping defied a reversal of fortune. Where you have you know one person who's look at as being hey thank you for pointing out that was the latter here man and then you'll like this. Were how did you know about this where you in cahoots with the maid working with the Miami working with the guy who actually did indeed her and why did. The late commit suicide exactly what she named Andy well and then there is the theory and Andy deployed by the way folks Charles Lindbergh as famous American flyer who in 1927 may of 1927 I believe. Became the first solo pilot to fly across the Atlantic. Ocean. Who Charles Lindbergh wars he had a little bit of a huge problem but you know he was. Well he might had a little bit of I like the Third Reich problem we're yet oddly enough went hand in hand with the quote Jew problem Ed Henry Ford also had some interest in thoughts and use Haniyeh. But the long story short is that. They were good thoughts I would probably hastened to add into their loved Pink Floyd. If her pick well II believe that that Pink Floyd actually recorded the ports to vessels on for the third Marie little boat factory history. But anyway. The long story short is. There are actually some people. Who are now have the theory and I wanna play as just a theory that the American flyer Greenberg actually. Because he was into the eugenics movement and actually has been shown to fathered a number of children. You legitimately outside of his his marriage to his wonderful and very intelligent life. That he actually thought that his kids his namesake was a little slow roll. And wanted him to disappear because he would be an embarrassment at Lindbergh name. That's only a theory it's never been proven. But let's just say this much. 13. Almost exactly 13. Of the ransom money was found in the possession of Bruno Richard whole mob who was electrocuted. The word the kidnapping. How I have no doubt played a role and richly deserved execution. But I happen to believe there were at least two other accomplices. And another factor history David that these should be pointed out. How the kidnappers know on that particular. Denver it was going to be at that place in hope well because they've ever been there before on that particular. Night of the week I uninteresting thought I've always thought it was Al Cowlings and telling the truth and here. Let's get back to the calls. WB Ian the coward of Broward County that's the worst he could belong you know he. Here comes another horrible lie. He's actually from a planned originally Indiana called. Truck she. Asked me. To say that's okay are up. Hit it is. Here it is. Well we did and follow on the are you that the quirks of history are are sometimes. I just sometimes you just got to shake your head you know. Here is a Tony a WB yeah Tony. Good evening so. Our leadership that reported it town hall reporter count hanging. There was ridiculous there really wasn't I thought it what do we call yesterday how lynching. Rich people did you see their deplorable. There are. Asked by CNN. To output and props together for the count oh. Yeah and dark. They got an actor can accept while we didn't want her to one of more questions. Saul arms that this could put on TV that's great you know and. He's basically saying that CNN gave them talking point was scripted. He put that question certainly no word on what question. Told him the word. They give expecting him in Eagles this sort of works out there like Georgia police sever their work very work just follow the script. CNN vigorously denies it and I do not trust CNN and I believe acute. Well here's the thing I mean if they were on a script you have to think the people are seeing it really don't know how to write because it the arguments that even make any sense I mean. You're asking. Marco Rubio to tell a kid who's about to ship off the basic training if he's going to be alive to ship out I mean. It's like not even good drama. Well Marco Rubio United States senator and soothe Sayer right like from the writers of I Carly. It's a CNN town hall. There's one of the saddest thing about this is that I can not believe there was an issue you outcry. Joseph had a player for his rhetoric. Thought I'd I was Jesse Roger Waters already called for that that you were each productive with the sheriff of Broward County. I area. I beat it every it was a deputy U rechargeable you'll saw him. I mean yeah. I also find it interest bat. The information about the coward deputy came did get a after this Ian and now lynching of senator rubio and dale. It. He knows really weird though it's funny how that he used to be a picture of Saddam would you was the one released smeared your reputation. It be like Rumsfeld here's a picture with Saddam and it's like from 1981 there shaking hands. Anytime I see selling shelf with a picture of Clinton. I'm automatically know like we'd second. Why is he with Hillary Clinton how to dodge surface I mean look. If there was about his press conference. And it was like well really quick to the politics but you know who knows I'm sure he's just the guy who love law enforcement and you know he's reeling from this horrible tragedy. And now it's like more and more pointing fingers everybody. And I have never. Buffalo police I haven't seen any. Commissioner or share toss a guy under the bus that fast. That is very revealing how quickly a leader throws a subordinate under the Voss. My friend Corey. Crew did it might disagree with that. Inquiry was victimized by a video at the wrong time and it was politically expedient. For the then commissioner. Like a typical liberal liberal just deflect blame it all you know you don't overwork or or what America. You have to wonder if it's it's bad that you know that a tragedy like this. Let me think how much time we could've saved these parents screaming about. You know any ours when it was a matter of William and you know there's so much more to this story that we don't know anything about you know David theoretically this kid could be a member of ice this. We wouldn't know all the sudden we're still talking about AR. David Antonio got a couple of Texan in the past few minutes along the same lines from guys were active duty police officers in western new York and basically. What they said he is they want the public to know. Bet there are a lot of that I've dedicated cops who worked in it to be police officers to serve and protect. But like any other profession and there are people who work in it simply for the paycheck. Picture combined effects I thought portable book harper 32 years. They're one of the worst neighborhood and bottle. In black rock and he was in it for the profession. Gosh it was a military and AMP came out of a military court where the law enforcement. Well god bless. Their underwear in order to orbit the same about their bill really really bothers me is I replicates. They're bigger market went on right now the Cuban government to court. If I'm good thing is that you got. Children. Parents. And teachers tried different reports. In the thirty year police officers. During their off work and so that. Are not that this is like a nightmare this is an absolute nightmare like the idea that you had. 88 football coach. Jump in front of hail of bullets at a student and student again at times hitting they're giving their lives for each other just to show someone word hide or where to go for safety. And the guy that has the Glock. Ball that's the worst it it's it's hard it's sickening it's hard breaking. He's just being dirt. Wrong job I'm under the root beer they're very in depth investigation. Armed. We're no call me a Broward county sheriff's department. Who took the call. What happened to where it did go from there. Debt debt debt is should be district but he expert. I thought we were there they went in the trash. I mean it did they had if they didn't if they weren't acted on the certainly weren't a part of a file. Yeah I think I guess it's just it's you know. Well it it's set and again I will repeat what I said today after the shooting I don't think ever received a school shooting that was as preventable as this one was preventable rear end and so many people screwed up either there's a lot of blame here. And this is not a question of gun control because again I've asked the question. You somebody please tell me what law would it stop speakers there is no new laws that would stop this and a lot of people dropped help a lot of balls away. Is that that's that's what they'll see and understand not why underway it doesn't matter. Howard glad you called sir thank you very much. It is about hourly and all of via a news radio 930 WB Ian eagle three all right thirty start 3180616. WB Ian by the way those of you would work today you'd have a chance to see you. Go back and check out the video today president trump speaking at CP act absolutely. Sensational. In my humble opinion one of the best truly one of the best. Norm. Angola ignored the sheriff's deputy your thoughts on the coward of Broward. Interest and grab a pitchfork and torch. You know going after this guy what what what interest leaders. That's why isn't always the retired guys they wanted to take important that the school. I think it's you know it's a really good point I think the idea here is that there really isn't a funding source to do anything with these guys where they gonna come from. You wanna take a cop off the beat and put him in school and it's a suburban school nothing happens it's me Parkland they they called themselves the safest place in the world that not even. A year ago. Well Rick chose not to happen that is exactly yeah yeah well look good and I don't. Funding is an issue. You know without doubt enemies the best idea I've heard yet those looks and rusher earlier. And some guy called in and said that he would use. Town council. And they talk. Probably Edwards speak. That the police departments are overcrowded. And they set up offices. Satellite offices. At the school. And these it's an active. Steps when you force seven. With police cars on the premises so everybody can see that they're there and what is wrong bet. That's the best idea I've heard yet. There's a lot of schools I don't know Ole. I actually don't know if every school is going to be able to work every community is going to be able put a satellite police office in every school. But I it to me the best idea yet is what president truck has proposed and that is you know may be. It may be hand in hand with that is maybe schools might consider hiring more veterans. Of course that might disrupt the liberal. Orthodoxy of the school that might cause people that could safe spaces in it chew up some more tied odds. Listen that's exactly what's gonna happen if you do. Look at New York State in an education. If you gave a block grant from the federal government from the Department of Homeland Security to protect every school to the buffalo schools would do it. They go hire a bunch of you know translators. They would have a new cameras they wouldn't there are gonna be some schools that are Gordy. Mis use that money not put it towards the intended purpose and then when they got forbid have a problem. It's got to turn and des what to expect us to do and unfortunately some of these districts are bad stewards and they haven't done enough. With the resource that they've had other schools they have a different violent problem. Feasibility study is amazed at what we spent the money out feasibility. That we need more money now. Well they'll find a way to figure out that putting armed security in buffalo schools would somehow affect the longevity of the common turn you know which is why wouldn't elaborate.