President Having Trouble Moving On - Carl Calabrese


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We're joined on the line now by Karl calvary is GOP strategist talking about twelve the president his response to Charlottesville lend. How we move forward both in politics and as a country Carl thanks for joining us said the president on Twitter. This morning are ripping into Lindsey Graham first statement he released yesterday. Also the fake news media. How do you think the president is moving on from the controversy surrounding his remarks over the past few days. Hope it does little bit by the look like his movies looks like he's. Engages in this fight now and that that kind of typical Donald Trump. You know the one thing that Donald Trump. Some people say a couple of things some people say it's the purses demand. Doesn't back down he just. It seems like to fight and when he does engage in a fight he expects to win. And so. You're seeing this sought throughout the campaign you're seeing it in the first 78 months of his administration and it will see it. For the employer for years now it is. Detractors. Think at this aspect of his supporters they locked. Republicans for many many decades have. Have just you know. Been very discouraged by political fight in Republican leadership. And Republican parties elected officials that as soon as they get a tech perspective of the mainstream media. They expect our lake Howell are they apologized. Lots of Republicans. If there up you know right up to either they're out here there are there head and that along comes out from placed the gloves off. And they have frankly they love it so together you're a supporter you're safe ride to your detractors say in how we gonna do next. Report years. You know Carl it almost seems it when you're watching some of that the news the last few days it seems like. Part of the countries on hand straight now over this but we're really talking about the fringe right the fringe left on the fringe right. Absolutely and I think that beauty is on changed any what some of the coverage. It's just it's just over the top is that they've really are hesitant got a great work up. But we are talking about the fringe I think the great middle of this country understand that there are crazy people on both sides. And that that's a real problem. In the the president. Address bit. Look again I mentioned it yesterday. About the the violence that going around that has been going on. From the left whether he college campuses are. When the world leaders get together dispute about economics. Or the effect that you had a left wing zealot. Total softball practice of Republican congressman and end with a rifle and one is still in the hospital recovering from being so there's lots of evidence that. Violence on both sides I would frankly like to see the president. Do a national address that this calm things down and talk about the goal that all American sure. And the goals that he would like to implement. As president. And just put a damper on this but this is very unsettling. Is that people aren't in. 08 both sides looking for flight and this is the role of the president who speak for that great middle of the city folk. With you all right the big picture here. Let's agree to disagree on things let's understand it as a process as a way to do this and there's. Any any movement toward that line it says violence is okay from either left or right is it was acceptable to me as president and the American people. If most Americans don't live on the French would you agree and if so. Why. Does it seem that politics as seem to live on the French or that the fringe seems to dominate our political discussion. Well I think a lot of reasons for their ratings. You know. Both parties now. And it hasn't been an issue that has been discussed for. Amongst political scientist for awhile there is that they don't seem to be a middle in either party anymore. There at the right on the Republican side left on the democratic side has become that such prominent. Bet. The middle has been essentially shut out in with hip it is congressional districts have been. You know that put together if portions in ways that. Have concentrated those kinds of voters so democratic. Representatives and Democrat districts on our being driven by that less stringent Republican. Congressional members. The same thing on the right and that because of their pressure the effect that. The or actual districts have been caught in the ways essentially. Taken out the middle that you don't have that pressure anymore so. Democrats and Republicans are hearing from that middle. And you know my old saint of politics would only wants sites like he usually wins the politicians only hear it from one side they tend to accommodate get you so if you. Essentially. Picked up the middle out of the equation. Of from both parties there which is seen play out in the halls of congress and other legislative bodies around. Are at this Carlo calabrese. Carol is with messy LO my Tucci calabrese & Associates a Republican. Strategist.