President Attacking LaVar Ball; Backing Roy Moore - Karen Travers


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Yesterday the president speaking for the first time on the Roy Moore. Allegations outside the White House and that's where we find Karen Travers joining us now Karen. And the president not explicitly saying he supported supports Roy Moore bots that kind of boom leaning in that direction if you read all of what he had to say. I think you know he was certainly saying that the choice in this race is clear basically don't send a Democrat from Alabama to descend he said we don't need a liberal person in there a Democrat Jones. He said that jones' record is bad crime in the military on the border notable if he had been a prosecutor. But you know I also didn't explicitly say he believes Roy Moore. Over at the women who have accused the Alabama Republican senate candidate sexual misconduct because that was the question he was being asked repeatedly do you believe Morse accusers. And he just kept coming back to more denies it more denies it he said he didn't happen as president said. You have to listen to him. And at this point he hasn't said yet whether he'll campaign for more right. You the White House line on this for the last week has been it's not in the cards he's not going down their their new plans for a the president yesterday it seemed to suggest it could be an option he said. You know I didn't rule it out he said he would tell us next week whether or not reduce that would be pretty powerful and explosive if you were to go down there and do that because remember. He didn't support him in the primaries to campaign for his rival Luther strange. During that Republican primary in Alabama. The president by the end of it when it seemed pretty clear that strange wasn't gonna pull up the wind started to back away from him in suggest publicly maybe he made the wrong choice but. This is not a White House that has embraced or more. I think you consider the past week and a half they purposely studiously avoided. We tipping the scales on this one to say Alabama voters should decide. President yesterday certainly putting his thumb on the scale so wasn't a typical endorsement but the more campaign kind of taking it as such absolutely they were loving it even adds the president was speaking as spokespersons for more. Was also talking without even knowing presumably with the president was saying in real time. And you're taking Kellyanne Connolly at that on Monday as an endorsement when carrying Con-way. Was asked you vote or more and she said you know I don't send a Democrat essentially the message the president said yesterday. You might be fooled this morning if you go on the president's Twitter page it looks like he's setting up the next season of Celebrity Apprentice. With a vote Lavar ball lighted yes continues to go on. As you know or some sort of Debbie Debbie paged through that's where my money I was joking about that earlier but it might happen yeah I mean he doesn't say these are two people. He certainly love the spotlight. For different reasons and coming out of from different backgrounds Lavar ball loves courting controversy of publicity train your reality show. So many and the president tweaked personally about him it's probably not bad publicity for him at this point. We talked about this on Monday I remember making a point to add onions several people on Monday you know this something the president is going to come back to every couple days. It irregardless of anything that's else is happening Lavar Bob doesn't need to talk about the president but I will say. I think this is something the president would just keep tweeting about. He seems to enjoy this feud it's it's a high profile one for him. And he is really irked that who are about like giving him. Enough personal credit for getting his son into other athletes GO all right Karen you head off to Florida with a present for your Thanksgiving to my won't be holding down the Fort Washington for the next few days we've got some colleagues down there in Florida weird is burg told by the White House it's gonna be very quiet family holiday for the president maybe three rounds of profit that hang out tomorrow log of the 5:30 in the morning today he was thirty tweeting so we'll say enjoy your Turkey thinks about that Karen Travers at the White House.