PR Crisis for the Catholic Church August 31, 2018

Friday, August 31st

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Her it's 930. In 716. The Catholic Church in crisis locally and globally pressure honor bishop Richard Malone to resign pressure on the Pope to be. Transparent and respond. It is a public relations pressure cooker for sure no and better for input on that than Michael Caputo. Return to Michael certainly for all things politics but he's a public relations pro and crisis communications master. And he's with me on the line in. Michael know it's better to pressure cooker than you. Well our idea our I've really. Started recognizing. Pressure. Are during match last Sunday. Our way and kind of have been reading that were chosen. And are in the homily delivered by in my priests were very much spoken. On bit gamble you know I I get all of us have heard on the news and all of a and in the newspaper in the call for Britain Malone to resign but it really came home to roost. For me and all of the parishioners that Stewart conception. Win father John and in the reading really focused Obama and what what struck me. Is of the father are talking about Al you know at this point and our team. Have to look and circular sold it and understand. Aren't you aware debate band based stand with the church or do they not and that really is the ultimate definition of crisis. Gay you know and I heard from another parish to you know that the united you know another mess up in the north towns. The address to two and said. The priest it said simply hopes they clean house so I mean they're certainly not. At least many of that that the priests are hiding. Aren't true when I think air group bishop Malone for all the criticism he's getting. It edit edit. It's spoken and very similar in ways I believe that this crisis. Go ball away from the local parent to all the way to of the Vatican a copy you'd see in the former empire Vatican ambassador to the United States. Our wrote a letter criticizing the Pope himself something or case which we all we albeit. Variant views when and and and doing this crisis and a lot of ways. And you know that from our buffalo respective. But we're on the national map because of the are the coverage in the scandal here locally and a lot of things. Out of the bottle of diet these are should be considering do. Yeah it certainly this week we saw George record he's colleague of mine used to actually work it did it WB and before he worked at WI DB. And George has decided to it what appears to be stepped down because he's gonna stay on the job until next Friday what do you read into that what do you make of that. Well I I don't know toward record art are respected from his work him in the news tidbits I don't mean to be critical importantly. But that the problem actually or are caught buffalo where are the major companies in major organization the bop O what they want to hire. Their bare organizational communications. Leader they hire television reporters. Don't hire professional communicators. And the difference between the two. Is a professional communicators are are trained him you know in crisis and the first thing we do when it becomes. It's stand with our client. And unfortunately our beer when it comes down to reporters and TV reporter they're not. Trained in that respect they don't know how to handle crisis and many of them are unwilling to do so. I've been crop art here. Are you all those people example respective. Of WK BW who as a reporter is doing incredible incredible. Our reporting. I think you can end up getting an award out of our at the end of this time no that's not what he's thinking. But you know well you know we see you have one television reporter. Are leaving the church in crisis we see another one are doing really incredible work and and he's trying to do. Michael how important is it from a public relations standpoint for the person and it's representing the diocese to. To actually you know believe in what the churches doing so for example if you're if you're if you're in Georgia's position and you don't. Necessarily. Agree with how the church's handling or believe you know what you what your putting out. Meet you need to be behind that personally too to be able to effectively work for the diocese. I believe so it's been in at least in some regard but I don't know understand that we knew where you lark to organizational communications. The more you feel that you must believe a 100% in what you do other than different kind of person behind every different position. And in communications in particular for example there are common in politics who won't work for. Our politicians they don't believe in respect and I respect what we're Charlie are on par with that equipment to record is done. But at the same time I think the church need for lineup. Find a professional communicators. And and start Derek Eric you know won't be pleased with our work our. What should they be doing I mean that you're you're not you don't have the job and I don't necessarily think you want the job but. What should they be doing in your estimation that maybe they're not. Well I think they need to turn to traditional and improving communications strategy. I think the first thing limits do is do a very serious and in depth are serving and measurement. Are of the of the support lately you know of the armed the public what's in the region to understand where their heart and rather and there are. Because in reality we see the criticism. Of bishop Malone coming from different. A quarter most of them political. But. You know a lot of like for example he's secret for Democrat. Who work a member of the Catholic Church but who are pro abortion. And and and you know Brian Higgins. Lieutenant governor at the hope all. In obese these people are are you know certainly cap wicker as if they've been in their hearts. But they they don't really believe in what the Catholic Church believes brightening the church needs to understand. What in the actual. Half of the test for some reason believe. You know and and crossed in oak arts. Aren't half bad resurgent find out. What kind of person believes what and if they're pro abortion. You know today aren't they more inclined to believe big picture of all. And and etc. they aren't I think there's a poll had to be pages and pages long in May need to really deeply understand. Are the captive to the region again after that they need to step back take a look at all the data. I understand beta I get perhaps the focus group of local except where it. Are to get them a better handle on the messaging. And then go out with television and radio and print advertising. Digital marketing. To try to reach the test within the region. And and and provide them with the accurate that they need. Bet the Catholic Church is going forward with the right attitude the right focus and bit this kind of thing will never happen again. Michael Caputo with us for talking about the crisis in the Catholic Church it is certainly a communications crisis in in goes a lot deeper than that. You know he brought up a couple of interesting points about lieutenant governor Kathy cocoa congressman Higgins. It's kind of like you need to Wear both your pets your political hat and your PR had crisis communications that. When you you know. It was interesting this week that DA Flynn. Declined. To have an opinion on whether or not bishop Malone should resign and he did that. In the name of the you know that the fact that he may need to be prosecuting cases involving this. Should have from your political side should congress people lieutenant governors in political figures. Beat calling for the resignation of someone outside of their you know their oversight. And then two how does the the diocese respond to those calls. While I think you're. Every person's right to to say whatever they wish and call for a solution that they believed him. Our politician is more inclined to do so because they have the microphone more than votes. But be they don't really. When it comes down to we look at vehicle and another you you're you're in the right you know you have to have your PR hat on and your political. But ask you all that happened Arab litigation have on. Whatever communication but for the church does from here forward we need to understand there's always are ready civil case filed. And it most certainly will be rapid statewide investigation. Coming from the state attorney general's office. Or elsewhere very similar to the Pennsylvania investigation. So the church needs to look at everything they say. From a PR perspective. Or from a Catholic perspective from a political perspective but also from a legal perspective. They're going to be. Daewoo's from all sides with criticism and something even worse bad litigation. Which you do hear it damage. To the church and its reputation. You know finally you referenced Charlie Specter in in one of the things he's reporting of late. Is that this this coming Labor Day weekend this Labor Day weekend that words were into at this point. The bishop is up in attack Cape Cod somewhere on vacation. Really not a good look right from a PR perspective whether that vacation is current weather and vacation is due. It's just not the right look in in my estimation your thoughts. You're probably right about at the same time I'm quite certain that the bishop. Art is working our point 47 right now he may have relocated to the case. But aren't certain you'd have who we engaged in this carpet would be impossible not to be. When the future of his position in the future of their diet these in the future our our church. You know exit date. I don't know what to move on personally I know people who were close to him I know he's deeply concerned about that I cannot imagine. I bet they're being on vacation means any dirt at all there is location. Yeah I won't they aren't. At the same time I believe. A bit because they're kind of respite can get clarity of thought and clarity of action. And while thinking about and working on these problems while he's on vacation I hope the bishop comes back. With the where with the results. That the necessary to move towards her and take care of the crisis. I won't ask you whether he should or should not resign but what it will ask you is that from your perspective in your background and PR when you see this constant drumbeat against some of this constant pressure cookers and I'm calling it. On someone whether or not they feel they should or shouldn't do they usually ultimately step aside. While it really depends upon commander of the woman who is under siege. And armed enemy in effect you know be a lot of these demands are coming from social media. From our our other. Communications platforms. Are from a lot of people are not athletes who have never darken the doorstep aperture. And have never supported the church. And any way shape or form. What the what the bishop need do is understand. What the tax would is diet be what the and that means a poll that means you're measurement that mean. Furious analysis of that data and only then will lead to understand. What what they're people who need Serbs truly believe. Public relations pro Michael Caputo follow him on Twitter at Michael. CA and on cable news any channel of your choice really in of course hear him here on WB yen Michael thank you so much. Thank you back after her. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.