Pothole Sign Campaign - Town of Boston Supervisor Jason Keding


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Ton of Boston supervisor Jason Keating joining us on the WB a lifeline to talk about the politics of potholes. Jason we saw pictures of Zimmerman and back creeks rod Beck creek road yesterday at a pretty rough. Did that just happened over the winter had it been like that. No election that that's something that's been going out for quite awhile first I want to thank you threatened to show it certainly appreciate the time. An awful LA county legislator I Don mills and step on my height of these iconic comptroller. For their support and helping draw some additional pension they get your question. Another pro Tibetan and drop condition per quite a few years you know I I personally have lived in the town of Boston produced about nine years. And they beat I would office Zimmerman wrote. And there have been times where there has been so what you wrote in just even in that say that some in summer and spring time. With water coming down and eroding their shoulders. That she carries so the F hold onto the roads. Leo that's the waters the number one. Enemy of asphalt all across Western New York anywhere compensate for that matter. And the one proper drainage. Proper shoulder can't maintain it on top of the apple itself not being maintained properly. And we get to these conditions that we're we're seeing here today. Where would you I guess draw the distinction or draw that line. Between needing to repair roads and needing to repair. But the major roads because it seems like that might be one of the big issues here that obviously the roads to get more traffic get more attention. But meanwhile you're mentioning a more rural road that has gone years without. Getting some of the attention that it deserves. How would you walk that line. Yeah that that's something that. The oval they have I've ever had the opportunity to sit down. What Erie county TPW commissioner bill Geary and also deputy commissioner Charlie sequitur. We've we've had discussions regarding how to try to prioritize these. He can bring up a very valid point that. Even from my residents to contact my office in regards to. The conditions but what they're being told is that Rhodes let's say up in the north found that received. What they upwards of fifteen to 20000 vehicles a day. May be receiving higher priority. Than say my road here and how to bought that may receive. 200 to maybe 12100 vehicles today. I think I think that the did that it could direct reflection of the conditions that you're seeing and the other teams in the local news stations that have had the opportunity to give. President in the Western New York region. Clear view of some of the ruling shoulders were helpful. Slide out of the bank or a guardrail doesn't even protect any motorist that going by their. I got I do have potholes that are big enough that vehicle swerving across the old line into the other lane just so they don't they mister Karzai of residents to. Are planning alternate roads to try to get to work or try to go get just simple things like gas and groceries again that it's. You know I I hear what the county saying and I. Especially being the chief financial officer for eight small municipality certainly understand that there's only so much money they can only go so far Q per year. As the money could not being appropriated. But again this has been going on for years this isn't something that's happened overnight it's been continuous it's been ongoing. And he had one of the reasons I did reach out to that the county would make took office and that. You can't worry as a supervisor is because I wanted to draw attention to it it's just been going on too long and that's not stressed over and over again. We. As opposed to east township. You know our safety is being jeopardized by I think we've we've had. Local. Law enforcement complain about it we've had the fire departments complain about it ambulances complain about it and just as site. Brought up yesterday in the pro the news conference is your picture of a loved one somebody that you know and the Bert reed yourself haven't permit. In the back of an ambulance and having to go down these roads. And appear in the condition that requires that your stabilized and that guy you know you get somewhere quickly that's not going to happen on some of these rose just due to the conditions of them. Eight cheats and had few out proposed an idea or do you have something that you'd like to be heard out that might be away. To get money for these roads outside of the road budget because they're maybe not a priority in that role budget because the traffic. Well you know that's that is all nod challenge tell you what when we when you look at where the money is she coming from they're so what are called aim farming venture funding to come from the state. The most recent budget passed by the state there is absolutely zero interest. To any kind of additional funding that does have a ripple effect one rolls to the county level and it's more certainly to. My level at a local government level. We're working additional money come from truthfully that dot com from the county executive he has essentially the same position if you will that I do. That he's the chief financial officer people will be able to appropriate additional monies to address the issue. No Jason and mark public her says he can't do real road repair rate now because of the winter that to seemingly won't end. And he also says that his administration has spent more inroads in any prior administration. Do you buy that. Are there. That that that it's an interesting play a number done on the numbers and the statistics you know we we can certainly take politics right out of us. And we look at surely by the the numbers standpoint. He incorrectly states that you cannot pretty broad now I'm not expecting must be paid now. Why am expecting as they supervise my municipality of 8300 residents is that there's a plan in place. You quickly if they get up conversations where is the Erie county TPW there are discussions regarding. Getting. Portion of their men and portions of spectre prepared think again just as that you're kind of comptroller who rug so spoke yesterday. It's a partial repair it's not the entire road. So then when you look at the amount of dollars to have them stand. Anybody can pull up this information that's public information take a look at the money that's actually been incorporated to. Connie Rhodes and how we repair. They compared that's what was actually spent. Because not all the money is spent span that's not just affecting my community it's affecting every community across. It Erie county in Western New York. Our Jason we appreciate the time it's Jason Keating the Boston talent supervisor talking. Politics and pot holes this morning.