On Pothole Patrol - EC DPW Commissioner Bill Geary


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We're talking with the county's top guy bill Geary and just to second. Also top dog at Westminster live interview with a judge in ten minutes and it's a dilemma today for Catholics celebrating Valentine's Day while observing Ash Wednesday these are five things you need to know now. Let's get the other side of the story with build Kyrie did department of public works commissioner in Erie county billion heard bear from almost supervisor Dennis powers. Some of the problems they're having with potholes sun some of the patches. That don't quite work. Know what would you say did Dennis and everyone else who's seen that potholes are being fixed but. In some cases that lasts so matter of days her hours. I get more and writing Susan. Obviously the first thing you know we're we're doing the best we can we have markers out. Around the clock when it for our operations which both these towns don't have. It's easy to point fingers when they have. Models but they're not just on county roads around state the rumble of roads. And truthfully it's that I'm here we've been deal with this since I've lived here forty years. We always you know goes through these free thought Michael. Traditionally employed winners were more. Sustainable with Colbert sensors or reason for a longer period of time we're in a cycle now where. The last two years we've had very mile winners. And it is pretty awful. But this year it's important in December was. Very cold month is that no pact. And we've gone through probably recycles where poppy notebook for one now. Let me go through the duration of the month of February when we get mild temperatures and I'm sure before. Winners over and mark Karr in have a couple more small than. So these response local self belief that coal on on the infrastructure and there are 12100 miles of road so. Probability of having some world that are have bottles is going to be a little higher than what you have been as small community like album. You know bill why isn't there a better fix. In this day and age I mean we're making repairs over and over again on the same places. Absolutely the biggest thing. Thing right now is the proper six's you taught that all. There is no it is it's it's too expensive to generate potash all in the winter months for the producers so. It all generated so we're we're at the mercy of using some cold patch which is effective. It works it's a lot more expensive than what we'd like to use. How successful that we use that are probably around sixty dollars a tonne and pull patch about a hundred dollars a tonne. So why it's it's just the bell ability of products. In and then again you know ash all producing plants use quite a bit of natural gas thinking that material but it also in the winners this sock puppet for the. When admit to go to something besides asphalt like you know rubber. Or that you heavy CNET flex seal that's out there. Yeah the infomercial yes ma'am but we're you know we try to experiment with certain things but like everything else. Eat it we just keep trying. There are product there's some advances in technology there have it and but I had a lot of times so our are stressed the very therapy structure are searchable. It needs to be and I think that bring it to a higher level. The president infrastructure plan that was released yesterday. Is not gonna do any favors us that's for certain. Wouldn't even though the federal program that exists currently gives you 80% of the dollars to affect these roads. Under the president's proposal telling him he is 20%. You know we have a federal aid package when I'm next year it's about six billion dollars. It probably would put up one point four million per share that. In under the new program. It we would ever be able to do that program because we only have 1% of that money coming in from the program. It seems like on the roads I'm thinking maybe I north French between the boulevard and sweet home roads that have been recently redone. Potholes are really an issue but obviously you can't redo every single road every single year about how many complete. Road reconstruction projects are you planning for this year and can you do any year. Certain we usually on per the phone current administration along with working with Erie county legislature. The last four years is committed almost thirty million dollars every year. She wrote him and bridge projects. Last year we did about 225. Miles road. That included some sort of mystery man about thirty miles. A million paving in total real road reconstruction. But the cost it's it's an oil based product so. Last year told reconstruction about two million dollars mild this year we're looking at the Oakley about the same a Millon so where we put in service on the air. Last year was about 500000 dollars so. We're we're planning to hopefully keep oil prices whether that. And if that happens great and argue about the same Lamar Myles. But it comes down at the end of the day it's as our defense. We have 250 miles that are probably eligible and that number changes daily with these for these obstacles are some roads. We didn't just think we've earned. But again we can't make those determinations till we're out of this responsible period in what is right. And bill what's the budget. What what's the number that your working man. About thirty million dollars again this year was again like it said this is probably 2020s the last federal aid program. That we have from the transportation improvement plan that was put out so little bit of money will come from the sides. A good portion comes from the state the rest Israel off the Erie county. General budget works bonded or taken out of just normal budget. So with thirty million dollars. Police said just don't know until that 250 miles that 500000 dollars miles so you know 125 million dollars just in that categories we have the air that was down. We have a lot of people Chiming in telling us aware of their worst potholes are what number can they call first somebody who will actually go out and fix the problem. Yeah so you could. Anybody can go on you're act of our website we have. All our army at this picture up there but we do have a general line of 8587966. With certain reliance. What potholes you can also ballots as possible. As eerie dark of and follow us on Twitter. DP death period DPW and usually would put about four blast today where crews are there had been out. But just yesterday alone we had 200 complaints come in. So when it's that are currently have 24 operations. You're in the night hours. The safety problems afoot crews on the road but if there's a major issue for going out and you know trying to get some holes. Really big bottles of repeatedly opens up of course what. Do you know where your crews will be today. Today I would you know there's yes I'll Hamburg and they've most of our findings districts bridge body towns and villages. So trying to get a lot I'd impact roads I'll be members. That I want this sort coupled culpable are I know armed police about amber down quality story. Omar. Plants and there's someone community helping. Exactly exact locations of follows on Twitter those what are we going out all day. Again you know it's period you PW on Twitter. And you can follow us just trying to avoid those various student workers worried about the work within our traffic volumes. Safety is Paramount are most concerned as well traveled public since he. Our bill we appreciate the time that's build Geary commissioner of the department of public works in Erie county.