The Positive Side of Social Media 7/18 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, July 18th

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WB yen. For the longest time I thought UConn came in from Alaska or back up record there it's like the missile launch event on Huskies to an early look at that and more. It's Tom Bauerle you've got to be here now at the time that was a really big deal and David Bellamy the best at what they do it's properly and they'll be nobody other guys that know. A news radio 930 W yeah. Yeah well I shouldn't. Got a lot of good text that's just 309 threes or you can give us call you know three or 930 start at 3180616. W get a the segment here with the truck stop the fallout and then we'll we'll move on. To La other topics I want a little bit about social media. At the end of the hour and and just go all of the did this Major League Baseball player just got busted just like Josh Allen did the Buffalo Bills when he was younger the all star. They pull up tweets from birdie seventeen years old and try to slam home. Just how much that is really its effect or if it's affect you know lives absolutely. We'll talk about that. But first a follow up to what is going on in the world. Donald Trump we've heard from all these different here's. Mosquito bit more audio here's Kenneth. Mode and who see ABC news here's is a story on V would vs wouldn't the walking back to Donald Trump had yesterday. Duty joke about president from Russia reversal. After this remark in Helsinki about Russian interference in the twenty succeed election for. Isn't Putin's. He just said it's not Russian I don't see any reason why it would be reading from prepared remarks at the White House fronts that he misspoke sat and chatted and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't in Russia ABC news for the president met with top advisors and came up with that clarification. After a bipartisan condemnation. At the appear to sign with Blatter who over the US intelligence community chemist who wrote ABC news Washington. You know there's other. Another controversy the media beaten up by Donald Trump over this is the Montenegro. It's a former Yugoslav republic to became a member of NATO and 2017 it was actually Donald Trump's vote. That. That allowed Montenegro to become a part of NATO and there prime minister is a guy named op Markovic. And there was a controversy 2017 at the at the NATO summit work from pushed the Montenegrin prime minister aside to put hands on a pivotal upset about that. Lee was talking with fox news's. Tucker Carlson on Tuesday. And he basically said to have. Montenegro's quote a tiny country. It has a population of Vermont 620000 people not a big enough I mean Vermont. 620000. People and it's the geographical size of a Connecticut. But he called it a tiny country with very aggressive people. Dump truck tailed and again aggressively congratulations your world war three you don't want there's some truth to that when you have. Are ridiculous amount of NATO nations about this why do we have NATO nations in Afghanistan. It'll leave the wire most of them I mean Germany the jet Germany's I didn't kinetic fight against. What do they care and our NATO allies are there because. As article five states. That was written post 9/11. I should say written. Polls on eleven it was enforced after 9/11. Article five basically says when one member. Is attacked all members must commit. To collective self defense that article five NATO. And after 9/11 they actually pulled that card it never done before they pull the card. And they say seventeen. Years later we're still in Afghanistan with the United States. And now Montenegro was a part of NATO view member during the bush administration and the Obama administration the Ukraine wanted to be a part of NATO. Would that and we've got to stop the invasion from Putin's Russia or without ads brought us all into world war who knows. But these you know if you look at why we went to war in World War I it was because all of these actions. Everyone had agreements and one domino fell everyone got to the table and going into the war to end all wars which of course. Was far from the war and wars let's go to what Hamachi to join the phone 803830. Start at thirty. 10616. WP and here's Tom in chief what time your on WB Agilent. Hi someone brought up my point about uranium. I'm going to hurt anyone that would sell uranium to our enemy beat quick jail for treason. Why it has happened I'd like now. First of all trees and it is a very very different I mean you wanna talk about. A difficult things to prove. You have to have someone's intent that they wanted undermine the United States that there that their goal was to two. Essentially. You know did they beat the goal of doing something was to. Belittle the United States to undermine the authority of the government and to do it for the express purpose of enabling your enemy. For that purpose so you can Hillary Clinton could turn around Obama to turnarounds at all we don't. All we're doing is making sure that if everyone has access to something. That we know can make sure that ever wanna be responsible for it there's a million different excuses the mob the Obama administration will give you to watch that a good deal for them why it's a good deal for America. It's hard to prove that someone. There is committing treason now a guy like Robert Hanson who's a spot right. That's not you know he sold secrets that he knew were classified top secret CI you know secret he did it for cash any knowingly did with the Soviet Union. That's a slam dunk case these things are a little bit more difficult for. Limit your question what age are on. I'm certain money. Well that's it funny but again it was the intent. Two to enable an enemy over the united states of with the intent just have to line your pockets I mean first of all. There's a lot of things that you could make the argument that that's illegal how does she even have the jurisdiction to do that. The do you think it's always interesting about when you talk what Clinton in the State Department is why why why Obama wasn't. Involved I mean again I go back to the old cliche of you know this what was President Obama doing if you didn't know anything about you know the that the collusion the idea that the FBI was in planning some sort of you know. Intelligence gathering by having you know people on the ground in batting in the campaign essentially working as spies. The five towards Obama claims he knew nothing to almost do it. Who's going to they're not going to the president how do you I mean I understand it's a great thing to be able to delegate. Orders but you don't delegate things like flies orders. On people who are running for president you would think that post Watergate people frown and. I can do an excellent job I don't know. I in my prime grade and have the stamina that he cares what he's doing. Well let me just G Tom you've said that. And I played some audio that you won't hear anywhere else here's Mike Pompeo secretary of state. Here's an up and a North Korea nobody in the mainstream media felt was worthy of sharing with the American people north. Greens reaffirmed their commitment to nuclear us. We're making progress along the border to get the return of remains very important issues for those families. So we got out won't we got the Korean War. You know fan with a sort of lost what what's missing in action whatever the case may be their bodies have not. Since nine to 1952. They're coming home now and we have another commitment from north core yeah. That's not anywhere around and in the cycle that. And the money's been stalled and all these countries. I go back starter. In his last doesn't get IG GA might need it's why you never re turned out. That and reds and he stepped up. An iPod that all along I mean yeah. That's definitely how I think I mean if you wanna talk about Donald Trump's base that's that you are. You are indicative of of the people that voted for the key question is is that based on the strong enough to carry. In a mid term election is a 4044. Approval rating is never gonna get you anywhere he's got to get 4950%. Just the law of averages. But if he's at forty you know eighth. And you have his base are they gonna come out and vote. Or you know are you gonna lose the house and the senate and what happens after the house and senate here's what trump nation have to realize. If the Democrats get control of the United States on it. If the Democrats can control the House of Representatives. Big will the impeached Donald Trump I don't eateries. Never gonna happen to tell you something that is secret don't like I talked to probably. Forty to Turkey to work. Democratic support for trump because they couldn't stand or. We know is if the party continues to jettison the left. You're gonna see more and more just in France jet that they're not going to be a Democrats who voted for trumpeting more. They're not gonna self identified Democrats the Democratic Party continued to run socialists and Communists for the House of Representatives. It's a look at the Bernie Sanders candidate model and say. The future of America is so it isn't. The dead in the water they're never going to be able to get the vast majority of Americans. The reason why socialism didn't work in America to begin at. Is because we had the opportunity to escape the city's. It would the manifest destiny of the rest of the country. It created a rugged individualism. Of a Americans who said basically I have to work to create my destiny. And in socialism that's that. That value is never in. Is ever born into your your rot your mind you're you're never yell you learned to live in the city you'll learn to live in a crowded area. And the individualism. Is beaten out of view. And America we we never had that like Europe had. And I think it's one of the reasons the wild west is is one of the reasons why. We never were going to be a socialist nation and Europe unfortunately they just didn't have the real state. Or. Appreciate atomic Cheektowaga good colleague joined Tom 030930 start I 3180616. WBM we give you back to the phones it 030930. Let's go to our. You're so when angrily talk. Gene in buffalo. Slowly becoming the top five when my favorite callers Jean how are you today. Under Margaret are you what is on your mind Jeanne you have a a very distinct point of view like the way you get to things quickly. Your thoughts on these attacks on Donald Trump what your opinion. Well plain and simple. Let me make it as quick as possible. Would get more treatment. You have clapper Braden Clinton. Or. Any of Obama people. Tell our uranium for 21% of our uranium and Clinton get 600 million dollars from oligarchs in Russia or downtrodden and speaking. I'll answer that let's go. Do you know when you're when you are fact based what you're looking at evidence what you're making it opinions and formulating them. To be defended against rational people the people back image and say. You're just. You know you're one of those idiots you're a guy on Twitter people personal attacks all these ad hominem attacks. We. Where should be extra never this is what's best for all of us. Whether you're Democrat or Republican. You want to tell us that the nation is better by having. You know essentially the the the fourth branch of government journalists. Every single day. Coming to work. May get their copy and come up with ways that they can take this president. Have you ever seen anything like if your lifetime. You know not and not at all that the leadership here now why this happened. All the things they're doing is making a Democrat party look even war. I am. But again it's gonna work but this. Wouldn't name Osce old Cortez. They Democrat it just won a primary out New York downstate. She's a card carrying socialist and people are did it she'd. The comets that she's making she's talking about occupying corporate houses banning ice going after a law enforcement. That. And leadership. Of. If you're. If you have constituents to believe that law enforcement need to be you know occupied that you have to shut down the local ports in your towns. Want that person in congress. Person at a prison. I mean how does it benefit anyone by saying. We disagree. With the way people are being treated in this segment of society they're for all of law order should be shut down. Basically got personal right here doesn't know or have a clue what it means for law and order for justice have no clue what it stands for. So that person should not be elected but that you got some people like we're per district. We'll probably put her office. Which I guarantee you if she is put in offers you gotta make a mistake elsewhere along the lines that but I have to do something not a miracle I'm off the or sent her back one that he's gonna happen if you're gonna put Austin that they're you have better what you got common with. But I tell you what that that is the one thing I think we're blast. In our side of this debate. That the folks that have been radical and violent they had been isolated and they've been ostracized and you've got to clean up your own house you can't people. On the right talking about hurting people on the left. I don't shoot the scene police work it'll be the inter analyzed a policing of the radical I don't see that in the Democratic Party I don't she criticism coming out. I mean would wind up. When there's a rally and someone's talking about violence. I think you're you're truly representing. You are a part of the problem. If you don't police op your own radicals on your side. I agree 100%. That bottom line advice you'd like it to be radicalized Democrats this far left wing that it taking over that they're party. I guarantee you that if they pick it is all going to be a winning met this event and didn't get over collection. It Democrats are for quite a shock. And I can't wait to see what happens. It's going to be ugly. But hopefully it's a nonviolent Jeanne appreciate call as always thank you for participating. Teams buffalo could caller. Smart guy but I mean. I don't I do believe this benefits anyone. If we start ramping up all the while what's gonna happen if they cheat what's gonna happen if the election but the only one talking about and the action being unfair in the run up to the 26 election. Was the president of the United States currently. We'll start metric it was Hillary and it was Obama every day same. This we will accept the results unlike the other guy we will accept the results we are the mature elder statesman here were not allowed people to track you know hijack this election with the with which some conspiracy theories and then what happens he's elected and others of course conspiracy theories. Back to back only about Vietnam Bartley is off and now we are talking. About this. Social media and our FaceBook Twitter. Am in tests to capture all against. We need social media you know these past the existential question of do we have this dark spot in Seoul. Feel the need all of our opinions and most important thing in the world to share it. I think are good reasons for social media just a death of my family and it was. Very very easy to allow friends and family know about our loss and advised people of where to go to pay their respect each of these. Players' side times when you can. You know brag about your kids you can show people photos of year you graduation what it would what have you. But inevitably it gets into the ugly because. Let's be honest. People are ugly but mankind is ultimately we're going to you know is is social media flawed. Or is that the people would use it that are flawed and mean it's it's that it's a tool like anything else it here for gun your anti gun the main argument is. Who's responsible for someone pull the triggers the gun. Or is that the person is that the purse is it's is at FaceBook that's the wrong isn't Twitter that's flawed. You got a 150. Characters under forty you can say whatever you want in that and that's basically have to beavers get don't have to be crippled. You know and here's the thing. Human nature. How many times do people confront folks an important they say the things that they're going to be Agassi any of these things in life if they would face still Kennedy. We get the fight fill Kennedy's systems Cuba and on FaceBook I go on for up to save the Phil can even go. Tell our work every act you walk up to a safe would you put a FaceBook was rude and stupid. But people that they go and say and they you know or or they don't tag people when they talk about mirror seeing that. They mentioned someone but they don't put their taxes you don't see it. Accidentally. You got folks out littered Matt Drudge. Is famous for deleting. His tweets and 24 hours. Anything that Matt Drudge puts on Twitter he deletes. You know we we we went back to Josh Allen and and the fact that. You know did Josh Allen quarterback of the Buffalo Bills first round pick he makes statements winnings in high school on Twitter. A FaceBook whatever was that was the rap lyrics that were quoted in he's insensitive he's racist pig. I'm trying to think I if if this social media exist. You look at your life which have a job today. If there was a record of every stupid I said some really stupid things. Luckily they have been racist but they're still stupid and I would be ashamed of my children. You know. The way I thought when I was 1617. It's not something I think of as a 42 year old man. I certainly wouldn't want that there'd be a record of that. That you know David's upset that he can't get the prop eighty lines and so he goes on social media and starts talking about you know. These here you're going to an emotional state your your maturing you're going to puberty and you have access to talk and one. And the world you can make a video from YouTube you can podcast. A look at it this who was YouTube are located in his brother. They ran around Logan Jake Paul Logan and Jake all these guys are. Art you know there are pranksters there multi millionaires bought a four million dollar home we've engaged to a pop singer. These kids went on YouTube and just started doing stupid things and there multimillionaire. Now and you know what it's hard to be. Shocking all the time. And soul Logan pol whose brother one of one to a place in Japan there's a forest where people commit suicide suicide forced probably ESCO. Ed he he he felt that YouTube and of course it's insensitive she bought it was you know again. It's. If it's a double edged sword. And there's a proper use for their weight you can you know remind people that Cuba a fund raiser or raising money for you know. Cause that your charity. Just curious as to what we get millennial especially. So much negativity is said about that the millennial generation it's easy for baby boomers it's easy project Susan. All these other folks who look at the I gen and a look at. You know the millennial generation and look at all that stupid negativity you guys are all these look every generation. Has told. The generation coming up that they were stoop. There isn't a generation in in the world that a World War I. World war they fought the war in in World War I they came home they raise their kids their kids went on to fight through. And those parents were church. Must be easy enough we night she got the am wondering. The tanked she and we horses you know he would carry it you must figure special with your nuke bomb. We wish we had you know ever went over the next generation stated your lazy that you don't have any you know. And my generation of couch potatoes Generation X. are you kidding me we're all losers. Our parents and in the baby boomers they're just what sit around playing Sega Genesis and Nintendo. That's all we do we know do North Shore as we go our cyber group pairing we drink Z mama. All the horrible things or set a budget and actually you know what happened September 11 that. And that Generation X. generation went to war. And now all of a sudden it was like well prop fall amazing amazing patriotism. There are no different I have the same thing. God forbid there tested they're gonna answer the call it won't be author percent of the generation to guess what neither 100% of Vietnam. It was the Vietnam generation treated when they came home and who treated the parts. Was at their own generation or was it the World War II generation of people would be an album talk about this. But the reality. Is. Pretty crystal clear when you went to a VFW or American legion. In 9072. And you were a veteran of Vietnam. It's a pretty good chance of World War II veteran what do looking inside you lost that war because you're going fighting. It was disrespectful in the ignorant it was stupid and it came from what Tom broke up all the greatest generation. And by the way they were drafted eighteen years of them have a choice some volunteered to go. And when they went. They fought their fight and there was people there are people in their own demo that people are the generation that shadow Allman baby killer all that stuff. Every generation ghost. And you tested but this social media experiment. That we're now in ten years were coming into a decade on FaceBook work. Were working in all these milestones. We have the anniversary of the iPhone it's 117 how much has changed with the Smartphone and how much has changed. Everything. The M we talked yesterday about the bomb machine this woman child ended up in front loading washing machine. Should put it on social good and everyone came out of work it's a horrible mother. A horrible mother. You put a social media what I'll buy out. FaceBook and Twitter that you feel opened due today we used to eat dinner and just eat it. When did you ever feel the need you'll have Polaroid's. 35 millimeter camera you know felt the need to pick picture of their full. Know Todd you went to dinner and a good meal and you went home. You didn't you take a picture. When you of a bad meal. Now all of a sudden you get to write about a beat him a bad experience there's all these outlets where people can be no negative income. If you people use it for positive I mean you have a great dinner expired or maybe Portugal monster though use Yelp for positive stuff. But all. Of the Yelp reviews are negative and they do with a restaurant. The hostess was rude. You know something. On appetizer and what do. Ball I feel the need to share that with a everybody I don't horrible. You know beef Wellington experience. At restaurant. And therefore the world needs to know that I ate a bad state. Ever asked an honest there is that duck pull and all of Parcells absolutely. My opinion is no where you know. Our opinions don't. Would sit down. And we start to calculate what we feel and why we feel it when you step up and say David I disagree Donald Trump as the worst president ever. Ice Dow drop its I think he's doing a pretty fantastic job and by the way. People that wanna make the allegation. Of what bill. Sick of the mcdonalds. You make me of him every day you realize that. I wasn't a trump supporter. What I look at this guy and I don't think it took. Yeah to go to the hill this guy actually you know why. Because the people that are against Donald shroud then ideologically opposed to them for my entire adult life. He has brought out enemies. That oppose his way of looking at this country. Strength through power actually meet and how. Strength through power that he didn't beat. You don't mess with if people don't want to invest with people. Think about that. You've got a big stick and you've just won a few times folks are not gonna try to take you'll. It's just it's just life in general right there but social media magnifies all. And trying to you know. We a person we work with who lost a friend. And he was talking about you know. What do we use FaceBook appropriately what is the proper time to go on Twitter I accidentally stumbled MicroHoo portals Twitter account the other day. And I go to his Twitter account and I mean there's like five death threats. I really thought that that was an exaggeration. I am ashamed that people exaggerate and say you know. One or two people threaten his life one or two people called this family what this is all in the opening on and on Twitter. It's duke yesterday on two quarters straight up public I'm going to kill you might vote. And complained to Twitter like a Twitter helped jewel of this as they possibly can do. We got third third deleting seventy million subscribers every every month. Because of the fake people at the Russians in the box and all the other stuff. I mean there's I had and interaction with the a young person recently. And the kid thought he was talking to a girl on FaceBook that was hit it. And I had to take him aside and it is. A real person I guess in them and explain you how you can tell if it's a real person now ironically Drudge has. On the Drudge Report that a step by step how to determine if it's about. OK Anna bot of course is not a real person it's either an algorithm program but what it is isn't its. Trying to find what it is that is a special interest you program. A blot to say. This bot is. Oh. Abortion. And so this Twitter account is just going to grab. All these. You know all these can't concerted. Web sites. That that our girl based on abortion and just gonna start you know which just pouring out links to whatever their special interest is wherever it causes. And eight they bombard your time line with. Abortion abortion abortion as a conversation with them the so these spots have become sophisticated where they're finding keywords and responding with keywords. That our computer programs in the US direct questions. It will just I've been much notice chase score a goal and top. The problem is that people act like. As people of Britain has chosen. Chief world. It happens so me what is the proper use but what is that he. The pork use habit how how we correct it how we fix this is just magnified in Aspen and and I asked par after ten years we've failed. Get your social media horror stories because there are probably too many and we don't have enough hours left in the program but what I'd like you know is. A time when you felt enriched from social media. And you know what we talk about fake news that we talk about these means. I know people. Respectable. Hard working god fearing people. Who quote means as if it's a reference like if you were writing a term paper. When you started a footnote all of your your notes that you used. You would use I mean I mean whatever they see in an off in a picture. You know they don't even they don't attribute it to anyone who should that way doesn't have any. Is there any relevance to our world this is just some guy by the keyboard it's a funny picture it's this it's that and and humor. Has twisted everything on social media ever wants to be funny. And some I mean we see it was standup comedians. Professional comedians comics who go out there for a living trying to entertain people. And they're sometimes. Crossing the line and they get punished for we saw that happening at the correspondents' dinner where someone. You know allegedly went to when they talked about terrorists lenders are appearance. You know Kathy Griffin with a decapitated. Donald Trump. All of these folks that have made comments about. Put the figures in and it was my sense of humor I thought I was making a joke what is flatly. I'm not to argue that the left treated differently in the right let's get into that this is what is then a good. So social media experience for you and what are the the times use Ed thank god for FaceBook. Thank god for Twitter if I hadn't had Twitter if I didn't have thickest. I never would have told people that there's a little boy who needs a bone marrow transplant because I reached 20000 people Western New York. That kid and I'm making the story up and I'm sure it's out there somewhere but that kid it was able to find a match. And I helped do that or I helped raise money for family that fire. And I helped bring attention to pause that was needed. What I see is you know. The fake news stories like stopped using gold it'll stop your Golden Retriever is to Trish verb dolphins or whatever it. It's ridiculous. May have caused that don't eggs list. Golf fund and other offshoot of the social media experiment now all of a sudden if anyone does your family. There is an odd that she and where everyone in your community has to throw and twenty dollars. That was never before. Goal funny is that people who failed plan and have a funeral or go for me it's about you know. Whatever calamity comes across let me ask other people. Without having looked him in the eyes for cash is it's what came from. It's FaceBook so my question was what are your good experience what are times that you thank god for Twitter thank god for FaceBook. And thank god for snap Chad. Snapped chip maybe you met your significant or on FaceBook. Maybe you broke a permit Cogent FaceBook who notes lot of that happening.