Politics of road repair 930in716 April 11, 2018

Wednesday, April 11th

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Her. It's 930. 716. Politics of road repairs and Erie county it runs deeper than a pothole. It's he said I think it's an absolute joke the county executives talking about. Fixing schools in dictating to communities about how they should consolidate. When he can't even fix pothole he said that would be doing a service to the public and sort of doing a service firms solve. Which is trying to get its face out there for political reasons. Soviet kind of thing on the podcast I'm Tim Wenger powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering. Affordable living in a country setting. We can all agree roads in many spots across Erie county are in pretty bad shape. The county executive agrees the comptroller of the commissioner of public works legislators supervisors and yes of course. Resident taxpayers. But how to fix the roads is where the rub is in its seems to be pretty political in the raft building with a controller shooting missiles at the county executive. Claiming he's spending time on meddling with schools when he should be focusing on. Infrastructure. The county executive intern firing back saying they have an orchestrated system which you'll hear about he claims he controllers politicizing. The process. So here we go first and foremost I wanna talk about the conditions. A county roads I was there with controller stuff on my high Lou's standing along the side of rural Zimmerman road in the town of Boston. With the town's supervisor a longtime resident Jeanne wash burn. And a lawmaker on. Conditions of county roads are absolutely positively. Embarrassing me resemble a Third World country and that's embarrassing. And ashamed to Third World countries. Gene called me a few months ago we reached out to the county in this road is not being fixed. Now we heard. Net there's a plan to actually fix half. On this road in these potholes and that's unacceptable it is absolutely positively unacceptable the only six half. Of Israel have to Yzerman half. A back creek and don't take my word for it look around the county. Our county roads resemble Third World countries it's embarrassing. And it is not enough to only repair after Israel does not enough. Only repair half as chairman half back creek and I was actually involved with Jean she gave me a call genie reach out to people and basically a lot of individuals. She feels as though she was ignored so read reach out to Jean she called me that we ticket to a war. On these roads you folks go to your county roads. Anywhere not just the town Abbas have been January you'll see. That there are really rough conditions so I want Jeanne to come actually in and speak a little bit about her experience of what she. Thinks the conditions of county roads are here in the town of Austin T. Them and rural he has been neglected for many many years. Ian. It's become a safety concern. Because. So many people it's a busy grow weary in so many vehicles eight and pedestrians used to. So I. I am I feel they have they need to do at total reconstruction. In this time. To make to the op rolled weight AM shoulders. As they should hand man for many years. I'm just hoping Nia dot. And they have to do something government. Before somebody is the only injured in this. If I he has to say and hoping for an action. Before I call it chasing Keating we have representatives of the polar bears administration here I think it's an absolute joke the county executives talking about. Fixing schools in dictating to communities about how they should consolidate when he can't even fix potholes. It's shameful. The last thing we should do his talking about education reform. What are roads and highways or an absolute disaster. Kinda easy mansion it's not going to be enough. Just a patch and fix half of this throw her half of another when we need to do. The entire stretch right here on getting introduced JC Keating town Abbas and super riser. It's fairly interesting lot of individuals don't know that these are county roads and Jason gets calls all the time about fixing town of Boston roads. He's going series is not the case. Yes thank you Scott. Have my my office received his side receive just this year since I took office in January. I'm an up or upwards of about fifty phone calls regarding and I think that it conditions of the county roads all costs just to. This just the town of Boston. And I can't imagine other municipalities. And I have had conversations is individuals at the county level. But again these rules are our our public safety ideal again we have members from her emergency services to our department's emergency squad. And we we are looking at people being transported. By ambulance and having to swerve into sometimes other lanes or goal over potholes words the emergency vehicles themselves having bounced around did it it really does come on and on and on sec on acceptable practice. Followed by. Just simple pedestrian safety or worse we're here to spring season upcoming summer season if these roads are being repaired. That's bit that's one thing but again at the end of the day the end game here is the public safety. Vehicles. Being damaged by the potholes again. Went with a cup and when accounts was you look like you're driving drunk when you're going down these roads mr. swerving around how pollster again crossing the yellow lines. It's it's just not safe editors a lot of work to needs to be done we're trying to work together to get this taking care of but yup the purposes this is to draw additional attention to it to try to get the funds necessary to properly sixties roads make it safe for the pedestrians and actually let the public. Know that they all partly on the elected officials are out there working hard for them trying to. Get their voices out there and make sure that these roles are safe for the public not just here in town of Boston across accounting. I don't doubt that that that is alliance thank you. And then. Next is legislator I Jon Mills was actually paying out of his own pocket that he signs that tax allergies that he signs Jon Mills is actually paying for them out of his own pocket. School buses travel. On these county roads not just in the town of Boston but throughout Erie county. So we keep hearing this bogus idea of consolidating school districts that there is a county concern about children should fix the roads at school buses drive on like. This one not just the town of Boston but across. Erie county. Again school consolidation has nothing to do with the county and theory. But yet our children are driving on buses and unsafe roads littered with potholes and what about the politics of at all. Hi Lou sounds like he's running for higher office. Maybe maybe not. I don't know. I think families and dictate that decision on the today's nudging Washburn and every resident. In the town of Boston and across Erie county. They have roads that are later with potholes. Don't take his word for it don't take my or four. Take all your it is cruisers and drive on every single county road and you tell me whether or not safe road and whether or not yet smooth ride. But as far as your political question. I'm very blessed and fortunate to have a beautiful son that they haven't looked like his mother. We're gonna have a discussion. About with my family and then that's gonna dictate what course I go in the future my family. Now on the other side. So what we do is we we. Look at the roads we do the analysis that's actually done by an independent entity the greater buffalo Niagara regional transportation council Erie county executive mark pulling cars they determined here's where your roads. Are our. Based on the rate then you look at the number of cars vehicles traverse those around them daily basis so if you have one road that's fine. You have another road side with the first road as 30000 cars vehicles per day the other one has 300 cars go over predate. You fix the one that has 30000 cars collided predate because that's gonna degrade quicker. So that's how we do our work. And we've told supervisors that in the islanders and there's a few that like to grow so be it. I don't think the controller actually understands how we prepare Rhodes is he saying the furthest repair that one but you don't spend two million dollars to fix a road. That we just prepared three years ago because it's got a couple potholes you can fix the potholes you can spot at them we can do what's called micro paving. We do that to make it as good as possible. I anticipate. Once the weather breaks will be able to do more work. We are gonna send over a resolution versions of the legislature for a comprehensive. Wrote repair plan. Which will identify the roads that we believe the significant repair to the point that they've got to be Millen overweight got to take off the top three inches. To five inches depending on the road. Put a new layered down that's going to be coming over the legislature fairly soon. As I drive on the roads. And I know there were the bad roads everywhere I live in the city of buffalo and truthfully some of the worst roads earnestly about. I've had people yell at me for roads in the city of buffalo and remind them there's not a single mile of road in the city that the county jail. Need to talk to the city off. I've had people yell at me about statements like we don't these days it's the nature of the B I understand. But I what I would find more helpful is if there are particular issues. We need to know about it so if the controllers out there putting a sign out saying here's pothole he's actually putting the county at risk. Because he's not letting us know that there's an issue. If somebody drives and the road gets an accident they see that sign they're gonna think that counties out there fixing. The controller really cares about our tax dollars really cares about fixing our roles he should be saying here's roads have been identified. As in poor condition what's the plan for them but he's not doing. Because that would be doing a service to the public instead of doing a service for himself which is trying to get his face out there for political reasons Soviet. I will remind everybody we we've we've had a lot of investment in the road the last few years. My administration has spent more than the prior. Administrations which were Republicans. And every person consultants as the political issue that's hogwash. My administration spent more annually than Christopher Collins did my administration has spent more than the last four years of that Jabber administration. If you really want talk about it. Blame the Republican county executives who failed to properly. Invest in the roads I'm doing it they did. So drive carefully dodged those potholes and I don't think we've heard the end of this one back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irrigation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.