Plan For The Boulevard Taking Shape - Brian Kulpa


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Joining us on the line Amherst town supervisor. Brian Culp laughter last night and her stand tunnel Wanda collectively. Look to move forward with ways to make some changes to have Niagara Falls boulevard be safer for pedestrians specifically in that area. Of around willow ridge I'd drive and Brian thanks so much for joining us do but we just start by the plan yesterday what was. Up pasts if you could explain a little bit of how the two towns are moving forward. Yesterday will be adopted. And the much harder. Their bull hound that work on your hand that establishes. Where steering committee that establishes. Our schedule there are relying. What are their coach's responsibilities. Yeah and we here already been working on our inventory and also. Serb not just or little bridge but it that whole stretch or the ball from. I'm a lot of creep down who. An awful lot. You know and as we as. You municipalities move for we need to make sure we Eric you were hurt routers that understand you know whose responsibility as well. Right now all column in the morning. Work around the conversation where are our continued conversations where are. These brokers. Well how old there would like to fit into the mix. Obviously having to senate districts and assembly districts. We have a lot of people have to aggregate a little but you work work and work. In a brand oftentimes in Western New York. Things get bogged down because of studies and things get criticized because we study things to death. Is that. Possibly going to be the case hearing is this is this necessary. You know that is an interesting question so yesterday without folders already. You know three or four different studies all happy about all of our people talk about all art. Great idea that there there is the issue right we could start either going to that we could you have. Ten different agencies all thinking about a probable art. So would join major wanted to do was to be able collect. All those study in interest one but you'd think this is it this is the plan to move forward. And and we're Arco let. Contradictory. Statements are contradictory ideas get in the way of progress so thumb were using virtually model. I'm for better or worse the same project charter that we used. In the first turn wouldn't sell our current picture main street there. In Italy facility and if you recall replies in Williams opened an area that talked about it was eating. And change for a long time. Here and we were in the same position. We did their project in how they're getting ready to break ground so. You know that was it was a product model that they have to speak to do work on word try to do this thing going here. He. DOT for them to join us this morning they declined and instead passed along. A statement says and just wanna read part of it for you. And DOT is already hired consultants who will begin a comprehensive study of Niagara Falls boulevard shortly. With the goal of taking systematic approach to proactively examining potential. Safety issues. Along the court or I mean you look at that sentence and that kind of is a bunch of mumbo Jumbo when you take the words proactively yet will begin. They also say they're working with the town of Amherst town of tunnel Wanda. But when you read statement like that. Do you feel disheartened a little bit. Well I am limited use to stay optimistic it and focus on the words. DOT has already hired a well with older those who spoke spirit that you took that I'm going to the try to focus on their. I did talk to amputees regional director yesterday. I'll bet study it is man to cool part of the problem currently. And that that'll be that'll be a portion of our work greatest. What are the current issues. Aaron what do we need to trap right now for pedestrian. Pray the timing of last night's vote. Was it just a coincidence it have anything to do with the fatal accident last weekend. Oh is it a week we log our resolution and on Wednesday. So. Aren't sick and spoken DOT Thursday. About the proud culture. And and he had a couple meeting is in all the beginning this week. Com. So all of yeah actually after it and the all of their act it all into in light note. We are looking at the door and woke up Saturday morning it was. You know forcible return to the it just after that we get it working on this this week's. Brian we're glad you could join us this morning thank you for the update. Yeah I think view it and I'll look forward to pop in Cuba. Progress as we couldn't fork. And we will continue to track that that's Amherst supervisor Brian culpa.