Pitching Roseanne On New Outlet For Her Show - Michael Caputo


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We're joined on the line by WB Yang contributor political strategist at Michael Capuano Michael. Is reaching out to Roseanne. And you explain why Michael thanks for joining us. I'm sure. Several months ago very good on the Margaret Academy. Award nominee in the documentary. Arena our came to me and told me about a new project he's working on column called on dot yen. It's a platform. That eliminate Hollywood mobile Hollywood are. From all of the decisions that are made you know all are canceling programs so wrapped in data clearly great week. From there you know in the armed. Are. A business model these big Hollywood executives talked to me that there. That it remembered that I am due. Are in fact there are no Hollywood decision makers involved on bomb opium. Our our our our only were they like resembled uploaded or product. And her band would pay a little bit of their subscription fee every time they walked. Up it was designed not for. Separate bands but for anyone who can't make money off or use to build a paper anti there's some of the spent a lot of money making videos. And can't get all the Bob Hollywood executive on the phone in order to get on Netflix or on our fear screens. So are you know I was talking about resident quite a bit our pitching the right here. To investors calling in or talked about her new show and the Hollywood effect. And how are predicted it would probably going to be camp of the ABC. Liberal executives would not yet but not agree with pamphlet deal of course. I'm not defending what he did what regarding the Twitter rant and actually not. Defending it either she's apologizing he's telling it what please don't defend what I did however I believe. But it it wants in it's the right one sheet of all of our those offended. And work so now occurred in the beer family and her team were also fired by ABC over a hundred people. I think she should have a chance to work again bombed out you know who was. So what do you think should have happened roasting you say it was clearly racist Swedes but you you don't agree with the decision from ABC to cancel the show because of it do you think the show should of played out and they should avoid a four. Ratings to dictate that. No actually our first and foremost by the ABC at the comparable private company. Is perfectly allowed to do whatever they wish to resolve this problem that was their decision I have problem. With Bob Iger the president but they've seen before I ought to. Cancellation of twenty and 1991. Successfully bought a private company and they can do whatever they wish just like the NFL and do whatever they wish in order to resolve Libya where they have some protest. But from my perspective. I believe that were there were always going to be fired the ball biker in the executive ABC. We're just waiting for an opportunity it was an odd kind of situation. To begin with the break even on elements. My point was bought property damage. There are Hollywood are our producers and I'm working well. If they are good people like Roseanne and people who have chosen don't even get the attention. Of Hollywood executives. Are gonna have another play what their conference where they can cut the middleman out of the proper. And the decision makers to camp orders so or would decide not to Eric so even to begin work wouldn't have anything to do with the decision. They think she deserves a second chance. I do I mean I know that I'd I'd I'd I'd a lot of flak from where we've seen NASCAR community here were people who made. Bush was big on Twitter or in magazines. We've seen people compare. You know our our people to animals and it's not acceptable rate in this regard I would repaired three. But I I mean I don't know repair roads and with the people we are. Vilified prepare. Mistakes on Twitter and elsewhere I I know her biffle Carl Paladino I know well he's not a racist. He made a stupid bands so it was it was rate as they have in there and and it it oh record and we always seem these comparisons. Are black people guerrillas for many of generation that there are racist so call me it was a and others who Dugard are we're on the progress we have made that same mistake and they deserve a chance to ought. Well fortunately have a good business and can move forward others. Don't. They they paid their price the price. For years and years we have a comedian and our community who made a similar mistake who no one would ever think as racers. It was a TV personality as well the media and he is from his career it's been three years it's never it's never a orbit repair. I think broad band of certain have a career repaired if you're part of it is just like anyone else who has made him. Have you reached out to work. I have we're now in contact. I expect capital in the knee was hurt in the near future we'll see where this goes. The fact is our our upon not you know platform what does bill. Format there's liberty to bring eighteen million viewers can watch or should know it was built. Or are for smaller. Also very popular. Filmmakers and video makers will record is dale or CC joint. And there are expected got a lot of they do a lot of talking to do the people that she's she's hurt and feel little or only when she's right. Michael thank you for the update and joining us this morning reaching out to rose Sanders Michael Capuano WB yen. Contributor former trump campaign advisor.