Pistol Recertification 930in716 January 30, 2018

Tuesday, January 30th

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It's 930. In 716. This is it to your you can lead a horse to water but you can't make contract I do not support this legislation. I am once again advocating that people we serve the pistol permit re certification deadline in New York State is Wednesday. And while there's controversy. Resistance and even denial the deadline is the deadline and it's part of the NY safe act in New York State. It requires pistol permit holders to recertify by January 31 or face revocation. But this state police and others have indicated it's not something they'll be actively enforcing. So our people complying will day. And why what last Monday we are 25000. And I am waiting for the updated numbers from the state police. Erie county clerk Mickey Kearns here with our Mike Bagger man in Hamburg Monday night. And one of the remaining in very numerous outreach programs held to get people through the recertification. Process and answer all their questions and concerns we error. Here today we had some people come out and certified check the recertification its outward and continue to do that. They have until Wednesday January 31 on adding. Or last location and so awful. From five to Ivan. On casualties regional cancer over a library will be out there on Wednesday. And now a paper for deeper re certification applications. Occupied town people and go and all of the auto bureaus have the paper applications there. If you do that please do it by certified now if you do go on line. You can do that and make sure you can now receive a lot of people were nervous they recertified November within a couple people coming tonight say. Listen I just wanna double checked and every certified they have done it wrong most important thing is to the plasticky and and certify. And it's is so important to do this. Some hopeful that we'll do it do numbers tomorrow. But I know the state please of sad that is approximately 5000. Have been done by paper it's gonna take them once it in and put those in database. How frustrating it. As always we've been talking about these people who haven't registered their missiles yet if they don't do so by January 31 are considered talent how frustrated. It's very frustrating for me number one I voted against the safe act I don't think it was a good bill. It was rushed to us in the middle of the light it was more of a political document than any bill in my opinion. Best for five years from now the Erie county clerk. And is then. Unbelievable. How many people have come down they have not been able to update to permit they're nervous especially are senior population it. Couple seniors in here tonight and we're here in Hamburg at the post in the of people permits are going back many many years. And they're just nervous that they don't want to be considered pounds. I got in trouble for saying this but. Look at. I'd just because someone's not enforcing the law. The governor has. I've done an executive order the legislature has not changed any provision in the bill. The bill states as of January 31 you must recertify earned automatic revocation of license they don't say suspension and law. It's as revocation. I'm meeting you lose the right to own a farm. So I've had many of these. Outreach is throughout the county and two in the past that I can to do that we've been. Inundated downtown even though we had people with the flu. Hundreds of people coming down to the system from an office we're doing the best that we can't please. I consider India you have to recertify I ignore. That they are going to be thousands and thousands of people. And they're not going to recertify. By January 31 in the state police that we are not going to enforce that. But to me. If you do and I'm February 1 you need to get it done still and somehow someway we don't know if there was going to be a penalty. But the law's the law. The law's the law. You've done a lot of these outreach programs. Obviously you're not getting. Thousands of people for one time but every little bit and matters I'm sure with this event today and also some of the other ones what have been some of the numbers of people coming. Well we've we've served hundreds of people I mean it's been great and you know we go out to different sites in the case of we've been throughout. The most rural parts of the counting. And that's important people always thank you for coming here we've done and and a better and sprinkle we've been in Bostick. We have done in Hamburg. We have that in west Seneca. You know we're gonna be a buffalo obviously we're doing the best we can check cafeteria was sustained. Earlier tonight she's I was really impressed with the number of people that are now that we were able to get so many down so. They don't my job has to do that bus I can then notified. The public. You know were over 25000. What I like to see more yes I'm just you know advocating for people please recertified. It and they want a week the last minute. That's your prerogative but you have until January 31 if you go on line. The other thing that we find an honest people don't know what fighter and they have. So that might have an uncle or father or grandfather. So we've been providing. Preannounce of their firearms that nature that when they do recertified. In the proper documentation that is fine. Unbelievable pressure on the pistol permit office. And it's it's been very difficult what my staff and staff at the county it has done a great job. You know you took the out the post for Erie county clerk right at the start of the stress and little bit before but that's all right. Doesn't matter to her quite a master what I want to know is when you took over the years Tony Clark jobs. How difficult was it for you figure all you know OK here's this problem that we haven't ready registering something like pistol. You know I started I was sworn in December that they started in December 6 and in a couple days they knew we couldn't handle. You know of the volume of people coming in to one of the things I instituted as we've been doing new applications by. Appointment and walk in and it's worked out great people come down and we re engineered the office to meet demand. I made the commitment to open up a satellite and Omar. We're hoping that that help with that we approve. Nearly 735. New pistol permit applications I want people to exercise a Second Amendment right. And I want to make it easier processor there's other things I'm gonna institute and put a lot of time and effort. Into this department indeed the clerk. And it's very enjoyable. I really do enjoy the job I'm looking forward to helping people to service oriented. Post and its customer service and it's helping people. And being in that in this job it's good that you have experience I think experience has helped me. Experts at this date may experience and local government as a buffalo common council member of my experience dealing with people. We're just doing about that we can I've had many outreach is as an elected official whether it's what insurance it's up awful and like I wanna. We've done these are reaches we understand how to treat people so. You know you can only. As the old things said you know you can lead a horse to water but you can't make entrant. I do not support this legislation. But I am once again advocating that people we serve I. One final recertification. Outreach event is planned Wednesday 5 PM to 7 PM at the old Kaz and OV a library. We're back tomorrow that's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irrigation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.