Picking Up From Florence - Jim Ryan In Wilmington, NC


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The remnants of Florence are moving on them but it's leading catastrophic flooding behind. Let's bring in Tim Ryan this morning who's in Wilmington. Which is completely cut off is that right from the rest of the state. The heavy rain continue to write until last night for Friday morning until last night. Leaving a lot of roads into and out of the area completely flooded inaccessible impassable Susan so. Now Wilmington itself was it more or less cut off from the outside and immoral as it was got a half. There was just no way to get in or to get out the rain has stopped its been stop for a few hours now perhaps the roads will start to dry out and those roads will be drivable again. Is there hope that that is going to happen soon because we keep hearing the flooding might. Come even worse then it might have over the last 36 hours or so is because of flash floods things like that. He had a lot of the danger a lot of the threat of flooding now has moved to west of here not just flooding. Right now Rada in Raleigh Durham about a 130 miles northwest of here at this tornado warning. The heavy rain has moved up to that area Florence is a tropical depression at this point but still has a lot of rain. And with that a lot of energy and and that is bringing this threat of tornadoes in effect that tornado warning through tornado is indicated on radar they're so. You're close to the coast things may start improving we had a bad first and perhaps receiving him seeing improvement here first as well. Wow they sure don't need that did many leaves around Wilmington and are they expected. The next enemy not got a civilian way in would be by boat but are they expected to check kind of damage zone. Probably not any sometime this week probably that builds up for the Mayo Wilmington has been clear he doesn't want people trying to get back in yet it's still dangerous. There's still as they restore electricity some of these lines that are down may be hot at some point. There there's a lot of debris around just it's it's difficult to move around this community and so the mayor wants people to stay away if they evacuated Tuesday out of the place. Until. The all clears out it that maybe a few days from house. You know you've been in Wilmington though what's it like kind of being around a place that. Ends up being shut off from the rest of the state. It well yesterday I think you. In the afternoon it was raining heavily just ringing like crazy there. The Cape Fear river which threatening to leave its banks again it runs up the western side. Of Wilmington there were a few people out in the street and I drove down one of the main street in the old section is she's been around for 150 years yourself. Assault lights on pulled over and went and there was a bar a bar that was in the Irish pub which is run by a guy from bell roads. It was up and running and it was crowded he's gotta a generator and he says he hasn't missed one hour of business from the store. Hey glad to hear that someone solid well Rick business during a storm. That one channel TV it was gun smoke. You know what sometimes that's what you need to get away from everything you're dealing with out there's gun smoke in a beer. Writes exit decompress. Hey Jim we appreciated this morning stay safe and will be continuing dent to follow the progress town there Carolina's. Expecting catastrophic flooding from Florence already places like Wilmington cut off from the rest of the state because of flooding.