Picking A Candidate for NY 27 8/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, August 16th

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News radio 930 WB EN. Samba hourly and David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be a news radio 930 W. How is power. And radio WBP. Like feel we're gonna start off asking David Sylvia lets see he says it. Don't get this. Good to see you Tom you and American flag lapel tells me something. I received this game to kind of the Burmese side but it's not nearly big enough. No I know seeing the Will Ferrell movie right got Hannity guy actually out of like the size of your shirt you just act yet you take an actual flight. Just you know put a backer with a pin right which I highly congress US flag pole by code exit before we broke like a lot poll which you can probably different story out of some of these the like interpret noxious. Okay David got to ask you about the meeting list but before I get to have somebody texted me and said it for about congress to develop these to run for governor you wanna explain why that's not gonna happen. Well I mean first of all I think we've got a great candidate in Marc Molinaro who just was handed. Maybe. Just I mean talk about manna from heaven. I can't for the life of me think we talked about this yesterday with this did America was in all the greats never been great by and for quality governor of New York. I think it myself you know. You would assume that the big east is already established in the Democratic Party. Republicans put all the time if it and the two party system they're guilty of not doing enough for their base I understand that. Boy why would you radically move. I mean right now if you're trying to. Your your lazy because we're in a blue state in you know Andrew Cuomo is gonna win anyway. And so for whatever reason he's tried to move left of in what arguably could be one of the more pro I mean certainly Cynthia Nixon is more liberal than Andrew Cuomo. But at the same time it just that what are what are reckless and stupid statement. And you know Donald Trump about it try to walk it back a little bit you can't walk that back because it was an embassy here's the thing if you accidentally you know. Use a cuss word you accidentally. You know let's say something and its. You know repugnant and you apology you catch it immediately. But here actually a follow on points to. So you know to me that was prepared speech that was a prepared on day. Don't deliver that unless you intended to liberated and and I wish here's here's the problem it's not gonna hurt him would would if I can hurt them this actually probably gonna benefit him in the front Mary. And I I just don't know why you would want people think like that if you asked most Democrats today. Is America a great country 98%. Of them are gonna say absolutely. Right. You think so absolutely yeah I don't I don't think that your right and I think if you ask Democrats today. Is America agree country there think about Donald Trump but they're gonna say well of course is not a great country I'd be surprised well 30% said it 101 of all I'm not talking about you know allowing. The pew research standard asked that question. I'm saying you sit down with a Democrat and have a cup of coffee and talk about where else would you wanna leave right now. No exaggeration where would you wanna live the United States 98% of the Democratic Party is going to say. Right here in the United States form and debate what why do you want strong unions why do you want a middle class. Because there was greatness there still is greatness that might not wanna give Donald Trump and credit they might hate the Republicans whatever the case may be. But nobody. That the folks that agree with the with statements like that. Art are people that really are are either brand new to politics are trying to you know that you're trying to move a governor to the laps that you ask most. Republicans on the street how far left is Andrew Cuomo. I mean again. I don't understand that they've done movement was absurd. I would argue unconstitutional. Still have no idea why the NRA. I don't care what their relationships are New York State by the and I were at the NRA doesn't have an office in Albany. And they could fund raise off the safe act for the next 35 years put up the Supreme Court and the federal court. You know but they've focused on Colorado they focused on gun laws in Virginia. And New York I guess we're just got to suffer fools her or vote with our U halls. Which should have more and more people are doing it does David Bellamy and not running for the governor's job if it is not gonna happen so let's talk about what might happen and that is David Olivia for congress you were at that meeting of Livingston county last night David and I'm sure you two arrived very fresh very chipper and well prepared or not. It was it was very first ball you know cameras were everywhere everyone wanted to ask the questions all the different candidates out there and you know for the most part. That's. Accurate count me in in 2012 and the executive committee were absolutely responsible for getting the endorsement of two county. That is the county didn't want to when doors in a Republican primary day endorse any way either executive committee basically force the chairman of the time to to endorse and and like enough to get that I appreciated it and many of the same folks from 2012 hour are still there and and so we got you know talk in. Just catch up but the fact is you know. There's a it's a different. Deal we have a very there's a lot of eclectic. You know there's this district is huge and there's people from all different economic backgrounds and professions. And the EU got to sort of softened the talking points the national talking points when you're talking. To folks they wanna know about Livingston county and wanna know that your home what do you know about what we go through what do you know about dairy farm what you know. About says these a lot of some of these policies. That might seem Greek national policies to get us back into the middle and fair trade. They're actually hurting some of these rural areas with a yogurt stuff well it's mostly it's it's you know that the Canadian terror Epson. You've also got a lot of you know people that are working with steel that are looking around saying what's going on here. So YouTube there's there's a way that you have to compartmentalize. Your talking points. But but also realize that that this effect in real people. And and break it down to it to people and so I think. There was. So these folks that are coming industries and again ash is with the entire field. I don't we have to requirements this is my only to record this candidate has got to support now for a absolutely 100 for you would get you can elect. A person to House of Representatives width of our next to their name is your candidate that did not vote for ultra that's absurd. Or they won't tell you they voted for they won't tell you or they won't you know we won't answer questions on Mars stance without proper where you know we'll see how he does before we consider impeachment as a non starter. You are not going to go to the House of Representatives from New York 27. And B and T true that is absolutely. Not helping the party there's no point you might as well send. A Democrat to the House of Representatives rather than Republicans afraid to admit that he supports the president's state and you do support the president belch. You will not vote for impeachment of cultural of course I'm American here's what I'm Italian. Any president that does something that violates the constitution in a way accuracy and give Donald top pass and everything. Because that would be unethical I mean for president murder someone yes you you definitely go for articles of impeachment. Donald Trump has done nothing to ward does Russia investigation. Donald Trump has done nothing to war any conversation about impeachment. And the other thing is I think you have to lock yourself. We the economy right. Now how could you be so dumb. To run a federal race. And not look at what's happening or not what we suffering from are we suffering from. You know the legislation this coming from Washington DC in New York are we suffering from legislation that's coming from Albany. Is the highest taxed state our tax burden for businesses. Nobody wants to come to New York for business and of course the great irony is always. We Democrats want to bring business to New York what they say well let's eliminate taxes for a company tightly and that's something that's a new and to Republicans have never thought of that it seems like a Barry Goldwater right well. In so doing admit that lower taxes do Foster is of course they would do with. And regulations what do they do what you're you're sending human growth hormone into the economy when you tell business is good and we found a salamander and your parking lot you. You are now suspended from trade for the next six weeks. It's absurd it's actually absurd but I mean do we all want clean water we all want clean air. But it do we get to the point where were were penalized team. A wet area that's outside Wyoming county wetland area all the sudden you know that welder in that in. I shop he's not allowed to do business because there's this it's ridiculous. It's stunts growth. It gets in the way and it isn't it funny that it when everyone talks will this do nothing congress. While the President Obama worked this phone has patent. And Brock and Donald Trump seems to have on the wild that with a full and a pen and what do we have we have growth. I mean it's amazing how strong the American economy was in spite of Barack Obama. And and and the policies of President Obama now that we have president trump always basically is is even the playing field. And we're seeing how much growth can we have if we actually passed. You know. I don't know prudent spending bills so Americans. Where is the race stand right now mr. Bolivia where does the race stand right now we still looking at 88 candidates. No I mean there's a lot I think for for what people didn't show up. Yesterday senator Galvin was there yesterday Chris Jacobs senator Jacobs was there yesterday. I don't know how they're gonna be able to. You know keep moving forward if they're not being interviewed or return phone calls so I assume those two have dropped out has been confirmed but. People close to their you know camps are basically saying you were out. We saw senator or yesterday he's a veteran as well from Niagara county. He was theirs to farm Ohio Lou was there Steve Hawley the assemblyman from Genesee and Orleans was there. So in Iraq as an offer who has a district that goes Munro and Erie and then into that same area that hallways and so he's got a lot of Genesee in there as well he was there. And graphs showed up. Carl Paladino was there and and I was. It is the excuse me who would you rate as the front runners you wanna get into that at all because I. I mean this is how I feel like I've I and more in this part of this is a selfish question because my phone is blowing up what you believe that everything wanted to know. Is economic development is gonna develop and keep them to tell people I. Well that's going to be it all. I want to beat David but I don't all hole. We settle out of momentum in 2012 and that we ran into that Erie county. You know we're aware was just a name recognition that we haven't heard this guy who is this guy in your county was the same way. I have never if I had to support and 2012 there's no doubt whatsoever Chris counts never congressman. I mean this support is overwhelming. And it's not coming for I mean if we continued to gain support in the in the counties. You know but Ontario counties never heard his radio show. You know there are areas of Livingston Wyoming county that can't get this radio program. Unless it's on line so with this idea that of the twenty hours a week is built name recognition at that that might have helped and Erie and Niagara but. Livingston Wyoming lip and and a Ontario counties they remembered the campaign from 2012 they still wanna be a part of it I mean. Emails and volunteers and people that are are wanted to write checks. This is something I've never experienced. It's overwhelming it's humbling but then. You know you still have a chairman that to make a decision. And again it doesn't matter if if you start a FaceBook page in a million lights. The league FaceBook likes don't equate to. To be weighted polls that we're seeing right now and that's what's gonna happen next week so are when you say weighted polls to explain what that means so Erie county has. 41 point 7% of the use of 42%. Of the vote. So it's it's eerie if Erie county Dyer county are together which is. What they were in the primary 2012 and the nomination process conversely if it's impossible you can have you know it's not about. You know mineral county and all the other counties together you have six counties they all love you and let's say. Niagara county has a has their guy and Erie county as their guide they make a decision. Tim has you know galway and on one candidate it doesn't matter what the other six have they just don't have the numbers it's it's broken down by population. And by registered voters is your support comes from the people. Who are running the parties or is coming from enough people. Well there are many many you know it is the chairman are going to be tight lipped and I can tell you who they like because that's their responsibility that's what they swore to do. Antsy and I could hear a lot from the chairman but the tone chairman. That the folks that have the committee's. That are actually you know that the various towns that are in a county. Those guys they're the ones that are are the ones that are kind of beaten the drum and that's. That's exciting it is touches your heart in it builds you give you confidence. At the same time. We've been here before we head job and it's a bit get a walk into a steam train so it's. Livingston county Ontario county not many listeners in Ontario county. Let's let's talk permitted but you recount you cannot tell me David with a straight face that doing this radio show is not going to do wonders. For name recognition in Erie county which you did not have in 2012 we had people on the radio like this moron named Ali who call to David the lobby right the first android. Hours Chris Collins and fifth inning. No emotional. Actually true your county is a huge part of the district but there's rural parts of Erie county as well. To say that Erie county is just Amherst and in Clarence in Lancaster is absurd. There's there's a ton of so you have the name recognition is up again there has to be a path to victory which I think. All of these candidates present the weather report you wanna believe there's one in the field there's one that's gonna come on a couple days from now. And and they are all gonna show that that these candidates do well against. The camp model of the Democrat and say anything yet they McMurray that's just the fact he's an hour plus a laugh and he could literally be jive Kennedy. And you know starting out in a career in politics and you're in an. You know something that's gonna hurt your chance to win but then you run against someone who has been our kids you articulate the conservative values are bringing this. This community together what is New York 27 about. You know there's a huge contingent of gun owners here there are a lot of people look at New York State and think what can the federal government due to a race the the chaos of Albany. That's really what what what people look at and members of congress to do with Albany, New York you were controlled by Albany. What can you do with the federal level to offset. The just complete does schizophrenia of what Albany is here did you do they care about New York City more than they do lots advocates is that hope catlett I think that's well established why is. I challenge anybody if we're gonna have to figure break but I challenge anybody if you don't understand how. New York City calls the shots take a road trip get off of Westchester county and notice how much better the infrastructure is in Westchester and the bedroom communities around New York City that it is around Western New York. Our rural areas in Western New York Allegheny County for example a state roads and Allegheny County are freaking disgrace gonna sell signal to all you out you go you well I'd be happy to by hill and what Verizon leased the tower space from her if anybody wants to sell me hill let me know. It's 325 news radio 930 WB EM by the way I am also looking for a war of 1812 cannon not for myself. Not now not for myself I was talking with bed Dan the -- the mayor of the village Williams fell last night and Brian call the supervisor of Amber's by the way thanks to get run for letting me play. But as you know we in the village are really focusing in on our war BT twelve heritage folks. Williams build new York and Buffalo, New York were the war of 1812 valley forge and finally we've got people who understand. That it was a very trying winter around your 1814 after the Britt burned down the city of buffalo and the populations civilian population had to retreat the military had to have a strategic withdrawal to Williams bill. And we need a war of 1812 can and I have emailed the US army military people in Carlisle Pennsylvania. I've also sent an email to old for match grew bigger the problem. Even apple for Niagara has an extra cannon and even if they would be willing to donate it to the village Williams bill they can't you know why because those cannon are federally all so basically take an act of congress and George Little congressman it would basically take an act of congress to get a four were 1812 cannon to Williams feels so if you have access to a war of 1812 Canon sent me an email Thomas WB EN dot com this is not for me this is for the village of Williams bill so we commemorate our veterans of the war BT twelve. And the thousands of Americans who gave their lives the hundreds right here on the Niagara frontier actually thousands on the Niagara frontier who gave their lives and that little understood war go to YouTube look up war of 1812 documentary there's two hour thing. The PBS that this is really good. Yes dedicating this show the member of one of America's great musical icon. And as Aretha Franklin and yes kids we are well aware that Elvis Presley doll I'd on this date in a different year. And Aretha Franklin did as well so this is clearly. Not exactly a great date to be a pop icon on the sixteenth of August. I don't let you guys I can still remember the day Elvis died that can store rubber worker I was when I heard the Elvis had died and I can still Barbour talking to my very first girlfriend at the time about the death of Elvis Presley. All those years ago this date to back in 1970 mirror now. So anyway Aretha Franklin. Is no longer weather service is not a surprise she was gravely ill she'd at least 76 years. And she basically did everything she possibly could just a slew of records the queen of soul. And rest in peace Rick we ask it in pot today. Our wreath Franklin met will have Aretha Franklin use of bombs all day long Korea on WB yeah I think would be radical to do anything else. Sell before we get back to the life of David Olivia and that running for congress and everything. I do just wanna tell you guys that. Against my better judgment. That that I say that jokingly. In and we have agreed in principle to a long term deal. Bauerle is going to stay long term with WBBM. And he is rather to English for using his own name in the third person but there we've handshake deal. Just got to get the lawyers to put it in two writing everything that we talked about and that only got to do is sign it and I'm a man of my word the station has proven to be. Men and women of its words ago. I have a long term deal to continue here WB yen but just you know. I'm gonna cut back to three hours a day on the year I will be cutting yes I will be cutting back to three hours of their lives on the year. And that's something that I really I I need to do for me. And I hope you understand why I need to do it for me. I know that a lot of you listening have real jobs were breaking a sweat and your outside right now you're you're you do and roof and your laid down asphalt and god bless you for that. This job is stressful in a different way it's it's more of a mental stress but it also is a physical stress based. You know performing basically three hours today minus commercials minus news etc. But I by the I have to reduce my idea my on here work to three hours. That way I can now get out and played on stage doing music because apparently I'm a glut and for punishment when it comes to that so. Anyway I was one thing the station at one that you guys were. Many many years of a loyal loyal support and dead David LB it is with us in studio. We're talking about last night's meeting in Livingston county and the race for NY 27 and news radio 930 WB EM. David you are talking about some of the people who were there. Who who got to ask the questions last night was that the committee people was at the politically connected there was a job. You public not run by it was a closed door session with the executive committee at the Livingston company Republican Party. And they brought each person individually closed the door and and they need they had a set amount of time in a few questions they asked you questions of everyone and they open up for. Some other questions from people just wanted. You know pretty much ask you are bigger a potential. Candidate for congress what where you how do you feel all of these issues. Now one of the things about politics David that we all know is money what is gonna happen with the money situation because that make McMurray it is estimated may actually taken five billion dollars or or more because of that what the Democrats is a possibility of opening up and Y 27 and turning it into democratic hands although they're looking at the same poll numbers to. And you've got to figure that the and anybody can Republicans run including Chris Collins by the way at this point would defeat make McMurray. So. How about the money aspect of it worked. The first of all I mean that. There's going to be some money that from the Communist history if it's that much money I I doubt that because first of all there's far more competitive districts. Across the country that you would want the Democrats if you were a Democrat you want to invest money probably Pennsylvania and Ohio. More than you would in New York State. And you've got four years before you wrote a completely different C I mean it's going to be redistricting in 20/20 two. And Japan whose control in New York State Senate that's generally trying to show with a lie and are in. You know with our great job economy in new York and with a agree governor is probably chance that there won't be you know will probably lose another. Another policy and that would mean good things have to tighten up and yeah they usually share the pain every one climber when John Paul gave up his seat so Louise Slaughter could keepers I can't imagine you giving up your seat so you know so Brian Higgins can keep its. And you know what did Abraham. You know I'm sure there's import them by the elected split that process you remember the original line we had four different maps in 2012. Senses of courses every ten years and you get population breakdowns. And your your electoral votes are dictated by you know the same lines as Tom congressional seat yet so if you were sitting there and and that you yourself wait a minute. If if we lost you know say what is that 700000. People per congressional district right. And you've got to find a population in the old days Louise Slaughter history in the late in the ninety's. Her district where shotgun pattern and it was this really thin rail along Lake Ontario and little blotches here in there like twelve gauge went off on a map. There was the Tom Reynolds Porsche you. That avoid and then you've got otherwise known as the Bill Paxon or -- that's right Texas and 50000 dollars way back when to make sure all that district was solidly red people and it absolutely and we think about it that you're political future so it you know if if you wanna stay around for a long time we got a good district Todd Reid is the one that always scratch my had a he's a freshman on the ways and means completely deem most powerful committee in the House of Representatives he's a rock star as a freshman. Congressman to get that I committee is incredible. And then they redistrict him and put them around Ithaca. I mean I think the people's republic of I think there is magnified one Hopkins county you can all you notified won the single. Conservative bastion in Africa it doesn't exist don't think is the place where one of hockey moms had her car keys because she beat bush for president bumper sticker but she's lucky she got I was just a cartoon adult on. Big I watch those town hall meetings with Tom reed and it's. It's absolutely insane I mean there are people that are just it's just. They just screen meaning cry Newton and causing chaos and and congressman Regis stands up there and and outdoors be it I I couldn't imagine. Having you know that is a very every election for him is a dog fight David if you were elected to congress and pick any committee the committee we were you think you know where you could do the most good for mr. York you know honestly New York is so dysfunctional. Any committee that you have so and it is constitutionally sound and as a compass is going to be good for Western New York. We've got to get through that committee process and you know I'd be great to start you know ordering an office Max the lakers' for the wall. At this point you know I just don't if you have any success stories in your office. Any of those like posters like with the mountain we can do it one step at a time ride I will be your recession doesn't you know they'll be accurate and that's good Italian air it just. Republican have to have the the footsteps and sand with Jesus that we've given them you gotta have. The kitten on the branch just negative. David Sutherland Garfield at turtle. And yet another that's way ahead of the game and I you know I'm first of all to back to the money you simple what to implied to imply what what committee wannabe at least eleven election and you still have to we have to get to the election. And and anyone even though the poll numbers are showing what they show now you cannot. Just look at what I mean listen. Name the downgrade the kid working his tail off he's out there sweating like he's in the engine room about sob I mean he's. Ron and around in holding meetings and people are excited for his campaign and and you know god bless them but you can't just overlook that in and start. You know what what office do you want this chairman of the decided and you got a really long campaign where you have to. Yet there are yet to prove that your the word weekend. Okay now about about the money David let's just a big stars align its David Olivia for congress how much money does David Sylvia need to or any Republican candidate need to run this race and from where does the money from where's the financial backing come. Well I'm talking to a lot of people that are. Skill level for a piece of people who run campaigns. There's some national guys are some local folks. And dale they'll make that decision understand your 27 is so expensive because of the Rochester television market in the buffalo television market so. While most congressional district just have to worry about. No one market where they'd TV peppers the whole district. In New York 27 you have to do pool of those districts it's in tends to be very expensive artificially expensive race. And as far as the candidate is there's gonna be a plethora of support out there and I'm I'm taking calls left and right. And I feel much more confident than I did three days ago. That we can put together a team. Local financial folks. To start raising money as soon is that decisions made. That's not near but again it it's certainly not as easy as a person can do that themselves. You know I was always the argument of you know some of it right there understand that in a federal election. There's there's limits rides that you get 2700 dollars per person. If you're married the maximum you could get would be 27 from husband 2700. From now wife now in that primary. You're able to raise 2700. For individual. For the primary and you can go back to them for the general because the primary is long gone you're only getting one swipe per donor. And it's not like you can start ago fund me when you run for federal office or or state office use you have to have information on these people yet to know. Who they are what job they do where their from. And then of course goals and you report so that is public information you can't just. You know mysteriously take five million dollars from. You know dark money from some guy that just decides to give money would go fund. I will stay with us senators ready at 930 WB and we have a lot of things to get -- do and unfortunately for David you know the elephant in the room as this and why 27 thing David obviously is one leading candidates. To get the Republican nomination for that seat in congress. And you know it's funny because David lives breathes eats and sleeps politics he has for as long as I've known him. But since he's been the in the eye of the hurricane. I have to tell you that I do take some comfort and solace in the fact that I think David is kind of a that's. Topics and our like big Mac or whopper when it actually yeah pray and a lot of other. You might see you might see a flip flop on the Amish population I wanna apologize to my friend Mordechai and the idea. I was very ignorant my statements if you wish to retract them or withdraw them your beautiful beautiful religion and play UC the world is and they're not gonna party like 79 and whatever you want a party like if you're registered to vote but I just wanna apologize to everyone can David's actually growing an Amish beard and I don't know I'm thinking about going out there and you know in the united extra horse weekends. How I feel like that up. It so David why exactly do you hate the Amish and why now are you extending an olive in it. Now and now we had and we get a shelled out the operation and there is basically unfair competition is what is is worse than you would we do for our. The radio today and I'm sure right now there are people going through a whole category is a good archive of everything we've ever said. And you know I think will be given to the people who live in the program to realize that. You know there's there's there's things you said they sometimes you have in a bad day whenever case can be but. I still annoyed I just think that everyone in the united station have an equal playing field. It doesn't matter what your skin color is what's your religion is. And if they're hard working people littered you know doing things because. The state mandates that this is the way you disposal roof tiles I think everyone should be able to add to do that I don't think that because you haven't. A religion that you should somehow be exempt. From paying the same thing and if I decide to walk around with fifty grand in my pocket and purchase a parcel of land. I think I rest my house say hey what are you doing their fell just hope that cash she just pulled out you know do you make you know. What is it that you pull back and pull out fifty. And you've hit you can't you open access to try to pull out 5000 dollars cash and asked for in 100 dollar bills most banks to you know 5100. Dollar bill and like two days notice yeah you know than the truck polls but there's a reason for that I'm. It reduces the risk of loss in the about a robbery. The other reason fourteen who is you know so 14 when he didn't. So when Dozier password your social and has fake ID in India yeah absolutely you don't you don't want that cell. Anyway my my final question David is. Unbearable you should be the host of the debate have you know how can we want to I think. It might accusations of bias and probably well founded. So. I don't I disagree okay. I would be the one saint that there was biased for the other person but. Currently has totally not fair or who's been over there is now I know exactly what about the upper humor won't do it. So can you tell the people what you believe is going to be the day we're going to know whether it's going to be you do programs and offer or Carl worked in Blake here behind Lou. You know I think that that a decision. Will be made probably late. Next week mid week next week. You know maybe Thursday Friday who knows that they hope that you just don't wanna work I mean yeah. People gotta understand I've known him for a long time David primary in 2012 David wants this seat there's. My mind speak it for a David once they seat and I want to see David will be elected to congress but don't anybody interpret that as being. And kept it ever occur almost after all your ego got the best that you know I'm the one who's been pushing David duke. Basically fulfilled a lifelong injury. I don't think that it wanted to do it but I and I think basically kicked him in the and the few times and it's only because I want David to be happy it's not because I feel the need. To go back to being the Powell released show again commodity doing this a long time it got old along time ago and by the way our contracts. Overlap and your announcing. Your situation got Dave yet David's. In as you know David's. Should get is an okay it's not look it's not that we don't like being here until 7 o'clock on a weekday especially in a Friday is just that we can't stand it. It is. Well I gotta be honest with the how many you think about it goes in you have to work weekends how much does it suck. Those of you who work weird ships how much does it suck it up at 7 o'clock when you have an active social life when you've got kids playing sports 7 o'clock is a tough time to get off the year too tough then get off any job you're doing and then you know try to decompress and at and try to be somewhat you know civilized before 8 o'clock at night if it requires some effort.