Phil Housley Post Game in Pittsburgh

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Saturday, December 2nd

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So the result was the single was your team different tonight I definitely think so I think we came with a lot of emotion. That played for one another tonight. You could see in the first period. We were really having a strong period and again it's. Given the stakes and you know we can't allow. We can't we can make mistakes right now because the position where and and we're we're not getting enough run support to support mistakes. But definitely felt. We had a strong effort and again that the bottom line is winning. I just felt that we've we did have a a better effort but here we say sit and me we lost five more. You get some cool at least relieved some pressure on the guys I think so I mean you go three games without scoring it's it's difficult you squeezing your sticks it's very hard to mentally it. It can be tough but I was good to see that going going to get got a straight back in the game and can we make no mistake when it's 31 and we're we're we're we're playing pretty well at that point really good feeling. And Golan in until we give up the fourth hole. Where do you think. Talk about emotion how much did the corrosion add to that especially this Jamie goes you know it takes on reasoning you only did a lot of things out there again second mineral. Is there and one done better best defenseman for two nights you know after missing 25 games. Step in and like this and and providing energy and you know stuff up and play like he did tonight against Reeves who's. One of the toughest guys in the league has a lot of on him and just turned trying to provide a boost and for writing energy for our team is a terrific job by as part. To go to school gets you into the road trips without having this street for how much do you need to see something from Ryan Parent our proposal. You know. So your top guys just I'm giving you almost anything at this point lawyer. There are better players have to be their best players and right now you know they're having a tough time they're squeezing your sticks. And then and the other end of that moment you would get good looks fit nuns it's hidden. And goalies are going to make insane that community service shake your head that you just got to continue to do that that's the only way you're gonna get out of it we can't lose that shot mentality. I thought we had tonight. Going to hit again made some big saves and no that's not an excuse but. We've run it some good goaltending that we got to find a way. Crash. And I really like this game showed some speed he was you know hundred get to than that you know what you wanna take that first and only. You know we sort of got on our heels after all those penalties in the first period and that would then we got it back and we settled into the game. But obviously he's getting to are in the he was playing. Really well go on the offensive zone being hard to play against and it's a good sign. Going in new you don't want something I am totally understand that but he's going in there. Causing Havoc with the goaltender he made contact with in my understand that you almost say hey let's Cisco kill that I mean he's kind of doing what he's supposed to be doing. He's kind of doing what he's supposed to be doing but on the other hand just got to know where you are an in place you can't let the number two power play ghetto on on the ice and that's. We've got to be smarter in that area. It is in you know it removes the flow of the pension. PK did a terrific job tonight but we can't allow a team. That has a really good power player and team for that matter both many chances it's it's it's just sucks the energy out of him.