Phil Housley Post Game

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Friday, December 1st

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What's quite embarrassing. You know our coaching staff comes up with a game plan. And I don't think we're executing our game plan. You know obviously humans in Montreal. We're up against physical tender you know he'd be is that night this list is topical and personally but. Into back up goaltender thing we wouldn't take advantage of that tonight. We came close but it. He can't do a good team to schools that start thinking and that there. They realize that in so today. We had some place in the third period. But. The bottom line is yes and there's. And deepened the rookie defenseman. He made the ways and we crystal line you're number one guy and. You know I don't that was part of the game plan. So. And guys are gonna make mistakes and making them at critical times in the McCain and it's unfortunate because it puts us on our heels straightaway and and it's it's a tough battle especially when you have been scoring. The hope is lost a little bit and it's a tough slid it back in the game. You talked a lot about preparation. Again mentally now prepared to start this game with those two giveaways and it's he's it's. Other what do you do with bad I mean plus not mentally prepared like I disagree with that you know preparation. You know. Couple turnovers there that's and that's preparations are choices. Bad choices. You know I'm I heard the comments in the room I totally agree with their saying. And the only way that this is in the changes within that group in the room. Make a choice because. Obviously at least provide some more cheering for our fans. They come and support us and we've got to do a better job here at home. You and your point that we might have billiard room and getting someone else in this room. Okay. We're gonna continue to make changes you know as best we can and you're gonna continue here for a team to get them ready for tomorrow. But like I said there's a group of people guys in that room that have to make a choice as to turn around. It's not going to be easy this is probably going to be one of the mental. Mentally tough things are gonna have to deal with in their careers. Hopefully we'll look back at this stretch and we can learn from it right now we're in effect of it and there's no way. They're easy way out it's about digging in and have a lot of pride. In and showing some emotion you know you. When you get to this point it comes down each individual and they're showing some emotion. You know for the team the team concept each individual's gonna take it upon themselves. To get totally prepared in and get all they have. You know it someday so flying. Some nights it's two lines but it just. And a total team effort and you can see the results.