Perspective On NYC Terror Attack - Congressman Chris Collins


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Joining us on the line now congressman Chris Collins were talking about the deadly terror attack in New York City that happened last night. I Chris a lot of people looking at what's being called soft targets if there's anything that can be done to prevent a style of attack like this. Last night's on national TV said he didn't believe. There was so why is that. Well they've when it comes down to our Brian. A soft target is you know shopping senator it in this case people walking around her riding bicycles. IG there's no way to you know protect soft target in this case from lone wolf it's. You know set on May Hammond and death and destruction. It it just isn't and that that the I think law enforcement would pick it up at the frustrating piece you know you can. Do all kinds of things that airport and you know football stadiums to check who's coming in and so forth but. You know people just out the powers on to a concert this case just riding bikes on the street. And someone is. Targeting them that they're just you know there's just no way to stop that. You first responders were there quickly and certainly our thoughts and prayers are those that were killed him. Injured but. You know the dinners. We have to be diligent keep looking around and know our surroundings and our accents but these people are in the wrong place wrong time. The suspect a Christmas from Uzbekistan but he's been here for seven years and still was. Able to become radicalized in this country that's got to be concerned. Plug it into this is the social media issue you know from what I've heard from. Briefings and otherwise there is an aggressive social media are. Recruitment. And they're targeting certain types of people certain background. And you know certain mental state and you know pay it could be an American citizens as well as someone from the Middle East and we do need obviously knows coming into the country but. There's there's a lot of mental. Illnesses and mental issues. That can sometimes be at the root causes some of these. Situations where somebody was of the mindset that they could be radicalized could be convinced that our way of like here. In the united basis it's something it's that bad it needs to be. You know something like he's got a tragedies they're trying to disrupt our life that make us afraid to go out. The T ever think it's a really fine line do you ever think we'll find that happy medium you know between it a soft target and being able to go out and enjoy yourself for online you know having freedom. Online verses being monitored 24/7 for suspicious activity. I'll hand and you brought up a great point there can because that is at what point. Do we do we give up some kind of freedoms in the name see you mean clearly. What will we go through at airports now has become second. Nature to it we just expect in oriented proper shoes and search her bag. Like. Which you know it's somewhat intrusive and certainly delay but it has certainly. Resulted in us stealing they turned being safer flying on airplanes in the same is true a lot of building eco. But when it comes to people in the soft target that is an automobile. Driving down the road. It it it's frankly impossible to stop that action if their lone wolf free and there were a couple of people. That are death and destruction. Again being diligent and vigilance of your surroundings and reporting suspicious activity. Is where were happened. If it so. There is just no. But people want a clean cut the answer to this there is no answer to a. Married congressman we appreciate the time it's congressman Chris Collins joining us live. From Washington.