Perspective on NY27 - Jacob Neiheisel


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UB political science professor Jacob nine hi zone joining us this morning on the race to replace Chris Collins HG OP hopefuls. Went to Jenna CEO last night to appear before the Livingston county Republican committee. All eight Jacob are really represented the buffalo area how important was it. That they appeared last night in Livingston county. I don't agree question. I think that they need to educate everyone. That they were represented the entirety of the district and sure that they. Really are opened district even those who would do live outside of that at the. What will that become an issue in this campaign because before the indictment before Chris counts that he wants a running anymore you know the very little we heard from talents on McMurray was about him. Not living with in the district now you have some Republican candidates who themselves don't live in the district. If one of those gets the nod to replace Collins. Debt issue is something they can't bring up in a campaign. Absolutely black thing you want it a point of parity I'll read your opponent and so. Yet it's going to be you know obviously the there's not a formal requirement in the constitution for you to live in the district bird as a longstanding norm. And I would expect you're about every candidate without that the district to make pledged to it. Move their elected. Now do you see some of these candidates kind of floating into the top. And then some of them may be falling off the list. There are a number of who have different strengths and weaknesses Carl Paladino has strong name recognition by. That brings with it both pluses and minuses you start reaction. Allotted per quarter. On the big call for him he's likely going to be able to choke on that can't change the NR CC. Is looking for ways to save money and not really throw a lot of money at it district state shouldn't have been protecting the first place. He might look at the top there are mothers do and both the name recognition for their time and local government. And strong positives. And every poll that we saw so it's. They're going to have to make a choice as to go to one of the most important factor for them. You know we've been wondering how much money you kind of need in this race given the media attention that's being heaped on it and we'll continue to be placed on at that wasn't there before. I'll agree questioned. You know there are some rules of thumb out there. Helped some fairly significant sums of money. Being necessary to run for congress. I actually right now at this one you're probably not going to need that much money. Given the attention that's certain. I'll turn artillery and given the fact it is fairly Republican district. Jacob so spirited do you expect this to get and so far it appears. Friendly competition among these candidates. You know not too competitive but to expect it to kind of RAMP up. The great question you know I would expect the party to want astute maintain. Our current center. Forever will that play along and get nice to collect from you want to hurry like that. It had been fighting and you know for you to be taking it as here your party's brand your local branch before the general election really can kick off. You know some of these names that have come out say you maybe take a look at lingo. Really him. What's the benefit of somebody who may be realizes they don't. Have as good of a shot at being on the ballot it's still throwing their hat in the ring what's the benefit of doing. Ultimately the better interpret those kind of candidate the sort of sacrificial lamb who. The really had a shot at the victim probably feel more free to speak their mind and so even though they may not have a winning. Secure the chant of shipping that this court of the race and perhaps he's not pushing the the eventual nominee toward a particular policy. A Jacob just a switch gears and a nephew if you saw the comments from Governor Cuomo. Yesterday during a speech in New York City saying that America was never that great. And then there is kind of a back and forth between the president and the governor and what did you make of all that. I'm affect. Several things come to mind one gossip is very very good at bringing people to. Makes gaps on on via public stage in. I think this is one item. Of those examples. It's. Very easy for the epic Cuomo camp two walked back those comments and say that that's not exactly what he meant he really had a more nuanced positions. But the circle part of me the part that focus on campaign strategy. Also tend to think this was a shot at Cynthia Nixon folks. Ari Jacob we appreciate the time as always this Jacob nine Keisel professor. A political science at the university of buffalo.