Perspective On Anthony Kennedy Resignation - Peter Yacobucci


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President trump can make the biggest impact on the Supreme Court in half a century. And joining us live this morning Peter young to vote she is a professor of those Supreme Court and buffalo state college. Peter how did you take this yesterday when we learned of Anthony Kennedy's I retirement. Welcoming it wasn't a surprise they're bent discussion about just as candy return for the last several years at the end of the term and this year at. In the eighties he decided to do. Why do you think that he decided right now is he kind of looking to the president looking congress and saying. Okay will now might be the time because we can't replace that justice do you think Supreme Court justices. Are thinking politically like that when they're making these decisions. I I certainly think they do and I think it's very clear. Does this probably a bit against bird would be certainly considering retiring if Hillary Clinton won the election. And I think that it can be kicked that into consideration as well. But having said that he. These mean an individual eventually have to decide when to step down and I think that's wanted to yet other interest. That you want to pursue he wants to teach you want to write more. And I think he is now at the time to do it for him. And and Ginsburg at this point because the president at president trump one. And she says she's not going anywhere right. Yes he's he's made it very clear. An and vice president Trappist president line he's physically able and mentally able to you'll stay on the Supreme Court. What was Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court. Well he's an interesting figure he doesn't fit easily within a conservative or liberal box. Generally you that they consistent conservative on economic issues on government regulation issues I'm. Allowing business this. This sort of freer rein in a free market system. Well McCain took several rights issues gay rights issues are women's rights issues he joined with the liberals on the court. And that much more likely to protect individuals and those cases. What issues are likely. To either resurfaced servant come up fresh for this new court with a new justice in the fall if it's if in fact this has voted. Well president trump yesterday and then yesterday evening at a rally suggested he's going to pick from his original list city created to replace Justice Scalia and I went through the list this morning and one of the things president trumps that is. You want some on the serve on the court for forty or 45 years. And about that mind that means you need the younger justice and individuals below the age of fifty. But not my list down to eight people and I knocked one person not for a different reason and that seven and I look at those seven. They are consistent with just the Kennedy had just about all the issues. That the social issues it means that you may seem. Yes similar pattern. From any indicate that dealing with taxes or regulations but you would seem very different decision when it comes to gay rights or women's issues. You know looking at some of those things because who every time there is movement on the Supreme Court you hear about. Some of those issues gay rights issues especially women's issues dealing with. Abortion but I'm wondering what you're thinking as far as cases that might actually get to the Supreme Court. On those issues will there be you know serious rulings in those areas coming up in the next ten years herself. Well they're very much could be is it a bit of an appeal to the Supreme Court it's a strategic decision and you don't appeal to the Supreme Court he beleaguered little. And tell but now what if president trump gets the individual that I think he's going to report to the court. Tom you've done a pretty clear five justice conservative wing on the court. So those issues now will be appealed by conservative. Individuals pushing that issue. Now that that means something like Roe vs. Wade could be overturned. Maybe not but certainly they of women. Writes he controller reproductive functions could be further restricted we either going on in the conservative states right now. And I think those. State issues are gonna be validated by the news Supreme Court justice. And Peter who are your top Tex I know you're very familiar with this list. Well it. It did you know let the president trump put together before is largely a list of judges there's only one sitting US senator Mike Lee and he simply tool. Right now it did it justice Eric does that present transporting a 45 year career. And tell you looking at I'm not stop our from our Kentucky and the US appeals court in the sixth circuit. I don't want the wild cards out there in an interview Carl Hatcher Weyrich of Oklahoma. He served under the got political and now are EPA chief that's under quite a lightning storm accompanied only 37 years old and he's currently nominated. I'm pro lower federal court. Position but he get here is confirmation hearings. That the wild card you could also see someone like Amy coney Barrett of Indiana. But these are strong solid very solid very rightwing conservative justices that make up and let. How soon do you expect this to happen. Fast I think NM when I mean stats don't mean to my butt. I'm we have senator's victory yesterday said that he would hope that the Judiciary Committee would be holding hearings in September. I think that might be a little rushed because there's on the street to the facts of congress but I think Mitch McConnell the majority leader of the and it further Republicans of dirty suggesting he wants to have a vote on this prior to the November election. Which generally means that probably gonna happen early October. To mid October at the latest. Probably got a very interesting. Few months coming up that's Peter Yucca bush sheet he's a Supreme Court professor at SUNY buffalo state.