Pentagon Admits UFO Program - Luis Martinez


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The Pentagon confirming. A secret UFO program joining us live this morning is pentagon correspondent Louis Martinez. Really what is a solid out. Going is this is all about those spots all opposite coming they've existed between teeth out of the settings 2012. They called it can't you the issue threat identification program. Kind of an up ceased being that there is what they are looking at was unexplained phenomenon of set the America's military pilot may have been encountering worldwide. On the days they got a low budget seed money from former senator Harry Reid in Nevada who had interest in the front itself depending actually be investigating this kind of I inspiration as a kid that was potentially threaten the united states military and as twenty million dollars or five years before that they decided that there were other issues that were were were spinning. Hey now Harry Reid who is kind of the one name associated with this project is their reasoning behind him is it just interest was he big. X-Files fan what's going on there. Well he may have been expelled then but we do you know that that you know obviously this is that it gets a lot of attention in your full circle that the legend of area 51 right outside of Las Vegas. Is associated with extraterrestrials. On the but more really than a place where at any US military conducts training of secret program. Arms and let he got an interest in there and then affiliate Kia outlets export on the senate but it phenomenon as if it's a threat to get other. Smaller numbers that are highly influential senators to be on board. And they inserted language to decide whether that you. Spending bill for years about 600 billion dollars so. Over five years point two million dollars it was enough to get this project going it's unclear exactly how much output that he did. On the demand ahead of that office he seems convinced that there are you have those and that it's worth exploring. Artist Lee Martinez in Washington is a pentagon correspondents. As the pentagon has acknowledged the existence of the secret UFO program.