Patriots Return to Super Bowl - WBZ's Adam Kaufman


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It'll be patriots and Eagles in the Super Bowl ring yesterday in Philadelphia Eagles fans just going Nazis sort they've for a burial the naysayers wrong. The government at a server will no doubt always that competence all the Lloyd drove. Grid killed doing the yeah. While England's. Our fans reacting let's find out ten and Kaufman joining us from WBZ. Over there in New England Adam I'd imagine you know there acting like they've been their before. Yeah I'd hate to say it's old path but look when you go three times in four years eight times. Since 2001. Under Tom Brady and bill bella check in tenth time. What is an NFL record you do get this spoiled to say the very least yes people are excited there was an expectation. That they would beat the jaguars yesterday here they are. It was a great game right till the end. But the question is how is Brady's hand. Well listening to a radio interview this morning conflict it's okay he's expected to get the stitches out at some point this week it was just free kind of crazy thing where he had about a dozen stitches according to the reports put in just below that some after. Suffering a cut practice but he was believed there was no broken bone ligament damage and said he couldn't envision his season coming to an end. On a handoff in practice and it didn't he won out he looked good no club just a bandage duct tape Dover area 290 yards. Couple of very clutch. Touchdown passes to Damian dole there in the fourth quarter and so it's. Couple more weeks firsthand the kind of recover then and Kay used to the feeling of playing well maybe a little bit of more pain in there than he used to and back in very familiar territory and simple. For as much as people over here hate the patriots I think everyone thought Belichick yesterday. Was hilarious he seemed to be in rare form some celebrating on the sidelines then there is that you know he was handed the trophy just kind of threw it on the ground like it hurts you know a leaflet the song was handing them and then after the game talking about Brady's injury he was in rare form kinda yesterday. Yeah that was classic Bill Belichick right I mean you acknowledge first after that big deal Lewis Randa release sealed the the victories. Celebrate on the sidelines seal clapping his hands clapping late looked like a seal out CD is not a collapse of these committees Robert Kraft the owner hands off Lamar Hunt trophy. For the AFC championship and he'd hidden in the same. Stride just hand it right over to chomping craft. Roberts' son and then a high level exact for the teams wanted nothing to do it it's it's the only Super Bowl here that's the only trophy that they don't want one party we don't care. About the hunt trophy and you know it and as you said you know afterwards said it. Asked about the Tom Brady and injury and how courageous he played its. All quality guy it was. Coming off slow open heart surgery so. It's just bill being bill right I mean that's that's the guy that we're used to around here and and I don't know how well be act of play obviously this was. A five on thirteen year after year but when you win as much as they do when your arguably I didn't think it's arguable but arguably greatest coach in NFL history. You can be a little cross sin and that they've been you know do what he does is you guys are all later. In an act are the patriots the early favorite soup. They are about five and half points right now against the Eagles it's the Super Bowl rematch of Super Bowl 3913. Years ago obviously very different. Teams and players and there are a ton of fun story lines between these two was well including former patriots on the other side we're just here last year we Garret blunt Chris Long and final hole run here for Josh McDaniels and aperture should be. And I defense of an offensive coordinators respectively for the past their expected to take head coaching job after this season elsewhere so. And obviously just let the blitz for six right you know last year was the one for the thumb and now trying to get another touchdown or other. Super Bowl pardon me for Belichick incorporated. Ari Adam thanks so much and now have a great two weeks leading up to this that's Adam Kaufmann from WBZ in Boston.