Partisan Perspective of Trump Administration Moves - Michael Caputo


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Let's welcome in Michael Caputo joining us now just about 24 hours. After a big switch. At secretary of state Rex Tillerson is outs and Michael you know the big buzz word that's been floating around and not just yesterday but throughout the past few weeks is chaos chaos at the White House. Chaos amongst the staff. That's how a lot of people are describing it how would you describe it with all these changes going out. I think it will be a battle of ideas and how are your wife first ball at you didn't think it wrecked Philip it was on his way out you'll Rip Van Winkle. Because you have to beat or it will be to not hear that there were differences of opinion in between Yemen president. On key issues and as soon. I think three or four months after he joined the administration there were sort of drumbeat around you respect of leaving the recipient are quite dull and that fish. I think we have to understand. But it president competent come in and there are so White House where are hundreds of hangers on and political. Who've been following him for years like most presidents do. But their model a lot of people that support the president who work opens are in the white house with a turnover I believe it's Donald Trump. Are trying to get the cabinet and the White House after he wants and deserves but it took him. About a year to really get his feet under and understand the unfortunate ways or. Mike what will Mike Pompeo be like a secretary of state. Are you the great curtain and and art Norman I've met with but before he became there at the yard day on the important part here is that. On these are the same mindset there's several properties of America were hurt them. Army also see are real opportunity for peace. In North Korea and most importantly is that if there really. Strong opponent of your land our nuclear bureau that Obama could that is enabling ran to they're they're raced toward nuclearization. And paid them. Our palate all the ash. Welcome to important issues the president worked he and sort of the Nazi art art Ian Pompeo right armpit but also in the general are back. America first policies brought. Was it say about the state of politics the state of Washington that you had their Rex Tillerson. When he was named to the post news so much opposition. From Democrats and then yesterday you size so much kind of outcry. From Democrats about him being removed likeness. Well it damned if you do and damned if you don't the Democrats war proposed bottled up every breath he talked. On the day that he appealed to baucus and also let's not forget that when wrecked or chosen he was awarded a medal friendship article. In the Kremlin for his work as CEO of ExxonMobil. In the country and the Democrats were screaming about beer and other open. Up our appointment. Proving the double problems of colluding with Russia of course now the teller and is Al. They're crying about how that they are and and it really bad time for the administration but the whole idea that Tillerson was close to Russia we don't hear that anymore. On the other hand when people mention chaos and you have a change its secretary of state and I think the reaction for a lot of people is. You know ha ha oh okay Cavendish changes at the White House every other day it makes a big move like this almost meaningless to most Americans. Well I get at them I think good things are gonna change quite a bit now are the president has been there for over a year army in over Pompeii it would be. And other. Our other bit of these and other appointments being told by more people he agreed with more. I think some of the turn over gonna slow down but when they talk about chaos they also talked about. The battle between people like former head of it are match economic council Geary owned and Peter Navarro a trade and manufacturing czar. Our ability to people who don't Navarro agreed president on terror. And cone disagree I'm of the president that's been down many different times on the outs in the Oval Office. Have them battle it out and you know what Gary total loss and when he walked beauty that it was partly. That's how it worked in the White House. And it's not unusual way arts are Americans file when it comes to public policy. Michael what about the Pennsylvania congressional race last night which is still too close to call this morning. You know said to be a blueprint on the mid terms is this a hit on the president. Are. Think so and in many ways is he at a point point advantage are on Election Day in that same congressional district of Republican without which in money. Our bet that there are a lot of repeat. For the Republican Party one that is a harbinger. Of a thing that could comment if they don't tighten things up or apple. We see that the Democrats put him I have a candidate there. Or a conservative Democrat. Our armed veteran who I was very opposed to campaign against may have people. If they put those at particularly in key races around the concrete. Are they could take over the outlook as members but ultimately we I've argued their. The idea that people won't be would Rick Baker are strong Porsche. To put people in the candidate these people would oppose her that all American couple. And Michael we always appreciate the time this Michael Caputo joining us talking about Rex Tillerson how stirrings. Pennsylvania what it means for the White House.