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Monday, February 12th

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News radio 930 WBA. And its. It got off that's fun to be million delusional campaign. It's Tom Bauerle you know what's been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up in David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees with you today. I would doubt that David it's the hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 WB. Thank you very much welcome back. Everyone please take a seat. Feel like caddie is around the board thank you Phil and John Murphy. You know Friday I a few emails that were concerning to me. Up front I I took the day off because you know my daughter had a a dance. And I want to go to the dance my daughter. And and it really think it was like I need to make an announcement about that I was going fully sympathy points like to look good in front of any that's what I told. My boss. And buy hourly just mentioned it and pass. He didn't even make a big deal about it either even though we did learn that Tom does have problems with inches and centimeters he's confused. But wait we found out. That. My point is he didn't make a big deal but somehow someone thought it was funny. That I took a day off to go to father daughter. And I just remind you that. That the fathers who spend time with their daughters and their and there are signs. And they spend as much time. Our children will be employing your children okay just remember that. People who are in their children's lives will one day employ your children. And you might wanna show some respect. I'm gonna say. How well when I was on the atomic an opportunity to do a show on Sunday it was near and dear to his heart which was its actual heart. And the experiences that he went through men affected played it on the basketball hourly this week and I was told that. But here's thing bears something that is near and year to me. And because Tom. Decided to you know take his time and and talk about what you know his experiences of going through the quadruple bypass having a hard tackle that's that. I wanna talk about what I believe is we don't we all get a radio we all have our special interest right. Mike special interest has long been. Food allergies. And how we have all lost our mind. All of. Our food allergies. Now I'm not cheapening food allergies I'm just saying I don't care about your food allergy. I really don't. You're allergic to peanuts well did you when the genetic lottery I'm sorry your allergic to peanuts I'm enjoying my peanuts. And you're gonna have to learn to live in that world. Now there's a movie coming there's a movie out now's Peter Rabbit. It's a children's movie to CGI movie. And now there are calls to boycott. Peter Rabbit why. Is Peter Rabbit in me. Consensual same sex relationship with which Michael rabbit. No that's not the issue did did Peter Rabbit get his girlfriend Roger Rabbit pregnant and they decide to terminate the bunnies. Know all that's not the issue either what is the issue of the Peter Rabbit. Have to be boycotted. Well is because of food allergy bullying. Food allergy bullying. The parents that are upset save that one sequence. Rabbits find out. That a character is allergic to blackberries and I know the question is gonna come up why blackberries why they have to be black I don't know I don't know. So they decide to attack the character allergic to blackberries with a black berries. And the character proceeds to have a full blown reaction and he needs an epi pen to save his life that's your I'll give some of the parents protesting. Maybe that character didn't have to go in the full blown and a lactic shock maybe that was a bit too far. To see a convulsion CG guy who needs an epi pen. But here we go food allergy bullying in the cinemas here is Diane misty go from ABC news. Some parents are calling for a boycott of the new film because of a controversial scene apparently making light of food allergies took all blacks eight year old son Braden has a severe food allergy and she says the condition is no joke he is allergic to peanuts tree snaps and pastoral scenes and what that was even at the smallest amount get into his sits down he will have our reaction. Okay. I mean again it's really unfortunate. So people are born with pallets in an hour outside. Oh you. I had someone with a lazy guy in your school. You don't get a note from the parents that everyone has to walk on the right side halt because that's David's functioning Google lie. The odd game unique game to everyone needs to be on the right side hallway please speak to David in his right the guy that I. You can't trust it it's all over the place it's time to change some things in the room here that your kids are urged to stop. My kids are and organic eat a well balanced meal. She writes on FaceBook it is never OK to tease or taunt somebody who has a food allergy with the food that they are deathly allergic to it is a severe form of bullying that is extremely dangerous. Particularly disagree that though I mean. I may have my feelings. On food allergies but I really don't think it's necessary to them attacks on with a you know enemy which by the way is this working on that. Because wouldn't it be great to know all of the enemies to find out that Fidel Castro is the severe allergy. To appeal it's you don't mean and then we hit it with a MP camera no yes no maybe we hit a bird a little blow dart of pecan. Every now anyway I people are going nuts and here's more on Stephanie Dowd. The movie unfortunately sent the wrong message to children that it's something to joke about and it's not you know he could say your children. And the movie they choked but and our family it's not a laughing matter if you ever change your sister down the hall with a peanut shell again. There will be hell to pay that was a movie about a talking rabbit okay. If your kid getting lessons from Peter Rabbit hole we know better like. I don't think the Peter Rabbit people there's like some Kyle Boller conspiracy going on here's more coverage. Of the food allergy bullying displayed in the movie Peter Rabbit where some parents are claiming they have the boycott the movie. Because these things will be repeated the hash tag boycott Peter Rabbit is flooding social media. One post reads I'm disgusted what kind of message does that seem sent to kids. Another calls it irresponsible. Still summer defending the movie writing it's just a stupid film and depleted leave deplore rabbit alone. I. Q you argue with is just a stupid though. Maybe that's why they should boycott admitted to bad move it is a horrible movie for his I don't know Ivins. It might be the godfather of rabbit CGI movies my point is have we officially c'mon listen. This thing that I've been paying attention to this really kind of annoyed me. We understand that there was there was a lot of talk about whether or not. African American athletes at the Olympics we're going to boycott somehow because the black lies matter or racial injustice somehow. Athletes on the podium would use that platform to protest the United States or maybe protest trump. And it was a lot of talk over you know what's gonna go what's gonna happen well. There really and this isn't a racist statement but it's a comment that you don't find. A predominant amount of African Americans in the Winter Olympics. It is a mathematical proven statistics that African Americans tend to be represented the United States in the Summer Olympics. But there is an African American speed skater. And he's a very accomplished speed skater. And it came down to him and a female Luc sheer not a loser but a huge shares on the luge. And that the point was tossed and the black I didn't get it. Any had a bear a lot of ridiculous. That basically implying that she got because she's white. She got it because you know. Oh nuts but there are two OJ US olympians on the American team who are openly gay. We don't play the game guess what sport there and you know you don't have to play that. The figure skating had nothing to do why would you say that. Why could they be ski jumpers serves as my guest OK I'm just saying the yes they happen to be figure skaters and that means nothing. By the way as many. Because you know Durban many heterosexuals. Figure skaters bribe. Bribery to knowing that. That other guy known I have so much. There have been them. In the past anyway here's my point. One of them is actually skier gust can worthy. He's and the other one is a figure skater Adam Paul now they Mike Pence was there with the delegation of US when he is the vice president arrives days. Well they are now. Using their platform of the Olympics to talk about why they're against Mike Pence and he is alleged. You know platform when it comes to homosexuality. Again usually. The protest came after you won something. It's true that usually meant that in order to India on the podium you would have had been on the podium. Right or you win the super ball and you have to the people that have won the Super Bowl are you gonna go see president drop and there are like dope. I'm not gonna see him out on the Super Bowl but I'm not gonna say the president. If it's a college football team they won the national championship and you have you don't ask that question of the university of buffalo. I mean no offense to you before ball they're not gonna be national champions they're never gonna meet president trump why are you asking people give you yet. What they're gonna do when they go to Hawaii Los. If they're gonna protest there they're gay commute now it's black lives matter it's LG BTQ. Community. Matters. And that Mike Pence. It did that the direct statement here is that to have somebody leading the delegation that's directly attack the LG BTQ community. And a cabinet in general that's just sort of stands against dust and has tried to do things to set us back. It just seems like a bad fit. I mean totally outrageous allegations that the candidate in general. You've got a problem with the housing and urban development guy. You think that the that the the secretary of labor has it in against gay didn't have any proof that people in the cabinet he gave people. Properties keys. To your skates. All the medal than be important enough to make a statement after you win a gold medal until then. Just a guy did great here. And you're being interviewed and you just throw and just trying to be political for no reason. Politics were going to people protest and Peter Rabbit. Because they're bullying because of food allergies and we Olympic athletes at their feelings are hurt. Their feelings are hurt because Mike Pence is there he's the vice president and your feelings are. Per ship afloat caddie John Murphy let's go to the phones as outlined to. Valley. In Evans is that your name that. Sally I'm so sorry that Sean Murphy it's mistake he's allowed a couple a day sadly it. Evans you're on WB yen would cut by a euphoria. Pretty disappointed to hear what you're saying about kids with food allergies. What is the bat. Your kids or you are gonna eat them and it's too bad. I'm and I'm not gonna eat the kids of food I never said that I said. I'm continue to eat the things that I enjoy even micro feel guilty that someone else has an allergy I think it's horrible. But guy that doesn't mean I'm food allergy bullying because I want my kid EPA potter. Do you know a little kid at school at at at the same table every day of their life. With the peanut allergy kids. Have a little humanity. A virus that I had never I never had that experience and if you were free food allergy bullying. The best way to eliminate that would be to not allow anyone to know that you analogy right. I mean if you if you said ban all nuts I totally understand that there's a kid with a allergy. And he has he's allergic to peanuts you know we don't want them exposed to not but the why if the preemptively. Not give my kid. Of something because Eagles to a church event that on the chance that sums allergic to nuts. Yeah I think that that's a pretty humane thing to do. Humane thing to do is to not allow my kids to eat something that they're not allergic to on the chance that he random stranger shows up and does have a peanut allergy. Most schools churches and everything and don't allow Pinochet and I. They get they get sick or they do it Tim Morgan says and says this was mainly European. Right. It. I understand I'm not I'm not we're not cheapening their allergy were just saying that we can't each altered the way we if there's any kid. This has an allergy that we know but we can eliminate their exposure to that not of course we're gonna do whatever we can to what to save that kid. But weren't I can preemptively say it on the off chance that someone out there are kids are gonna continue to eat what they like. I think get home this time. When you're in public I think to think about other people. I don't know I mean they got smoking sections baby that you know public. A. It's funny that with somebody else is infantry. I'm not but again you do you think it's it's it's ridiculous. Do you think it's ridiculous tip to save someone on the off chance. Debt I'm going to a church event I'm going to the county fair. There may be someone there with a peanut allergy right I have a business I'm selling a product that has peanuts and. I have to show my biz. Down. Don't know that it showed we want different shields up it's albeit. My shot allergic to peanuts. Don't go damned sure it's you have peanut free circuit. Of people eating peanuts. They don't care at Ralph Wilson stating I admit error field. Can you IP units at a bill. Aren't people at that stadium that are allergic to peanuts is there any care whatsoever. About people's feet. Listen it's confined space like like in airplanes. Were confined space and a class room. In an open door step. And the giant shell peanuts and you're allergic to. Each you know what at that point show precaution. Every seventh inning of a baseball game basically taken a ball game and what's allied and that's not buy me some peanuts and record unless your course you're allergic to. Listen I'm saying that the be accused of being a food allergy bully. Is absolutely ups. It's. Gonna go in dangle peanuts in the face of sort of urge. And that should cry I believe. In the coach we will fight. But my point is not going to preemptively. Stop giving anyone in my family foods that they like are good for them. Because on the off chance that I run in December that might have a four out I mean my I don't have the allergy. If you have diabetics. Do you you'll. And in in every one has to be on the same diet that you had because you have what will for Bradley calls by batters. Ridiculous that we wish diabetes. All right we're gonna take a break it all 30930 Travel Channel we'll get right back to you last 9310616. WB and got a text is at 3030. So I get a lot of support and our export. Here it comes theater cotton name pop then. My body frame. Hit that it pop and easterners on its way. They're going our. Break. I would isn't all about what happened there was there's a movie. Called Peter Rabbit. The CG movie. Peter Rabbit was little hijinks in kids and parents are both agree. It's a waste of twenty but your kids wanna see them. Well in the movie there's a season. Where a person is allergic to black berries and so they attack that person with a black berries. The talking rabbit in as little talking animal friends and they attack. This adversary with something that that person's allergic to and they needed injection. And good taste. I'm just saying. That. Calling it a food allergy bullying situation. Is a bit over the top. Here we have ABC news. The hash tag boycott Peter Rabbit is flooding social media. One post reads I'm disgusted what kind of message does that seems sent to kids. Another calls it irresponsible. Still summer defending the movie writing it's just a stupid film and to please leave the pour rabbit. Alone. And then of course it would not and where these parents in a conference call here's Stephanie Dowd of the parents that wanna boycott the movie. Because food allergy bullying is serious. The movie unfortunately sent the wrong message to children that it's something to joke about and it's not so you know you could say to your children. In the movie they choked but and our family it's not a laughing matter. Not exactly. You know and it's touching it's what the people in Syria are going through but nonetheless. Let's go to the phones and Dallas go to line two Tim in north Collins gem here on Barley and Olivia. I gave. It and it meant that segment about the roads again account man I'm sure I'm out here rural nor talent and every summer. They take and instead of repair on the road they take and they have a company amendment does big oil tanker. Andy or power. And that they had a parent explains it all up and down the row and then another truck comes and put these little piece of zone. And they did extend their longevity of the road. But at that Raines and went down that road that tires. Especially when it rains they end up all of the debt. If the money from Staten packaging and money. By the way let's go into the business of making that and a we'll just be excel in our little gravel in the ditch that will be we went for a little actor Jim what do you what do you think about this this food allergy bully thing. Our guys at my head yet that that lady that called anti. It seemed like every time someone got a complaint about anything. That. Of the norm what's been going on for generations. Shouldn't they complain about it. Everybody sparked a bend over backwards and abide by what they want you don't like it don't either don't watch it don't go buy it. And don't read that. It's pretty simple ten and Nortel appreciate your call. You know so and emailed me today yeah I I appreciate your object lessons could you give us another food allergy object lesson well you know. I will. At Shea. That every year your elementary school children go to they have bring your fruit bat to school day. And you love fruit bats you find the fruit bat it's a whole thing in your village. You go what you'll find effort that you'd domesticated you make it friendly to bring in the second grade. But it turns out that Billy who moved into the village. His family. Were killed by effort that. Campaign. You all for bad days are really big day in the district. But can your really bring fruit bats to school at Billy's family were killed or Halloween. How we integrate one right there are Jehovah's Witnesses there and deal. That they don't believe following you have about Muslims and some orthodox Jewish people they don't eat different things right. At what point. Does the aggregate half to bow. To the need not the way is that we can avoid. You know putting your children at risk who were going to do every week and says you know healthy and wonderful education experience. With that pretty much stops when I'm in 25 dollars for a meal. It stops when I'm entertaining my family. Because I work hard for my money to. And Mike kids deserve to have what they show way. It's been supervised by an adult. It's hurting anyone but now my pain and hurt you. If you're allergic to Ibuprofen. Right. Or by the way nobody cares about allergies when it comes to bring your stupid lap dog on a plane. I did enter allergies you know I really really what I paid for this ticket at no time did anyone tell me I was gonna have to sit next to lecture wall law. Who's in jail. This sure well evidently. Is like Hannibal Lecter. Got a mouth thing on it it's a little bag its head sticking out. I asked for the us. Under the cap would help animal you brought on the plane nobody seems to care. Unless of course you every peanut allergy. I'm telling you it's all come back to two big nut it's all come back then big peanut. There's some power play goal and on its objectives Peter Pan and during a ball let's go back to the phones. Like three days I don't know where you call from Dave put your problem borrowing ability it was going. Hey I've got a nine year old type one diabetic. And I want a banner and all carbohydrate. In school because they could kill it. Literally. That's no joke. This is no joke if you eat ingests any of those things his life could be in danger. Literally 100 or so why should we T why should we tell him. Exactly and I apparent that and pop it in our bay hill well my. He'd rule and it. He term. And he'd ask you know why. Winner of the sensitivity to all the type one diabetics in the world. So so why is it that we care about one thing but we don't care about the other. Is it because you haven't gotten enough parents together to hut have a conference call. Obviously I don't even get a separate table where they spared carbohydrate in the lunchroom. I just don't understand it they've won and I don't. I'm telling you how is it what did you do. With Peter when you grow up what what did you are you western new Yorker native. So you grew up at a time when people on the it didn't just happen after the bills lost their fourth Super Bowl I mean we had these things forever. I would. Have Bryant. Prepare yourself holes I've got to go with a view to borders average Dave appreciate your call thank you very much. Dave just gave us I think the best object lesson diabetes one. This is serious. You know I mean he's making light of what's going on his kids like but. Honestly that diet have to be maintained. Because we're talking about. Longevity we're talking about keeping that kid around for very long time he's got to eat a strict diet. You over there with your snowball. From hostess. What do coconut what is that thing. Coconut chocolate. It's disgusting. Reminds me of a wide receiver kick as he now it's a big it's up pink. Just ball at a snowball yet but it's like it's like marshmallow coconut. It's. It's. Imagine an aliens odd ball well you know feels like it's disgusting. At any rate you bring that the school with a kid you know and at what point do we just enough. I mean Peter Rabbit were going after Peter Rabbit here's. More of this Peter Rabbit food bully. Some parents are calling for a boycott of the new film because of a controversial scene apparently making light of food allergies to call blacks eight year old son Braden has a severe food allergy and she says the condition is no joke he is allergic to peanuts tree I just can't take anymore I play a Christian a jailed for an. Was on sixteen at this is our junior center. From New York now many people believe that Kirsten Jill and will be a presidential candidate in 21 and two of them ice today. How many times do they let you out a day and your own. I don't believe that will ever happen and I show you exhibit one. Why New York senators will never be elected to national office and I say the same thing for our friend Andrew Cuomo. First to Gillibrand before she was a US senator. Before she was left of ho chi men and before she was the lap dog of senator. Chuck Schumer. Kirsten Gillibrand was a congresswoman. In central New York oh yes not in the city. Not in New York. Not Long Island in the center of new York and listen this. She was given an eight plus rating by the and I are right well things have changed when she became senator things have changed. And she's on sixty minutes and would you believe they actually called out. Kirsten Gillibrand and her almost 180 degree different I almost every policy position here's what Gillibrand had to say. I. A few years ago he said it has nothing to do is putting in has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. So why the money it. After radically Ted IE. Went down to Brooklyn to meet list families who had suffered. From gun violence in their communities. Nobody in her congressional district had ever been shot or committed suicide that is really amazing. She had never met with any victims of gun violence until she became a senator. And the gun violence occurred in another state in Connecticut does that in there here's Kirsten Gillibrand explaining. Why she seems to contradict almost everything she said only four short years ago. And you immediately experience the feeling that I couldn't have been more wrong. You know Alan had the lands of upstate new black but you fool. And. Wherever blogger who. I only had the lead so upstate New York should banjo music. Upstate New York. Skate I don't have the lens of those you know those shoeless hillbillies upstate New York. Kirsten Gillibrand she only had the legends of what they do with upstate. Allen had the lands in upstate New York that you had lived in New York City where it irons I had I was wrong. What it's about is the power of the NRA. And the greed of that industry while. I didn't I didn't realize what life was about to light while. Here it is upstate New York. Home. Why we don't 514 with freckles. I don't rollback got we got she is being. Yeah. Pick up truck and go shoot some mailboxes appear dobbs in New York. Unbelievable. Can imagine I. Only have the lens of upstate and I realize that powerful of all of the NRA. Now all those people are backwards it took me going to New York City to really see my first African American. I was not aware. That African Americans were freely allowed to move on their own until I went to the great should be in New York. I had no idea. That man could look. Other men until I saw the great Big Apple of New York City no idea whatsoever and only then will I would that I realized evil. Of guns. Let's be clear isn't about country it's me your credentials say it's political opportunism. At their rights they consider that I. But it wasn't just her position on gun control the switched. As a congresswoman her stance on immigration was closer to Donald Trump's then today's senator Kirsten Gillibrand. So can you understand president trumps position on immigration since you were there no I think his positions are racist. I think Kirsten Gillibrand. Is now going to be the junior senator for a very fair to. You leave New York sister. Yeah we are not with the trapped in Iowa. Which elements to. Ohio and Florida Kirsten Gillibrand to 1218. The only two what each one yergin is that you can now bring back Hugh downs. Don't want you running for G hack into 121. You're position on immigration what I did it. Culled the Donald Trump maybe it was because you live when those dirty upstate people. You know the upstate people that the ones that leave rings in the bathtub drains. The dirty upstate people. It takes seven days to get overnight mail in upstate. We're against amnesty against Sanctuary Cities he supported accelerated deportations you become senator by the flat. I came from the district that was 90% whites we have a rents but now a lot of immigrants and. And. It was from east upstate New York. They don't know any better in upstate 98%. 98%. Of my white Brothers and sisters burned crosses back that I didn't know I was in upstate. Predominantly. Eats. The predominately white people that I represented they hated Mexicans to know don't know now I would just representing the racist white people. Of upstate New York. What are you just ignore anyway. All Gillibrand 20/20. Actor Joseph Biden and we're back to Bernie Sanders. Can't come out of the democratic pool this was the big all start. She's every person out of the bias she admitted that she's a 180 turn because she met people from New York City how ignorant argue the way. Any person. Who believes that like. It if you're applying. That you saw the error of your ways you're implying that you are racist when you work congresswoman you morons. I loved it because I thought they were used to shoot people that didn't agree with us. How we were taught. It essentially or. I hadn't really spent the time to hear those kind of stories about what it's like. Too worried that your dad could be taken away at any moment what it's like reading the paper yet and I didn't take the time to understand why these issues mattered because. Okay I'm extremely ignorant so here's what we found out. Was senator Gillibrand is little up sixty minutes about whoever thought this was a good idea. Thank you for thank you press comes secretary. Here's what we got. We got that all of the gun laws that she she and eight plus ready for an honorary. Is because she never met a victim of gun violence ever they have no hunting accident and her district know committed suicide know they have aids zero. New York 21 or New York one it was her district. I checked the crime record but evidently nobody has been murder of the 700000. Constituents no gun violence. They should go to new York and and she gets well that she realizes the error for ways. And the like but why why the change. You understand. I saw the world as upstate New Yorkers saw the world. And ask her daughter switch on immigration and she's like I for an error in upstate with 9% white people we just. We don't like the others if they speak different her or org they've got different scheme we we basically week we raise our children to hate those people. Watch. She is huge run for president Ed with. The issue she admits through you know what I just don't read. I don't like newspapers. Newspapers are weird to me. I'm to understand why these issues matter and I didn't take the time to understand. I didn't take the time to understand that and I didn't take the time to understand why these issues mattered. You don't want for congress. To the tiger know what issues are important. She. That was a very quick fall. We're back tomorrow. It just seems as though we don't Powell like we used to plow I likely to scale. 8888. Dig deep and over the past several years I've noticed a real reduction in plowing. I. And Didi do. Yeah what happened to our ability to plow his Saturday night winners absolutely inexcusable. Yeah.