Pano's Reopens! 930in716 June 25, 2018

Monday, June 25th

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Her kids 930. In 716. Condos is that we've been patrons a reason we. We've been in the L would go to war time so. We we are very excited about it and we kind of news it was a really very popular spot. Keeping all the great things and sad. And wonderful thing to list owners live in the neighborhood I'm Jim linger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. After a four month lay up upon those restaurant is reopened. New owners chase an affinity to. This person. Is there. Act that's held a news conference opened this morning as I sent along Elwood avenue as the strip was waking up. Onlookers taking glance at the cameras and microphones as condos and new look was being reopened. I walked through the restaurant following the ribbon cutting with the new owners well I think it's a very different look it's much quieter mark Jason was a regular customer. And now he owns the place. We took the ceilings ups of the much taller ceilings and and it just a very different feel different color scheme mostly white and blues. He wanted to get a cut of the Mediterranean. Feel. Europe. Did you realize you were acquiring kind of a landmark restaurant at the time that you did this. Sure we were we've been patrons a reason we. We've been in Elwood village long time so. We we are very excited. We kind of news was really very popular spot what does this process process been like and no it's not easy to open a restaurant. It's not her her. I think the biggest challenge was getting it done and then the quickest time frame possible. Because we just didn't wannabes. Closed and people will be disappointed. So we did have a few delays. We did people notice the signs a couple of times and had to change. But I think in the end we really got the product that we rafters hopefully it's worth the wait. How long did this steak to four months. That's incredible I mean it's the you know. I know the restaurant was operating was in good shape etc. but it need to come in here with a new vision and completely redo their restaurant that's pretty quick work. It was a lot of work a lot of long nights and everybody's. That said before it was really collaborative effort and without. The teams that work together. It could and a time. Everybody wants to know about the menu is are gonna be like a drastic change from what people might have known there's not the menu is going to be very much the same. We a lot of people comment about now. They have favorites and please keep your favorites so we're keeping. Many very similar we're getting some new additions. And I would say if anybody feels that we've missed anything of their favorites. Were outdated by Douglas now. Guards who were standing in what would be considered one of main dining room here dining room yes which which he does it mean that your mention the ceiling. Concealing. New windows on the old windows that open to the outside we have new deck. Escalating. The paneling. But it changes is the seating capacity any different from what it was prior it's the same. Right as we can walk over this way when you first walk into the restaurant from. The parking area. This would be the bar area that's right yeah and change here yes it has to be on the other side and because it was on the other side. There was no access to the windows slow. When we put her over here we are able to open the windows and bring a lot like. How popular is that are part of the restaurant I mean it's such a you know known plays fairly practices and branches as does the I well I think about to find out reflective. Find out I know a lot of people that come and sit at the bar for lunch. And that's a popular spotter was worse and I think that's to me. And an upstairs. Upstairs. It's a little quieter. There's carpeting upstairs and very similar to orbit but just game. Don't serviceable little probably a more lively with the bar and so on and then upstairs. Little little right. Hard as we look into the kitchen it looks like there's been some changes in their looks pretty pretty high tech pretty modern. It's pretty modern and we opened up the windows of people will see that the cooking going. We have one does does this kind of exciting it's flaming cheese so you've been able to see them through the window. Out of the chefs and cooks feel about all of you know being able to be seen like death. I think they kind of like that it's kind of insulated so the I and you know Elwood is a busy area it's getting more and more busy every day parking it all and issues at the same parking scenario that kind of said before it's the same parking and it was really one of the things. It was key we felt because. There it doesn't play. Not that many places do so. It's big advantage. What kind of response you getting from people it's almost I would think you're almost like a hero for for keeping the place going taking it may be to the next step. Well I would say that we've been getting great response people are very excited there's a lot of each. I think a lot of people are anxious to come in and see what it's all about them so. We hope they like the hours. The hours are pretty much the same as the world. Starts early thoughts on the ball and during the week I believe it's to attend and weekends to love them. Best of luck and I'll see you soon very soon I'll look forward to it thank you. They were sitting in front of the famous or infamous tunnels restaurants got to be great thing for your district. Yeah this is wonderful I'm and they closed the restaurant do renovations in February. A lot of people were calling my office and a lot of people are topping. About how excited the indeed when the restaurant opens. Tool for airline though is the buffalo common councilman representing the bustling Elwood strip where upon us is located and I'm just absolutely thrilled with the renovations it looks gorgeous inside and they're gonna keep the same family atmosphere which is such a wonderful thing for the neighborhood that was really kind of a shocker member of the day we found out that you know that the restrooms and changing too was in close. There's concern you know you know this isn't an iconic spot along Neal Webster. Yeah there was some concern a lot of before asking is going to be the same is in need. Different types of food it's a Stanley plays by keeping all the great things it is and the wonderful thing to lose are owners live in the neighborhood. They look just a few blocks away from here so they're really in touch. With what but it passed customers wanted what they liked they're gonna do a wonderful job here. Lot of other things going and along elm wood in the in the strip. This that's great and it's it's been here obviously so there's not a a drastic change in in the patients this. Yet says it's back here for years everyone loves that people come here when they're from out of town people like coming to our way to. Being right. On on would have known when you think of restaurants and only one of the first things it comes to mind is on house so I'm absolutely thrilled. That they're their keeping them and you very similar but also did it did a wonderful job with the renovations inside. It's about for breakfast meeting with constituents for the mayor vote. Balls and it adds it's there's always a ton of people here and it it's such a fun place to be yet so grab an omelet and enjoy. We're back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WPA and buffalo.