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Can you explain now what exactly this information session was about Tutsis camps yet just wanna make sure the community knows I'll Panasonic is actively hire. We're here in one via and the presence on the community answering questions explain and who we are where we're where we are in the process how to apply. Omelets are the people we're looking for and and Spacek could be the answer questions in the community right you read a job description only Cecil much. On this we just got here let me know doing. You at a whole presentation. Showcase in the people who came out of this today can you kind of give us the clip notes version of what was within that presentation there solved just high level who we are what we're doing on. The story of Panasonic you know evolution coming up on a hundred year anniversary so we talked about that. Kind of fall in and solar business we re fit in the big picture of Panasonic. And then we kind of tilt into the partnership with Tesla. And kind of grounded it out bike head into specifically our solar business what is it where me and on the that we talked about physicians adult non. And just really open it up through tons of questions about you know looking. Experience and what you're looking for an early this kind of talked about everything on top of pretty pretty good two hours I spent. What were some of the most frequently asked questions from the he'd it and it. I knew it one common question we get a lot of this is when you guys higher on an answer to that is we are and we bad and we are continuing higher. You know couple questions about just general benefits you know what we offer a lot of questions about the plight of positions. That we actually haven't we're doing here so it's some specific questions one on one with the you know here's my background you know where do you think fitness that's kind of what that lets him. And I think of everything that's going on with solar city they're making roofing solar roof panels so I would thank you engineering degree that complex find out what are they job. I different but everything right so there's definitely engineering jobs that require very. Specific skill set experience knowledge but then all the way down to assembly jobs where. You know it's more about culture and and being reliable and be an odd time and been able to be in assembly person and operator operator machines there's really high. Highest level of need that degree and an all this experience for some roles in an all lead down to most entry level. Keep in production flaw I worked when he force and facility. So production will be 24 sevenths having people that reliable. Com and always you know. It's all gimmicks like frightening health accidently leaked out from labor all the way up through animals scientific back engineers possible. How can people line. Right on the website ounce of go to for Panasonic careers. Here at the funnel through a lot of jobs out there McKee that's an awful page and you'll see is a long list of positions. On you can apply directly to each job here Richardson and certain jobs at certain recruiters so it's important applied to specific positions. Independently. Army can also become a member of the town community which have sent out alerts and email updates as new jobs are posted. As we continue to grow the positions we have open now will change. Into new different types of positions as the business grows on and if you're in the tail community you'll be aware of that and can quickly apply. On the in the first batch of resonate new positions and he can't give specifics as to what the table these for these jobs but can you speak to. Just in general what did you can expect higher way higher than minimum wage great benefits from day one. 41 K and medical options all the way through life insurance tuition reimbursement so. We are why we are start up business we are huge corporation that has a great corporate that if it platform so 41 K for example right away. All under percent vested in the plant so there's a lot of great benefits on in addition to a pretty competitive salary a wage we've been doing a lot of market. Data comparing what other companies are paying for similar positions and price and our jobs on this fairly competitive it is possible. And number of jobs and yeah we're we're in and that under its now we're really growing I can't speak for other have to Tesla. But on the Panasonic side were actively iron player. Few hundred people in and definitely have more to go. How has the time now and so are you ration people had been. Trying to apply for these jobs how did today's event was that maybe the smallest. Information session we've had but we've been doing a lot of them. Are higher than a few months ago and over a thousand people we hired a hundred from. So it's been very successful we've been doing so far I would say it's competitive you know they're sometimes a lot of people applied when job. But it is that doesn't mean it can't keep line where he grown we're gonna have more positions on that's where that. Taylor kind of cool at point blank and comes into play. But yet we're just connect Roland. Faster than we can and there's a sense of optimism in the community if that Tesla Panasonic partnership can succeed at this local level. And it will rejuvenate a lot of buffalo do you think that I mean it's amaze and so we've hired a lot of people from Western New York. So that left company some that were unemployed. We player people that come from out of state and move to buffalo. We've order outlines every single day as funny as it sounds were spending 3400 dollars on food every day. You know we're running out of gas stations and just in general there it is a boom in the economy on as we all live here. So it or spend money back and relive a lot of people not everyone but a lot have had. Our main from awful to its new money come in and I was sitting optimism is great and this build an admiral and walks in his actually excited to be there. There's a real sense of pride and teen gold in the place. Up and Rodman and yet open you know feels many jobs awful we can any idea when all of the jobs are expected to be filled we're hoping and it will never completely be billed as always have growth and attrition but. By. That winter. Get into February march were hoping to have the majority of the core of the business on the staff.