Paczki Day + Fat Tuesday = Local 'Holiday' - Paula Huber


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It's not just any Tuesday. It's fete Tuesday and Paula Huber from polished donuts is with us live this morning because around here. It's known as put ski day happy twenty de Paula. Jane Q good morning you are bent up for hours right. All everybody but I've heard Ethan yesterday basically we've been baking. Com since yesterday afternoon we probably got over 2000 pounds of bombs and he'd go on just within the last strike or night. So it's morally now and Vivian you go crazy. 2000 pounds how many punch keys do you need is this one of the busiest days. Yes that is it felt funny because I've been under the thumb a little over twenty years. And prelates the last fifteen punching literally turned into a big big day. So is it they'd be number one day for you the top selling day. Yeah it has in his heart so what about these punch keys how many flavors do you make. We have that we actually we have I traditional black raspberry and that's the most popular you get it placed a powdered. And we also have plummeted in the very end and you know you can also get a place to powdered. In. We basically just spend will be baking 24 hours now we started right. On yesterday afternoon and look it's been baking a richer today. Gallup. I'd like Thursday because. Tomorrow blanch so we start with a five and it Pablo Valentine's Day. I kinda caught the tribe back that far off because that's a good play today and then it. I got to end a Valentine's Day. You know why you got all of it happening all at once you know we hear that way back when. That you mentioned your three fillings that proved we used to be one of the feelings I can't imagine that yet many people coming in asking for proven point ski. At shell funny because home when I first started making punch he's I started with pearl and an honestly the black Bradbury the buried in element land com. A lot better. All I really you know just suck but those very. Yeah I don't think that's a surprise to anybody. How long is the twenty ski season. Actually it goes right led by (%expletive) don't bomb and are nice story we only eight punched he's today. In down the five cents to start tomorrow are Ash Wednesday and we go through the 31 because Easter is April 1. So we'll be making that I sent straight through on volunteers and. So that punch keys it's a one days thanks for you guys yak at our Fiat. Huge why why is it only O one date in what separates a punch. Well actually is a recipe we use. I try not a good end and not recipe on quite a few different ingredients and it's very time consuming for us. Now rush to keep up when our normal productions I had not in the punched it we can't do it I don't have a labor actually jailed now. Wow now are you making regular doughnuts today two or is it just countries. Yeah I know or making regular doughnuts and the punched it. It's a busy day you mentioned 2000 pounds appoint ski duo you only make him today when it comes to tomorrow morning. We have any last. Very rarely and I had maybe a couple doesn't want but usually donate Alomar doughnuts from the day before like city mission and battered women's housing and and different. Senior citizens so you know most people be getting knowledge. While that's nice that's nice to hear his so when you switch over to the making the fast not to set. A whole different process to. They added basically from our regular Joseph that we used to make our donuts. It's it's we make problem that left one of the players can't play if that and then. Any nature powdered in plain and that very time consuming Cuba it's really that regular jokes and act. Parts of the punched deep popularity of mansion is through the roof for word of flash knots ranked are they rising in popularity to. They've always been popular. And that I've been in the baking business in this area it's always been very popular but I'm not. And then you can't mention in can go without mentioning your regular doughnuts because there error huge hit. Around Western New York. All right and if so throw everybody likes them it's a lot of work and I have to say we have such great staff. Comic says that you know they've already done my 2000 pounds and all borrowed that justified eat out. And it I have visited dedicated staff say they're such hard working people I guess. And we replaced after. Probably nobody taking a day off today right. Now I actually every employee they can work they've done a schedule a pop up. Aren't so all hands on deck for punched you Dave Pollack thanks so much. As Paul you were Paula is donuts who would that today's the day it's their punched heated the only day of the year they make them it's amazing. And so many I can't believe all of them did beaten until I realize how many we have here in the newsroom. And all of them will be gone and I'm sure but I you know noon today probably well.